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Found 9 results

  1. Name in-game: TheJokerCard Item name: in description Coordinates: BigApple : x : 41.55471 y: 64 z: -583.84209 Hi today at afternoon i lost my ores from two chest of my town they are disapperead and i dont know why and how this happened i was builing my tinker things and then this happened can you help me refund my items? I don t excactly remember what i had but i will try: 8 stack of coal , 10 stack of iron, 44 yellorium, 32 diamond or more idk, 6 stack of copper, 6 stack of tin, 5 stack of redstone, 6 stack of seared ingot, 6 stack of lead , 6 stack of silver, 4 stack of gold, 14 cyanite, 4 stack of electrotine. I think i had more but it s okay for me. thanks you a lot if you refund me my items!
  2. Hello, When i try to login i get kicked from the server (direwolf20 EU) because of IllegalArgumentException, this happened after i crafted the chemthrower from immersive engineering and tried to use it. My friend also got kicked when he came near the spot i used the chem thrower. Is there a way to solve this problem because i would love to continue playing on this server. my IGN is ananaskip.
  3. I was playing on your tekkit server and had just found a library that had the page that gave you meat fluid it was called meat.name or something and I was trying to copy it and I placed it on the left in the black area but it disappeared so I tried to get it back by breaking the desk and it didn't drop
  4. Nickname:Yigitos Title:Premium Server: SkyFactory 2.5 Reason:Hi Support center good works my items wast fall into the void but my items in a chest but i dont broke my chest I say special items: Draconic Staff 3 ME 16384k storages and Draconic Helmet , Chestplate , Leggings finally Boats Thanks Again
  5. i lost ma items becuese crash becuese i was putting all my items in a chest. i lost the next items: - full modded power armor - efficianty 4 fortune 2 pick - sharp 5 fire aspect 2 sword - quantum assembler - cheminal extractor - nuclear bowler - 2 ressonant power cells - 7 tesserect frame (full could u pls refund it?
  6. Account name: vNa_OmegaVictory item name + item id = Page (Resonant Ender Block) = 6061 time/date : 2017-11-09_07.17.51 [I was playing normally then i used my writing desk and when i putted the page is dissapear i tried to brake it and it didnt gave me it back :'v ] Description Issue: Picture :
  7. Account Name: Emreemre76 Item name + item ID: Chaos Shard - 5660 00:48 CET( GMT+1 ) 17th of aug I droped my Chaos Shard to scan it with the Thaumometer and it despawned like immediately. To validate that i got one you can watch into the Market log(if there is one) if not here are some infos: I bought 2 Chaos Shards at the Market from EnergyTR (15.8.2017) sry that i can not attach a photo but i can attach a photo of the other Chaos Shard it that could help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B54KEM4sXDM1ckJLY0tLdi0yV0U/view?usp=sharing Sorry that i must give you the link the upload function does not work :/ I hope you can work with that so i can get my Shard back. With much thanks Emreemre76
  8. Account Name: Major_Mangolia Item - Draconic Chestplate -- item ID - 5626 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 31/07/2017 at around 2:10am UK time. Description of Issue: I spent an hour looking for 1 last piece to complete the recipe, a dense diamond ore, as soon as i completed the recipe i put it in my inventory walked over to my energy infuser accessed it and then relized i did not have the item, i checked the crafting table multiple times, relogged, even waited till restart but nothing worked. As you could probably guess i have no screenshot of the item because it dissapearred as soon as I made it, but i do have a screenshot of my inventory after the event. please contact me either ingame or on this site telling me wether you can help me or not. thank you Evidence (optional, but recommended):
  9. Nash227

    Item Rollback

    Every Time i Try to Join The Server I Get Kicked For "Glitched Item". Please Do a Item RollBack For me (I need it Majorly)
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