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Found 124 results

  1. Inventory RollBack

    Your Name: _MrChubbs_Coordinates:Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12/3/17 Eastern Time, 1:30 PM Description of Issue: I found a MysticCraft Portal in the wilderness(not in a town) and I went through it curiously because I don’t know anything about the mod. It sent me to spawn and my items were gone. Please rollback my inventory when you get a chance, I can’t do much without my stuff. Please and thank you! Screenshots (Optional): No screenshots
  2. [Rollback Request]

    Account Name: Baregrizzly Town name: / Character name : Baregrizzly Coordinates: x: 4546.84338 y: 49 z:116.28319 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 16/11/2017 20:00 Description of Issue: The server crashed (like always), I lost all my stuff by falling into the void. This isn't the only time this has happened, I've fallen through the void a numerous of times and I've had enough of it. Stop blaming it on how 'Tekkit is bound to be buggy', and fix your god damn server! It's not only irritating me but all the other members that complain about losing all their stuff through the void or losing hours worth of work. I'm not bashing your server completely, but you surely have to take action to this, even if it means you have to wipe it. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  3. I was in power station 1 at spawn charging my Resonant Jetpack with Protection IV on it. I took it out and put it on but the server crashed. When I logged back in, I still had the jetpack, but with 0 charge. I put it back into the charger and IGN: Mineandfight got in the room somehow. He sent me a few PMs asking me to give his stuff back. I pm'd him "I don't have your stuff." Then he stole my jetpack from the charger and didn't respond to me. This happened about 15 minutes ago after the restart.
  4. Waterlily bug

    Please fix a bug in the lobby of play.craftersland.eu, when you are in the fountain nupheres nothing else spawn you start to bug and that has happened to me and has thrown me for "flying" and every time I enter it throws me again and I can not enter. Thank you.
  5. Started about an hour ago, made a town, but its mostly underground for now. I used the Home command to set a home, however, I tried to move the home and after I deleted the set home, the server crashed. Thus, I now am unsure where my base is, and if possible would like assistance finding it. Thanks!
  6. Tekkit Town Help Plz

    Okay, there is a town called russki near our town that makes it so we cant make our town bigger and the owner and only member ar4a9 hasnt been on since a month ago so could you guys remove this town so we could make ours bigger? Thank you in advance
  7. Observatory Gone

    I built an observatory last night and i wake up to find its completely gone but my base underneath untouched I honestly don't know whats going on.
  8. User jlontwins Server DW20 Town 27Dayz Location x -3212. Z 2367 y 2364 Last date 8-11-17 around noon Issue whole base destroyed
  9. I cant find my town!

    I cannot find my town because it says "Your town spawn is not set". I would like the coords of my town. My town is Potatovile.
  10. So my friend and i have been playing on the Sky factory server for a while now, and we stopped for some months and came back later, then we came back we where missing our deep storages (It was kinda sad but we just started getting the materials again) And now we are missing our ME drives and all of our storage, we have nothing right now, it was all of our materials. Someone that knows what to do? The name of us players are UNO_AMIGO and Daxtar_2000, if there is a Helper that want us to give the name Now i'm editing there is also a whole problem with my ME system, Everytime i place a cable it breaks and it's maybe because it knows that it's missing the drives also my Crafting terminal is just like a normal terminal when it is a crafting one. I need a lot of help here on my island
  11. i have researched everything the server will allow i have also scanned everything to unlock hidden reaserch including the primordial pearl, but the pearl reaserch is locked still remains locked
  12. Helper Problem

    @Powerwarp, hope you see this, but in 5 days im going on Vacation, in Gandia. If you close the topic later than that day, I will not accept your request, because I do not have wifi there. So, I beg you, that please, close apliccations before 8 of august, because I wiil not get my chance to be helper if they close it after that day Have a nice day.
  13. PoTaTo use GM Being a member

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Crafterlands, ACV1 In-Game Nickname : Kizito7w7R_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : TDB_PoTato , imasterLoL , iiCaroline , MrFredy_KsC , MrPoTaToGamer Description of the situation : Well, the previous post is about this same situation, a member of the server, using GM + commands, Well the case, the person, it is that he saw my previous post, and decided to open my chest of the end, and rob me ALL and good. I still hope they do something about it, Terminator saw the issue but I ignore it a little .. If any MOD See this, please, I would have to take care of the situation, right? Screenshots/Video Proof Terminator is witnessing that I pass all my things after taking that capture to the account of Kizito 7w7R_YT, also you can see my account of II_YouMaster_II this totally empty Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : There is no one to prove it as this is just me, and TDB_PoTaTo, But the only thing I will say is that the only "GM +" that is against me is the .. (But there is a player who had seen my ender chest called Xv_AleQuevado_vX) Warning : Today I enter because I had noticed the new parkour of zyko (this very good) and then to return to the spawn and save the gold, I see my ender chest empty. Another thing more, I had not logged into the server 2 days ago!
  14. Ender Chest error

    Hello. I have an enderchest for my portable ender storage. I have the chest hidden and it has a diamond so nobody else can get in. I open it up and.... Everything's gone. It's empty.
  15. Ender Chest error?

