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  1. Server address: rad.craftersland.net Server update to modpack version 1.48 is complete. Fixes and few mods updated! This update is available for download on CurseForge and our CraftersLand Launcher. Changes: Updated 11 mods Removed 1 mod Updated configs and scripts Maintenance complete Official changelog: Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK Banned Items: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! Adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting rad.craftersland.net
  2. Our new FTB OceanBlock modded server is now open! The server is running on modpack version 1.7.0 and you can download it on FTB App and CraftersLand Launcher! Learn more about this pack here: https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/ftb-oceanblock-release.305046/ Also you can watch a starting guide here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/444-ftb-oceanblock-modpack/ You can post more guides there if you like. Server address: ocean.craftersland.net This is our second 1.16.5 modded servers and there are still challenges over stability and API compatibility to also load plugins. We will improve with time. The land claim system is as default using FTB Island and utility claim mods. Other then that the server features as standard, clans, crates, economy with server shops and players market. Special thanks to staff members that built the spawn and did a lot of testing and setup! Thanks for support and have fun! Depths of the sea adventures!
  3. Time for an update for Pixelmon! Lot's of fixes and new quests, check the change log below! "Sheep no longer starve to death in Pixelmon :)))" You can download the modpack from ATLauncher, Technic Launcher or on CraftersLand Launcher, where it has few additional optional performance mods. Server address: pixelmon.craftersland.net Changes: Updated mods Updated configs and libraries Updated launcher pack Change log: Download our launcher HERE! Thank you all for support! A pokemon world! pixelmon.craftersland.net
  4. Time for a big Forum platform update as well as a theme update. The 4.6.8 brings a lot of fixes, you can see all of them below. IPB Changes: Theme changes: The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  5. Time for a big update for Pixelmon! Tons of new stuff, check the long change log below! "A spooky update" You can download the modpack from ATLauncher, Technic Launcher or on CraftersLand Launcher, where it has few additional optional performance mods. Server address: pixelmon.craftersland.net Changes: Updated mods Updated configs and libraries Updated launcher pack Change log: Download our launcher HERE! Thank you all for support! A pokemon world! pixelmon.craftersland.net
  6. This is maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.7 that contains some fixes and is part of October monthly releases. Check the all out the in the change log below. Official Changes: The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  7. Automated Canola Power tutorial for MC Eternal modded modpack, you can skip to min 4:00 directly. Source: ChosenArchitect YouTube series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ipI8CnaNIaGhJceWZlkjnZ0Mdkxre7P
  8. This Pack comes with a large variety of powerful Magic and Technic mods. They are all balanced with each other. Use Magic Mods to give you advantages in terms of Technology and vice versa! At a certain Point you will need to follow both paths to build powerful things. All Machines require items from different mods and are crafted in big Workbenches. (5x5, 7x7, 9x9) You will need a lot of resources if you want to master everything! Also, there are a lot of Exploration and Adventure mods to have as much fun as possible! You will find a lot of useful stuff.. believe me, it's worth it! Currently there are 1750+ Quests in English & Pусский! The quests are custom made to fit perfectly in with the modpack. Most of the quests have rewards which help you along with other quests. These quests guide you through the pack, helping you reach the end objective. Source: direwolf20 Details on CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/dungeons-dragons-and-space-shuttles YouTube series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaiPn4ewcbkGvZMNGkbmxoEfwtk4tOQF1
  9. Time for some Forum improvements and changes! Fixed some css display issues with ranks, added a lot of badges and ways to earn them, integrated register with Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts, improved cookie filter and added player option to be able to delete their accounts. Some big changes to tutorials and guides, we now have a dedicated category for Tutorials and Guides and everyone can post tutorials and help others. More details below: Tutorials and Guides - we now have a dedicated main category and everyone can post guides and tutorials so others in need can use them. There are 2 special badges that will be rewarded to users that post guides and tutorials, it doesn't have to be a guide 100% made by you, if you found a good guide/tutorial you can post it for others to use. There will be a moderator required to approve the post. Users can easily delete their Forum account now, but you can still email us to delete your data if you want to. You can find this option in Account Settings. Faster page loading - Lazy loading for images and content, this will improve page loading a lot as content that is not displayed on the page will not be loaded until you scroll down. Some Forum main categories got cleaned up and added special icons. Fixed rank display, the last big Forum update broke this and the rank tag was deformed, now it's fixed Added Achievements with special badges that will be rewarded to players on certain conditions, also this will reward players points that will help them level up their ranks. You can check your earned badges and rank progress on your account profile. Implemented register/login via Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Facebook accounts. This allows you to register a Forum account using an existing account from the services mentioned for easy of use, existing accounts can also integrate on Account Settings. Improved account security, existing accounts can login only via email (no longer via forum username) and administrators accounts will now have two form factor authentication enabled. Improved cookies consent, a better cookie filter was installed and notification on first visit. Because the license cost increased 3 times recently on all IPB components we will consider removing the commerce module and save some hundred dollars every 6 months, this is the reason the Forum donate button and monthly goal is now removed. The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  10. You probably all know Pokemon. Pixelmon is basically the same only it is on a Minecraft server! You can catch pokemon, battle trainers, compete with each other and against other pokemon, earn gym badges, upgrade your pokemons with attacks and trade with each other. Source: GhostWolfGames - Let's Plays Details on CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/pixelmon YouTube series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJE0zmCV2Xh0XXu9BFlitr0QkvauMWoSo
  11. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Do you like roguelike dungeon crawling games? Or exploring Minecraft world for dungeons and structures for loot? Tired of all that tech stuff and just want more fun? Then this pack is for you. It is completely focused on adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting. Fight your way through the dungeons, improve your skills and gear, complete quests and conquer new undiscovered dangerous dimensions. There is no time to relax because as you grow stronger, gathering better equipment mobs will also gain health and becomes stronger! Source ChosenArchitect Modpack details on CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/roguelike-adventures-and-dungeons YouTube full series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ipI8CnaNIYgP7eqyABpqG_Sw5nnTkdp
  12. Server address: rl.craftersland.net Is it time for a server WIPE on RLCraft modded server? This map is running since 12 November 2020 and we also got requests from players for WIPE. This means a full server reset except for ranks, new map seeds and a fresh start for all. We will provide a main world download link after the WIPE. However keep in mind that there is a big update on this modpack in the works and on release that will require a server WIPE, problem is we don't have a release date for it so it could be weeks or months, we already waited for it 2 months, so keep this in mind while voting. Vote in the pool above and let us know what you think. Check the server live maps here! Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK Banned Items: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! Real life immersion... rl.craftersland.net
  13. For all People out there who are using the Twitch Launcher, the Mod/Addon Support ends on November 30. 2020! After this Deadline you need to use the new Curseforge Launcher if you were a former Twitch Launcher User proof of the deadline: (it's in german, but it means support ends on nov. 30. 2020 and you need to switch to the new curseforge launcher) or you can switch to the craftersland launcher: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28535-craftersland-launcher-released-v116-fine-tune-your-experience-to-the-max/ or to the multimc launcher: https://multimc.org/#Download How to use the CurseforgeLauncher (it's mostly the same as Twitch). step1: download the launcher here: https://curseforge.overwolf.com/ (windows and mac is supported atm of creation of this thread) step2: install it and run it step3: now click the gearwheel (settings) and click the "+" (plus) on "game specific" and choose "add game manually" or "scan pc for games" and search for the minecraft folder or the old folder from twitch that has the minecraft modpacks in it. step4: now you will see minecraft under the game specific, click the button "minecraft" and allocate ram, etc. step5: close this window with the "X" (not the launcher) to go back to the modpacks. step6: now choose your modpack, click on play and launch it to play. (you might need login to minecraft through the launcher and or add the server, for eternal it's: eternal.craftersland.net:25565) also make sure to have x64 (64 bit java) installed download here: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp? and make sure to have enough ram to run the pack(s), for eternal i recommend minimum 8-12GB
  14. This is maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.6 that contains some fixes. Check the all out the in the change log below. Official Changes: The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  15. Time for a big CraftersLand Launcher update, we are now up to date with the SKCraft github repository with improved account management so you can add multiple accounts, Mojang and Microsoft or Offline. There are more internal changes you can track on github, improvements and fixes. You can DOWNLOAD our CraftersLand Launcher here: Enjoy!
  16. This is maintenance release for Invision Community that contains some fixes. Check the all out the in the change log below. Read more about the big 4.6 update here: Official Changes: The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  17. Time for a launcher update! The main objective was to add SSL support for the launcher client to the launcher server connection. This increases security as the connection will be encrypted. IMPORTANT! You need to update your launcher as soon as possible, Monday the old version will no longer work as we move to SSL connection only. To update you can just click on Launcher Update button or manually download the new client here: We also added a launcher download for Mac OS. Thanks for support!
