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Found 20 results

  1. jojoosinga


    Account Name: JojoosingaRank: SponsorRequested Commands: //wand and worldeditReason for Request: we are building a base and it need a lot of work greetings jojoosinga
  2. FreeFallFTW

    Command request

    Account Name: FreeFallFTW Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: 1.fly speed [ACV1] 2./hat [ACV1] Reason for Request: I basically want fly speed to be able to complete dungeons faster.The /hat command is simply for the giggles.
  3. Account Name: pedromac002 Rank: premium+ Requested Commands^: World Edit (worldedit.*) Reason for Request*: I am in a base with akaElite and as he is helper and has w/e i have to rely on him to do most of the building and large scale building at our town which is why it would be great if i had access to w/e to take some time off his back and worry about being online to help me build large stuff. I get that i am only premium + but i have been a loyal, clean and helpful member/donor to this server and i think i deserve a chance to be the 1st premium+ to have access to w/e. Sincerly, Pedro.
  4. akaElite

    Command Request

    Account Name: akaEliteRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: World Edit (worldedit.*)Reason for Request*: So I made this huge base and I want to go to a diffrent town, but its already taken me two hours to only destroy half of it by hand.. So I would like world edit to speed up the process
  5. SoundsOfMadness

    [WorldEdit Request] SoundsOfMadness

    Account Name: SoundsOfMadness Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: World Edit Reason for Request*: I am requesting World Edit because it will help me in building my bases and help clear up some of the annoyances of building underground. Such as oil destroying my torches and rails.
  6. Account Name: AaronblammRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: World EditReason for Request*: i would like to build more pleasing structures and tweak with the terrain around my base to make everything more appealing, also i would like to speed the build process so that i can enjoy playing with some of the mods. thank you
  7. Slendy

    Command Request

    Account Name: SlendydiegoPro Rank: Sponsor+ Server: ACv1 Requested Commands: · ACv1 - essentials.speed.fly - essentials.tptoggle (only for users its not for staff) Reason for Request: · I try to fly fast and he returns me - to avoid the tpa spam Proof/Video:
  8. Zepo123

    Command Request

    Command Request Account Name:Zepo123 Rank:Sponsor+ Requested Commands: W/E Reason for Request:I want to use it but I have had it taken away but that was a mistake cause I was asked by someone to do something but someone else (not the owner of the area) got angry I was doing it so I lost it but I was given permission to do it in the area
  9. Zepo123

    World Edit Requst

    Command request Account Name:Zepo123 Rank:Sponsor+ Requested Commands: W/E Reason for Request:I want to use it but I have had it taken away but that was a mistake cause I was asked by someone to do something but someone else (not the owner of the area) got angry I was doing it so I lost it but I was given permission to do it in the area
  10. Requirements: · No record of any kind of command abuse ✔ · A donor rank of Sponsor or Sponsor+ ✔ · A relatively clean ban record ✔ (Banned 0 times) Title: [Command Request /we /enchant] (TotalImpact) Account Name: TotalImpact Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: World edit /we (should be worldedit.*) if * wont be allowed id like /thru added so i can jump through my walls) enchant /enchant (Essentials.enchant.*) Reason for Request: I would like world edit for my base since I love building! Its just that my base is very big and it takes tons of time to do it all by hand.. I'd like /thru to go through walls inside my base so i dont have to walk around my walls all the time. I'd like /enchant so i dont have to use books+anvils all the times
  11. DeanPanda

    WorldEdit request

    Account Name: DeanPanda Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: WorldEdit Reason for Request: Clearing large plots of land for base building so I don't get corrupted by builder block
  12. Zepo123

    requst for command

    Command Requst Account Name:Zepo123 Rank:Sponsor+ Requested Commands: /Time Set and /toggledownfall Reason for Request: I need them please
  13. sry for disturbing again but I need Worldedit on this server so i can build faster. hope that is possible. Ign: Ancient_Wyvern
  14. Zepo123

    requst for command

    i was wondering if i could have the /mute command on tekkit Hmm. Most people are untrustworthy and abuse this. On the other hand, I know him personally and I believe he's a good, trustworthy, person. Support + Like this support from logan he couldnt comment
  15. icedfrappuccino

    Command Request

    USERNAME: icedfrappuccino RANKS: Tekkit- S+ INF- P+ REQUESTING: //wand //set //copy //cut //drain And no wait time on teleport.
  16. Henk

    Requesting command

    Hello! I wish to request a command, My IGN is Henkekalmar and I play on the Skyfactory server, And I'd like to request the command " whois " , basically just a command for me to see the full IGN of someone who is using a nick, sometimes nicks aren't even close to their IGN which makes it hard to tpa and such. Probably a great command for most to have!There is two tiers of permissions for Whois, one which allow the user to see the GeoIP of the player,... which I don't need.
  17. itsz

    Sponsor Command Request

    Recently before the forum changed i sworn that i posted this but somehow its never to be found now, so just to be safe I'm going to re-write what i wrote Hi, I'm a sponsor and a helper(yes i lost my forum rank after the new forum) on skyfactory i would like to request just 2 commands, I will explain it why i need those First I'm requesting /tp i needed the tp so i can help people who is very urgently needed when he/she can't type /tpaaccept very fast for instance, if his/her island is being hoarded by a zombie and there's only a fraction of a second him/her to live, so maybe i can help easily without actually fly to the given coordinate because it would take a lot of time even with 600% more flyspeed using draconic armor it would still takes alot of time if its 10,000 apart Second I'm requesting /god i needed god command because I'm not a type of adventurous nor PVP type of guy I'm just here for building and helping, there's no harm for me to have /god right, since i dpn't use it in PVP situation
  18. WalterGaymer


    Hi I have a suggestion for ACV2 commands on the premium ranges could give you the / fly ? Thank you for your attention
  19. WalterGaymer


    hello, I have a suggestion and if you put the command / skin set? with plug skins so players will have skins
  20. Enchant

    A /home

    Chunk_Reloader has a mystcraft world that i like to visit and get ores from but i cant tp to it can i be able to set one of my homes in his world and actually be able to teleport there.

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