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Found 149 results

  1. Corrupted chunk SF3 need help

    i am dealing with a corrupted chunk i am not sure what caused it but even if you have to reset my island i can rebuild from there and i would like to know what did it so that i don't so it again.
  2. Like I said everytime I try to join the tekkit server I crash. The problem might be caused when I was having trouble with creative energy cells everytime I spawned one it had no energy I tried spawning them with /item thru NEI or creative menu with all same results. the real problem to the crash is that I was trying to spawn in an actual working creative energy cell and I was messing with item codes so I tried spawning /item 917:8 and instantly as I tried that code I crashed and I tried deleting the .technic folder and all modpacks or files with no luck whenever I try to join the tekkit server I crash I tried playing on single player and it works just fine. I'm leaving the crash log here just in case you need it theres 2 crash logs. Also I know this is not related to the error but can anyone give me my VIP rank here as I donated for sponsor on the server? btw thnx to dragonjc for trying to help me with the energy cells xD crash-2018-02-14_15.58.49-client.txt crash-2018-02-14_16.46.57-client.txt
  3. My stuff is gone

    I was I the end and was fighting an alderman and he killed me, but for some reason, it did not make a gravestone and most of my items were gone. con u plz help I have like no items now
  4. Help! SOLVED

    [SF3]I died and it spawned me back at server spawn and I can’t get back to my island. When I do /back it takes me to a 3x3 bedrock platform. And if I do /is spawn it says that location isn’t safe are you sure you want to spawn? Solved
  5. Dear Craftersland Staff, Throughout the course of my time on this server, a friend and I have been taking damage at random times after the third day of playing. The cause of death is labelled as drowning, however we both are perfectly above water and not suffocating in any way. Our hunger has been completely full, there were no mobs around, and we were not being punched by other players. The damage is always enough to kill us at least twice each time, and it only occurs whenever we are on this server and no others. The hypothesis produced have all been shot down except for the one remaining: someone has taglocked us with a witchery or thaumcraft mechanism that acts as a way for them to deal damage to us with no benefit to themselves except knowing that we are getting upset because of it. The only consistency that I can see with this damage is that it happens more to me (probably because I am on the server more) and that it is enough to kill us twice almost every time. Hopefully you can either fix the bug or catch the person who is doing this sadistic act to us so we can have more fun on this server and so you can find someone who has been terrorizing us for quite a while. Usernames: Gamer3546, Warden_Designs Time on Server: 6-7 days Thank you in advance, - Warden
  6. Mo creatures help

    So I got mo creatures and was wondering if there was any way to add more variants so I’d have more variations of animals on my game?
  7. Ok so I was told to come to forums, so here I am. I would like to request an island move. I have a moderate size island and I was being silly and didn't think of chunks. I would like to move my island in the middle of a chunk. Please move this for me, Gamertag<Houston_Ratledge> P.S. i was told that i can only get granted if I'm a sponsor but I do have premium plus if that helps any, please move island for me. Thanks
  8. Your Name: NC95Coordinates: x: 3712 y:65 z:2525Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): At about 11:00, more than less. Jan 29 2018Description of Issue: The server was experiencing lag. I was building the walls of our base, when a crazy amount of damage for falling kills me; i was about to write /back for retrieve my things when the server crashes. I join again and go for my items, and they have gone from the world. Rolling back to about that time should solve my issue. My lost items includes - power armor helmet: it had a flight control, a airtigh seal and diamond plating - power armor chest: it had a jetpack, a glider, elite battery and diamond plating - power armor leggins: Diamond plating - power armor boots: Diamond plating - power Fist - some stacks of solid sand Thanks for the attention
  9. deleted

  10. Your Name: BradIGuessCoordinates: Unsure. In space station with the town name Insanity.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): At about 7:13 PST, Jan 15 2018Description of Issue: I was in my space station building, and I built a few impoetant things. Then the server crashes. I join again, and those items are gone from my inv, and gone from the world. This includes stuff I put in a chest. Rolling back to about that time should solve my issue.
  11. [Answered] BradIGuess

    Hia! I recently changed my account name from Locococoaman517 to BradIGuess, and I lost my inventory and town. I have heard from the discord staff that it is possible to do a recovery of the old names town and inventory. This would be massive help!
  12. Soo I didnt play for some time and apparently my base was griefed with some steves carts or something and i wanna ask if it is possible rollback ? Sadly i dont know when it was griefed so i can give you any timeline :/ My Base is at x:-2979 z:2544, If any of the GM's could take a look it would be most appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/DgcnS If it cant be fixed oh well just tell me here imma do some partial repairs so it will look okay and then leave it at that.
  13. Thaumcraft request

