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Found 21 results

  1. Hi guys, server wipe is complete. Everything got a reset except for ranks. Enjoy a fresh new map to explore! Changes: Data full WIPE. Generated new map seeds. You can download the old overworld map here: As for players that donated for kits, ranks, we reactivated all purchased stuff this week, for older purchases please post a reactivation request HERE! Live Map: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! We generated a new map seeds for all worlds, and the server should run smoother for the next months now. It's a nice time to start fresh as everybody starts from the same point. Modded for the Experts! inf.craftersland.net
  2. Hi guys, server wipe is complete. Everything got a reset except for ranks. We got new map seeds for all worlds and I think we finally managed to get fixed the mushroom biome issue. Changes: Data full WIPE. Generated new map seeds. Enabled the crafting recipe for Energy RedNet Cables. You can download the old overworld map here: As for players that donated for kits, ranks, we reactivated all purchased stuff this week, for older purchases please post a reactivation request here: Live Map: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! We generated a new map seeds for all worlds, and the server should run smoother for the next months now. It's a nice time to start fresh as everybody starts from the same point. Modded for the Experts! inf.craftersland.net
  3. Your Name: Dr_ShuhamTown Name: ChosenCoordinates of Town: x: -4899 z: 2008 y: 69Town members: waawaaaaReason for request: This town interferes with my expansion, and its town perms interfere with me building over in my town (the land modify perm is weird)Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  4. Your Name: Dr_Shuham Coordinates: current coordinates: x:-377 y:69 z:-251 (at spawn) Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1/3/19 -if possible (1/4/19 at the specific time frame [3:30am eastern standard time] (UTC 5)) Description of Issue: I fell into a huge hole in the bedrock created by _jaks_ when he raided my base and stole everything using a bypass claim item, died because my wand was stored away before i was raided Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Here is a download link of the main world map right before the server full reset. Download The link will be available for 30 days starting now.
  6. I come before you today with a potentially alarming message. The Infinity Evolved server is being overtaken by dirt! I first noticed it when I was scouting for villages to trade with and potential sites for a base move. Take a look at this: https://imgur.com/a/OfQoGTT This turns out to be a triple manifestation. They are all square and cover at least 196 chunks. Of special note: near the top, center, an entire village has been converted to dirt. Or here: http://i.imgur.com/a/GIe5Di4 It's a little inspiring seeing something like this Skystone fall, turned into dirt. Or this: http://i.imgur.com/a/Ad2PzdK A beautiful, awe-inspiring tree, as converted entirely to dirt. I've examined several examples; this conversion includes leafs, water, other non-solid blocks, and everything else except mobs. This is what concerns me, personally, the most: http://i.imgur.com/a/HxG7nGi This incursion is at the foot of my base (that tower in the background). Scant chunks away and it would have destroyed my underground stores. (Notice too, how indiscriminate this effect is, cutting a mushroom clearly in half.) What has me coming to you is this: http://i.imgur.com/a/cEuhUub Rigg has clearly adopted this village for his base, yet here the dirt has converted exactly half of the southern wall of it. See for yourself: "t/ spawn hub" (make sure to match the capitalization). Will it take an event actually hitting someone's base to prompt action? Now, I know what a number of you are thinking (and have voiced): this is the product of a mining machine poorly placed by a player. Well, I think the evidence is to the contrary. I've seen mountains cleaved in twain. A volcano I was seriously considering for my new base, for its altitude, was completely converted. The only machine I could find in Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved that replaces what it mines with dirt is the Ender Quarry, but upon research I discovered that it only mines 5 blocks about the boundaries set for it. This would mean this player was setting up his Ender Quarry in the sky, ringing more than 150 chunks in fencing or markers, with both the augments for pumping and speed. As long as this would take, even with the speed-up, would make it hard to go unnoticed for so long. So my supposition is that this is a glitch in the server (or a troll who's maniacal about following chunk borders). I haven't been able to find any other examples on the web, or repairs, so I'm stumpt. Yours in Server Community, Fang "le Ingénieur"
