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Found 2 results

  1. CriticLC_

    [Question Of Prefix]

    Hello, I was in the forum that a user (Ex GM + Isma) wants to transfer their prefixes, in a single prefix and put it of all the colors of their previous tags, that can be done ?? Moderators Yusixs : New name: _SweetDreams_ Prefix: &7[&dR&7]&7[&bSweet&eDark&7] &a Reason: He bought multiple tags on these names in the past ( Ismael18L _ItsCloud_ DL_iiTzCloud ) and wants to combine all the colors into one prefix You can use this list of names to check for payments :P. @Yusixs @KayWolves
  2. Right, camping. We've all seen it happening, seen how it ruins the experience for new players. A fair few of them would actually show themselves out the server instead of put up with campers blocking their way out of the spawn building. For years now, we've done nothing to deal with the issue once and for all. Now, I know @brunyman is busy with the servers and all, same with @Powerwarp and his exams. In the meantime, I figured we'd talk solutions. There's at least a few topics scattered across the forum with different suggestions regarding the issue. I went ahead and put those together in one thread for everyone to have a look and share their own ideas with us. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion #1 - Extending the safezone perimeter around the main building. Consists of increasing the safezone perimeter around spawn, giving everyone a bit more protected space and time to get around and spread out without fear of campers getting in their way. That way, newcomers stand a much better chance of making it out in one piece and seeing what the server's all about. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion #2 - Adding RandomTP signs. Consists of adding a random tp plugin, and setting up signs at spawn that allow players to teleport to a variety of pre-selected regions across the main city, at a cost; say 5-10 coal pieces per tp? If anything, it should give people a fighting chance. Suggested plugins: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion #3 - Checkpoints. A more creative concept. Won't say much as it's not my idea, however keep in mind that this would require some custom development and a considerable amount of time to implement. Original topic by @DeathMetal posted about a year ago but never got much attention at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Suggestion #4 - A new plugin to deal with the issue. I suppose a PvP timer plugin could also work for new players. Say, give them a grace period of 30mins or so to get settled and whatnot. Credit to @♣ItsIsma29R♣DL♣ for bringing this up earlier today. Must say I'd be concerned for what happens next though, as this doesn't actually prevent camping efficiently enough. Suggested plugins: (Credit: @♣ItsIsma29R♣DL♣) Otherwise, we're looking for a plugin that teleports players to a different location when standing within a certain area for (over) a specified amount of time. Now, that actually deals with the basic principle of camping. I guess you guys are free to point the staff to specific plugins down below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So that's a few thoughts on our camping problem. You got an idea of your own for dealing with this? Share your opinion with the rest of us. We're all here to help each other.

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