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Found 8 results

  1. I'm having a problem as whenever i try to log in to to FTB revelations Crafters Land Server my game continues to crash whereas it doesn't crash on any other server. This has been happening since the other day and usually only occurs after a server restart but won't let me back on for hours
  2. Time for a Forum maintenance and bug fixes update! We updated the Forum core to IPB 4.4.8, latest IPB version also small Theme updates installed. IPB 4.4.8 Changes: Forum Theme Changes: The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  3. Time for a launcher update! The main objective was to add SSL support for the launcher client to the launcher server connection. This increases security as the connection will be encrypted. IMPORTANT! You need to update your launcher as soon as possible, Monday the old version will no longer work as we move to SSL connection only. To update you can just click on Launcher Update button or manually download the new client here: We also added a launcher download for Mac OS. Thanks for support!
  4. Hi guys, today we had a major forum update from IPB 4.3.6 to 4.4.0. This new Forum version has a lot of improvements and tweaks, for a detailed list of changes check below: This forum updated also required a Theme update, changes to the theme are here: That's it for now! Enjoy!
  5. Our FTB SkyFactory 3 server is now open to public! Server address: sf3.craftersland.net As features the server has all features that our Direwolf20 1.10 server has, like clans, crates, vote party, spawn shops. The island claim system is based on GriefPevention, for info just do /island The server is not 100% done yet, few more features will be added in time. Thanks to all of you that helped us with votes, donations and time to make this happen! Banned items: Here Build your Sky Factory! sf3.craftersland.net
  6. So,I've been wanting to make this for a long time,but I can't take it anymore.I'll just be straight forward about this.. Back in 2014,when I started playing on this server,there were nice staff,a nice community,everything on the server was nice and good right?And 2 years ago,I noticed things started going a little bit down hill for network,not that much activity anymore,people getting a little bit more cancerous,not just the community,so were the staff.Currently,with the last helper apps on network,I've been devasted.Not because of I didn't get accepted just because of my age which in my
  7. New Lobby By SS (SlendydiegoPro and southrumble80). Hi Craftersland Community, we made another spawn to the community, 1 of this we have already published it previously. Enjoy! All the pictures are in this link!: https://imgur.com/a/Aze2TkJ The Old Lobby: :D! https://imgur.com/a/P1Q7G If you are intersted in download this map and the old follow the next link!: version of minecraft (1.8.X) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ae1yn8vx87ed5ec/SPAWN OLD AND THE NEW.rar Soon
  8. Time for more updates to AssassinS Test server! Today update is adding the fame system to the server. The new plugin was coded from scratch and while with similar function as the old plugin the most improvements are at the core. The new plugin will save data on a database and will remove the old issues where data would sometimes be lost and also allow us better performance storing lots of players data and also better scaling if will be needed in the future. Fame features: Data stored to a database instead of file based. Better info about players fame and fame needed to rank u
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