    Title: Ichor (Anonymousjojo) Account Name: Anonymousjojo Rank: Sponsor + Hello, i would like to get the aswer to the question why can't we research ichor in Thaumcraft. Most of the forums say that when the you disable the imbued fire on client it should unlock the ichor research. The only thing that im missing is Infused_Potions which are disabled on the client but i read that even tho they are disabled on the server as well you cant research ichor anyway. The only solution i found that worked for other servers as well was to allow the research of all elemental fire/Infused_Potions in the server config as well as to allow it back on the client, but still ban it due to the grief it can cause. There for my request is to allow the research and ban the actual items. (EDIT): Client config worked after server restart no need for further assistance.
  14. Spawn shop request

    Title: Oblivion jar (Anonymousjojo) Account Name: Anonymousjojo Rank: Sponsor + Hello, i want to request the Oblivion jar from Thaumcraft to be added to spawn shop, since the recipe wasn't changed and the main part to craft it is a Hungry chest there is no way around it. I suggest changing the recipe to craft a Oblivion jar although the crafting requires the Thaumcraft altar use, it would be easyer to add to the spawn shop.
  15. Hello, For a whole day i was unable to access the server because supposedly im in a bugged chunk. I cant log in because it just crashes my client. I tried to go on a mobile chat client to spawn myself away however none of these apps work with modded servers. Im at a lost cause on what to do. Please Help deboobski
  16. [Client Crash]

    Hi, I was playing this morning around 3 a.m EST and I used the spawn random teleport sign. Upon spawning in, my client decided to crash. Now every time i try to log into the server, my client crashes. I have reinstalled the mod pack and nothing has changed. Here is a screenshot to show what it tells me when it crashes. I dont know how to fix this and it sucks because i want to play with my brother. Thanks, deboobski
  17. Ocelot spawn egg

    Title: Ocelot spawn egg (Anonymousjojo) Account Name: Anonymousjojo Rank: Sponsor + Hello, i was wondering if you could add an ocelot spawn egg /or a safari net with to the spawn shop, since it's a fatal step for the witchery mod and i cant spawn it in with any of my given permissions.
  18. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Direwolf20 1.10.2 In-Game Nickname : Danita9 Description of the situation : Hi, i'm Danita9, i play on the FTB direwolf20 server for 1.10, and i lost my stuff dying on the other side of the barrier, when i have playing whit my teleportation wand, can i recover my stuff?? I'm sorry for my bad english (i speak spanish) and the inconvenience, and thanks for reading this. Regards, Danita Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/RCmMk
  19. Crashing

    Title: Crashing upon working with ME system (Anonymousjojo) Account Name: Anonymousjojo Rank: Sponsor + Hello, recently i build an ME system fo rmy items. I haven't had any problems with it until this week. Few days ago upon logging in to the server my saw that my ME wasn't working and all of the cabes were not connected to each over. So i turned creative on and replaced them with spawned in ones, and everything was working that day. Today i had the same problem but with more items such as the 64k crafting storage not connecting to the cables. Everything again was working fine untill i logged off. When i came back online my Me Drives were not lit up and were't showing my storage chips. So i brocke them and saw that the cables behind were not connected to themselft again. Upon breaking the cables with anything suck as the wrench, hand, pickaxe or in creative all seem to crash my client. I don't know what can me causing it. When the cables are not connecting i can click on any of the machines connected to the ME system untill i replace the cables and the machines.
  20. hi, when i try to log in this happens, can u help me? my username in geme is DayBoost
  21. Help

    Hey i have a problem joined the Twilight forest in Craftersland [DW20] 1.7.10 after i joined the server my game crashed i Cant Play on the server pls help me
  22. Fail purchase Sponsor+

    Hi, I bought sponsor+ with my MasterCard through Paymentwall and I putted all the information and then it didn't appear any thing and I refreshed the page and it told me that the buy didn't work and they gave me my money then in the mail of my card it told me that it worked but when I join to the server I don't have the rank, if you need proof I post it here or I send you private? PLEASE HELP (I bought it with 50%) I bought it in all network server (I need help, urgently please)(The receive comes in Spanish)
  23. I need help

    hey the problem is that i joined the Craftersland [DW20] server after i joined the server and type /spawn then my game crashed and now i cant play on the server because my game is keep crashing Pls help me [xX_Ghoster_Xx] Thanks for any Help!
  24. Character Stuck

    Hello I created a mystcraft book, and when i get into the book i instantly disconnected from the server, i cant get back to the server always this message comes so I cant teleport out from the book and can do nothing.
  25. Today the server is constantly rebooting, and recently there was a vote party, we got the keys and then restarted again, when I entered again the keys were gone, also they disappeared from the other players

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