    Hello. I have an enderchest for my portable ender storage. I have the chest hidden and it has a diamond so nobody else can get in. I open it up and.... Everything's gone. It's empty.
  16. Blairwitch09 blairwitch09 Player Rollback Cooridnates : X:1013 Z:-10189 Y:103 Date: July 25/26 Time : Please rollback to 11:45 PM EDT On Tuesday -- 12:01 AM Wensday I was In The Twilight Fight The LIch. I end Up Dying AND I DO /back to get my stuff. i break my grave and everything disapperes. i Am really confused and any help is needed. Please And Thanks ~Blair (unforunitaly no screenshot because they crash my game :/)
  17. When i try to enter on server ftb direwolf 20 1.7.10, i can't write my passworld and i get connection lost/time out. I try to enter fast 3x or more but nothing. I can't enter on this server and i dont know why. is loading only the chat and instant kick with errors How i can resolve this probblem?
  18. BrickBuilder7 ShadowCentral x: 1456.45127 y: 57.000 z: 3570.44074 11:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Monday July 24, 2017 I was moving chests from my old base to my new base, and when i came back with my first dolly load, my Me crafting terminal, crystal chest, and ME drives were gone... I have a mac, so my screenshots can't be organized so i couldn't post any
  19. necesito ayuda bug?

    hola mi nombre es SlendydiegoPro y acabo de perder 9 stacks de bloques de oro en Assasins Craft gracias a mi enderchest. cuando revise mi enderchest estava de nivel 1 y lo que estaba abajo [9 stacks de bloques] y [ otras cosas que no recuerdo] no estaban fui al aldeano a comprarme el updgrate de enderchest y cuando se puso no estaban ayuda! necesito un reembolso porfavor a si aparecio mi enderchest despues del updgrate ♠ los bloques de oro me los dio MrAle ya que hicimos un trato yo le compraba un prefix y el me daba a cambio 12 stacks de bloques me los dio y paso esto
  20. Victoriam ROLLBACK request

    Account Name: Victoriam Town name: Canada Coordinates: x: 2308.06911 Y:64.000 Z: -3527.68149 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7/20/2017 10AM Description of Issue: I recently allowed access to a clan member thinking i was supposed to, shortly after being added the player (TNTtyler42) started to steal several blocks including all of the Electric furnaces, broke the reactor ( now fixed) , 3 Pulverisors, 1 sawmill, Destroyed my automatic tree farm gutting its internals, and a ME terminal full of supplies ranging from little value to a lot, after confronting the player about the issue at first he claimed he never did anything and soon we realized how far back this greifing had set us back in terms of progress all of our basic supplies are gone, everything from dirt to rockets all stolen, and the player only took the materials to cause grief with no real intent to use them or distribute in sale. The ME terminal contained several large stacks of various materials so many it would be hard to recollect i'm sorry if i'm wasting time here, or im not eligible for a rollback i'm very new to tekkit and thought i would be able to trust clan members thanks your your time *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  21. Rank benefits reguest!

    Hello! I was told by one of the friendly staff about that we should request our Ranks' things to be set up such as the money and claimblocks which are given after the donation. If it is true and possible, I'd like to request these things' backup in the name of the Woof family! Members: Umbra Krauss SnowWoof MoonWoof WindWoof Thank you very much in advance!
  22. We need an admin on the SkyFactory 2.5 Server STAT! The server keeps crashing and timing us out! There is probally a troll or something and we cant play!
  23. [Town Removal] - Seafling

    Town 1 in question: Town name in question(case sensitive): Idiots Coordinates: x: -565.50439 (-566) y: 72.000 z: 2498.42380 (2498) Town members: noobtwik Reason for request: Cannot Claim a town as these town(s) are nearby, We have already started building a big base, its quite inconvenient to rebuild it again. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Town 2 in question: Town name in question(case sensitive): kippie Coordinates: x: -705.06726 (706) y: 69.000 z:2428:42202 (2438( Town members: stijnvdb1 Reason for request: Cannot Claim a town as these town(s) are nearby, We have already started building a big base, its quite inconvenient to rebuild it again. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Unable to give second screenshot because of the size of file barrier. Sorry!
  24. Account Name: Skrymaster Town name: / Character name : Steampunk Coordinates: -1117x,2528z Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: June,27 10:00 GMT Description of Issue:The town has been completely shredded to pieces, most of the machines are gone, there's holes through the house, alot of our setup has disappeared.If possible I would like to know who did this as well? I've looked around and the things that have disappeared could not be found in the town, so whoever did this probably had pure grief intentions. Please help soon.
  25. Why I was in the sky factory server I used one of the chance cubes on my island and It turned into bedrock. What can I do about it if there is anything I can do. If you can help me that would be greatly appreciated.