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Found 2 results

  1. Your Name: Probably_DeadItem Name + ID + Amount: 15 Steel Chickens 5 Iron Chickens 5 Coal Chickens 1 Log ChickenCoordinates: XYZ -9515 / 72 / 25354Description of Issue: I spent all night breeding steel chickens and getting them to lvl 10, and when I logged back on today they are all gone. Only the normal chickens are left but all of my item chickens are gone. I don't know if someone killed them or they just glitched out but they're all gone.Screenshots (Optional):
  2. _NxN_ Server Eroror So I was breeding my chickens up trying to get up to a ender pearl chicken and i went to check my mob farm. When i got back to my chickens every single one of them was gone. At least 10 redstone chickens. A few yellow, red and green chickens. A few soul sand, and nether quarts chickens, a few bone and flint chickens, and only one gunpowder and iron chickens. The problem is i was in the same chunk as the chickens and i'm guessing there was a clear entities but there was no warning and in return i lost around 40 chickens. Could I at least get some spawn eggs for these chickens back.
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