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Found 19 results

  1. http://prntscr.com/rn7z9c (picture) http://prntscr.com/rn85n5 (login screen) so my real question is why do i get banned you can see here this is priv message with Vikertorpet / _Mrmelk_ and mikewerf. and thats i did was i removed 2 wood plank infront of his door and replace with a other block and take the wood in to his ME system. and we are friends and whats was only a prank because he praked me before and whats was like noting and you can`t say thats was a big action and i replaced the block with radioactive materials but he have beacon with reigen so he healing so he can`t died of thats so thats just a smal prank. i will Only Admins can react on this topic not any mod or dm so resend it to the admins or owners. and my my friend don`t wanted this to happend
  2. I've been playing on this server for going on 4 weeks now (previously on SF4, SF3, DW20 1.7, Tekkit) and I've had only a few interactions with admins/mods, due to their busy schedules in their personal life. As far as I'm aware we currently have: 2(two) GMs 1(one) Admin As I've been on we generally have 8-20 players on at any given time (which is more players than are generally on other servers with more admin), but the only staff that is on enough to even make a difference is: 1(one) Admin (Ness27) I guess my first suggestion would be to possibly open up the 'HELPER' applications for the server; however, we currently don't have any 'active' (meaning able to respond to simple issues in a timely manner) GMs so I would possibly suggest transferring admins from other servers to the 1.12 server. If you do decide to open the HELPER applications once more, I would suggest having all admin join the server for the sake of advertisement as I see hardly anyone applies for any position of management. Another issue the server is experiencing is Mod issues that prevent any use of a specific mod (Astral Sorcery). Solution: Removing them from use or banning them; however, it might be more beneficial to actually fix said issues instead of removing them. My 3rd issue is: The time since the last world wipe. To my recollection, it's been over 8 months since our last wipe and it's starting to be noticed, but many dead builds cluttering the world and creating lag, along with a lack of certain natural resources. This causes an issue for newer players to this server, like myself, who have to find more 'creative' ways of finding resources that wouldn't be an issue in a different server. My last (and certainly not least) issue is the context of Rule #7 and it's application to identifiers such as sexual orientation, gender, or otherwise: Previously I was banned and forced to remove my name due to the inclusion of the word 'Gay' in my ign, despite it being true and not insulting in any way. I, along with probably the majority of the world, feel as though descriptors, such as "straight", "tall", "hispanic", 'White" when applied by oneself is not considered inappropriate, so why is "gay"? At this point in time it's starting to feel like (not to mention the other identifiers in other's names, i.e. Straight_as_a_line) that the only descriptor NOT allowed is gay and I find that personally insulting. Avoiding a certain word because of context you give it, despite what it actually means, is prejudice against that group of people. There isn't anything offensive with the word Gay and implying it does implies that the people themselves that are Gay are offensive to the network. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post and I assure you I mean no offense to any specific player/admin because I simply want to have the best time playing this game, while feeling welcomed and included.
  3. Account Name: DmdPlayz Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: - /speed (essentials.speed+essentials.speed.fly) Reason for Request: Fly faster to get to dungeons faster.
  4. Your Name: Trixx305Item Name + Amount: Money we get from donations and claim blocks Description of Issue: After wipe all data was deleted obviously so i lost the claim blocks I get from donating or buying a rank, and the money I get from the rank donation aswell in this case my current rank is Sponsor+ all the unspent money I had in me was probably around 44 to 48k
  5. In game name:Trixx305 Proof of Purchase: Transaction ID: 38D07822EL4295240 Description of Issue: I bought a rank and a name tag at the same time and I suspect that my rank was overwritten by the name tag as I can only see [Expert] Trixx305 while other ppl have their rank before their name tag eg: [S+] [Expert] Trixx305 Date/Time of Purchase: Feb 26, 2018 07:24:37 PST Items/Rank Bought: RANK: Sponsor+ Item: Name tag: Expert Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: None at the moment
  6. To whom it may concern... Hey was playing on the Skyfactoy 3 server on 2/25/2018 and went to the spawn area to unlock a loot crate when I notice a pornographic picture there... considering its spawn it would leave one to think you have an admin or other staff member abusing there powers... attached is the picture of where it is located. Hopefully this can be rectified asap. Thanks,
  7. Like I said everytime I try to join the tekkit server I crash. The problem might be caused when I was having trouble with creative energy cells everytime I spawned one it had no energy I tried spawning them with /item thru NEI or creative menu with all same results. the real problem to the crash is that I was trying to spawn in an actual working creative energy cell and I was messing with item codes so I tried spawning /item 917:8 and instantly as I tried that code I crashed and I tried deleting the .technic folder and all modpacks or files with no luck whenever I try to join the tekkit server I crash I tried playing on single player and it works just fine. I'm leaving the crash log here just in case you need it theres 2 crash logs. Also I know this is not related to the error but can anyone give me my VIP rank here as I donated for sponsor on the server? btw thnx to dragonjc for trying to help me with the energy cells xD crash-2018-02-14_15.58.49-client.txt crash-2018-02-14_16.46.57-client.txt
  8. Soo I didnt play for some time and apparently my base was griefed with some steves carts or something and i wanna ask if it is possible rollback ? Sadly i dont know when it was griefed so i can give you any timeline :/ My Base is at x:-2979 z:2544, If any of the GM's could take a look it would be most appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/DgcnS If it cant be fixed oh well just tell me here imma do some partial repairs so it will look okay and then leave it at that.
  9. Zepo123


