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Found 16 results

  1. Your Name: IronSuperNova Item Name + ID + Amount: End Crystal #0426 Amount - 4 Coordinates: (-12, 100, -37) and (10, 88, -39) Description of Issue: The two end crystals in the end are glitched again, so I can’t kill the dragon as he keeps healing without me being able to stop it. I’m pretty sure they fixed it and I was able to beat him a couple hours ago, but it is happening again. I lost the end crystals I used to spawn him because I can’t kill him and arrows that are hard to get for me, but I won’t ask for those back.
  2. TriVector

    [Rollback Request]

    Account name: TriVector Town name: Cyka Coordinates: +1641, +5498 I was griefed with antimatter. First antimatter was being dropped in spawn and around 30 minutes after that event, antimatter started dropping at our base. I would like this chunk to be rolled back to 8:30 PST. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I had the bug with the deep dark death(Game crash and then died under the deep dark). Lancelot told me to make this and here is a list of my Items: Full Zivicio Armor, Staff of Traveling, Zivicio Pickaxe, Hoe and Sword, wireless me terminal, unbreakable wand, Yeta wrench, Diamond Chisel, Ring of magnetisation. Magnet(EIO), Ender Pouch. I think that were the important things. I hope you can help me. Dear wishes LuciPlays
  4. beechslayy

    Refund and glitch

    Account Name: beechslayy Resonant jetpack ( the one with 10000000 fuel or somemthing ) 18004:1 6 May 2017 Posting now because i asked staff about it and they told me to make a refund report thing. So the server restarted and i was like, really close to a pipe and quarry chest, when i rejoined the server i glitched or fell into the ground under the chest and suffocated to death, i got some of my items but the jet pack wasn't there. Please help.
  5. SrJulen

    New video SECRET ON IT :3

    Yay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZKDOss-_S8&lc=z13nxbagomjhcjltn22mi3s5duf5gtt5s04
  6. EpicLoganc

    OriginalDope cheating mute

    Title: [Complaint] (Player Name) In-Game Nickname: OriginalDope Time and date: 9:40 PM , March 4, 2017 Description of what happened: Nukelar muted OriginalDope. Dope later found a way to cheat the system. I did /msg OriginalDope . I wasn't expecting him to respond back.. well.. he did. here's the screenshot. Screenshots or Proof: http://prntscr.com/eg5qke List of eyewitnesses: cvancil If your complaint has been found void, do not make another one! Thanks for your help keeping our servers clean.
  7. Blazefish

    Torment not in it's dimension

    Torment didnt spawn inside it's dimension after defeating it, like it normally should, therefore, making it's boss drop SOUL OF TORMENT(7140:138) unobtainable. I think this should be made into a shop item.
  8. ZLwb02

    dupe glitch

    I believe my friend found a duplication glitch of fluids. I tested this in a survival world as well and it works there too, even after a restart or re-log. I'd rather not say how it's done so it doesn't get copied by others but if an admin would kindly contact me i'd be happy to elaborate. you can also reach me at :ZLwb02@gmail.com my IGN is ZLwb02 (im a premium rank) P.S ive informed my friend not to use the glitch anymore
  9. While doing a rite of Infusion, i died, with Death Protection Poppet (Bound)*2(7142), and Infernal animus*2(7140:45). Both items were taken, infusion didnt work. Tried again, still didnt work. Edit: I suggest adding Golden Laugel Crown to the shop, as Death Protection Poppets seem to not work in Server, they still in SP.
  10. Adrian_Smith

    Banned item crafted !

    Hey, someone called Demciak in DW20 server crafted a banned item (Botania Pickaxe) and he told that he craft it and i took it and wanted to make a post so yeah thats all
  11. Hi there, I'm XxOblivion. Recently, whenever I relogged onto the server after I'd been gone for the night, I had lost almost all of my items. It started with only a few items, like my iron god-enchanted set (prot IV and such), but the next day I lost almost all of my stuff (full prot IV unbreaking III etc. diamond gear except helmet, which was iron. My sharp V fire aspect II etc. iron sword, power V inf I flame I etc. bow and more), and only kept my grappling hook and a crossbow, and the stuff which was in my enderchest (5 strength pots, chain helmet & chestplate, iron boots, flint & steel, pufferfish, assassin pages and a feather). I paid a lot of gold for my items, and I would greatly appreciate it if I got them back... The picture shown here is a slightly outdated screenshot I took when I had most of my stuff (besides my diamond enchanted boots) One of the helpers (bas_groen) is aware of the glitch too. I have changed my password on the cracked server too, in case a player logging in on my account would be the cause of the glitch. I would appreciate it if I were to get my items back. If you need my skype, it is "liamoskam". Kind regards, Oblivion. .
  12. Cuchi28707

    Im losing my stuff every day

    I changed the password and i want all my stuff back. Adria_2002 knows all this things are mine. The screenshots i submit are mistake-taken and old but if you look the armor bar you will see its the armor i have. My IGN: Cuchi28707 -1x Diamond Chestplate P4 U3 T3 -1x Diamond Pants P4 U3 T3 -1x Iron Helmet P4 U3 T3 -1x Iron Boots P4 U3 T3 -1x OP Iron Sword -1x OP Bow -1x Diamond Horse -1x Normal Horse -1x HiddenBlade (Gun, Poison) (I have got banned for bug abuse using hb in spawn so its mine) -29x Gold Ingots -256x Apples -1x Speed Potion -1x Poison Potion
  13. I did /home to escape a trap and it glitch me now i have 0 hearts and red can you me inventory please help me.
  14. Hello, I'm here to report a " fatal error " - it kicks a player every time they warp, go to another dimension, /back, /is home, anything that requires then to warp somewhere or go to another dimension without traveling on foot. *Portals don't count as on foot* ​Sometimes when you log back in after this "fatal error" occurring, you will get kicked right when you login for "fatal error" again, I have seen this happen from a range of 1-10 times before the player could actually play without getting kicked on login. I would appreciate if you would look into this and try to fix it or try to find the source of the issue. ​Thank you - ​_​Ice​_
  15. Hello brunyman or any other staff member reading this. I just found a duplication glitch on Skyfactory, I'm not going to tell anyone what it is yet, because people would just start using it for themselves to get free items. Message Me back on this topic Thank You - Ice
  16. When ever I take any sort of damage I "die" even though I don't actually die. My screen starts shaking and I have no health. Can you please fix this so that I can play normal. It started when I was opening CHANCE CUBES and I got the BEDROCK TNT TRAP. When it killed me every time I took damage after that incident I got a weird death glitch. Please if you can fix me this is the worst glitch because I cant even play normally. I really suggest taking out that trap because Im pretty that is the source of the glitch. I couldn't get any screenshots because for some reason when I tried it didn't work. Here is a another thread with the same exact problem as me http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/15000-death-bug/ Please help me.

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