  18. How many times have you tried to place a chunkloader but says you already reached the maximum number even if you don't have all of them placed? I bet a lot. Well, here, the fantastic iim_wolf, will explain how to remove the "corrupted" chunkloaders which aren't actually physically placed. First of all, you need to execute the /bcl list command which will show you all the chunkloaders that you currently have placed. This is the currently menu that will be shown after this command. As you see in the photo above, one of the chunkloaders isn't loaded, this can happen when you have a chunkloader in a dimension that has been reset. For example you have a chunkloader in an RFTool Dimension and somehow the dimension gets corrupted and you have to create it again, well, with that you will lose the chunkloader with no chance to manually break it. The only way to get rid of this chunkloader is by using the edit menu, which will appear as an inventory when you click the [Edit] button at the start of every chunkloader line. This menu shows your current amount of chunks your chunkloader is loading and the current option you can upgrade to: (1x1, 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9) and the important part, where you can remove your chunkloader: the redstone torch. When you press the redstone torch your chunkloader will get deleted and your balance updated with the correct amount of chunkloaders available you have. I hope this guide helped remove the corrupted chunkloader. If it doesn't, you can ask to a staffer in our discord channels (project ozone 3 or technical support). Have fun. - iim_wolf
  19. Last updated: 08. December 2020 14:05 (2:05pm CET) So you are about to start one of the heaviest modpacks? Then check this really short guide and read carefully. This short guide is designed to help you avoid nonsensical mistakes that many newbies make. Our GT:NH-Server uses jobs. This means that you can earn money in-game. Crafter, Woodcutter or Miner are just a few of the jobs available. They are not completely ready yet, but we will update them constantly. For now you can have up to 3 Jobs +++++ THE JOB CRAFTER DOES NOT WORK YET +++++ Probably the biggest job is the "Crafter" job. At the Moment, several hundred machines are currently added. To check which machine gives how much money, check this Excel Sheet So, lets go the Modpack itself: As you may have seen, the nights are extremely dark. Hardcore Darkness also removes the last remaining brightness from your 7000$ High-End Monitor and you can't do anything against it. GT: New Horizons comes with a well structured quest book and contains more than 2500 Quests. The Questbook will be your best friend for the next few months, so be careful not to lose it. In case you are just as careless as I am, you can open your quest book with "~". Also check the control settings, not that something overlaps. So let us start then! First of all, of course, you want to leave the spawn and find a suitable point to settle at. For that you can use the Random TP Signs at Spawn to find a nice location. And right here it starts to get really stupid. Now just take a look in the upper left corner. This thing is called Ingame Info. As you can see, important things are displayed there. Have you ever seen humidity in Minecraft? Be careful, that is one of the criteria by which you should choose your base location. In Early game ( Your early game will be exhausting, devastating and stressful and REALLY LONG ) you need water, of course, as in any other modpack. However, water is not infinite here, at least not in natural sources such as oceans, rivers, lakes etc. Accordingly, you have to find other ways to have permanent water. How about some rainwater? Water-Tanks are the way to go. These have a standard filling rate which depends on the humidity. It doesn't have to rain for that! You are hungry? Okay, let's look for some food. Oh, you have found some pigs and think it will last a while? Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. GTNH contains the Mod "Spice of Life". Spice of Life forces you to eat different things. You can't eat the same thing several times in a row. But there is also good news. You will be rewarded the more different food you have eaten: You will gain new hearts and increasing your max health! Avoid the Nights! The monsters here are extremely cruel and strong. Therefore, try to position yourself securely for the first few nights. Create a town as soon as possible, Monster Spawn is turned off by default there. Use NEI properly! GTNH has tons of different recipes. Some are more efficient and conserve resources, others are not. So always try to find the best recipe and keep an eye out for new things that you can already craft! Pollution? in Minecraft? Pollution will quickly become a problem. Pretty much everything produces pollution. This means that you will quickly feel adverse side effects. Poison, blindness or slowness are just a few of these effects. To see which machines produce pollution, look at the description of these machines in NEI. Pollution can spread across chunks. Pollution will naturally dissipate over time albeit slowly. Later, however, you can also use the Pollution Scrubber to get the pollution under control. Do not cross chunk boundaries: Later you will also build your first multiblocks such as the BBF. It is extremely important that you do not build these across chunks. This can lead to significant problems. I told you! Well, I could list a lot more now. However, everything can be found in detail in the quest book. You can also read certain mechanics or how the OreGeneration works in the GTNH Wiki. Wiki: https://gtnh.