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Found 155 results

  1. giant_turkey_leg

    Inventory Disappeared

    Hey, While I was on the server around 9:40pm Central time zone on December 2nd 2018, I was using Mystcraft teleporting and all of sudden i take a book to the moon and everything in my inventory is gone, even my armor. However, my oxygen equipment stayed with me. I lost various amount of items such as Resonant Jetpack, ender pouch, Power Fist, Wireless ME Terminal, Peridot Sword, IntraLinking Unlinked Books, and Linking books connecting to various different places, diamond armor, and power boots, and various amount of other items. I do not know if teleporting is a cause of my inventory to disappear but I am just hoping for the stuff back in a chest or something at my claim :( I hope this can get fixed please Let me Know soon -Giant_Turkey_Leg
  2. kermfrog01

    Storage deleted all my items

    I had stored all my items in the disk in the disk drive when the server reset and all my items were missing. How would I go about restoring the lost stuff?
  3. IGN: pizzasamuel Reason: I have been auto-kicked off my friends island. Date I noticed: 10/14/2018 Hello, mods/admins of the skyfactory 3 technical support team. I have come to ask you a question. I was logging on to skyfactory 3, and when I got on, I noticed that I did not have any perms. I was confused, so I did /seen danielpumpkinpie (owner's name). I have noticed that the owner has not been on for more than 20 days, while I was on a week ago, And still had perms. All I am asking for is either me to be added onto his island, or some way of contacting him that when the next time he logs on, he will know to add me back. Sincerely, pizzasamuel
  4. MamaMedusa

    EXTREME Lag Issues

    Hi there, There are some extreme lag issues on the Infinity Evolved server. It takes about 2-3 minutes for any message in chat to be sent from when it is typed. To be frank, the staff and helpers are not being helpful. We have some still denying that there is lag when there has been multiple complaints from people in the server (as well as the discord) complaining about the lag. Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks!
  5. Lemonycrafter

    Lost Password

    Hi! I haven't been on the server in a while, and I forgot my password. My account name is Lemonycrafter.
  6. Reyla01

    Rank activation request

    Hello, today i entered on pure survival, and mi rank that was Premium+ disaperead. Please help me. Username: Reyla04 Rank:Premium+ on pure survival
  7. The game is running. Please wait. Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx6000M The specified size exceeds the maximum representable size. Process ended with code: 1 Got this log.
  8. BradIGuess

    [Refund Request]BradIGuess

    Your Name: BradIGuessItem Name + Amount: Power Armor Chestplate w/ Elite Battery, jetpack, and Forcefield Gen x1 Power Armor Leggings w/ Advanced Battery, and Run assist. x1 Power Armor Boots w/ Shock Absorbtion, and Advanced Battery. x1 Power Fist w/ Advanced Battery, Pickaxe, Axe, and diamond drill. x1 Blaze rod x63 Flux-Infused Pickaxe x1 ME 64K Storage Disk x2 Fluxed Electrum Ingot x29 Emeralds x8 Sign x1 Obsidian x63 Golden Apple x2 Storage Block x1 Destruction Pickaxe x1 Erosion Shovel x1 Yellorium Fuel Rod x1 Coordinates: -716.99, -2791.98, 56.62 (55)Description of Issue: I died due to Radiation inside of another's plot.Screenshots (Optional):
  9. i bought the S+ rank for SF2.5 server, in the description there is +2 chunkloaders but in game, i havent got this upgrade, i'm always at 4 max. Bruny can you help me plz ?


    Hi! What can i do if I dont remember my password . i enterinto the sever and i dont remember the password thakyou for helping me POLOIVA
  11. Andrew2070

    [Revelation] Cannot Login

    Hi. Whenever I try to login to the Revelations server, it takes some 30-40 attempts before I can actually enter the server. There is no error in the console, nor are there any in the logs. It just says Logging in... goes dirt screen for a minute and then "Disconnected". What I have done: **Using Premium MC account, latest Java 8, 50mbps connection** Re-installed the ModPack Re-started the game Tried accessing through different server IP's. Tried re-setting my IP Tried using VPNs Disabled Firewall I don't think it's client side, because there were a few players who reported the same problem. I think it could be that FastLogin mod or hook with the custom Authme, that allows premium users to enter without /login or /register. Any thoughts?
  12. @KayWolves I have a complaint and am asking for help or if something can be done about this. I had a beacon and my iron blocks set up but when I logged in today the beacons were removed. There were 5 others added from a sponsor (which I totally get why they were removed), but in addition to this all my iron was taken from my chests. All that iron was collected from myself and two other people who have explored many caves. For the iron screenshot I had to crop it due to sizing limit. Can someone help with this?
  13. NavajaFire

    I lost all my things in Acv1

    I do not know why I lost all my things in ac1 I connected the last time 3 months ago I think and when I go in today I lost all my things And I wanted to know if you can return them or do something to recover them. PS: If you could give me back some way to recover them, it would be very good for me since I Cost a lot to get everything </ 3
  14. bonexposed


