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Found 7 results

  1. Hello there ! Are you a newbie trying to explore some dungeons/structures but you're tired of seeing them already explored and all those loots you could've get ? Or maybe a veteran but you didn't know this trick ? Do you think a WIPE is the only solution ? Well here I have your solution ! Simply put, all you need is a hunting dimension portal which create an alternative overworld dimension filled with unexplored dungeons/structures. It also had a lot of dragons' nests. So, how to craft the portal ? First step : Get yourself some wood (32) Second step : Craft some arrows (4) Third step : Craft some hunting dimension frame (16) Fourth step : Assemble the portal, just like a nether portal , and light it (Almost any weapon works to light it) Fifth step : Sneak on the portal and enjoy the exploration !
  2. Hello! Its me! Awesome_Andy! Today I will be talking about item transportation! Also, I will NOT be covering logisticspipes(too complicated). So what are we talking about here? We are talking about itemducts, and buildcraft pipes. Please correct me if I'm wrong with anything. First, we got buildcraft pipes. How to craft them. They are usally just glass inbetween 2 of the matirials the pipe is made of(check NEI). Now the basics. Most pipes have uniqe functions. some are self-explanatori some are not. I'll be only explaining the hard stuff here. Iron pipes are routing pipes. they can have up to 5 inputs and 1 output. the output is the see-through side. it can be edited with a buildcraft wrench. Diamond pipes are used to sort items add items to the sorting list by clicking on the pipe with them and putting them in a slot. Emerald pipes are sorting extraction pipes(I'll explain extraction later) they dont seem to work though(for me). Last, obsidian pipes will suck up nearby dropped items if if it is powered by RF. Now we talk about extraction. Connecting a normal pipe to a chest wont do anything. You need an extraction pipe! Extraction pipes are wooden and emerald. connect them to the inventory, power them with RF, and connect them to other pipes like stone or gold. If the inventory is full, the items will be spat out. Now itemducts. They can be configured with a cresent hammer and is built with 2 copper and 1 lead/pulverized lead. The arrows point towards and tells the itemduct where to transfer the inventory. blue means the item goes in, red means it goes out. The red side must be powered by a redstone signal to transfer the items. and now we're done here! Meet you in tekkit! if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Edit : Please ignore the spelling mistakes
  3. mikewerf

    Minium stone

    How do you make a Minium stone? What you will need: Calcinator: Aludel Base: Glass Bell: Inert Stone: And some coal and diamonds. First step: place down the Calcinator and put some coal and diamonds like this: And then wait till you get 8 minium dust: Okay, step 2 place the Aludel base down with the Glass Bell like this : Put the Inert Stone in with the Minium Dust and some Coal: |And there you have it your own Minium stone: Good luck making your own.
  4. ========================================= That's it, happy browsing around. We will add to this guide as we see fit.
  5. On the server, if you attempt to research elemental fires, your minecraft will crash, or perhaps you got the research from somebody else, and it won't let you open or craft TTKami items or research. This is because we have disabled researching elemental fires in order to prevent it from burning away the whole server. Unfortunately, researching thaumic fires are needed to unlock TTkami research. To prevent this issue, please follow this tutorial: Go to [your Infinity Evolved installation folder] \minecraft\config and find and open ThaumicTinkerer.cfg. Search for the line that says "B:imbuedFire.enabled=true" and change true to false. This will allow you to progress while ignoring the need to research the elemental fires.
