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Found 2 results

  1. Rotomegax The Cube Builder

    Data saving sometimes cause game crash

    4 days ago I've returned the server after a long time off, at first 2 days my game sometimes suddenly crashed, with me I need more than 30 minutes to run this modpack, more 15 minutes to login into the server and when the game crashed I have to do it all again. But return to the main problems, at first I though this is my end so today I decided to delete and reinstall my modpack. But when I complete the Immersive engineering Assembler, the game save data right on the time I click the hammer to the complex to form multiblock structure, the game freeze 5 minutes and crashed again. I only have the crash log and I hope someone can find out what is the error to prevent it from the future. https://pastebin.com/RG1j1CTT crash-2017-08-21_22.07.30-client.txt
  2. kyle2959

    Game crash

    Server: Tekkit Name: kyle2959 Time: 16:59(22.06.17) Problem: Crashing when joining the server. [EDIT] I fixed the issue myself after a few hours of looking thru game log. The optifine ultra and normal crashes mc. Optifine light works just fine. I'm trying to investigate the problem [EDIT#2] I found the issue with help from Yuxis. The hud glasses from logistic pipes were behind it all. crash-2017-06-23_23.10.58-client.txt

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