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  1. I lost 2 Sapphire eggs and a Blue egg trying to hatch ice dragons. They just disappeared. I literally have video evidence if need be. I also lost a tier 3 black dragon with full diamond armor due to lag, she just disappeared beneath me. Requesting a Rollback. Username: BlueDragon13
  2. Inadvertently built a house that does not fit into 4 chunks in order to completely load it with chunkloaders. You need to move it literally 6 blocks. If I use the building gadgets mod, then bugs are possible. My xyz coordinates -2744/85/2172. Server dierwoolf 1.12.2. I really hope for the help of the moderator.
  3. I need assistance in using an OP command to delete my Previous Mine colonies claim The server had wiped all items when I broke a chest a while back and I lost my Town Hall I cant Use the crafted item to get a new town hall So i need someone to delete my previous Mine colonies claim/refund me the Town hall
  4. Your Name: Dawsondude11Item Name + Amount: tinkers tools few junk itemsCoordinates: x-1172 y0 z129Description of Issue: open chance cubes in nether and got dome one basely went to tp home to get wepon but instead of going to my base took me random players base not sure whos,but it crash me and then when login fell to my death not cant get to my grave Screenshots (Optional):
  5. It is not 100% accurate but I hope it works
  6. Good evening, so, my problem is that i can't connect to servers. When i try to, laucher just shows me console with text( screenshot below ) I have Java Version 8 Update 261 and 64-bit windows ( Windows 10 ). Really want to try ur servers, so i hope u had similar issues before and succesfuly solved them.
  7. Good evening, so, my problem is that i can't connect to servers. I tied to play DireWolf20 ( because it was WIPED no so long ago), but then THIS arrived (look at screenshot below). I tried to enter other ur servers ( like RLCraft), but the same problem occured on them as well. I have tried reinstalling java and launcher several times, but it haven't changed anything. I have Java Version 8 Update 261 and 64-bit windows ( Windows 10 ). Really want to try ur servers, so i hope u had similar issues before and succesfuly solved them.
  8. Both me (m_l_alexander) and my friend (Kurt740) have forgotten our passwords to log in since we haven't played in a long time and want to play on this server since we remember it being a lot of fun.
  9. ım getting this error I dowloaded java 8 I dont now how can ı fix it To report this error, please provide: com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: Can not construct instance of com.skcraft.launcher.model.minecraft.Library$Action, problem: No enum constant com.skcraft.launcher.model.minecraft.Library.Action.DİSALLOW at [Source: java.io.StringReader@38f7d70d; line: 1, column: 284065] (through reference chain: com.skcraft.launcher.model.modpack.Manifest["versionManifest"]->com.skcraft.launcher.model.minecraft.VersionManifest["libraries"]->com.skcraft.launcher.mode
  10. Your Name: DiabeetusFetusCoordiantes: x: -3806 z: -2581 doesnt give me y value but my base is at surfaceTime/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4/28/20 10pm MDT Description of Issue: came online this morning and all my chests where gone they where all claimed and i even went and found a stick and double checked and the surrounding area is still claimed i have no idea how they stole my chests but they took everythingScreenshots (Optional): i tried to add one but i cant get it to be small enough for the site to accept it
  11. Your Name: DiabeetusFetusCoordinates: not sure did /home because i had very little Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10:10 MDT 5/5/20Description of Issue: i died and i did /back and clear entities deleted my fairy ring and all my items on the ground i have screenies and banana and cpt saw it. after looking at chat i think cpt acidentally one shot me im not sure what happened but no one got my items data save cleared them out me cpt and banana killed a revonant together and where looking at a dragon i would have done /back and gotten my items back if it wasnt for d
  12. I'm trying to make a steve's carts quarry, but i'm not able to craft the basic drill. does anyone know why its unable to craft? is it possible to remove this ban?
  13. So im currently trying to craft some Chaotic solar panels from Solar Flux Reborn, I have put it in the crafting injectors and it shows up as a recipe but when i push start nothing happens. Setup : https://imgur.com/SbpTQvO too large to post here.https://imgur.com/SbpTQvO
  14. I forgot to set my home on the sf3 server, and now i cant get back. keeps saying locations is not safe
  15. I was going to the space and my friends was near to me, then i've gone to the space and after that i minimized the window- while was in the space interfate (to choose the change of dimensions). And when i back i couldn't click anything and my friends said that i died. I restarted the game and really died And lost my precious rocket (i was the last 2 days doing it), my powersuit helmet and another minor itens. but mostly important the rocket... I think it's a server bug (i don't know...). Can you refund my very very precious tier 1 rocket?
  16. This actually happened quite awhile ago. Maybe 4 months or so. Anyways, anytime I try to join the server, my whole game crashes. I'm fairly certain that this has something to do with a Steve's Carts item, though I can't recall which one. My in-game name is Tdogo, and I have to say I'd really appreciate a response as I've played this game for quite some time. Dae ja vue, ya know?
  17. Hello! I'm using Windows 10 Im having issues logging in to the SF4 server, I'll be stuck on logging in for a while then met with connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. I've done some research and all I've found is to turn off firewall and try, that changed nothing. Try getting my character reset (I've played on sf3, not SF4 yet I believe as I've never been able to log in.) I read that it could mean I'm trying to play with a higher version than the server is compatible with, I'm using 1.12.2,unsure how to change that through twitch. I also
  18. So, i dont know if i'm posting this in the right place, but after the server reset all my storage drivers vanished from my disk drive, lost almost all my items, help me
  19. Both me (m_l_alexander) and my friend (Kurt740) have forgotten our passwords to log in since we haven't played in a long time and want to play on this server since we remember it being a lot of fun. (sorry for posting this twice, one was in general)
  20. The Protection Shop on the pure survival server seems to be bugged. I can't purchase either pvp nor land protection. And yes,I checked to have enough emeralds.
  21. I just joined the Assassins server and my skin isn't showing up. I tried restarting my Minecraft several times without any success. I have a legit Minecraft account, fully paid, not cracked and this skin problem really bothers me because I got so used to my skin that I can't even play right with the normal Alex/Steve skin showing all the time. I would really appreciate any help/suggestions that may solve this problem. On other servers my skin is working fine, just tested it out because I thought the problem was from my side, but apparently not.
  22. So i created a party to invite my friend to join in the quest book but he also created one and invited me at the same time, now neither of us can leave our parties, the "leave party" button just does absolutely nothing and i asked for help on the discord and one of the admins said he couldn't figure it out and I needed to contact the manager on the forums. username is dewd777
  23. IGN: LoKeXd Rank: Sponsor+ Command Wanted: All world edit commands
  24. I need a mod to come on pls I accidentally opened a chance cube in my is and I destroyed everything I need a rollback pls >: . I Need a MOD. Also my ingame name is qWorkPixelq
  25. I was banned around 4 months ago for using foul language, I get it do the crime do the time, but the admin who instated the mute seems to have a done it permanently instead of 24 hours. My user is Tinysaurus14
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