  6. I'm working on thesis so I'm so busy that cannot login to see my base. This guide is made long time before I have to stop playing minecraft for a while, this is my experience on ftb infinity evolved server from the first time to get infinity bees. English is not my language so the guide may contain some grammar error. I hope you can forgive for me about this. - Corrections and rephrasing will be performed by staff. p/s: the forestry bees guide will be the next (if I have time) p/s 2: I'm not finished yet, some work need to be done about another age FTB INFINITY 101 – HOW TO START WITHOUT GETTING STRUCK As you know (or not know), FTB infinity evolved sv on craftersland use expert mode (actually I think all sv use expert mode). If you have played another modded sv on craftersland network, you may have enough knowledge to know that ftb infinity bring you a toughest challenge. If you don’t know or never play through another modpack, there are some information about FTB Infinity Evolved (FTB Inf): - 1st. Food can't be cooked in a normal furnace, you'll need a redstone furnace for it. - 2nd. The modpack's come in two tiers, Magic and Tech, all of the magic mods and the tech mods are intertwined with eachother. Meaning you must progress all tech mods to finish the tech tree and the same goes for magic. An exception to this is Draconic evolution as it requires all of the tech and magic mods. - 3rd. As this is Expert mode almost all recipes have been changed. Even the easiest recipes are affected, such as the furnace, rails and a bucket. - 4th. More examples are with wood, as a wooden log only gives 2 planks and these 2 planks can only turn into 2 sticks. You can get 4 sticks like it is in vanilla but more about that later. - 5th. All lava generators are disabled due to them being an easy method of power. - 6th. Finally, even if you are an experienced modded minecraft player or not you will get lost in this modpack so don't be afraid of asking for help. On this guide, I separate the total process from beginning with wooden logs to getting the creative portable tank into ages. This guide will not provide all knowledge for you but it will guide your hand towards the endgame, making this an enjoyable experience without getting lost and bored. Loot age After registering click the random teleport sign at the spawn exit to travel to random location. The first thing you do is choose a place to setup your town. Creating a town costs you $120 that'll give you a single chunk town, to expand after that each chunk costs $20 but there's no maintenance cost. You begin with $200 which should be enough for a small town, if you wish to trade with players early on or make a larger town voting is recommended. Each vote gives you $50 and 1 vote crate key (x4 vote rewards happen 1st week of the month.), you may also claim the daily reward which will give you $200, 2 vote crate keys, 30 levels and 8 diamonds. HERE are our voting links, daily reward can be found HERE. Each of these reset every 24 hours. Spawn has two market system, the first is spawn shops that sell items at a fixed prize, right click the shop signs to buy your items. The second is spawn market; where players sell their stuff for in-game currency, trading items for real money is stricly disallowed. First you have to create a town to protect your stuff, unlike faction servers, griefing any items inside a town's territory is unforgivable and will result in a ban. So you don’t need to make the town underground to protect your stuff. Make sure you buy 1 stack of oak wood logs at spawn shop or gather it yourself. [1]. Use these logs to craft: - Crafting station: keep items inside the table and can connect with 2 nearest chests - Chests: for storage Craft at least 4 chests, place them at 1 corner on your chunk. Then type /sethome to set the home location, then return to spawn and click to the random spawn sign to travel randomly. The purpose of this thing is to find the village and loot everything that necessary for you now or later. Even the vanila village still have importants things to loot such as furnace (you need 72 cobberstones to craft 1 furnace on expert mode), seeds and foods, some villagers trade foods, fishs, papers... to emelard. Luckily, you may find a village contain structure of other mods, these villages have many valuable things to get. Here is something may help you choose what to loot first: - Smeltery: Some village contain 1 5x5x2 Smeltery with 2 casting basin and table. But the smeltery lack of casting channel, the smetery controller, tanks and faucets so you have to craft it. Around this smeltery is 2 stone slap platform that important for you to craft extra utilities transport pipes, open blocks fans or other stuff. - Railcraft house: this house can be recognized immediately due to brick block walls, stone slab floor and 1 track inside. The normal Railcraft house contain 1 Hobbyists steam generators (efficiency worse than steam dynamos but it still better than survivalists generator), 1 rolling machines, 1 chests contain Railcraft stuff. Many people only take generators, rolling machines and other