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Found 8 results

  1. ViperBites

    Some bugs

    Ok so over my time on revelations I have noticed a few bugs some since the Rev 2.0 update ( some of these may have been fixed already or may not be the fault of the server) 1: If you log out in the new mining world wither it be from a server restart a crash or just logging out. You get stuck in a infinite logging in loop until one of the GM's teleports you to spawn. 2: The draconic energy core is broken. Not sure if this is an issue with the 2.0 update but it will not extract energy from the core. 3: Last I checked the chunkloaders run 24/7 not 100% sure if this is still going on. Should probably be changed to only works when the owner of the chunk loader is online These are the main three I can think of if any one can think of more feel free to add it to this post
  2. Im srry but just i see 1 bug but dont know how we make it... im spanish and know how to say this just i go use translator, SRRY! A friend has doubled a DiamonBackpack (Upgrade +) but we do not know how, I instantly threw it in the vacuum but I wanted to record this bug I wanted to record it anyway and I feel for my English, I hope it is understood.
  3. laberschleichi

    Bug Report

    [Skyfactory] when i search up "lava" or "barrel" in NEI my game crashes
  4. Basically, whenever I try and claim the achievement of making a MFR Harvester and Planter, I get this error, telling me that I do not have the items, even though I have the required items in my inventory. I have tried making new items, which have not been placed nor used, and I still get the same message. Thanks for your time and I hope that this issue gets solved quickly and efficiently.
  5. I recently made a nether star generator, however when I tried to complete the challenge, it didn't work. I think many others have also had the same issue, however I can't find any topics talking about this particular challenge. I have not put the generator down so it should still be 'fresh'. Thanks
  6. dagger 2016

    Items Disappearing From Island

    Hey guys how are you guys hows everything.Well if you ask me, I'm not doing that much fine because items,blocks,upgrades etc. are disappearing from my island (and no my members aren't stealing them since their so inconsistent with playing minecraft).This started a few days ago when transfer pipes started disappearing then today I lost an autonomous activator which contained a reinforced watering can disappeared.And there aren't claimed islands beside my island Witnesses : Mohammad0774 Things Missing : Me Drives,Dense cables,me cables,blocks,items,etc. Here is the description.I hope for your quick and effective support and solve my problem quickly Bye
  7. I have put a shell constructor on my island and now I am always crashing when I try to go on my island so can someone of the mods destroy it or something...please...
  8. -Firstly, I'd like to know whether it's supposed to be as it is, that players given /trusted on my plot cannot edit anything while I'm offline. Me and my friend joined the plot survival, each of us wanted to make a plot, we did so next to each other, we gave each other /trusted. However, once my friend went offline I was unable to continue the work on his plot. I suppose that it is only 'helpers' that aren't supposed to be able to build after I've gone offline, please see if you can fix this. -Secondly, I would like to know how the /merge actually works because I don't know where to get info apart from this website. -Sugestions: 1.) Players have access to a command '/plot add friend >name<' allowing the player mentioned to be completely part of the plot, meaning that they can choose whether to set home there or not, so basically, a shared plot. 2.) Trusteds have the possibility to /sethome on the owner's plot, this technically links to the first suggestion. 3.) If 2 owners of 2 different plots which are next to each other, '/friend' each other, or '/trust' perhaps, they have the ability to merge their plots together. >I'm sorry if I have over done my ideas a bit, but honestly, these changes would be great for players -like myself- who wish to completely share/play with another person. I look forward to this.

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