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Found 100 results

  1. OpenComputers has a serious bug: After installing OpenOS onto a HDD it initially works when rebooted and if the OpenOS Disk is installed but fails with "Unrecoverable Error computer halted" if rebooted, HDD removed and inserted, HDD inserted into a robot and similar. It makes using OC almost impossible as every reboot could lead to an unusable PC. This seems to be a bug that has been fixed: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1808-computer-halted-error/ It doesn't seem to be a file system permissions problem as it happens in Singleplayer too. Now I do know that the Modpack has to be updated to update OpenComputers, which probably means we have no way of using OC on the server?
  2. Disconnect glitch so lately ive been flying around my island and ive come across an pretty large island that crashes my game if i get close to it and when i reconnect i still get kicked i can only join back if i get tpd away the island owner is called Edwardf and hasnt been online for like 12 days . when i get disconected i get this message and idk what it means
  3. Today I noticed that my AE2 P2P tunnels weren't connected anymore although correctly set up and working yesterday. Also the security terminal was basically disconnected from the network and had to be placed again. In a discussion today it was clear, that this happens every week and is basically a common problem. The assumption is that during maintenance the corresponding AE2 files get deleted. It would be great if that was not the case as building without P2P tunnels would be annoying and recreating the link is too.
  4. I tried 2 different tree farm approaches now, enderio farming station and industrial foregoing. But there is a serious bug preventing them from working correclty: Sometimes the planted saplings just disappear. This happens quite often actually. There is basically no way of getting enough saplings to replace the disappearing ones. Sometimes I just stand next to the farm and watch the saplings disappear one after the other. Problems in industrial foregoing: Sometimes those machines don't work for minutes before resuming their task. 2nd problem: The plant sower sometimes plants multiple stacks of saplings but doesn't actually plant them, they are not visible anywhere (might be because they disappear immediately) and therefore runs empty quickly. Edit: I can actually confirm that it is a permissions problem. I placed a enderio farming station so that half of the area is inside my claim and half is outside but the station is placed inside my claim. The area outside my claim got planted just fine while the area inside my claim was not, the saplings just disappeared.
  5. The recipes for smelting uranium grit and yellorium dust in a furnace change about every server restart. One time you get uranium ingots, the next time yellorium ingots. This is very frustrating because I have to adapt some stored patterns after every restart if I need them. And as my reactor needs uranium/yellorium ingots, I have to change that too after every restart.
  6. So here i am, complaining about XNet not working. It feels like we are not able to move into the new type of mods that, for a reason, are better. The controller and pipes(connector/cable) bug after server restart. I've included pics with examples. When i used them for my canola farm (seeds out of barrel, liquid in/out x2 and energy) where i had alot of connections going on, i tought that it was my bad for pushing it might not like it, but even a simple setup like energy intake, item move from a to b only still got broke. Please fix it as it should be a server restart script or something that does not let it reload the "memory" it had about the blocks. Sadly is not as easy as just remove and replace the controller, you need to replace the whole setup, remake all the settings in the controller and is not worth it. It's very tedious to remake them all the since we have so many restarts. I'm sad mainly because this is the only mod that can make a base work with no flaw in like a short area since 1 cable can do 8 things is remarkable and creator claims to be really friendly for the server too. I left some pictures as proof so please check it, i'm sure i'm not the only one that wants to use them.
  7. Lately some glass fiber cable literally dissapear and there are nowhere to be found, I would like to get them back, i lost 16 (arround that) cables so far. Also i would like to know why is this happening and if people could fix it :). please and thank you in-game name: pacake discord: Fat Tony#4873 see you.
  8. Hi I'm in the continuum server and I have a bug were I cant see my custom MC skin in-game I just have the default Steve skin, I have go on other servers and in SSP and I have my skin but in this server only I get this bug (FTB Continuum). Any help with this problem would be great, Thanks
  9. Hi! I would like to get some help for my login errors. Sometimes when i try to login to the sf3 server. It always write *Error occured while executing command:null* and it don't let me login so i can't login. After a time it random let me to login i don't know why, any tip guys? Sky factory 3
  10. Me and user Froggy_Boy have spent the last few hours progressing through the monk mod but we have gotten stuck on the wither killing with a bare fist. According to some players on the server it is bugged and cannot be achieved. I was just hoping that someone could fix the glitch, or use a command to get us to level 19. We have killed 6 withers so far and are getting tired of trying. Thanks, Altern8
  11. Hi, i have a bugged item in my inventory that makes the game unplayable. Could someone please remove it? :3 It's a power fist.
  12. I just go to other dimension with RTtools mod, and I die, (I just logout). Now I can't login, launcher just say ''logging in...'' for eveeeerr nick: PaulRovia
  13. Account Name: SomeRandomPeteyRank: DefaultRequested Commands: /monk setlevel 19Reason for Request: It is impossible to obtain level 19 in the monk mod, in this version. Normally, to get from 18 to 19, you must kill a wither with your bare hands, but it doesn't work. I've done a lot of testing, to no avail.