stuff inside the chest but they forgot that bricks are very important because you need it for immersive steel making. - Immersive Engineering house: This house even easier to recognize because it is made from treated woods and have 1 floors. On the top of the door is 1 item frame with immersive’s hammer inside. Outside and inside of this house have some wooden storage crate contain some valuable items such as creosote oil and schematics (when the sv just beginning, spawn shops didn’t sell creosote oils and schematics like you are seeing now). These crate can store items even when they are broken so pick up these crate for extra use (you can use it to store looting items inside and break it to pick it up). Don’t forget to “harvest” some treated wood in the wall to make forge hammer. - Priest Tower: inside this tower contain some books such as thaumnomicon for thaumcraft, some potion and some gold coins. The priest Tower Coven Witch base: This house has the roof made from alder woods (or you just follow the coven witch, after a while she will return to her base). Inside that house contain 1 chest with Witchery stuff inside and 1 cauldron. Take the cauldron and maybe something inside the chest. - Tinkers’ Construct house: this house have terrace (flat roof, have wooden fence on the top of the house). Inside this house contain 1 piston, 1 chests that have some parts of Tinker’s Tools made by cartus, bronze (very valuable at the beginning!), iron, slime... They also contain basic Tinker’s Construct blocks: Stencil table, Part Builder with Pattern chests contain useless pattern and Tool Station. Take metals part for extra metal ignots on smeltery and some important pattern on the chest (you can take the pattern if you want), and do not forget the piston. - Agricraft glass house: This structure made by oak woods at corner and glass panel as a wall. Inside of this structure contain a field of many of plants and mushrooms. However only some of them are important for you later so choose carefully and go to the side of this house. Some house have water tanks, sprinkles and water channel on the side or near the side of the house, take many of possible of these things, especially the sprinkle. The Forestry House, you can see the fence made from forestry woods - Forestry Apiary house: This house has walls and roof made by forestry woods, they have color different from the other trees. This house have 1 yard on the back, in this yard there is 2 apiary that contain 1 proven frame for each, 1 queen and 1 drones. Moreover, inside the house contain 1 chest store forestry stuffs inside. When your inventory is full, store items on immersive crates so your inventory can be used to store more items (however I don’t suggest you to carry 5 immersive crates contain full of items because it can make your inventory corrupted that prevent you to login and clear inventory is the only solution to solve this). Or type /home to teleport to your base to store items to chests, then type /back if you don’t finish your looting yet. The loot age cannot stand forever, you should do it on your first hours. After that other looting is not necessary. You can also bypass this age to turn directly to wooden and stone age if you see that you can start from absolute zero. Before move to wooden and stone age, I want you to establish your base. At first time without chunk loaders, only the chunk that you are standing inside is loaded (this is my experience). So you need to establish everything important inside ONE CHUNK (you can establish farm for foods and materials on another chunk, they still growth if you check for them at least once after login). There is some experience comes from my terrible base establish from Tekkit, FTB Direwolf, SF and FTB Inf that I still have to find the way to solve it: - You cannot make the small and cozy house like valina minecraft because even you want or not, you have to play through all mods of this modpack. - You don’t need to build a full house at beginning, in fact you shouldn’t do it because many of things will change during your work and the full house may cause problem for it (like the way to setup cables – especially Ic2 cables). - Your base should be flatted, it make everything easier when you begin to establish machines Even after you have chunk loader and can expand your base, even the structure and the ground of your base is the combination of stones, cobblestones, dirts, sands or even deadbrushes like noobs house on Exploding TNT videos. It must be well-established for each groups of machines so when you want to craft something, it is easy for you to manipulate as easy and convenient as possible. These groups including: - Generators: choose wisely the place for generators, especially IC2 generators. The good place is the place that can cost less energy transmission module (immersive wires, BC kinesis pipes, IC2 cables, Thermal Foundation Fluxducts...) but still provide enough energy for all machines. If you can expand your base, it’s better to separate all generators into one specific area so it’s easy to fix, add or do another things on generators. - Area