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Found 118 results

  1. Your Name: DeiutzItem Name + Amount: 1 me interface.1 quantum link chamber and 1 quantum field ring,2 reactor glass,2 yellorium fuel rod,1-2 export me items,2 me drive ( thx God when i come back storages was on ground ),me crafting terminal,me crafting monitor. me fluid monitor and... i think this is all Coordinates: Station 16624 Description of Issue: Frist time a lose few blocks ( 1 me interface.1 quantum link chamber and 1 quantum field ring,2 reactor glass,2 yellorium fuel rod) idk how just distroyed nothing there idk ... i say ok i rebuid it i go to spawn . after i come back i recived all me storage in inventory and get crash my game.And i rejoin on server and is distroyed drives . now i wait to see what admins will . and after i will rebuild again.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/qNGXy Now the base is same like in image i will wait a admin or somthing si solve this.
  2. So basically just placing the final item to create the magical wood basically causes a full crash of the game and this is the crash report The game crashed whilst updating screen events The game crashed whilst updating screen events Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Updating screen events
  3. Quest Book Broken

    The Quest Book in The Evolved server is broken and need to be fixed. Please fix it.
  4. Tag Bug!!

    Your Name: southrumble80 Server Name (ACv1, PureSurvival, etc.): Network Rank: Premium. Can you merge the prefix [P] with the tag [Popcorn] ? Description of Issue: I bought a tag but when i entered to some minigames my tag dissapeared Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/yddYc
  5. Greetings, for a while now (even before the wipe) I experienced a bug with Computercraft and Big Reactors. When I hook up the modem of Computercraft on the Big reactor (connected to my computer too). When I leave the area and return (aka unload the chunk) and I go to my computer it says that the modem isnt connected with the reactor, when I go and check it is connected. I have to right click the modem on the reactor twice (disconnect and connect) for it to work again. The reactor isnt that close to my base so its quite the pain in the ass.
  6. Waterlily bug

    Please fix a bug in the lobby of play.craftersland.eu, when you are in the fountain nupheres nothing else spawn you start to bug and that has happened to me and has thrown me for "flying" and every time I enter it throws me again and I can not enter. Thank you.
  7. woll bug abuse

    : In-Game Nickname : xDrews_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : franmunoz888 Description of the situation : I was in the team with him and then he used a bug with wich he placed the wool again and again. Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/iVrPx Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
  8. Our base's matter transmitter changed into obsidian coordinates = 746, 64, -1142
  9. Accidental dupe?

    Server went down for a normal restart as I was putting items in a chest, I come back and inv is duped up 1 block and to the right. Im going to put duped Items in a chest if they could be removed that would be great. Ill make sure the chest is empty with nothing but the duped items. Have no clue how this happened. Edit: duped items disappeared, dont know where they went.
  10. Vxnom77 has asked me for 25 gold ingots and one moment later he gave me 27x Legendary Crate Key and 128x Vote Crate Key. I have looked in his chest later and i saw 2x Golden Bag Of Holding and a lot of stuff, but he started playing a few minutes ago. I think he propably duped these items and I didn't use crate keys. Could I ask for checking that? I can give few screenshots if needed. Here is a screenshot of chest inventory with his stuff.
  11. Okay so far i've made a dragon dimlet and i created world with this dimlet in. and ive been flying for about 10 mins in void and i didnt saw any dragon flying around brunyplsfix
  12. I have automated setup that generates Mana. I tried it on singleplayer and it worked flawlessly. On the server hovewer, sometimes Thermalilies eat the mana and go straight to cooldown period for some reason. Only in rare occurences they shoot out occasional burst of mana. Yes, they were cooled beforehand. Yes, they are empty of mana and are connected to gaia mana spreaders. I do not have any ideas on why this happens. Might be the server TPS. Anybody? EDIT: One time it almost fully worked. This one leds me even more to think it is bad TPS that is causing this.
  13. CTW Bug

    i don't know where can I put the glitches reports, so I put it here. This glitch do that you can't progress because makes you came back always you jump a lot. As you can see, I have 70 ms and no lag but I can't move because of this.
  14. My skin

