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Found 14 results

  1. In-Game Nickname: BongResurrection Time and date: 12.25 UTC+2 30.06.2019 Description of what happened: (In chronological order) So this guy told me he has a present for me, so i tpahere'd him. He tried to pickpocket me with this fishing rod thing. It failed, i realized what he was trying to do and i killed him. Then he went to my house and destroyed almost everything and with a Gravitygun. After that he griefed the spawn too. Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) https://imgur.com/kcby7kg https://imgur.com/I7mkmmf https://imgur.com/8JHgdr4 List of eyewitnesses: Q11_, DaSeNi, Baden27
  2. In-Game Nickname: OrionPvp, Jingivitis, _LamaX Time and date: 10/6/2018, 1:49 AM IST Description of what happened: They griefed spawn by removing blocks and placing bedrock on players and they spawned hydras outside of spawn to destroy chunks. (The server is 1.7.10 Direwolf20) Screenshots or Proof: https://i.imgur.com/wdGdYxg.png , https://i.imgur.com/Nm8hD1j.png List of eyewitnesses: Subtlerain, Ender_san02
  3. Mojang


    MccMMo server griefing name _SerpGucciGang__ PROOOF https://imgur.com/a/BcL0Z
  4. Soo I didnt play for some time and apparently my base was griefed with some steves carts or something and i wanna ask if it is possible rollback ? Sadly i dont know when it was griefed so i can give you any timeline :/ My Base is at x:-2979 z:2544, If any of the GM's could take a look it would be most appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/DgcnS If it cant be fixed oh well just tell me here imma do some partial repairs so it will look okay and then leave it at that.
  5. Name: ryanmatt Time and Date: 10/01/2018 21:23 GMT+0 Hello, I am posting for all the people on the Tekkit main server. A recent event has occurred where someone (possible ryanmatt) has been going around and griefing people's claimed towns. The method of doing this was setting up landmarks outside of the claimed land (wilderness) and covering the base. After this either a quarry or filler (not sure as did not see) was used to mine out the base completely. The only people i know that this has happened to is Exonerie and TheBurningBlaze. The person also tried to mine out my base however I had BC disabled in my town therefore it did not work. I managed to get Screen Shots of the outline and a Screen Shot of a nearby player at the time. The reason I did not manage to get screen shots of the player and the item used was because the server kept crashing at the time. Outlines: https://imgur.com/A0Cm8z1 https://imgur.com/JZUMhUG Nearby player: https://imgur.com/GqhlNJX
  6. I placed my equarry just a few blocks outside my town border to let it mine, someone came in took all the ores and my equarry, 1 transfer node (items) some pipe and some random stuff I stored in the first chest. (location? staff message me in game or discord) MC: BlueMischief / Discord: -=iTB=- BlueMischief#0917 just a copy paste from the rules section. Griefing Players are not allowed to destroy any of a player's work by any means. Hide contents Why do we have this rule? This rule is in place to assure a player's work is safe from harm's way and that the players of the community can play with eachother in a safe and fun environment. Am I allowed to take items from an unprotected house? Our servers use certain protection systems to protect certain areas. That does not mean that if you find an unprotected area it is yours to claim. It is still considered griefing and it will be punished accordingly.
  7. There is a 12 year old Russian Player Named Forstep that Needs a talking to and maybe a temp ban. Reasons: 1.... He Constantly accuses me of Griefing when in fact I blessed him with so much stuff when I left. The sheer disillusionment when U get accused of the opposite of doing someone such a good turn is gob smacking. I gave the kid 5 1k AE Drives full of good stuff and I walked away with a a few odds n ends. I gave him everything I received while voting and mining over the last week. And I get treated and bad mouthed by him the way he does? Admin please have a strong word with him. 2.... He spams the chat to a point that its unpleasant and your chat gets lost in the many lines of his childish chat rushes. 3... His Constant use of fowl language in main chat is really getting to me. Please do something about this.
  8. Account Name: InfinityGamer22 Town name: / Character name : InfinityTown, InfinityGamer22 Coordinates: x=-2138 z=16 y=70 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: UTC +01:00 05.24. 19:00 PM Description of Issue: Dear Craftersland! Someone have stolen my things from my town when i was away for 3 days. The stolen things are: 2 ME drive, 10 64k and 2 4k ME disc (with all my stuff), ME Crafting Terminal, Lava generator ( Power Multiplier x64), Ender Quarry, Diamond Chest with minerals that the Ender Quarry mined, Ender Tank All this stuff was inside my town borders. The following players' bases are near my town: Cas7le, alkai98, ArtexPro, XxastrofizitoxX Please help me I want my stuff back. I want inventory and town rollback to the time above. *Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/BwTEZ InfinityGamer22 2017.05.28. 17:38 (UTC +01:00)
  9. This is NOT funny! (It must be thomason!) Name: Marvin907 (x:-12600\\z:-4080)
  10. In-Game Nickname: KiRiTo99_ Time and date: 6:15 PM (UTC+1), 12 February 2017 Description of what happened: I made a RFTools dimension of yellorium blocks, and placed 4 64x64 enderquarrys there with my enderchest on top so that everything would go to my ME. I went back to overworld and let the quarrys do their thing. i left the game for about an hour, and when i came back and checked on the quarrys i noticed that my enderchests were replaced with different ones. I saw they were now owned by KiRiTo99_, so i removed them and contacted him. after ignoring me for about an hour, a helper heard about it and said he should reply. he first denied to have anything to do with it, but after some questioning he said that he changed the color of the chests/replaced them (not sure what he meant). and he said that his girlfriend ''deleted'' all of the yellorium. because of him doing this, it cost me loads of yellorium to produce the rf to keep the world and quarrys running, but i only got a very small percentage of the yellorium mined by the quarrys. I don't want to be salty about it, but made this post for reference if he does it again... please excuse my English Screenshots or Proof: (i was not able to screenshot everything since chat was kinda hectic. List of eyewitnesses: Craftyguy23
  11. So I was playing with my friends platypus909 and DinorwarYuuki, and someone invisible just started attacking and killing us with a tinkers construct rapier, then they killed some of my coven witches (Witchery mod) which I worked for hours to get, then they started attacking us with thunders (/smite I guess). DinorawrYuuki said that she saw this nick " DuxHell " but I don't know if it was him because he said thathe doesn't know about anything when I asked him... Anyway I want everything I lost back as quickly as possible.Also I apologize for my grammar, I'm very angry and tired...
  12. Account name: Ancient_Wyvern Town name: Arnolondo Coords: x = 0, z = -1002, y = 71 Rollback time: 11:00 AM MEZ, January 7th 2017 Description: Protected town got destroyed in server-wide grief
  13. HI, someone broke the rules and claim bypassed to blow up my base. I don't know who it is but maybe someone can catch them.
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