for BC assembly table and lasers: including 1 assemble table with 1 chest next to it to store products. This area should place near or next to generators to make sure that it always get enough energy for assemble process. - IC2 area: IC2 machines cannot move at the beginning (you need electric wrench with lossless mode to move it without have a chance to become basic machine casing. So think carefully when establish the area for IC2 machines, maybe you have to wait for a very long time until you can move it - Core machine place: this area include metal press from immersive engineering, thermionic fabricator and carpenter from Forestry, rock crusher from railcraft. All of them are core machines that you need for all process on ftb inf (you can use smeltery to make gears, metal former to make plates instead of making metal press, but at the beginning this multi-block machine cost very little energy with fast speed – of course it cannot faster than fully upgraded metal former). - Smeltery area: smeltery still have their value even when you are reaching to late game, unlike IC2 machines it is very easy to setup and remove so just place them at corner or any area inside the chunk that do not interrupt your process or cause uncomfortable for you when working on it. - Storage and crafting area: Use crafting station to craft because it can hold your items as also connect to 2 nearest chests. You should make many of chests for many of stuffs like raw ores, ignots and raw materials, farming stuffs, circuits and tubes. You may want to make Biblio potion shelf, book shelf, item shelf (I don’t remember it’s name) to store books (you’ve received many of books at the beginning), potion (especially bottle of exp) and unused items (like shear, clipping, some tools...). This area should be place at the place you feel most convenient, you should build many of crafting station for crafting complex machines. Wooden and stone age First, craft slab furnace (their recipe like vanila furnace) or nether furnace (netherracks can be bought from spawn shops), try to find some coals for fuels. Because wooden pickaxe have only 5 durability and other valina tools are crafting only so at this time your choice is tinker’s tools. If you have looted basic Tinker’s Construct blocks, time to make smeltery, if not, you have to make it. Before making stone tools, use your storage crates first. Maybe (actually almost always) the crate at spawn will give you ruby, sapphire and peridot. These tools have redstone mining levels, strong durability and (of course) better than wooden or stone tools. If your base near the magical forest or mega taiga (or use random spawn to find it), go to the forest and harvest some mossy cobblestones for moss ball modification, your tools now will be automatically repair. Use these jewel to craft 1 pickaxe, 1 mattock and (maybe) 1 shovel and 1 broadsword. Mattock can act like axe, shovel and hoe but its harvest speed on flint and gravel ores are horrible. Make sure you buy sand and clay from spawn shops, combine with gravel collected from the riverside, lakes... to craft grout. Smelt grout for seared bricks that can be used for smeltery later. The important thing you must remember is trying to mining inside the chunk contains your furnace to make sure all furnace are loading, the suitable time for mining is when your furnace working. You should craft 1 chisel (from chisel mod) to mine stones and obsidians, just click 1 time to the stone or obsidians to turn it to chisel2 blocks, then you can break it easily. Then right click with the chisel to return it into vanila stones and obsidians for extra uses. Finally, don't use stick to craft torches, you are wasting your woods. Instead use stone tool rods from tinker's construct, they act as the same way to craft torches. 3. Smeltery age Smeltery is the first core machine that you need for whole process of ftb inf. Smeltery smelt 1 ore into 2 ingots and it is 1 of 2 ways to craft gears (the other way is metal press). If you have looted the smeltery from villages, you only need to replace some searched bricks blocks by 1 controller, 1 tank and some casting channels with faucets. If not, try to craft 1x1x1 smeltery and smelt compressed cobblestone for extra seared bricks and seared stones. For plate, use aluminum brass instead of golds, each blank plate cost 2 gold ingots but only 1 brass ingots. Aluminum can be found on caves, copper is quite harder to find but aluminum brass can be found at spawn shops (16 ingots for 50$ - very cheap). The next consider is lava for the tank, at this time you can make bucket very easy because creosote oil is sold at spawn shop. But in case you don’t have any creosote oils, use the forestry tin can as substitution. They can be placed in potion shelf, cannot pour liquid out like bucket but each can store 1000mb of any kind of fluid, and they are cheap, very cheap so try to craft many of tin can as possible when you go to mine to store any lava you see. If you right click lava tin can to the seared tank, the tin can will lost forever. However if you right click it to portable tanks, you