    My skin in this server is bugged, only me see my skin, other players dont see my skin. I dont know how to resolve this bug. You can help me? Name in the server: Supra07 DW 1.7
  15. OK, so while out wandering about my game crashed saying that a packet was bigger than expected and now I can't stay on the server for more than a few seconds. I have tried to do all in my power to fix it but to no avail. After doing some research it seems that I have found my self in some kind of corrupt chunk or area of the server. From what I have read moving my character somewhere else should hopefully fix the problem. That's is why I was wondering if some one would be able to move my character to spawn. My in game name is Von_Galaxy
  16. Hello, I had the bug with the deep dark death(Game crash and then died under the deep dark). Lancelot told me to make this and here is a list of my Items: Full Zivicio Armor, Staff of Traveling, Zivicio Pickaxe, Hoe and Sword, wireless me terminal, unbreakable wand, Yeta wrench, Diamond Chisel, Ring of magnetisation. Magnet(EIO), Ender Pouch. I think that were the important things. I hope you can help me. Dear wishes LuciPlays
  17. Account Name: mastershamy World Anchor [Railcraft] id1315 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: Before 4:00 pm 7/28/2017 Description of Issue: I am missing a World Anchor that was sitting in my town next to my Coke Oven. I double checked the banned items and it isn't on the list. I was just going about my business, went to turn on the anchor and it wasn't there.
  18. Username:bravengamer I can't open chests I can't die I can't open my inv the only thing i can do is move around and talk on chat, I still have access to my hotbar, I logged and it didn't fix it Sorry I do not have any screen shots
  19. AE2 bug

    Long time ago I had this very same problem, When I set my ME wireless access pint, linked the Wireless terminal via Security Terminal and used the terminal, some of my cables vanished from my system (dense, glass and smart, painted or not) I don't want any rollback nor item back, I just want that bug fixed, or if it is anything else help me, I truly want to use the access terminal cause it's much more efficient that having 300 terminals around my base. Please help me. Sorry for my English :3
  20. Chests Inventory Gone

    My chest, Sky Stone chest and Pattern chest all had their inventories wiped. I was in the middle of crafting a coke oven. After misplacing one brick, breaking and putting in place I was one block short of completion. Went back to my chest to grab some sand and discovered it was empty. Checked the other ones next to it and they were empty too. The Tinker's Crafting Station next to the vanilla chest still contains the two glass and feather I left in it but all the chests are empty.
  21. Yesterday around 3 AM CEST I would use my Experience Obelisk (EnderIO) to store 7 levels. It already had 314 lvls. Nothing happened when I clicked the "Store all player XP" button so I clicked it a few times more, and suddenly it showed 24791! I then clicked "Retrieve all player XP levels" to see if it was just a display bug, but no. It gave me 3125 levels (which seems to be the player level cap). Also tried relogging, but it was true enough. They were there. Currently I'll just walk around with my rightfully owned 314 levels, and my town mates and I will stay away from the Experience Obelisk until it has been reset. An item replacement with no XP stored will probably just do the job. Regards, Baden27 EDIT: Issue solved
  22. @brunyman If you havent already, in the server please change Line 151 to 155 of /config/Galacticcraft/core.conf from # List IDs of non-opaque blocks from other mods (for example, special types of glass) that the Oxygen Sealer should recognize as solid seals. Format is ID:METADATA S:"External Sealable IDs" < 20:0 102:0 > to
  23. Account Name: alkai98 Item name Item ID : Watering Can (Reinforced) 5240:3 , Ender Core 1261:11 Time/date: about 4:30 -4:45 UGT+1 Description of Issue: When the harvester harvested the ender-lily (2 of them) a crashed kicked me out of the server instantly 2 times, the third time i logged in the server my ender cores (dont know how much, more than 2), harvester, autonomous activator and my watering can (reinforced) was replaced with obsidian blocks.
  24. I was currently binding the keys to my power armor, when i activated them to test if it worked. Upon doing this, my game crashed with this in game error (found down below) I have repaired the installation and it only will crash upon entering the server. If anyone has any clue what this means, please let me know
  25. New video SECRET ON IT :3

    Yay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZKDOss-_S8&lc=z13nxbagomjhcjltn22mi3s5duf5gtt5s04

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