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Found 13 results

  1. GravityCube

    [Guide] ComputerCraft Tools

    ComputerCraft Tools. I made this post to facilitate the access to simple tools that I made or I found on internet to make different kind of programs. peripheral.find This function helps you to find every peripheral connected to the computer of a certain type (sType) or a custom filter (fnFilter). Source. Example: Function: string.random This function gives you a random string with a certain amount of characters. Source: @XMedders Function: string.split With this you can split a string into a table with a delimiter. Example: Function: http.getStringWithTimeout This is a custom http.get that have a timeout for the requests if the website doesnt response so your program doesnt get stuck. Function: GCAPI To be honest I'm too lazy to explain all the function of the API so I'm going to give you easy example programs for you to try. I disabled some stuff like the rule34 Download API > pastebin get XJAdkfJ8 gcapi Images for Monitor This program display a image from a URL from internet. Images for glasses This is almost the same that the one for monitors but with commands for the glasses and higher resolution Note: If you have any question, you found a bug or need something extra just comment this post
  2. Crate machine. This machines gives you random items for vote crate keys! (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore) Slot machine. This machines requires "WatchStore Credits" and the use of glasses. (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore) MonitorDisplayer. This program allow you to display almost any image from internet typing "!image (url)". You can buy it for $500 (Server Money). Tracker. This program allow to track players with a really nice interface. I'm going to add the rest of the programs another day NOTES:
  3. StonerBear

    ComputerCraft & the server

    So after a some talking about my script in discord, we concluded that there could be only 2 problems. One of them is with the server: Is there any server setting/script timing out CC scripts after a certain time or any other condition?
  4. StonerBear

    CC help

    Hello there! Ok I got a little problem, as far as I can see, theres no problem with my script... But I'm not experienced with Lua so I might have missed something. Because my script gets bugged/stops working after a while. local bigr = peripheral.wrap("back") local monitor = peripheral.wrap("top") local modem = peripheral.wrap("left") local capMax = 60000000 modem.open(1) while true do energyStored = modem.callRemote("tile_blockcapacitorbank_name_0", "getEnergyStored") bigrEnergy = bigr.getEnergyStored() monitor.clear() monitor.setCursorPos(1,1) monitor.write("BigReactor Energy = "..bigrEnergy.." RF") monitor.setCursorPos(1,2) monitor.write("EnderIO RF stored = "..energyStored.." RF") if energyStored < 20000 then if bigrEnergy == 0 then repeat bigr.setActive(true) sleep(5) bigrEnergy = bigr.getEnergyStored() until bigrEnergy > 9999900 end end bigr.setActive(false) sleep(1) end
  5. StonerBear

    Towny + CC Ideas

    Hey there! Im in need of some help as I cant find this on the internet...: Can this Towny version have tax on its residents? Or is it all voluntairy? Is it possible to integrate towny commands in CC scripts? Or is a commandblock CC one needed for that? (example: getting invited into town without me being online or make a tax system with cc) Thanks for reading!
  6. Greetings, for a while now (even before the wipe) I experienced a bug with Computercraft and Big Reactors. When I hook up the modem of Computercraft on the Big reactor (connected to my computer too). When I leave the area and return (aka unload the chunk) and I go to my computer it says that the modem isnt connected with the reactor, when I go and check it is connected. I have to right click the modem on the reactor twice (disconnect and connect) for it to work again. The reactor isnt that close to my base so its quite the pain in the ass.
  7. Hey, since today i cannot use Computercraft Computers anymore, if i place one It doesnt show anything in the interface, its just black. This started happening about 30minutes ago. I tried relogging but even restarting my game or restarting my computer wont help.
  8. Hey. Just wanted to reveal a youtube video on how I have developed the means to shoot down ICBM mod missiles with a computer!
  9. scitor

    Reactor & Turbine Control

    Hey, here is another handy tool I wrote, since I couldnt find any working Turbine controller that did what I wanted: Prerequisites: One or more reactors, connected with Wired Modems One or more turbines, also connected Vibrant Capacity Bank, the number of cells is configured in the script Preheater / Alternative Steam Generator for spinup and standby mode This script DOES NOT regulate reactor rods. They have to be setup to power all connected turbines. Installation: Connect everything with Wired Modems and Networking Cable. Make sure the modems are connected (red). Open the Computer and type: pastebin get Tpri61yS i Just start "i", the installer should download the newest version. You can use this also for updates in the future. The startup script has to be edited (edit startup), there is a dedicated config variable where all values should be clear. Preheater: config.prechargerName is the computers side where a rednet cable (or comparable redstone cable) is connected to a valve (e.g. tesseract) regulating the precharger steam. The reason for this is to not use up the precharger steam for normal power generation. The precharger is used to hold the turbines on rpm without using the main reactor. The program is written that when you don't use a precharger the config.prechargerName variable should be left empty. In this case the main reactor will be used for standby steam generation, although this is not tested that well. Operation: The program spins up the turbines to the configured optimalTurbineSpeed and tries to hold them there. It monitors the Battery, once it falls below the bankChargeMin percentage the turbines start to charge the battery until it reaches bankChargeMax. If one of the turbines falls below the optimal rpm, its coils get disabled and the turbine is spun up with a bit random disable. Known problems: Cold starting all turbines at once with a full battery can take some time. not well tested, you tell me
  10. scitor