can get it back. Smelt 1 cactus to make pipe sealant to craft 1 BC fluid pipe, pump lava from the tank to pipes by place the tank on top of pipes and right click with crescent hammer (3 iron and 1 tin ingots) About lava, some lavapool appear on the ground, if you can find it there is nothing to say. In case you cannot find any lava on the ground, you can use Journeymap to find lava pool underground. Press “J” button, click to option tab, on mipmap 1 and 2 enable show caves. The caves, abandoned mine and lava pockets now appear when you enter to the cave or when you dig low enough (with this map you can dig down without worry about fall into the lava pool). In case you find abandoned mine, collect railway as much as possible for steve’s carts farming. Return to the smeltery, if you can’t loot any smeltery from villages and have to craft the 1x1 one, try to expand it to 3x3x3 (at this moment this is enough). Even when your smeltery is from the village or made by yourself, it must have these things for extra used later: - At least 1 channels for fluid input - At least 1 casing table and casing basin Now you can begin to create bronze and electrum for core machines. The faucet can be automated by redstone clocks and any metals ingots, gears or part of tinker’s tools can be pump out by transfer node (the plate cannot be pumped out). Remember mining anytime you wait metals to be smelted by smeltery. During this stage if you don’t want to pay extra $ for steels, you should craft coke ovens and blast furnace. You should craft 2 coke ovens and 1 Immersive blast furnace, DO NOT CRAFT RAILCRAFT BLAST FURNACE because it cannot be upgraded. The best fuel for blast furnace is coke coal but if you have steve’s carts treefarm you can use charcoals. To start steve’s carts treefarm, first you have to make cart assemble. Then make iron cart or mechanized pig and place it into the cart assemble. Add basic treefarm, 1 coal engine and 1 smelter (or advance smelter if you have enough materials to craft them). Then make 1 cargo manager and some advance detector rails to automate process. One thing you should know that the coal engines also use saphling and wood logs as fuels, to prevent this separate fuels (as charcoal) into 3 slots, the engine consume fuels on left slot first. Treefarm plant tree along 2 side of the railway but it can cut wood farther so if you build a wooden house make sure that you put the treefarm far away from your house or the only thing remain of your house is stuffs that the treefarm cannot harvest. After some days 3 slots of charcoals on it’s engine will full and this carts can extract extra charcoal for steel making. Also on this age you should begin of energy storage, basic energy storage that you can be used including: - Immersive LV capacitor: in my opinion this is the easiest energy storage module that you can craft, it contain 100000 RF inside and configured by engineering hammer - IC2’s Batbox: can store 40000 EU with the input and output rates 32EU/t but 1 EU = 4RF so the actual storage is 160000 RF and the input and output rates 128RF/t. Batbox require quite expensive materials (electrotine) and many crafting steps. It’s also hard to connect with RF machines because IC2 use different energy system but you can connect it by using immersive energy transportation. Batbox gives you 1 benefits that LV capacitor don’t have: you can charge IC2 tools. The energy transportation on this tier not only immersive transport system but also BC Kinesis pipes, they only require cheap materials and simple recipe but can transport a large amount of enery. Moreover they can sync with immersive energy transportation and thermal fluxducts. However the system need input pipes (wooden and emerlard kinesis pipes) to “pump” energy from immersive connectors or other energy source to the pipes network, but I think this is not the problem because at this moment you only need wooden pipes and later emerald is super easy to make. Finally, you should consider about the immersive energy transportation. The output connector not share energy to all other connectors, they will fill up each connector until they cannot accept any energy before turn to the next. Because of this, it’s better to combine with kinesis pipes and fluxducts Steel and bronze age After get bronze from smeltery, use them to make Thermionic Fabricator, the bronze gear can only be made by smeltery at this moment. This machine is used to make vacuum tubes, craft 4 diamond tube. To craft laser and assembly table, you need obsidians. In case you don’t have obsidian, mix lava and water on smeltery to make molten obsidian and pour to the casting basin. Then craft carpenter, the machine that use water and other materials to make circuts. Both of them are core machines but you can craft carpenter later in case you don’t have enough bronze About the energy, if you don’t have any generators, the survivalists generator is the final option. But before crafting it I advise you to check the IC2 generator, it’s require popular materials (iron almost) to craft it and crafting steps are easy. Survivalists generator burn 1 coal