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Found 10 results

  1. Your Name: HomelessJew and digitoItem Name + ID + Amount: legendary crate keys arround 750 100 dollar billd arround 30k i counted and its like 3 mil we found these on a abandoned island Coordinates: x:4850 y:65 z:-1850Description of Issue: so i got a inventory rollback bc i had me drives (from ae2) in my inventory with shulkerboxes inside which had arround 100 wallets filled with 100 dollar bills in it which made me crash everytime i tried joining the server so i rollbacked my account to the time i hadnt broke any drives yet but in the me drive which i broke were drives with legendary crate keys and dollar bills , a ton of then but we´d like to have some of that loot refunded or if its possible the disk drives (they were all filled with 64k items) Screenshots (Optional): cant provide any sorry if it helps u could ask some players that were on at the time we opened some (we didnt give any1 keys bc i told my m8 it would break the economy so we didnt do it) Kos-Viruz can probably confirm that we had this ammount of loot or the fact that we have some quantum storages we hope to hear from you -HomelessSquad
  2. IGN: pizzasamuel Reason: I have been auto-kicked off my friends island. Date it happened: 9/21/18 Current date: 9/22/18 Hello, mods/admins of the skyfactory 3 technical support team. I have come to ask you a question. I was logging on to skyfactory 3 yesterday, and when I got on, I noticed that I did not have any perms. I was confused, so I did /seen Jolteon321 (owner's name). I have noticed that the owner has not been on for more than 15 days, while I was on the day before yesterday, And still had perms. Today, while I was checking out the owners base. I saw that he has replied to one of my signs asking him a question about the island. He did not say anything about kicking me, so I feel like he did not kick me himself. All I am asking for is either me to be added onto his island, or some way of contacting him that when the next time he logs on, he will know to add me back. Sincerely, pizzasamuel
  3. Ok so I was told to come to forums, so here I am. I would like to request an island move. I have a moderate size island and I was being silly and didn't think of chunks. I would like to move my island in the middle of a chunk. Please move this for me, Gamertag<Houston_Ratledge> P.S. i was told that i can only get granted if I'm a sponsor but I do have premium plus if that helps any, please move island for me. Thanks
  4. Your Name: ManjakIsland Owner Name: WierdoCoordiantes: -15167 152 -1003Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): UTC+02:00 21:30, 1st November 2017Description of Issue: Someone just grief our island for no reason. Took all ME drives all me cells, 10 solar panels VI, reactor, some machines.Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: MrSoloHDIsland Owner Name: MrSoloHD Coordiantes: -15216 -2988 143Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): October 10, 6:30 PM ESTDescription of Issue: Someone that is trusted have created a teleportation to my base and took 9 max out lava gens, 7 64k me drives and other items that I might not know they have taken from my me systemScreenshots (Optional): None
  6. When I logged in today I discovered that half of my island is gone. I'm not sure but it looks like about 3 days old. Nightkriss ingame login Your Name: NightkrissIsland Owner Name: Nightkriss Coordinates: X=-15176 Z=-14402 y=144(9)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 13.10.2017 around 23h-00h CEST ( can't remember exactly when I logged back, but definitely earlier than 01:00 14.10.2017)Description of Issue: Looks like my island reverted to the state it was few days ago. I lost my spawn/grinder farm, 32x32x48 Bigreactor and few other things. In My alloy smelter were darkened glass(blocks light) so it's definitely just a sec before I started messing up with Cursed Earth Screenshots (Optional): I don't want my island to be rerolled. I'll try to redo everything from scratch. Now that I've the precious experience to make it better and faster.
  7. I was visiting my friend and i wonders who island is surrounding his island so i flew to the east and entered somebody else island (there was none except a tomb down at y1) and i thought i could raid the tomb but i fell into void and tired to fly back up but too late... i died. and then i found out i can't raid that tomb... even my own tomb... so currently as i type, im standing on my tom. I know that player won't be back anyway. that player name is R3ktGamerRO.... LAST VISITED March 25. Cord my tomb at: X: -13210 Z: 3584 Y: 2 EDIT: my username is Tiredman72
  8. EDIT: Problem Fixed through /is restart because i was sick of waiting and wanted to play. Hey Guys, its SmittenBone here with a bug that used to happend to me and my buddys Island. First off, we Played on the Skyfac 2 Server and played a few hours within Halloween Event Bats used to appear on the Island cause we couldnt get a helmet this fast and it didnt interrupt us at this time. After a few hours there were lots of Event Bats on our Island and they were used to fly against an invisible wall a little bit further than our island goes. Like bugging in the air dropping and getting back on top dropping again. So we decided to get rid of them an my Buddy got the idea to throw stones (the sieved little rocks) into them. He hits once and the bat turned into a witch (like they do in the Halloween Event), things turned quickly the witch dropped down at the same moment fireworks flew up from her and he got bugged into the air again and keeps dropping just like the bats do. Problems evolved since we got HUGE Lagspikes which shutdowns our Minecraft as soon as we get on the Island. [As a Solution idea I came up with clearing entities cause we aint got any animals etc. yet on our island!] I'd love to get some help as fast as possible, and im sorry for any bad grammatics i'm from Germany! Greetings, SmittenBone EDIT: Problem Fixed through /is restart because i was sick of waiting and wanted to play.
  9. In-Game Nickname: MrHyper_ Time and date: 5/10/2016 - 22:00 UTC+00:00 Description of what happened: SparkMiner have auc a reinforced watering can , mohamedanis win the auc , Sparkminer said he had auc by mistake and tp to their island and kill them both ( MrHyper_ , mohamedanis) with key of the king's law , i tp to them to "help" them and they get their stuff back . Screenshots or Proof: http://imgur.com/a/yN1NZ , http://imgur.com/a/x75ur , http://imgur.com/a/jK7iG List of eyewitnesses: Pocoyozinho , mohamedanis
  10. Hi, My friend Hotpink1 changed her username to "Otanaa" and ever since, the server acted as if she was a new player. As in, new island, new password, new inventory. Fortunately.. i was added to her island so it isn't completely lost. I was wondering if there was a way you could add her to the island again? And if she changes her name back.. will she be added again? i'm not sure how 'offline servers' are. And i would really appreciate it if you could add her back. Or if not, maybe copy and paste our island to a new one? It's quite a developed island and i wouldn't want to not be able to play with my friends because the server can't support the new minecraft name changes. Thanks so much.. kindly appreciate help. Proof that Otanaa is Hotpink1(Just in case this might be an issue): https://namemc.com/s?Hotpink1
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