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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, Foxy here! ? Throughout my yearly experiences with tekkit, I have come across Atomic science in every single game, be it singleplayer or multiplayer. Fusion reactors, fulmination or particle accelerators are just fun to play with, but as I've seen on this server, not many people actually know a lot about it, and stick to patterns that are years old, and not really that efficient. Most of the schematics for fusion reactors that you can find on the internet are just basic ones, that will provide you with power counting about 50k RF at maximum. That's great, it's a lot of energy, and in combination with self-efficiency of fusion power, it is still a power source to be reckoned with. BUT! Atomic science is a mod for reactors that is unique in one thing against all others: Flexibility You see, in every reactor mod I have seen, it was always a multiblock, that had either given structure (ReactorCraft) or it was only partly flexible (BigReactors). Atomic science doesn't use multiblocks AT ALL, which means every single block is a system of its own, that is able to cooperate with others. This gives you the freedom to build any reactor structure that comes to mind, if you stick to some basic rules. However, you cannot build anything customized, when there aren't any, or only a few sources to learn from. Most of wikis will provide you with the most basic information, but it never tells you anything that you could actually use, if you decide to build your own fusion reactor design. So, prepare yourself a coffee and relax, I am about to show you what I think is the most important for building your very own Advanced fusion reactor! #1 Basics The concept of Atomic science fusion power is this simple: Chemical extractor extracts deuterium from water, provides it to the fusion reactor block, that uses it as a fuel to create plasma that's flowing inside electromagentic "tube", heating water placed above electromagnets. This heat is boiling water into steam that is spinning turbines producing electricity. basic knowledge: - Plasma spawns only two blocks from the reactor block itself, only to the air covered by electromagnets (or electromagnetic glass) - meaning if there is no air, or if it is not covered, plasma won't spawn. - Plasma travels only 5 blocks from its spawn point TO EVERY DIRECTION - even upside down (if the required space is provided), and every "step" it makes, provides less heat - the more heated water will be that less distant to the spawn point. The fact that it can travel up and down is important, since you can use this to build reactors with more floors. - You can combine 9 small turbines into 1 large with wrench, right clicking on the middle one. One large turbine is able to produce about 30k RF per tick, if there is enough steam to spin it at stable rate. - Electromagnets and electromagnetic glass are interchangeable, meaning you can have the entire reactor built from either ONLY electromagnets, or ONLY electromagnetic glass. - You can have more fusion reactors as blocks placed into one structure - the more fusion reactors, the more plasma, thus more heat and thus more electricity. #2 Rules you have to stick to - Every fusion reactor (as a block) has to be covered by electromagnets - there is literally no other way, since it is necessary to cover the air that's two blocks from it, so plasma can spawn. - In any reactor setup, what you NEED are electromagnets, plasma supplier (reactor block), water and turbines. These are the things every reactor setup has to contain. Everything else is up to your design. #3 Example of advanced fusion reactor (my own design) - Here I will show you example of what could AFR look like. It will contain schematics and pictures, so you can build mine as well. It is ceratinly more expensive than the basic setups you can find on the internet, but the energy output is way higher and you can supply a megaton of laser drills, while having your ME network and every machine work at stable rate. - Schematics: Legend: Yellow = electromagnetic glass Cyan = fluiduct Orange = electromagnet Black = fusion reactor White = air (empty space) Blue = water Pink = any power transfer pipe/conduit/node Green = electric turbine Red = any block (these are used just to cover water) Other shades of these colors are just previous layers First layer Second layer Third layer Fourth layer Fifth layer - If you'll stick to the pattern, you will end up with 26 large turbines and 92 small ones. Altogether, the reactor is able to produce about 1M RF per tick if supplied with enough deuterium and if every turbine is connected. - You will also need about 5 chemical extractors and 3 Aquaeous accumulators to feed these 10 fusion reactors properly. - As you can see, I am using transfer nodes for transfering the energy from the turbines, because these nodes have unlimited power transfer capacity, while redstone energy conduits are capped to 10k RF/tick NOTE that on craftersland, there is a bug that de-combines your turbines every time the chunk they're on is not loaded, so you will end up combining turbines every time you come to the game. I highly advise you to leave turbines de-combined and just connect every single one of them with a conduit. P.S. I wanted to add more pictures, but I am limited to 1 MB. So gomennasai ^^ If you had any questions, you can catch me in the game, or write a reply here. Cheers
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