coke on 30 minutes with the rate 5 RF/t; IC2 generator burn coal coke on 3200 ticks (160s if server no lag) with the rate 10 EU/t (40 RF/t) and require immersive cable to connect with laser. In total survivalists generator generate more energy but the time is so slow while IC2 generator have greater energy generation rate with lesser energy. If you don’t have any energy storage module, use IC2 generator because it can generate enough energy for 1 laser work. In case you have energy storage module, use survivalists generator or combine (the survivalists for other machine while IC2 generator for lasers). The chipset you make first is iron, after have it use iron chipset to craft IC2 basic machine casing and then craft metal former, this is the third core machine and one of the most important machines. You can use metal former to make more IC2 wires, more item casing from plates... At first time the rate is slow but after you have a tons of energy, you can upgrade to freaking fast. The next core machine is rock crusher, this is multiblock structure (3x2x2) that require a lot of steels to make it. After successfully installed you should cover the top of it by one block from chisel mod to prevent the case you jump to the machine and died, then you lost all items in one effort to break the grave. Finally, if you have exceed steels, make metal press to craft gears (and maybe plates) faster. Water wheel age Each kinetic dynamo should have 3 waterwheels to maximize the productivity. Each waterwheel cost 40 treated wood (16 of them for treated sticks) and 1 iron blocks for iron. You can search on google and youtube to find out how to maximize productivity of waterwheel. On this stage you shouldn’t remove other generators, just keep it for your machines and use waterwheel for assembly table. At this moment you have enough materials to craft some leadstone energy storages and hardened energy storage later. The next step is begin of Thermal Foundation, new players may thing about making pulverizer and redstone furnace but in my opinion you shouldn’t do it. I suggest you to craft sawmill first, on sawmill each wood log create 6 wood planks and a large amount of saw dusts using for MFR, this machine work freaking fast so you do not worry about time consuming. Moreover, do you remember I’ve told you that we have the way to make 4 sticks from 2 wood planks? The Natura’s woods don’t be affected by the adjustment of the modpack, and they quite pretty for decoration. Wood logs from Natura modpack can only return wooden planks on sawmil and these planks return 4 sticks when crafting. During sawmill work or the assembly table is crafting the next thermal foundation machine farm, you should consider to craft Macerator and Electric furnace. Both of them still valuable later, especially electric furnace are one ingredients for Ender IO Alloy Smelter. After the assembly table finish the second Thermal basic machine frame, use it to craft induction smelter, this machine smelt 1 iron ingot with 2 pulverize coal into 1 steel ingot. Also on this tier you should find materials for culinary generators and make a nether portal. About nether portal, the best way to avoid be attacked by mobs when you just enter to is create a town on the other side of the portal (you can create up to 3 towns on craftersland server). And don’t forget Botania, the daybloom on this modpack has decay time and will disappeared after 2-4h (I don’t know exactly). Try to craft Endoflame as soon as possible and use charcoal from Steve’s Carts treefarm to feed it, or you can use block of coal coke for very long time operation. Another option is Rosa Arcana, this flower drain XP in your XP bar to generate mana when you enter to 3x3 area around the flower. If you have essense berry bush, this is the best way to generate mana especially when you are afk, make the afk pool with the Rosa Arcana at the middle and the last thing is afk. “Lightened" age I call this age is lightened age because this is the time you build more complexity generators that can generate many of RF (or EU). At this moment maybe you still don’t have enough materials for Culinary generators or you have but 1x Culinary generator generate very few RF. I will divide this age to 2 ways: have Culinary Generator and don’t have or don’t want to use it. But first, there are some important machines you must make on this age: Drawer controller: soon or later you have to use it until you have ME controller. With the rich source or wood from sawmil you can make drawers easily, the controller is the final step to automate the process. One hint for you is put these drawers underground to safe place, only let the controller on the surface near the crafting zone. Magma Crucible: This is the fifth core machines, needed to make machines chassis from EnderIO The Vat: this is the first machine on EnderIO you have to craft, the object of The Vat is make rocket fuel for Plastic sheets from MFR. MFR Harvester: this machine can harvest agricraft without destroy the crop sticks, even you have culinary or not, harvester is very important to your process. Begin to make the