    Account Name: Bonexposed Town name: / Character name : Bonexposed Coordinates: X:-263/Y:72/Z:-4490 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7.30PM on 23rd April 2018 Description of Issue: I was mining and dropped into a pool of lava, whilst I was burning to death in game, I did /t spawn and saw my base but I still died in game. In game an option of /back is given and when I did that, I was tp'd to the lava pool but my gravestone was not there. So I thought the gravestone must be at the base since I manage to tp'd there before I died but it wasn't there as well, then I check the death way point for coords and it's right at my base but there's no gravestone.. I've put the time to about 5 mins before my death but the coords right at the way point. Please help me out <3 Sorry I don't have any ss.
  15. Name: Zork281 Town Name: MeemCoordinates: -750.05, -2228.35, 93.62 (92)Time/Date (when everything was fine): 12:20am ESTDescription of Issue: I added a wooden pipe to my ME drive accidentally, and waited till the drive entered a quartz pipe, where I then proceeded to delete the wood pipe. The one drive in the quartz pipe at that moment had not fallen out for me to collect, so I checked my ME drive to see if they were still there, and all 4 had disappeared, leaving me with no drives at all.Screenshots (Optional):
  16. Hello, When i try to login i get kicked from the server (direwolf20 EU) because of IllegalArgumentException, this happened after i crafted the chemthrower from immersive engineering and tried to use it. My friend also got kicked when he came near the spot i used the chem thrower. Is there a way to solve this problem because i would love to continue playing on this server. my IGN is ananaskip.
  17. Short and simple guide on how to start the game: 1. Download the FTB Launcher from HackPhoenix's site: https://www.hackphoenix.com/feed-the-beast Direct download link (for Windows 64bit) 2. Start the launcher, chose an installation directory (like C:\FTB), chose the FTB modpacks menu, than "FTB Presents Direwolf20", chose recommended (top line), create a profile (bottom line) and click Launch. (recomended: In the FTB launcher, go to options and set the RAM slider to the half of your PC-s ram. If you have 8GB set it to 4GB) 3. Wait for it to download. When it's done, start the game, and join ftb.craftersland.net 4. Enjoy! ____________________________________________ Resource pack instalation: 0. Chose a texture pack from the FTB launcher from the Maps & Tectures menu, or... 1. Download a texturepack from js-legacy.net or www.f32.me or somewhere else. Direct download link (MC v1.7.10) 2. Start Direwolf20, go to options, resource packs, open resource pack folder, drag and drop the downloaded .zip file. 3. Set the resource pack and enjoy the smooth look! ______________________________________________ I hope it'll help. Have a good day! =) JeyTee84
  18. Hey, i have returned from a LONG winter of not playing. Long ago i purchased a Mystcraft world save. I checked on the buy site and its the same price for RF world save, I was wondering if I could get that RF world save instead? as my last Mystcraft world is gone and all my stuff was reset after coming back. If so thanks! Heres a screenshot of the world id i'd like saved.. ID: 23655 It kind of goes without saying i have premium+ so that stuck to my account through the years, so i would be much appreciative if i could get some fast help! ^^ Thanks!
  19. i am dealing with a corrupted chunk i am not sure what caused it but even if you have to reset my island i can rebuild from there and i would like to know what did it so that i don't so it again.
  20. Blitxwinger56

    Creative Removal

    I am a sponsor on the tekkit server and I would like to have my creative removed so I can shop and be legit.
  21. Hello, I have been running into an issue that has arisen today. As I came to join your server as I normally do, I encountered the error, "End of Stream" the moment "Logging in" disappeared. Naturally, I shrugged it off, and tried again - to no prevail. So I restarted Tekkit, tried again, same error. I reinstalled the modpack - no prevail. I reinstalled .Technic - to no prevail. I restarted my PC - to no prevail. I restarted the internet router - to no prevail. I attempted to join another server on the same Tekkit version, and it worked. I tried another server, and it worked. It must be a server-side issue, so I contacted tech-support on Discord. A moderator xxDragonJCxx helped me, by: trying to relocate me to spawn via. jailing; in addition to putting our inventories in chests in our towns, to see if it was a corrupted inventory issue. Neither attempt worked, though I am grateful for his attempts. I have little server-money, and now nothing in my inventory, so if a complete player-data wipe is necessary, please go through with it. I certainly enjoy playing on this server, alongside my college. Best regards, Psycode01 (IGN).
  22. Trixx305

    [Refund Request] Trixx305

    Your Name: Trixx305Item Name + Amount: Money we get from donations and claim blocks Description of Issue: After wipe all data was deleted obviously so i lost the claim blocks I get from donating or buying a rank, and the money I get from the rank donation aswell in this case my current rank is Sponsor+ all the unspent money I had in me was probably around 44 to 48k
  23. Hello every time I log into the server my Minecraft just flat out crashes it's been running fine lately, but since yesterday I haven't been able to get on. Please help me fix this. I have included my crash files in a .txt file below. But if there isn’t anyway to fix this I would like to reset my island to before the crashes. It started about at 10:00 eastern standard time on Sunday. Thanks, Houston Ratledge (Gamertag: Houston_Ratledge) crash-2018-02-26_17.57.11-client.txt
  24. Archer236

    Item's Lost

    Your Name: Archer236Item Name + Amount: Item's are in screenshotCoordinates (format x, y, z): Dimension 13|9,216,8Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: -480,141,-2243Description of Issue: I died in an "Unstable Dimension" from rftools and could not get my items back.Screenshots : Sorry for the link in google but I need several Images Link To Screen-Shots
  25. So I'm not able to withdraw iron ingots from the bank thing in assassins V1. I have voted and I do have money on the lobby it's simply saying that i have 0 iron ingots on the bank thing. I'm not sure if it's broken or not, but just try to get back to me asap. Thank you Ign:Moe2315 Version: 1.8 Optifine (have tried it without optifine)

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