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Found 3 results

  1. http://prntscr.com/rn7z9c (picture) http://prntscr.com/rn85n5 (login screen) so my real question is why do i get banned you can see here this is priv message with Vikertorpet / _Mrmelk_ and mikewerf. and thats i did was i removed 2 wood plank infront of his door and replace with a other block and take the wood in to his ME system. and we are friends and whats was only a prank because he praked me before and whats was like noting and you can`t say thats was a big action and i replaced the block with radioactive materials but he have beacon with reigen so he healing so he can`t died of thats so thats just a smal prank. i will Only Admins can react on this topic not any mod or dm so resend it to the admins or owners. and my my friend don`t wanted this to happend
  2. hi i am missing 2 available chunkloaders. i asked on the discord they told me to post a forum tread. hope you can help me asap.
  3. So I first want to introduce myself and then move to the issue at hand.In game I go by Manuel__ and I started on the server as a way to introduce some friends of mine how fun minecraft could be. I have since about 1-2 weeks ago stopped regularly playing on the server due to my migration to feed the beast. I would say my time on the server was short but enjoyable until the experience I had today. Today i came on to the server to start construction of a base i had been planning on a plot I had recently found near a Mr. Archmaestro's base. I had originally found it by flying around with my resonant jetpack and found a large building claimed and beside it 1 unclaimed chunk marked as Wilderness. Me being the person I am claimed the chunk immediately knowing that it might change the owner of the building beside the claim plans but in fairness wilderness is no mans land and whoever claims it first gains the right to its ownership but apparently because of this claim under my town saltyfirebois and a possible mistake made by the server's town border detection system I might face a unjust ban. My problems: Archmaestro claims I claimed the plot of land near his land to grief when in fact I claimed to build a new base since my old base was quarried by my friends who had moved out. He also repeatedly claims that the land that I had claimed which mind you was when he was not even online had already been claimed and I did something to illegally claim the plot. He rigged the area I claimed to kill me on spawn with toxic waste without having the decency to even possibly think about the fact that errors occur in games or the decency to let me properly explain my side of the issue or recieve proper compensation for the items I lost in a plot of land I technically did nothing wrong to obtain. In my eyes this is griefing. Conclusion: I don't really care about the whole argument I would just want Arch to stop being such a dick and possibly for admins to step in and explain why I was able to claim a piece of land I was supposedly not able to claim. If I get banned for something I didn't do that only shows this communities true worth but what ever happens I can only accept after all its only a game. **I do not have screen shots or video because I dont record my gameplay and server restarted before i could snip the chat**
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