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  1. I was using Exchanging Gadet on the walls of my base and one of the changes didn't took place and now there are invisible and unbreakable blocks in my base called: (Unused)Effect block. There are a bunch around location: -2846, 130, 22252 and also in a wall at location: -2844, 128, 22280 and also in many other places Thanks in advance for helping me by removing them
  2. Your Name: Devtron Item Name + Amount: 1x "Tier 1 Rocket 5206" 9x "Rocket Launch Pad 1063) Coordinates: x1567 z 4244, y64 Description of Issue: When traveling to the moon, and I spawned there at y +500, i did not spawn in my moon lander. I it only spawned my character As I did not spawn in that, I am unable to retrieve my rocket and launch pad. The launch pad I dont care about, but the rocket I do as it is needed for the mars quest later on. ( quest requires you to recycle it) Screenshots (Optional): Rocket information from NEI Me o
  3. Hello, the Ender IO conduits especially the fluid conduits are very slow. it is almost impossible to predict when the fluid is going to start to flow. The basic fluid conduits are almost not working, while the pressurized fluid conduits are working somewhat ok. I am playing on the Sky Factory 3 Server. I hope someone can help me here quickly because it is not very enjoyable if they are so slow. I really want to play on this server. (and also other players have this problem) ps. the server is a bit laggy Thank you very much!
  4. Your Name: CuzImFabian06 Item Name + Amount: 3 Auto Crafter, 3 Ghast Seeds (Mystical Agriculture), 10 sprinkler, 3 harvester, 1 Upgradeable Combustion Gen with 20 Speed Modifiers (i think there were 20 inside), 10 item Cables (cyclic), 13 item extraction cables (cyclic), 2 blue mulch, 1 cow in a jar, 1 trash void. Coordinates: I dont really know my coordinates, because its inside of a Compact Machine. Description of Issue: I was in the compact machine and then i want back out and went offline. The next day I came online again and wanted to enter my Compact Machine, i got throwed out, with
  5. Your Name: CuzImFabian06 Item Name + Amount: 3 Auto Crafter, 3 Ghast Seeds (Mystical Agriculture), 10 sprinkler, 3 harvester, 1 Upgradeable Combustion Gen with 20 Speed Modifiers (i think there were 20 inside), 10 item Cables (cyclic), 13 item extraction cables (cyclic), 2 blue mulch, 1 cow in a jar, 1 trash void. Coordinates: I dont really know my coordinates, because its inside of a Compact Machine. Description of Issue: I was in the compact machine and then i want back out and went offline. The next day I came online again and wanted to enter my Compact Machine, i got throwed out, with
  6. Wireless Energy, Draconic Wireless Crystals AND EnderIOs Dimenional Transcievers just randomly stop working all together and only breaking blocks can sometimes fix it. Im very frustrated with this as this was one of the reasons why i left the Revelations Server (which is laggy beyond playable sometimes). Now i get the issue here on Direwolf20 too, very frequently. Just some screens to proof that im not insane. Even tho im slowly becomming insane. Chunk was loaded the entire time, Outlets and what not are correctly setup and energy is stored plently. It doesnt matter if its
  7. TL,DR: see the bottom comment. larger problem with bcl configuration suspected. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey there, I have a weird bug that seems to be only affecting my base, as I asked others on the server and none of them seem to be affected by it. Keywords RF transfer, chunk-loaded, vertical (y axis) Description of bug: I cannot seem to transfer power over any significant distance at my base. I have tried flux plugs, flux ducts, DE energy crystals, cryostablized fluxducts
  8. Hello, I recently had a password reset, this was because I started playing on the server as a non-premium user, and I requested the reset so that my account was updated to a premium user (which I already own), however before Reset was part of a clan, and now I still have it, even though I'm not really a member anymore. The problem is that I have created a (verified) clan on 2 occasions and both times it removes me from my own clan, the last one was made up of 3 people and when I connected today, I was no longer part of the clan, which no longer had a leader . The only explanation I can find is
  9. Soraq1


    When Im trying to craft something, there is no item in the "item slot"
  10. Hello, i have an issue with "Somnolent" bee specie. The queen according to description requires flower type "flowerprovider.flowersBotania" which looks like there is a missing text for it. I tried placing multiple botania flowers next to the apiary and still queen was missing flowers. Then i tried placing there every possible flower time i could think of like cacti, stone, snow, dragon egg, regular flower but had no success with queen detecting them as a right flower type. I wonder if i am just stupid and there are some flowers that work or there is some kind of bug. Thanks
  11. Adi6202


    I tried to obtain a soul of torment demon but the lord of torment vanished because of a bug...After he teleported me in the Hell he should have been there..but he wasn’t...Can someone give me the loot he was supposed to give?