  7. Your Name: Ingenieur_13 Item Name + Amount: One each: Energized Dark Helm, Energized Dark Plate, Energized Dark Leggings, Energized Dark Boots (Even though I lost two sets, I only need one refunded.) Coordinates: x: -5302, y: 152, z: 3430 Description of Issue: I set up an Ender IO Basic Capacitor Bank (with a Survivalist Generator for power) to charge some Dark Steel Armour I'd made (and Energized with Vibrant Crystals). The first time each item (Plate, Leggings, Helm, and Boots) received a small charge because I was moving them from slot to slot, learning how the interface worked. One time my connection 'timed out' and when I got back on, they were no longer in the Bank. Having dealt with numerous occasions of inventory glitch high-jinks, I thought they were simply invisible. So I took my pickaxe and broke the Bank [pun intended]. When I re-placed the Capacitor Bank in the same space, they had returned. I put them on to see how the side inventory slots worked on the GUI for the Bank. Unexpectedly, when I right-clicked them, they went from there into my regular inventory. So I expected them to return to the side armour inventory when I right-clicked them in my inventory. They did not.... They vanished. I assumed they were invisible again and repeated the above; no luck. I relogged; no change. I tried both together, nada. To check if the 'right-click something into a supposed empty space' trick worked (that's how I get disappearances in my inventory to reappear), I made a second set of Energized Dark Armour and attempted to 'click and move' a piece to an 'invisible' item's location (it works with inventory glitches), it too vanished. Desperate, I tried right-clicking another; failure. So I repeated the relog and redeploy tactic, only to be disappointed again. TLDR; Twice I've made the this armour and 'anviled' in the crystals, but both times parts vanish at the instant they should appear in the Basic Capacitor Bank. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/57b4vDy
  8. Can u bruny increase the time of login timeout kick? reason my pc need 1-2 to load in the server , but when i log is too late and i get disconnected can u resolve my problem?
  9. recently my account matenshi55 was hacked and stolen (9 days ago), the email I used to make has since been deleted and it was an old, unmigrated account. I doubted that i'd ever be able to recover it so I made a new minecraft account. my new name is Dr_Shuham. if possible, all i'd like is for my matenshi55 account to be banned on all of these servers. it sucks having your name taken from you...but it sucks even more knowing the name you've used, the account you've made friends with and such..will more than likely be used by some troll and run through the dirt. I like this server, it has a good community of players and Ive played a little more than a year on this server on my original account. If possible, and I know this is a longshot, but could I also get my towns returned to my new account "Dr_Shuham" the towns names are GourdhavenIsland and GourdhavenTower. if not, I understand.
  10. Account Name: lightminer8_ Item Name: Staff of Traveling 2/7/18 11:18 (when I got on after the rollback) Rollback of my items went before I recently made a Staff of Traveling
  11. Account Name: lightminer8_ Character name : lightminer8_ Coordinates:-383 -263 69 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 2/4/18 8:00 Description of Issue: I died at spawn can't break grave to get stuff back *Screenshots: I have a screenshot except the file is too big
  12. lightminer8_ Void leggings with prot 1, Armoured Hardened Jetpack, Weak Blood Orb, Void Sword with sharp 3, sacrificial orb, Golden Capped Wand with shock focus, Obsidian Mattock with Moss 2 Haste 1 Diamond and emerald 2/2/18 4:00 P.M. My character is a vampire from witchery so i accidentally got insta-killed by the sun. When i went to break my grave the grave didn't give me my full inventory.
  13. Account Name: Kralj_HD Town name: / Character name : Kralj_HD Coordinates: X: 3670, Z: -1528, Y: 63 (4) Savanna Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 2:55:00 PM/ 1/29/18 Description of Issue: I went to help out a player at his base, casual as always. All of the sudden server reset and when I log back on; I was dead (I believe I died because of some dangerous bees in the area, even tough I was not in range for them to damage me). I then go back to my grave and like any ussual town I try to break it but then it all went south. The items that dropped were being pulled by a item magnet chest and it kept telling me I could not pick up anything because town perms were set that way I assume. 1 maybe 2 mins later the town owner; "Satanismylord" logs on and as we want to pick up my items, everything dissapears except the tinkers' tools. I've lost many items which also many I cannot exactly recall. I do know that I lost 5 stacks of basic capacitors, 2-3 stacks gold, redstone and glowstone each. 1 stack energetic alloy, amulet of night vision, Storage module tablet and many more items inside inventory and module. Which is why I would rather request a rollback of my character file instead of a refund. Thanks in advance for reading my thread and my issue, I also hope for a swift reply. *Screenshots: It did not let me add pictures, even tough the size was within limits..
  14. Account Name: BlueMischief Item name + item ID: Ender Quarry 1828 Date/Time: 28/10/2017/unknown Description of Issue: I extended my claim (got premium so more claimblocks over VIP) and my equarry was on my town border (as Imperatus told me to do) but then as the border extended it broke my (finished)equarry. Evidence (optional, but recommended):https://imgur.com/a/sZPb9 under the item node, next to the ender marker.
