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Found 8 results

  1. http://prntscr.com/rn7z9c (picture) http://prntscr.com/rn85n5 (login screen) so my real question is why do i get banned you can see here this is priv message with Vikertorpet / _Mrmelk_ and mikewerf. and thats i did was i removed 2 wood plank infront of his door and replace with a other block and take the wood in to his ME system. and we are friends and whats was only a prank because he praked me before and whats was like noting and you can`t say thats was a big action and i replaced the block with radioactive materials but he have beacon with reigen so he healing so he can`t died of thats so thats just a smal prank. i will Only Admins can react on this topic not any mod or dm so resend it to the admins or owners. and my my friend don`t wanted this to happend
  2. In-Game Nickname: all of 'emYour username (Optional): TheFunMusicianTime and Date: all da time Description of what happened: (I'm assuming that this should be posted here, but I am willing to post this under the suggestions tab) so, today I had an issue with the admin(itshairyharry) in the discord about not punishing (warning) both parties in an argument and I feel this is unjust. There was even a time when I felt the need to tell a bad guy 2x to stop talking to me as they allowed him to keep speaking as I was getting in trouble and getting warned twice, yet he still didn't warn him. the only reason I bring this up is because the only craftersland server I've ever had an issue with anyone was within tekkit and I feel like this is not a rare incident as tekkit has over 2x more complaints than the dw 1.12 and has LESS active members and as you scroll through the list you can see mods, admins, and GMs listed there an eerily high amount. it's common knowledge for the general public and staff that tekkit is toxic. Like, seriously, if you ran a poll and asked every single player which CL server was the most toxic then you would see what I'm talking about. At that point it is no longer an issue with players, per se, but the people in charge of the players. part of what makes a good leader is accountability, but in every instance reported it has become more of a "We're right and you're wrong" situation. At a certain point we should step back and say 'is it everyone else that is wrong or am I the one at fault' Screenshots or Proof: EVERYWHERE List of eyewitnesses: EVERYONE
  3. In general, on the server of Acv2 there are many robberies of swords and armor. Everyone complains about it, however nobody can do anything.
  4. danifor


    The server needs more staff and that will stay for a while I guess but before you do recruit more stuff, seeing as they need to be trusted and useful, you should fix the bugs, like the fact that you can't even right click the blocks in the spawn I remember two years ago you could even put yellorium inside that reactor... Also you should add free ranks ~ for in game money, like some servers do and maybe a PVP arena and an actual /warps list ?
  5. I Ohanno_WhiteWolf from the tekkit server want to rebuild a base. I found a great location to build it at, however there is a problem. There are three towns the restrict me from building even one block because of the towny system. I would like to request that these town be deleted. I have already checked how long they have been in active. 1: OakIsland | 1 month 8 days 52 min 2: LoftyBoys | 2 months 15 hours 24 min 3: Letounka | 1 month 7 hours 43 min Please help me on this, I cannot find anywhere else to build on the planet and I am sick of Mars and the Moon
  6. The server needs more admins because there are a lot of trolls and hackers, A LOT.
  7. Pleas ranked me in the ts3 Nick: Ernestolol981 Rank: Sponsor
  8. Hello I wanted to see if I could be skywars Admin o Mod or a modality server that love him and want to be part of the
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