  14. When trying to use the p2p connectors in the AE2 system, the memory card will not program. If you shift click on the first P2P ME link, instead of saying, "settings saved" it says "invalid machine, memory cleared". If you simply click on the P2P ME link, it just says "invalid machine". It looks like this is a glitch/bug that you wouldn't be able to fix with a simple config setting and possibly needs a patch (if and when one comes out). Just wondering if anyone else had or noticed this problem and was wanting verification that this is gonna take a patch to fix. Thanks, Bad_Wolf_Bay
  15. Your Name: Tannerrobotics Item Name + Amount: couple stacks of iron and some of the other various ingots around a stack of diamonds 8 nether stars diamond chisels and wands a couple stacks of nether quartz a couple stacks of coal and around a stack of glowstone dust a stack of coleslaw burgers and some other various itensCoordinates (format x, y, z): 2311,-1370,64Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/ADescription of Issue: refined storage drives deleted you can either refund the items some of the items i can remember having or you can just reimburse me with in game money but i need enough to at least buy the things i have listed either way is fine and up to who ever takes care of this post thank you the only reason i am doing it this way is because i saw all of the other responses to others having this same problem saying it is impossible to rollback the drives due to the current update on the pack
  16. Exotic gardens (the only way to get soybeans) dont spawn in the overworld, or any other reachable dimension, please either add to shop or fix, thank you!
  17. Ender IO farmers no longer harvest ender lily pearls properly. Sometimes the plant disappears; if you try to get it to plant ender lilies, the lily seeds vanish (like they are being planted, but they are not); and the final bug in this mess...I have a 15X15 ender lily farm...in one harvest using the farmer in the updated pack, I gathered around 1800 ender pearls and was still gathering them when i stopped the farmer (at best should have been 224). Someone may want to disable ender farmers till this is fixed. Thanks, Bad_Wolf_Bay
  18. IGN: pizzasamuel Reason: I have been auto-kicked off my friends island. Date it happened: 9/21/18 Current date: 9/22/18 Hello, mods/admins of the skyfactory 3 technical support team. I have come to ask you a question. I was logging on to skyfactory 3 yesterday, and when I got on, I noticed that I did not have any perms. I was confused, so I did /seen Jolteon321 (owner's name). I have noticed that the owner has not been on for more than 15 days, while I was on the day before yesterday, And still had perms. Today, while I was checking out the owners base. I saw that he has replied to one of my signs asking him a question about the island. He did not say anything about kicking me, so I feel like he did not kick me himself. All I am asking for is either me to be added onto his island, or some way of contacting him that when the next time he logs on, he will know to add me back. Sincerely, pizzasamuel
  19. Your Name: TNT_swordItem Name + Amount: Wireless Crafting Terminal, 1; Infinity Booster Card, 1.Coordinates: My base and Funkapee'sDescription of Issue: i was making a wireless crafting terminal and an infinity booster for Funkapee and when i finished it i noticed my own wireless terminal (had an infinity booster) wich was equipped wasnt on Range: Infinite , so i took it off to maybe it was only a display glitch and it would go away. Instead the wireless terminal along with the infinity booster are gone, went back and forth mine funkapee's base scrambling and looking everywhere for the tedius to make thing... but nothing, so i just gave funkapees the single wireless crafting terminal and infinity booster that remained and i've basically lost mine to a glitchScreenshots (Optional): its just my inv without a wireless blablabla and blabla card.
  20. For some reason I do not yet know, every so often, the server has been crashing, and rolling back everyone's inventory. I have lost countless items from these crashes, and they're happening pretty frequently.
  21. The 263 version of draconic evolition dont seem to like flux network the cant imput mor than 2.147B rf Even if the energy core still hav waay more capacity than that. Its ez to fix i tested it and it worked You just nead to downgrade draconic evolution to the 262 vertion
  22. Account Name: _Omega75_ Town name: Omega Coordinates: around 2754, 79, -2674 Time/date: 22h20 , 08/18/2018 Description of Issue: A big part of what my chests contained has disapeared. It seems to be due to a smelter present in the same chunk or something like that
  23. DW20 1.12 All of a sudden you can't chisel flat colored blocks, cobblestone or stone (and granite). I'm not sure if there's more blocks, but these I tried the day of this posting and they wouldn't chisel. They would show as chiseled in the one probe description but with an error. You break them and they showed as chiseled in your inventory but when you place them they would be solid (unchiseled) still with the chiseled tag. If you spam chiseled them, your chisel would break, but you wouldn't be able to do anything (open chests, etc.) like you timed out but the client didn't notice yet. When you log out and log back in, you're chisel would be back but the unchiseled-chiseled blocks would still be in your inventory or on the ground...still unchiseled. Yeah, I had the same reaction (Huh?).
  24. Your Name: Olicrafter05Coordinates: -16097 72 -12520Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 14:30gmt 13.07.2018Description of Issue: I accidently killed myself with a sacrificial dagger and my grave did not spawnScreenshots (Optional):
  25. juleklO

    Loss of items

    Due to a very high ping my build wasn't registered by server. When I got kicked out for "Too high ping" (whitch I had and I dont argue) after relog I found that about 10 minutes of my progress are gone with my 5 redstone energy cells and ~40 redstone energy conduits. Nick ingame: juleklO
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