  15. si i am trying to make a 61 block diameter sphere underground so I was digging out a square when I realised I could use a builder to make the sphere first and then I just had to mine out the inside. but somehow it says that user: ionse is closeby (You cannot modify the land here Owners: ionse) but the only town that is closeby is Imperatus town ''nice'' some admin (forgot the name) told me to wait until server restart (I did) and if that didn't work to open a new topic. well this is the topic. I would like to request one of 3 things, 1. worldedit the cube gone so I can handbuild the sphere 2. worldedit the sphere in/fix the thing so I can use the builder 3. a better idea from one of the staff members not trying to be a dick or demanding with this post just ideas to fix this problem.
  16. I placed my equarry just a few blocks outside my town border to let it mine, someone came in took all the ores and my equarry, 1 transfer node (items) some pipe and some random stuff I stored in the first chest. (location? staff message me in game or discord) MC: BlueMischief / Discord: -=iTB=- BlueMischief#0917 just a copy paste from the rules section. Griefing Players are not allowed to destroy any of a player's work by any means. Hide contents Why do we have this rule? This rule is in place to assure a player's work is safe from harm's way and that the players of the community can play with eachother in a safe and fun environment. Am I allowed to take items from an unprotected house? Our servers use certain protection systems to protect certain areas. That does not mean that if you find an unprotected area it is yours to claim. It is still considered griefing and it will be punished accordingly.
  17. Another player has his base located not far from my own and he has some setting that disallows me to place certain items in a part of my town. When i try to do so i get this error message: "You cannot modify the land here Owners: 96_Mo_96" THis player has not been online in two and a half months, so i have not been able to get a hold of him. So... Plz help?
  18. Hey guys, I need some help. I wanted to launch the modpack, but doesn't do anything. :/ http://pastebin.com/AdzKKKL3 here's the crash log. Already tried reinstalling the modpack and java.
  19. Hi, Recently I was moving all my storage which included 2 resonant strongboxes containing all our ingots and other resources. I removed the strongboxes using a wrench, so nothing special happened. When they dropped on the floor they dissappeared before i was able to pick them up. We storare ores/ingots/gems in seperate strongboxes. It is also worth mentioning all those crate items were a total of 3 people that bought [Premium] yesterday, so we got alot of packages. The items we lost: 2 Resonant Strongboxes (Legendary crate) 2x first Thermal Ingots legendary package (total 128Copper/128Tin/64Silver/64Lead/32Ferrous/32Shiny) 1x second Thermal Ingots legendary package (total 32ManaInfused/32Electrum/32Invar/32Bronze/16Signalum/16Lumium/16Enderium) 1x legendary Gems Supply Around 2 stacks of redstone blocks Around 1,5 stack of iron Around a stack of gold 12 Nether stars (from vote keys) 128 Nether Quartz 128-ish certuz quartz 50 diamonds 2 emeralds 32-ish aluminium brass ingot I'm sure we had more, but because this is already becoming quite a long list, i listed our most important items
  20. While doing a rite of Infusion, i died, with Death Protection Poppet (Bound)*2(7142), and Infernal animus*2(7140:45). Both items were taken, infusion didnt work. Tried again, still didnt work. Edit: I suggest adding Golden Laugel Crown to the shop, as Death Protection Poppets seem to not work in Server, they still in SP.
  21. I was just in Infinity Evolved, mindlessly farming the end for Amethyst and Enderpearls for a few minutes before i restarted my pc since i was getting mad frame drops(probably a memory leak, thus why i needed to restart) when, suddently, i mistakingly look at two endermen instead of just one so they start really damaging me, i'm at 1/0.5 hearts and trying to get away from the endermen and some dude called xNgs(unsure if that's the name - the letter G may be something else, don't recall). Why is this allowed? Why can a newbie just follow me into the nether and kill me like that? I lost all my ender amethyst gear and don't have more to make it again, i had just made a set of armour that i actually cared about, some logistics pipes controllers and a dude swings at me with a wooden sword while i'm fighting for my life and steals my items. Why is this allowed? Why would pvp be enabled by default in a modpack that consists in filling your inventory with gear that's literally crafted after days of work? For some dude that literally joined the server for 5 minutes, killed me and ran away to safety. Then you make it so you can't pvp in towns. What is this? Where was your mind when you didn't make it so you could toggle pvp? I'm sorry, i like you guys but that was legitimately.. Not very wise, just not to say something else.
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