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Found 1 result

  1. So you're wanting to create a new town and you don't know how? Well here is a simple command list for MyTown! Basic Commands: /t new {town-name} - This is how you will create your town (Costs $30)! /t claim - This will claim chunks for your town, to see chunks hit f9. This costs $5 per chunk, so claim wisely. /t setspawn - After you claimed your chunks make sure you set the spawn so you can get back to your base! (using /t spawn) /t invite {playername} - This is how you can invite other players to join your town! /t kick {playername} - Kicks that player out of your town. /t friend add {playername} - to trust someone to access things in your town without inviting them. /t leave - Makes you leave the town. /t accept - Joins a town you have been recently invited too. /t info [townname] - Shows the members in a town. /t res [playername] - Shows the town a player is currently in. /t spawn [townname] - Teleports you to the home of that town. /t map - Shows town claims around you. Advanced Commands: Town Permissions - Towns have specific permissions to protect them from griefs and allow them to customize their towns. /t perm town - This lists all the permissions for a town Noteworthy permissions include [bc] (To allow quarries and other buildcraft machines) and [ccturtles] (To enable computercraft turtles in your claim). /t perm town set [key] [value] - This changes the permission for the town Each key is listed in /t perm town in: [] example: Example commands: /t perm town set bc true (This allows build craft machines to be used in your entire town). /t perm plot set bc true (This allows build craft machines to be used only in this chunk). Town Ranks: Towns only have 3 ranks, Resident, Assistant, and Mayor. /t mayor {playername} - This transfers mayor to a different player (Must be mayor to use). /t assistant [add]/[remove] {playername} - this makes a player assistant and allows them to invite, claim, kick and setspawn or removes them as an assistant (Must be mayor to use this command).
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