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page To see, where all the Ores spawn and more advanced stuff, you can check out this: Excel Sheet: Excel Sheet Below you can find useful screens with important processing lines (Made by Sampsa): Glass Process Line: Electronic Circuit (LV): Electronic Circuit (MV - IV): Industrial TNT Process Line (MV - IV): Aspect Chart: Platinum Process Line:
  20. PART 2. BAUBLES So, we're back with another interesting and very important item: baubles. The game uses 5 mods that support baubles, but the most important are ''Bountiful Baubles'' and ''Trinkets and Baubles''. Both of these mods are pretty necessary to continue onwards. As you can see here, there are 7 total slots where you can place your baubles. The mod ''Bountiful Baubles'' provide the following baubles: Ankh Charm Ankh Shield Balloon Bezoar Black Dragon Scale Broken Heart Cobalt Shield Cracked Black Dragon Scale Cross Necklace Ender Dragon Scale Forbidden Fruit Gluttony Pendant Golden Crown Iron Ring Mixed Color Dragon Scale Obsidian Shield Obsidian Skull Phantom Prism Pride Pendant Ring of Free Action Ring of Overclocking Shulker Heart Sin Pendant Sunglasses Vitamins Wrath Pendant The mod ''Trinkets and Baubles'' provide the following baubles: Ring of Enchanted Eyes Stone of Inertia Null Stone of Greater Inertia Sea Stone Wither Ring (on our restricted items list) Poison Fang Stone Stone of Negative Gravity Polarized Stone Ring of the Dwarves Ring of the Fairies Ender Queen's Crown Dragon's Eye I've bolded out some of the baubles because most of them are pretty important and are the most used baubles. Every bauble is unique in its abilities, so I'll leave it up to you to find out what each one does. But, something I'll tell you right now is that most of the newcomers miss in, and that is the QUALITY of baubles. Most of the newcomers miss out on quality. As you can see here, when you've equipped this Ankh Charm, you will receive a -5% penalty in speed, dig speed and attack speed. Also, you can receive a bonus to your stats. As you can see, the player equipped with this ''Violent Ankh Charm'' receives +8% in attack speed. These bonuses are called ''modifiers'' and they are a part of the ''Bountiful Baubles'' mod. There are in total 18 modifiers which affect the players' status. But now you are asking...how can you change the quality and the modifier? It's pretty simple! For starters, you'll need 2 so-called ''reforging stations''. One reforging station belongs to the ''Bountiful Baubles'', and the other belongs to ''Quality tools''. The reforging station from ''Bountiful Baubles'' is used to change the modifier, and you simply use your EXP to change the modifier on your bauble. The other reforging station from ''Quality tools'' simply changes the quality on your bauble, tool or weapon. This one though does not use your EXP. You need to use an item/material to change the quality. The universal material to change the quality on any tool/weapon/baubles are NETHER STARS.
  21. I'm having a problem as whenever i try to log in to to FTB revelations Crafters Land Server my game continues to crash whereas it doesn't crash on any other server. This has been happening since the other day and usually only occurs after a server restart but won't let me back on for hours
  22. Time for a Forum maintenance and bug fixes update! We updated the Forum core to IPB 4.4.8, latest IPB version also small Theme updates installed. IPB 4.4.8 Changes: Forum Theme Changes: The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  23. http://www.craftersland.net/modpack/images/news/92%20-%20UltimateReloaded/logo-350.jpg A Guide to Grief Prevention Server IP: ulr.craftersland.net Hello! Welcome to a guide for Grief Prevention. Grief Prevention is a useful and reliable plugin to protect your base and this guide will show you a few handy tips as well as a near complete guide to using GP. Basics Trust System Flags Sub-Divisions Commands Would like to credit Yusixs - this is a near twin of his guide to the older direwolf20 1.10 server.
  24. Hi guys, today we had a major forum update from IPB 4.3.6 to 4.4.0. This new Forum version has a lot of improvements and tweaks, for a detailed list of changes check below: This forum updated also required a Theme update, changes to the theme are here: That's it for now! Enjoy!
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