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Found 3 results

  1. So I have been on the server for a month now and have had so much trouble trying to buy what i need from spawn or from other players and here's why: 1- Item not available at spawn shop or market. 2- Players online don't have it and/or are not cooperating. 3- After finding that person who has the item, he's never sure of how much to money to ask for, and neither am i sure how much to pay. Therefore, I believe some fixes can be made to maintain an ongoing economy, and make sure the money is holding its worth, that is: 1- Have an excel sheet (which I'm willing to provide a template for) listing all the prices for the most sold/demanded items on the server. 2- Have a huge shop land with a designated warp ( /warp shops), where players can buy plots (small, medium, or large plot) and build their own shops. These shops will auto-refill eliminating the need to constantly restock the market. And this of course will keep late game players around for a while because they want to see their shops flourish. If this was accomplished it will definitely boost the server's performance, as: 1- People will want to buy more money, ranks, etc. since its worth is predetermined by the excel sheet. 2- Even if no on is online, you'll still be able to buy what you need. I mean, its only fair that you always find a source to buy ie. titanium early in the game. Regardless how many players are online. 3- Late game players will be forced to stay around because now they have an obligation, they are providing for the server! 4- New comers are always more likely to stay around when they know they have that resource security. Really hope this gets implemented. SuB_ZoiD
  2. Hi, I'm SakuraFox_ and fairly new to the server. I have 3 suggestions to make about economy and don't feel like making a separate post for all of them since that would be forum-spam and they all talk about economy. I firstly would like to point some things out: -Sorry for bad English if I make mistakes, it's not my first language. Also sometimes I might use a word weird because I don't have a better synonym in my vocabulary. -If you don't feel like reading, you can read the Recap under each point. I would appreciate it of course if you did read it all (especially point 3) -Even tho they all speak about economy, you don't need to see it as an all-in-one package but rather as three separate suggestions. But of course all have some influence/reaction on eachother. 1. Spawn prices A lot of players in the servers start to get their own T6 void ore miner, some people having multiple T6 and some people even selling kits of them. This makes it so everyone has resources and ores in mass. Selling prices on /market are really low for resources and it almost has no need for them to be listed on the spawn shop. I hear a lot of people joke about spawnshop of it being a ripoff since we have a very motile economy on the DW1.12 server. Recap: Remove/reprice certain spawn items (especially resources like ingots) because they're way too expensive/not needed. 2. Vote Chest items Everybody knows Vote crate < Legendary crate < mystic crate I'm going to talk all of them below. Vote crate: it has some basic loot which is helpful in the first 2 or 3 days on the server, but then you're with the problem discussed in "spawn prices": Resources are very cheap. But I don't see them as a problem since you can obtain the crates rather easily. Legendary crate: Sound cool but isn't. It gets some stuff you need once or twice and after that, never. Tinker's kit on first or second day -> Hell yeah! Tinker's kit after a week -> Damn again? The amount of railguns I've never touched is way too much. Builders wand? yeah nice but I get 4 for every time I use 1. Also they're not really difficult to make, are they? 1 diamond and 2 sticks are rather cheap if you're already placing resources by the hundreds. Everyone just now gets a legendary crate and hopes they just get cash or a mystic crate. I think it would be greatly appreciated by many if you can't get them that easily and find actual decent loot in them. Mystic crate: Damn nice, all great loot! Also rare enough to not crash the economy. Recap: Legendary crate could use some revision. 3. Mall This might sound really stupid, but hear me out please. I always liked malls, no matter the modpack or vanilla. Everyone specializes is something else. It also gives this place of community and every player can also show what they do and decorate their shop in their own way (aka. minecraft malls ofcourse). I don't know if we have the right plugins for them but they are really easy to use and hard to bypass flaws. Please consider this as it could be really cool. Don't feel like building one? You got a lot of very capable veteran players who can build very epic and colossal buildings (I think Josh is the best non-staff example). I can also build if you want but I ofcourse understand I'm not recognized by many yet since I'm fairly new and therefor not trusted with such a task. Recap: Mall plz?
  3. Hello, Currently the price of a claimblock on 1.12.2 is $50 per block. It's not $50 for a chunk its $50 for a single block. Lets do some math. A minecraft chunk is 16x16 This is 256 claim blocks per chunk. (A claim block extends to bedrock so height doesn't matter) 256*50 = 12800 That is $12,800 to claim a single chunk ? Suggestion: Lower a claim block to 6.25, this will make a chunk cost $1600 which I think is a fair price and everyone will be happy Thanks!
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