  12. The item "Wireless Universal Terminal - Item" (#5369) extracells:terminal.universal.wireless When equipped into bauble slot first crashes the player, after restarting the game the player is able to walk around and do everything normally, but everyone within render distance gets crashed out of the game. Opening the inventory or F5 for 3rd person camera crashes the player again. Making it impossible to unequip and fix the issue. Only solutions are to suicide or kill command from distance. There was thought to be a fix in mod config but I tested it and it doesn't seem to work. This coul
  13. I had a problem with the clan on the server; I can't enter the clan of mikiMix, because he left his clan and now is on the clan of simplifex. But simplifex who is the head of the clan, hasn't entered the server for a week that I know of, so I can't even enter the base I built with him (mikiMix). The problem is that I can't do anything like before, I can no longer use anything inside the base, how do I solve it? That's my base too.
  14. Hi, I wanted to charge my Wyvern pickaxe in a capacitor bank, but it was bent away. I was later told that it was a server bug. I think it's a shame and wanted to ask if there is a way to fix the bug or if I can get my pickaxe back. It was really not easy to build the hoe. Best wishes Privat_Rico PS: I didn't know exactly where to post it.
  15. My own Summon attacked my while i was Riding it, i died mid Air and i have lost: Switch-Crossbow [unbreaking 1 and Power 5] 7 Black Dragon Scales Stone of the Sea Balloon Cobalt Shield Broken Heart [The rest is less important due to it being Diamond armor and a Water Bucket. I have saved the rest of my Items] ~GhxstTheWxlf
  16. So i spawned my dragon through the dragon horn, started flying it and then out of nowhere it just vanished and no longer being in my dragon horn. It was a level 3 ice dragon, full diamond dragon armor... Can i get a refund for this dragon that just randomly vanished, i guess clearlag?
  17. Your Name: Sir_Rav3n Island Owner: Sir_Rav3n Coordinates: x: 13066 z: -17152 y:68 Time/Timezone/Date:Sunday the 22th september 2019 at 15o'clock (MESZ) Description of Issue: at one moment Sir_Min3r get kicked from the server with the message "Internal server error". Now everytime when we tried to join we get kicked out.
  18. Hi, I have found a bug which allows players to place any block, anywhere. regardless of the place. (Private/Locked Islands, Spawn etc) Thought I'd raise it's attention to stop any griefing. More info please msg me.
  19. Name: Minecraft Username: InsaneBeats Age: 20Languages you speak: EnglishCountry + Time Zone: USA PDTDiscord Name and ID*: InsaneBeatsDo you have a microphone?: yes issue started 2 days ago when i logged into FTB reloaded and my ME system was flipped arround (ME drives) with the terminal invisible. i have tried to replace all the broken pipes only for the same issue to hapen when server restarts. i have dedicated 3 days to building and decoration in my base so i need help in order to play the game on your server. things i'd like to mention are, my base is in 1 chunk (meaning ma
  20. The Protection Shop on the pure survival server seems to be bugged. I can't purchase either pvp nor land protection. And yes,I checked to have enough emeralds.
  21. OpenComputers has a serious bug: After installing OpenOS onto a HDD it initially works when rebooted and if the OpenOS Disk is installed but fails with "Unrecoverable Error computer halted" if rebooted, HDD removed and inserted, HDD inserted into a robot and similar. It makes using OC almost impossible as every reboot could lead to an unusable PC. This seems to be a bug that has been fixed: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1808-computer-halted-error/ It doesn't seem to be a file system permissions problem as it happens in Singleplayer too. Now I do know that the
  22. Disconnect glitch so lately ive been flying around my island and ive come across an pretty large island that crashes my game if i get close to it and when i reconnect i still get kicked i can only join back if i get tpd away the island owner is called Edwardf and hasnt been online for like 12 days . when i get disconected i get this message and idk what it means
  23. Today I noticed that my AE2 P2P tunnels weren't connected anymore although correctly set up and working yesterday. Also the security terminal was basically disconnected from the network and had to be placed again. In a discussion today it was clear, that this happens every week and is basically a common problem. The assumption is that during maintenance the corresponding AE2 files get deleted. It would be great if that was not the case as building without P2P tunnels would be annoying and recreating the link is too.
  24. I tried 2 different tree farm approaches now, enderio farming station and industrial foregoing. But there is a serious bug preventing them from working correclty: Sometimes the planted saplings just disappear. This happens quite often actually. There is basically no way of getting enough saplings to replace the disappearing ones. Sometimes I just stand next to the farm and watch the saplings disappear one after the other. Problems in industrial foregoing: Sometimes those machines don't work for minutes before resuming their task. 2nd problem: The plant sower sometimes plants m
  25. The recipes for smelting uranium grit and yellorium dust in a furnace change about every server restart. One time you get uranium ingots, the next time yellorium ingots. This is very frustrating because I have to adapt some stored patterns after every restart if I need them. And as my reactor needs uranium/yellorium ingots, I have to change that too after every restart.
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