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Found 3 results

  1. So,I've been wanting to make this for a long time,but I can't take it anymore.I'll just be straight forward about this.. Back in 2014,when I started playing on this server,there were nice staff,a nice community,everything on the server was nice and good right?And 2 years ago,I noticed things started going a little bit down hill for network,not that much activity anymore,people getting a little bit more cancerous,not just the community,so were the staff.Currently,with the last helper apps on network,I've been devasted.Not because of I didn't get accepted just because of my age which in my opinion is 100% wrong,but hey,can't do anything about it,already talked to Henk about this and I don't wanna bring this subject back,but what I was most pissed about were the people who got accepted.First of all,these are my opinions,so you have no rights to warn/punish me for this unless you want this community to die. -TanujGaming: He hasn't really been on any other servers than pure survival,in my 4 years of playing,I have NEVER seen him on AC v1,CTW or skywars.He isn't as active as most of the people that applied could be(Not on the forums OR the server),this resulting in my thinking he did not deserve staff.Not only this,but he lied about his age on a different community just to get accepted cause he was too young. -southrumble80 I do not know if it just me or this guy got more toxic since he's been helper.First day he got helper when we both met on CTW,he wanted me to type in a command to see that he got helper,with the intention to make me jealous I believe?Anyway,got past that part,some time later,I used pearls to get the wools on CTW right?With his mind,he warned me because of finishing the game with pearls before 10m when my team did NOT win the game,and I did not place the wools.Right,past that part again,humans make mistakes right?And sometimes still stick with their dumb opinion when they know it's wrong,but hey,who am I to judge a member of the craftersland staff right,just one of these people that support the server with money and my playtime right?And what made me do this post was this,not only that in my opinion he is the worst one that could have gotten picked as a staff,because of lack of inactivity like tanuj,but when he did this,that was the last drop for me.So me geri and wolfie were on CTW right?We were playing together like some good friends we are,and then I started using caps a little bit,geri warned me,which I was ok with,but then a little later,southrumble decided to use pearls to end the game in 5m which he previously warned me before,remember?I don't have proof,but you can ask geri and sniperwolf.Right,whatever,I know that he's not good so he must use pearls,got over that,but later he told me "cry" because I called him out for using pearls.Geri and sniperwolf were witnesses,then we got into arguing because of this,not going to go into detail because I can make another post of that if I need to,he then removed my warning that geri issued for caps,and then warned me just so he could get the lame feeling that he desires to always feel.This was wrong,because since geri warned me,I haven't used enough caps to be issued a warning. Oh but who am I to say all of these,one of these pesky non-staff people that complain about this server ?I believe that staff with absolutely NO experience and are abusing on this server are now being treated with more respect than people who have donated,supported this server everyday and veterans that have played on this server for YEARS.Lemme tell ya something,I didn't wanna see this server die like this,but if the AC v2 update is not gonna be released soon,this server is going to be DEAD.Especially because of the staff,they're gonna be the only ones playing on this server,because of all the veterans leaving and being treated like absolute garbage by young staff members that have no ideea of what they're doing..Oh but why did I even make this post,it's gonna get a reply with excuses,no action taken,and going to die just like the server is going to if no action is taken.Hope I gave you guys an ideea of what's going on and why this server is going down-hill very quickly.For me there are just 4 people that I play on this server for:geri33,KayWolves,BySniperWolf and mirs(waiting for Jimmel to come back).That's it,if it weren't for them,you would've lost me,but who cares?Just another one of these people that we should try determine to keep playing on this server.It's just getting more cancerous and more inactive.That was it.Hope this doesn't get ignored like the other posts...
  2. Account Name: xXProCastXx Item name: peridot pickaxe modular power armour (full armour) all power armour had HV capacitor power armour glider power armour fall resist 168 birch 230 oak 5x64 + 45 vote crate keys(bought them from market) 2x64 glowstone 5x64 glowstone 34 redstone energy conduits Description of Issue: When I came back from nether I had 2 hearts left and the portal teleported me to a town, when I moved of the portal frame some kind of a fall bug/glitch happend at least SOMETHING happened that I lost 2 hearts and died. Because of it the items dropped in a town land and had despawned when I got back there. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): Sorry couldn't take a pic of the dropped items
  3. Hello, I had the bug with the deep dark death(Game crash and then died under the deep dark). Lancelot told me to make this and here is a list of my Items: Full Zivicio Armor, Staff of Traveling, Zivicio Pickaxe, Hoe and Sword, wireless me terminal, unbreakable wand, Yeta wrench, Diamond Chisel, Ring of magnetisation. Magnet(EIO), Ender Pouch. I think that were the important things. I hope you can help me. Dear wishes LuciPlays
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