    I am in the town Rfea tour ME was stolen and grieved and machinenes stolen can could di get a rollback
  10. We need an admin on the SkyFactory 2.5 Server STAT! The server keeps crashing and timing us out! There is probally a troll or something and we cant play!
  11. Guest

    Ender Chest error?

    Hello. I have an enderchest for my portable ender storage. I have the chest hidden and it has a diamond so nobody else can get in. I open it up and.... Everything's gone. It's empty.
  12. Guest

    Ender Chest error

    Hello. I have an enderchest for my portable ender storage. I have the chest hidden and it has a diamond so nobody else can get in. I open it up and.... Everything's gone. It's empty.
  13. Network Server: eu survival pure survival In-game Nickname: Benji9714(me) Andreas065(victom) iiTzkukash_(very helpful "staff") LynesMC(one of the bad) Nightmare1(the other bad guy) LynesMC and Nightmare1 are staff and where killing us in gamemode 1 so we lost all of andreas good items. good gear and eveything, even a beacon and 1 and a halv stack iron block(that where not the best things) then iiTzkukash_ came and helped us out https://gyazo.com/d23ab5fe23e22ccd07b2a4d371c30d1b https://gyazo.com/cdd816993166029fd4dd109d76a07f24 https://gyazo.com/8874422279dcb7761eff717df4f9012a https://gyazo.com/50c72c2ddd583031303009472896e16e https://gyazo.com/12e9836866f9ba9a081713ffb1aface0 https://gyazo.com/71f8a542ebc3926505e89f5adcb43cbf https://gyazo.com/23d4279139c9af484c926e2ada52c73d https://gyazo.com/af850db2c568a3a818c8c0cee0e95631 https://gyazo.com/200b87615cb4f3d58045b798f1662069 https://gyazo.com/f3a22021ffef5c62c2d32175e1d225c9 https://gyazo.com/2322766fee6decfb404b25f52467d6d2 https://gyazo.com/c971134df6bfc0e3c014bc0b98b40c59 players that could prove: Andreas065, Benji9714, iiTzkukash_ xchicken something (he is premium+ ranked)
  14. It has come to my attention that no staff have any tools for detecting unwanted players, such as the griefers (our situation yesterday). This really worries us. I would never have imagined a server without a staff being able to catch the bad boys without them actually seeing the rule-breaking with their own eyes at the moment it happens. So yesterday my team and I had our mob grinder griefed. Only a few blocks removed, but enough to make a massive mob leek. We quickly fixed it, so no real harm done. But what would you do if someone griefed massively? I know there are server administrative plugins for staff that can for example rollback specific areas in case of massive grief. Regards, Baden
  15. Hello! I've recently joined and 3/4 of my experience on this server was a helper named "RamseyRoich" trying to get someone banned for "Staff disrespect" and being really rude about it while threatening to ban the player when they get promoted. I tried to step in and tell him to stop and that they are being rude but then they gave me a warning and threatened me if I reported them and then started being rude to me too. This person isn't a good staff and I would like another person to get the opportunity for helper instead of someone who complains for more than 4 hours and make craftersland great again! Evidence
  16. Hey soo I just came back from my inactivity and since the server reset[DW20] I cant access my Premium+ commands but my Judge commands still work fine hope someone finds the time to fix this. Thanks o/
  17. This has been going on for three days. Hello! There's something severely messed up with the day/night cycle on the skyfactory server, it moves forward every 1 second by about ~45 ingame minutes. Proof posted below. It has been said that this also occurs when there are no Sponsors online, - Even though we can only set the time to a specific time, and not gradually add time like it is happening here. Currently: ~16:30 CET 2016-11-11 it has been going on for about 20 minutes straight now. it usually comes and goes, my assumption is that either someone managed to bypass your banned item system and got themself a sun dial. similar things happened with weather the other day but has since then stopped. Or, a staff member has been pranking us from the console for three days. I consider that highly unlikely. But something HAS to be done about this, because it's starting to piss the playerbase off.
  18. I accidentally let 8 me drives despawn in the world. A 30 minute rollback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  19. hey could somewone reset my island please? i cant go onto the server because theres a bug; when i go on the server my minecraft crashes instantly :C and i want to buy the sponsor rank but cant come on the server
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