first Thermal resonant machine frame (about 1h at this moment if you have enough energy for the assembly system). Another tips about energy transportation for you in this age: the fluctuating itemduct, made by infuse 200mb of destabilized redstone to the normal itemduct can transport 2000 RF/t. When compare to another energy transportation method fluctuating itemduct beat all of them, they have many of advantages: Easy to craft (tin can be found everywhere) Simple (kinesis pipes require the output pipes) Can transport item, so it can be used as the item transportation and energy transportation in 1. HAVE CULINARY GENERATOR: The ultimate food source for Culinary generator is Beef Wellington, it is very easy to make: 1 tofu + 1 mushroom, 1 spinach and 1 dough. You can use cyclic assemble to automate this process. Because machinists’ workbench is banned due to dupe bugs (and make the final way to craft unstable ingots containing items collapsed), you have to add the blank schematic and fill the recipe directly to cyclic assemble. If you don’t have enough materials for beef wellington, use the soybean and tofu instead. Soon or later you will recognize that the food source is not enough. To solve this problem, increase the stat of agricraft seeds by breeding 2 same plants, they have a chance to increase the stats. To “clone” the seed form crop stick to another, use Clipper. The Strength stats demonstrate how many percent that the clipping can developed to a plant on another crop sticks. The 10/10/10 seeds generate very fast and large amount of product that your storage system will full soon. DON’T HAVE CULINARY GENERATOR: If you don’t have culinary generator or don’t want to use it, there is some alternative generators: Steam dynamo + steam boiler: 1 steam dynamo cost 64 of coal dust, but coal is sold at spawn shop with very cheap prize so you don’t need to worry about it. The steam boiler can use charcoal from Steve’s Carts treefarm to operate, it require a bit of time to heat and operate. Steam dynamo can be upgraded to generate 640RF\t per each dynamo while steam boilers can be used on BigReactor steam turbine (but the recipes for BigReactor stuffs on this version are unbelievable expensive and not worth for anything you have to spend to craft it). Compression dynamo + MFR bioreactor: Compression dynamo is super easy to craft, it require only tin gears and compressed air cells. The hard thing is about the MFR bioreactor, they require The Vat to make rocket fuel. But when you solve this problem, nothing can stop you to access to infinitive power source. With 1 MFR harvester and 1 10/10/10 pumpkin farm, biofuel is ready for the dynamo (500kRF for 1b of biofuel). Don’t forget to put the water to dynamos to cool it and like Steam Dynamo, Compression dynamo can be upgraded to generate 640RF/t per dynamo. Another thing you must consider is when the energy buffer inside the dynamo raised, the energy generated will slow down so make sure they always work with the empty energy buffer. Immersive Biodiesel Generator: I’m not advise you to make this because of these disadvantages: require a tons of iron and steels, space-consuming, cannot sync with other mods and super noisy even you’ve placed 1 sound muffer next to you. Moreover 1 Biodiesel generator only produce 1020 RF/t for a tons of steel you cost. If you want to make it, construct the MFR harvester with 10/10/10 sugarcane and pumpkin for it. IC2 Nuclear Reactor: Even have culinary or not, soon or later you have to make nuclear reactor for plutonium production. The advantage of IC2 Nuclear Reactor is generate very much energy but it contain the risk of explosion if the setup is wrong. On internet there is many of model of setup for safe reactor, you can search to find it. The hard thing on nuclear reactor is they require more machines (fluid/solid canning machine) and 1 hazmat suit to protect you from radiation. If you want to use Nuclear Reactor, you have to prepare for the electric shortage for a long time. Basic automation age To this age, you may not have so much but enough energy to maintain the working of all machines. Check this list to make sure you have all core machines for the next steps: Smeltery – Tinker’s Construct Thermionic Fabricator - Forestry Carpenter - Forestry Assembly table and lasers (should have at least 8 of them at this moment) – BC Lasers Rock crusher – Railcraft Metal Press – Immersive Engineering Metal Former – IC2 Compressor – IC2 Electric Furnace – IC2 or Redstone Furnace – Thermal Foundation or Alloy smelter – EnderIO Sawmil – Thermal Foundation Treefarm – Steve’s Carts or MFR Macerator – IC2 [2] Pulverizer – Thermal Foundation Induction smelter – Thermal Foundation [3] Magma Crucible – Thermal Foundation Fluid Transposer – Thermal Foundation The Vat – EnderIO Cyclic Assemble – Thermal Foundation [4] First, you have to make 1 drawer controller, while you are making it try to craft many of drawers. The drawer controller can like with all drawers on 25x25x25 range around it, if you want it to connect with drawers outside of this range, you have to craft controller slave. The best