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Found 5 results

  1. ComputerCraft Tools. I made this post to facilitate the access to simple tools that I made or I found on internet to make different kind of programs. peripheral.find This function helps you to find every peripheral connected to the computer of a certain type (sType) or a custom filter (fnFilter). Source. Example: Function: string.random This function gives you a random string with a certain amount of characters. Source: @XMedders Function: string.split With this you can split a string into a table with a delimiter. Example: Function: http.getStringWithTimeout This is a custom http.get that have a timeout for the requests if the website doesnt response so your program doesnt get stuck. Function: GCAPI To be honest I'm too lazy to explain all the function of the API so I'm going to give you easy example programs for you to try. I disabled some stuff like the rule34 Download API > pastebin get XJAdkfJ8 gcapi Images for Monitor This program display a image from a URL from internet. Images for glasses This is almost the same that the one for monitors but with commands for the glasses and higher resolution Note: If you have any question, you found a bug or need something extra just comment this post
  2. Crate machine. This machines gives you random items for vote crate keys! (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore) Slot machine. This machines requires "WatchStore Credits" and the use of glasses. (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore) MonitorDisplayer. This program allow you to display almost any image from internet typing "!image (url)". You can buy it for $500 (Server Money). Tracker. This program allow to track players with a really nice interface. I'm going to add the rest of the programs another day NOTES:
  3. So after a some talking about my script in discord, we concluded that there could be only 2 problems. One of them is with the server: Is there any server setting/script timing out CC scripts after a certain time or any other condition?
  4. Henk


    Hello! Is it possible for me - as a Sponsor - to request a personal unban of an item? I'm an automaniac, I love to automate everything and that is also why I love CC Turtles, and ask if it's even remotely possible to have it unbanned for me..? Might not even be technically possible, and I realise it's banned for a reason but I have no intention of griefing ;-) . figured It was still worth a shot! Cheers! - Henk
  5. Overview: In the upcoming Post Blast server, missiles both nuclear and conventional are legal. Thus i took a long time experimenting with ComputerCraft to safeguard everyone! In the process i invented code to intercept incoming missiles about to destroy you. Now that i have made it 99% Working, i am here today to release it to the world! It features a peripheral/wireless/rednet based algorithim using a radar block. It works just like any server-client program, through a peripheral connection. 1. Missile Detected by Powered Radar Source Block. 2. Radar Block outputs coordinates/redstone signal to a server computer. 3. Server Computer generates coordinates for interception of the missile. 4. Server Computer messages all active Anti-Ballistic Missile silo clients. 5. Anti-Ballistic Missile clients then launch chronologically at each missile. 6. Until all incoming threats are destroyed, it will keep firing the client/silos. Radar => Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Server => Client PC => ABM silo => Intercept *Basically just shoots down incoming missiles with a Anti-Ballistic Missile* ABM Server: --[[Skynet Nuclear ABM Defense Program by Andrew2060]]-- --[ABM Server, use with http://pastebin.com/aNsduCem]]-- --[System requires atleast 5 CC's with Modems and ABMs]]-- --[System has 5% chance of failure in killing missiles]]-- --[[Settings]]-- local waitDelay = 2 local countersPerMissile = 1 local missileDelay = 3 --[[Initialization]]-- local silos, curSilo = {}, 1 peripheral.find("modem", rednet.open) term.setBackgroundColor(colors.blue) local function red() term.setBackgroundColor(colors.red) print(" ") term.setBackgroundColor(colors.blue) end rednet.broadcast("ABM1") repeat local id, msg = rednet.receive(waitDelay) if msg == "ABM" then table.insert(silos, id) end until not id --[[Main Programs]]-- while true do if not redstone.getInput("back") then term.clear() term.setCursorPos(1, 1) red() print(" SKYNET DEFENSE SYSTEMS ACTIVATED ") red() print(" ANTI-BALLISTIC MISSILE SHIELD ONLINE ") red() red() print(" [STANDBY ABM Silos] ") for k, v in ipairs(silos) do print(" silo #" .. k .. " id = "..v) end red() repeat os.pullEvent("redstone") until redstone.getInput("back") end term.clear() term.setCursorPos(1, 1) term.setTextColor(colors.red) print("Incoming Missiles:") print("Firing CounterMeasures\n") maptab = peripheral.call("back","getEntities") maptxt = textutils.serialize(maptab) if maptxt ~= "{}" then allDat = 0 for num in pairs(maptab) do allDat = allDat+1 end targets = allDat/3 for i=0,targets-1 do local msg = {["x"] = math.floor(maptab["x_"..i]), ["y"] = math.floor(maptab["y_"..i]), ["z"] = math.floor(maptab["z_"..i])} print("Incoming Missile Threat #" .. i .. " at X:" .. msg.x .. " Y:" .. msg.y .. " Z:" .. msg.z) print("Launching " .. countersPerMissile .. " ABM Missile CounterMeasures...\n") for i = 1, countersPerMissile do rednet.send(silos[curSilo], msg) curSilo = (curSilo == #silos) and 1 or (curSilo + 1) sleep(missileDelay) end sleep(0) end sleep(0) end sleep(2) end sleep(1) ABM Client: --Silo Launch PC, [working] [By Andrew2060] --[[Settings]]-- local icbmSide = "back" local armed = true --set armed to false to disarm silo. --[[Init]]-- local icbm = peripheral.wrap(icbmSide) local masterID peripheral.find("modem", rednet.open) --[[Functions]]-- local function clear() term.clear() term.setCursorPos(1, 1) end --[[Main program]]-- clear() while true do print("Waiting for Threat Message") id, msg, distance = rednet.receive(masterID) if (msg == "ABM1") then print(" master=", id) masterID = id; rednet.send(masterID, "ABM") elseif type(msg) == "table" and id == masterID then if type(msg.x) == "number" and type(msg.y) == "number" and type(msg.z) == "number" then print(" launching CounterMeasures At x=" .. msg.x .. ", y=" .. msg.y .. ", z=" .. msg.z) icbm.setTarget(msg.x, msg.y, msg.z) if (armed) then peripheral.call("back","launch") end else print(" invalid table command") end else print(" invalid msg '", msg, "' from '", id, "', distance=", distance) end end This code is meant to be used with mekanism/DefenseTech Mods. Such as found in my ModPack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nuclear-revolution.689897 It is meant for peaceful purposes only, and only for base defense. ~Hope this helps!
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