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Found 9 results

  1. Title: [Complaint] (Player Name) In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) luxisggwp If do /seen luxisggwp it says they've never been on the server though. Your Nickname (optional): Time and date: 5/29/2019 6Pm first noticed 2 days ago Description of what happened: (In chronological order): I've been playing on the infinity evolved expert server for a few weeks. built a little underground base. Logged in 5/27 and half my base is now in town "lux" Cant use a bunch of machines or move them. says they're owned by luxisggwp. But there is no other indication of that player anywhere. Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) https://imgur.com/a/Kj9QUTT List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) If your complaint has been found void, do not make another one! Thanks for your help keeping our servers clean.
  2. Title: [Complaint] (Player Name) In-Game Nickname: CarYour username (Optional): ACFreak13Time and Date: start of wipe - present Description of what happened: Consistently toxic behaviour, unsportsmanly behaviour when it comes to the in-game market, bringing a players family into the game when unnecessary. Bribing players to boast insults towards Me (of which both players declined and are mentioned here). Screenshots or Proof: (Making the complaint on mobile and will attach on a later edit) List of eyewitnesses: Swimsam1, MaverickGoth, SirSlitix, Mikewerf_, Ness27
  3. _NxN_ Server Eroror So I was breeding my chickens up trying to get up to a ender pearl chicken and i went to check my mob farm. When i got back to my chickens every single one of them was gone. At least 10 redstone chickens. A few yellow, red and green chickens. A few soul sand, and nether quarts chickens, a few bone and flint chickens, and only one gunpowder and iron chickens. The problem is i was in the same chunk as the chickens and i'm guessing there was a clear entities but there was no warning and in return i lost around 40 chickens. Could I at least get some spawn eggs for these chickens back.
  4. In-Game Nickname: as was mentioned in topic want to complaint on three incompetent admins(moders etc.) craftyguy23, Manyouforgot, Imperatus Time and date: today few mins ago Description of what happened: My previous complaint on craftyguy23 was closed by Imperatus, why? I do not see any punishment in order to craftyguy23. In previous topic you can read it above, we got ban and rollback towns without any proofs, and other admins just protect him. craftyguy23 is this so hard to admit your mistake, and say sorry? Can adequate admin handle this topic? Not you craftyguy23 and your friends?
  5. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : AC v1 In-Game Nickname : FreeFallFTW Nickname of the one you are complaining about : DANICR,not sure if the burkay guy is spawn camping as well,let ya decide that one cause I didn't stay more to see him as well,just the DANICR guy is the one I am sure about. Description of the situation : I see people complaining about this guy,was lazy but I still made this report for them to help them Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/oUxwV Players that can confirm your situation(if applicable) : idk
  6. In-Game Nickname: Dumblore Time and date: 28th August GMT Description of what happened: Throughout the morning, I was hearing reports that a player by the name of 'Dumblore' - previously unknown to me - was marauding around the world, and killing people then taking their items - with some griefing throw in for variety. I also, soon fell prey to this viking. I was outside my base, working on my yacht when I suddenly started taking damage; confused, I looked around and made an attempt to locate what was inflicting this damage upon me. After a couple of hits, I was killed. I looked to the chat to see what had caused my demise and found that Dumblore had chosen my to be his latest victim. Still confused as to why he had chosen to attack me, I sent him a private message asking why he did so. He said he found it an offense that my clan name resembled his (ICorp and GCorp respectively) - I was quite surprised that a similarity of names led to someone preying on a relatively new player to the server and taking their power armour and resources. He said he would continue to kill me until I changed my clan name. I then retreated to spawn and waited for him to leave. However, when he did leave, he did so only to move onto another target. He then targeted and killed a fellow ICorp member - WeBeam - and repeated the same ultimatum. WeBeam is another new player and was in his first few days of setting up a base, yet that did not stop Dumblore from taking his items. I was very shocked to see that this was the latest attack that followed the marauder's pattern. With further research, two other players - amongst many more - admitted to me that Dumblore had attacked them, and threaten their clan - this proves that it is not only ICorp that is being ruthlessly targeted. While I cannot describe their individual cases, I wish to represent their case in this post. I therefore press the charges of not only killing and harassment against Dumblore, but I wish to bring this case upon the wider GCorp group. Screenshots or Proof: Unfortunately, I was unable to screenshot the events, however, the chat logs will show the events as they unfurled. List of eyewitnesses: WeBeam, sppw, BurntCrab, Ohanno_WhiteWolf Thank you, trick
  7. There is a 12 year old Russian Player Named Forstep that Needs a talking to and maybe a temp ban. Reasons: 1.... He Constantly accuses me of Griefing when in fact I blessed him with so much stuff when I left. The sheer disillusionment when U get accused of the opposite of doing someone such a good turn is gob smacking. I gave the kid 5 1k AE Drives full of good stuff and I walked away with a a few odds n ends. I gave him everything I received while voting and mining over the last week. And I get treated and bad mouthed by him the way he does? Admin please have a strong word with him. 2.... He spams the chat to a point that its unpleasant and your chat gets lost in the many lines of his childish chat rushes. 3... His Constant use of fowl language in main chat is really getting to me. Please do something about this.
  8. In-Game Nickname: MR_Boss94 Time and date: 13:15 GMT 21/05/2017 Description of what happened: MR_Boss94 kept asking to be let in discord. So I asked him to stop begging and he replied "shut up c*nt" Screenshots or Proof: List of eyewitnesses: RandomNukes
  9. So I first want to introduce myself and then move to the issue at hand.In game I go by Manuel__ and I started on the server as a way to introduce some friends of mine how fun minecraft could be. I have since about 1-2 weeks ago stopped regularly playing on the server due to my migration to feed the beast. I would say my time on the server was short but enjoyable until the experience I had today. Today i came on to the server to start construction of a base i had been planning on a plot I had recently found near a Mr. Archmaestro's base. I had originally found it by flying around with my resonant jetpack and found a large building claimed and beside it 1 unclaimed chunk marked as Wilderness. Me being the person I am claimed the chunk immediately knowing that it might change the owner of the building beside the claim plans but in fairness wilderness is no mans land and whoever claims it first gains the right to its ownership but apparently because of this claim under my town saltyfirebois and a possible mistake made by the server's town border detection system I might face a unjust ban. My problems: Archmaestro claims I claimed the plot of land near his land to grief when in fact I claimed to build a new base since my old base was quarried by my friends who had moved out. He also repeatedly claims that the land that I had claimed which mind you was when he was not even online had already been claimed and I did something to illegally claim the plot. He rigged the area I claimed to kill me on spawn with toxic waste without having the decency to even possibly think about the fact that errors occur in games or the decency to let me properly explain my side of the issue or recieve proper compensation for the items I lost in a plot of land I technically did nothing wrong to obtain. In my eyes this is griefing. Conclusion: I don't really care about the whole argument I would just want Arch to stop being such a dick and possibly for admins to step in and explain why I was able to claim a piece of land I was supposedly not able to claim. If I get banned for something I didn't do that only shows this communities true worth but what ever happens I can only accept after all its only a game. **I do not have screen shots or video because I dont record my gameplay and server restarted before i could snip the chat**
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