place for this system is underground with only the drawer controller on the floor to connect with Logistics pipes. The controller only place items that already have inside it’s system, to pump items that not already exists on it you have to place the item you want to 1 chest and use item translocator to “pump” it into the system. Now this is the time for first storage and crafting system that you will use until you have ME system. First, craft many of logistics pipes for later use, then craft the first machine: Power Junction, it act like the power source for all system. Connect the junction with the power source to charge it, you should place the junction at the place you will not remove it again until you have Me system because when you broke it, all energy contain inside will lost. The power junction distribute energy to another blocks inside the system by logistics pipes whatever the range is. You will notice the system have energy or not when look into the pipe, if they are red, the system don’t have energy. The second machine you make is soldering station to make Request Table, in this place you may see your items contain inside the drawer and maintain autocrafting. To connect the Request Table with the system, craft 2 Logistics chassic MK.II (or 1 MK.II and 1 MK.I), then craft 3 modules: 1 Polymorphic Itemsink, 1 Itemsink and 1 Provider. Place the MK.II chassic to the Drawer Controller, the MK.I chassic to the chest that have item translocator with the controller. Install Polymorphic Itemsink and the Provider Modules in MK.II chassic and the Itemsink with default route to MK.I chassic by right click them. In case you click wrong, use the wrench and right click to access to chassic’s HUD. IT’S DONE, when you want to place item that not contain on the drawer system, the Request Table will move it to the chest and the chest pump it to the controller. Requesting table use Oredict also and let you choose the type of materials you want in case more than 1 materials act as the same part in the recipe. This is the end of my guide, now you have and know how to operate core machines, from now you can perform tech mods, or magic mods or both. Hope that you enjoy my guide, good luck and see you in craftersland server. p/s: The next guide (if I have time to write) is “FTB Bees 101: From the dependent Apiarists to master of Gendustry” [1] if the time you join is some month passed, you should check spawn market first because some player may setup treefarm and sell with cheaper prize, if you join the server right after server wipe, better buy on spawn shops) [2] Macerator still have their use when craft IC2 duplication system so just keep it even when you have Pulverizer [3] This machines smelt 1 iron ingots with 2 coal dust to form 1 steel ingots, so craft 1 of it to smelt [4] Soon or later you will need it Some useful tips #1 Make the traveler's glove and try to add redstones into it through tool station/tool forge, the glove boost the additional mining speed for every tools you use. With the maximum level of redstones you can use the hand to mine dirts with the speed of Cobalt shovel/mattock. However the glove require hardened leather, to solve the wax problem it go to the forest (any kind) and find the berry garden. You can get random types of berry from Pam's Harvestcraft, choose the candle berry and grow it to get candle berry bush. But the interesting thing here is that you can collect the berry garden (or any kind of garden) by right click to it and then you can harvest it at your base by place it in the dirt and broke it. #2 Ingredients for Presser to make tofu for Culinary generators can be found when broke another garden, I don't tell you what seeds contain on each garden because this is FTB Infinity Evolved, you have to find it and also I don't sure about my knowledge about it. #3 You can reassemble or add more module to the steve's carts by placing the Cart Modifier on 1 side of the assembly table. The module after reassemble will be stored inside of this upgrade and you can get access to it by right click to the upgrade #4 On Craftersland server, shiny ingots are sold with very cheap prize, so buy some of it to make better tools instead using steels, obsidian or bronze. #5 Even when you have ME system, keep your storage drawers because it still usefull for ores and block storage. Storage drawers better than barrels from JABBA or caches from Thermal Foundation (about storage Thermal's Caches are invicible but it have the (may be large) change to erase all items store inside of it when you pick it up and also have (lower) chance to corrupt your inventory or create the visual glitch or the most terrible is make your game crashed).
  7. This is a very simple tutorial on how to install OptiFine for Tekkit! This will give you a massive FPS boost, 30-80+ fps boost! Very helpful and makes your game smoother. There are also many other cool features included in OptiFine. There are no downsides to installing this mod and millions of players already use it! Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
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