    Dimlet Sorter & Deduplicator

    Hey, I wanted to share a handy tool I made with CC: https://imgur.com/a/Q7sPO Items needed: 1 Dimlet Researcher, 1 Dimlet Scrambler 1 ME Interface 1 Advanced Computer 1 Advanced Monitor 5 Wired Modem 5+ Networking Cable Installation: Place everything and connect with modems. Don't forget to right click (connect) the modems once all network cables are in place. Write down the names of the modems you will need them for the config. Open the Computer and type: pastebin get kpJQJRvg i Just start "i", the installer should download the newest version. You can use this also for updates in the future. The startup script has to be edited (edit startup) and the modems must be named correctly. The variables sideScrambler and sideResearcher have to be the sides seen from the ME Interface. Known Bugs: The scrambler sometimes clogs up with same-type dimlets. In that case try to mix up the types. Normally it's enough to take out one or two dimlets. not well tested, you tell me
  11. Andrew2070

    Artificial Intelligence.

    Greetings, I am attempting to code a primitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) base from Lua. This AI is designed to calculate missile statistics and utilize them to defend. However I am not a physics nerd nor did i really "ace" the class this year. Which is why I was wondering if anyone was good at it and could help. I need to calculate the flight time/trajectory of missiles. A missile can fly 40 blocks in 5.7 seconds. Thus velocity = 40/5.7 How would I calculate trajectory and flight time out of this? ~Thanks.
  12. Every few days or so I get questions like "How do I do [insert request] with computercraft" or "Can you teach me the basics of computercraft?". Sadly I'm not a good teacher, but this is the topic where I'm going to try and help you guys learn some CC as well as give you guys a place to show off your CC based creations. Requesting help: If you need help with computercraft that's ok keep in mind the more complex your idea, the more in depth you'll need to get into computercraft. To allow me to help you the best please follow this format for asking for help. Problem: Problem code (use http://pastebin.com/ if possible): Starting with CC: ComputerCraft is a mod that brings real life coding skills into Minecraft (or in this case Tekkit). The mod uses a simple programming language called Lua. The language is a good place to start if you have no programming knowledge at all and just need/want a place to start learning the basics. Along with the core ComputerCraft mod Tekkit has a bunch of other mods that coexist and build off the basic functions of ComputerCraft. These mods range from being able to move things around in chests to reading the in game weather to monitoring Bigreactors to make them even more efficient. To interact with these new addons you'll need to wrap them as a peripheral (like your keyboard or mouse). To do this open the lua prompt by right clicking your computer and typing lua in the command line, it should look like this except if you are using Tekkit it will say computercraft 1.5 instead of 1.6 After that press enter to submit your command and the Lua prompt will pop up like this Next you will want to wrap your object you are trying to interact with. To do that exit out of the menu by pressing escape and look at where peripheral is in relation to the computer (the object must touch the computer on one of its sides to directly wrap it. For this tutorial I will put my peripheral on the right of my computer. Then go back into the computer by right clicking it and type <variable name> = peripheral.wrap(<side>) where <variable name> is whatever you want to name your peripheral and <side> is the side that your peripheral is on so if i wanted to name my peripheral "p" (I'm so creative) and it was on the right i would write p = peripheral.wrap("right") If you correctly entered the code and hit enter there will be no error messages and it will look like nothing happened, however now you can use the command <variable name>.listMethods() where <variable name> is the name you assigned your peripheral earlier. If the block you wrapped is a valid peripheral it will write a list of functions that you can call by using <variable name>.<command> where <command> is one of those functions that was written after you used the listMethods() function. Now the rest is up to your imagination. Almost anything that you can think of can be done with ComputerCraft. My Projects: So here is the project that I'm working on. It's a shop system that uses Applied Energistics to supply items and CC to request and manage the shopper part of the transaction. I have a working version of the code, but its very lengthy and its hard to add remove different items. This is my attempt to make it smaller. Random snippits: Just some tiny things that might be useful This just grabs your code from pastebin and runs it, if you have a program that frequently needs updating this makes it way easier.
  13. My brother made these scripts for ComputerCraft mining turtles, and I wish to share them with the world. http://pastebin.com/Vm1PDmkW http://pastebin.com/BgmBvBFm To get these, type into your turtle: pastebin get Vm1PDmkW stairmine or pastebin get BgmBvBFm bridge These will, respectively, make a stair mine, or make a bridge. To use the first one, type in stairmine [width] [length], where width is how wide you want it, and length is how long you want it. Be sure to fuel it up before starting the program, as it doesn't auto refuel. It will also put down a block below it, if there is a liquid or emptiness below it. It will use the block it has most of in it's inventory. The stair mine is four blocks tall, in case you want to put stairs down, or in case you don't want to keep hitting your head as you hop from block to block. Useful for making a mine. When it hits bedrock, it makes a tunnels along the bedrock. Be warned, though, if it goes under lava, it can be tricky to get out! Example: stairmine 3 25 will mine a stairway that is 3 blocks wide, and 25 blocks deep. The second script, bridge, is for, you guessed it, making bridges that are one block wide. Refuel before beginning. To use, type in bridge [length], where length is how long you want the bridge. Put in blocks of the type you wish to use in slot nine. It will tell you if it's correct. If it finds blocks in slot nine, it will start to build a bridge out of the materials you selected. Useful for getting across gaps. Example: bridge 64 will create a one block wide bridge that is 64 blocks long. I hope you enjoy these! ~quagma

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