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Found 5 results

  1. Your Name: Nick:Nathan (nebest04)Item Name + Amount: full wyvern armour wyvern capacitor w sword w pick with speed and aoe upgrade and illumination wand other useless stuff i dont need backCoordinates : spawnpoint of a worldDescription of Issue: i was getting ready to start on rf worlds mod when i noticed my teamate had already made some worlds so i presumed they were safe and went in one called DRAC world and it killed me instantly and /back only kills me again. thans in advance -nathan
  2. item refund

    i lost ma items becuese crash becuese i was putting all my items in a chest. i lost the next items: - full modded power armor - efficianty 4 fortune 2 pick - sharp 5 fire aspect 2 sword - quantum assembler - cheminal extractor - nuclear bowler - 2 ressonant power cells - 7 tesserect frame (full could u pls refund it?
  3. Item Refund

    Account name: roux2 Flux-Infused Sword 20759 Flux-Infused Pickaxe 20761 Flux-Infused Axe 20762 Resonant Jetpack 18004:1 Resonant Energy Cell 917:4 Diamond Helmet 310 Diamond Leggings 312 Desh Boots 10171 Tesseract 930 Redstone Energy ConduitX22 20258:2 ItemductX6 20258:4096 At approximately 8:05 I came back on the server after idling for 5 minutes and my inventory was COMPLETELY cleared! I don't know how this happened but please help me.
  4. Item Refund

    Ok so when i logged into the server i spawned on top of the ground but then a vote party took place and I glitched into the ground and then died. I had a set of diamond armor with desh boots, a sharpness 2 looting 2 diamond sword, an efficiency 2 diamond pickaxe, an efficiency 1 diamond axe, a quarry, 40 redstone energy conduits, 2 resonant energy cells, a crescent hammer, reactor casing, cobblestone transport pipe, wooden extraction pipe, 4 item ducts, a pulverizer, a resonant jetpack, 4 vote keys, 1 legendary key, a 64k ME storage and 4 bookshelves.
  5. Hi all, i recently died in someones claim while i was wearing shock resist on my power armor ( i died from fall damage ) i whould really like to get my stuff back becouse it took me a long long time to craft it all, i exedently made a screenshot while i was looking in my inventory so i atatched it ( i have a wierd screenshot bug it will create 2 ugly black bars at the sides of my screen) thanks Justin DGK_YT

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