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Found 24 results

  1. [Rollback Request] on Tekkit

    Account Name: BlueDragonSoul Town name: / Character name : Anime_Nation / CrystalBlueSoul Coordinates: x-1732 z3132 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 17.09.2017 15:00 CEST Description of Issue: Didn't know that the radiation shield from Modular Powersuit ist not working, i died 3-4 Times till my items got despawned *Screenshots: ---- It's a bit before i die, when i have at that time a golden bagpack in my inventory, please destroy him because i have him still
  2. Item Refund

    Ok so when i logged into the server i spawned on top of the ground but then a vote party took place and I glitched into the ground and then died. I had a set of diamond armor with desh boots, a sharpness 2 looting 2 diamond sword, an efficiency 2 diamond pickaxe, an efficiency 1 diamond axe, a quarry, 40 redstone energy conduits, 2 resonant energy cells, a crescent hammer, reactor casing, cobblestone transport pipe, wooden extraction pipe, 4 item ducts, a pulverizer, a resonant jetpack, 4 vote keys, 1 legendary key, a 64k ME storage and 4 bookshelves.
  3. Item Refund

    I lost my items because of a glitch in a restart. I lost a quarry, a sharpness 2 looting 2 diamond sword, A efficiency 2 diamond pickaxe, an effeciency 1 diamond axe, 47 redstone energy conduits and a resonant energy cell.
  4. Hi, I don't really know where do I put this, so here could be a good place. The main point of this post is to know if I have to start over the progress when I change from 1.7 server to 1.10. I had a huge base in the 1.7 server that took me so long to build and i don't want to lose all my stuff, items, servers and so on. If there's a way to take anything back it would be so nice... I'm not feeling like starting all over. Thanks
  5. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: nothing Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 15/8/2017 At 23:38 (spain) (ONLY NEED THE STAFF OF POWER) Item name + item ID : Staff of Power ID 6347 Description of Issue: I was adding to my staff of power just made the soulbound charm, and suddenly when I caught it the anvil was broken and the weapon disappeared, the weapon had Looting 3 and Fortune 3 Screenshots: I dont have screenshots
  6. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: x: -693.534 y: 51 z: 885.698 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: idk Description of Issue: It was in my dimension, when I suddenly came back home and the dimension did not exist. I tried to remove the dimlets and they disappeared. I had the dimlet of gold, diamond and iron. I'll take care of it myself. I would also like to recover the quarry, the enderchest, the dimensional transceiver, chunk loader, and that's it. Luckily I had taken a picture with the mobil to show off with my friends, thank goodness. Screenshots:
  7. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: x: -691.792 Y:66 Z:867.300 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: It would be 13:00 or so Description of Issue: I was removing My ME from disks, to take it to my new machine room, when the server suddenly has crass and I lost all the disks with all my things except 3 disks, that just did not have the important things, I had all my things in the others. Screenshots:
  8. Account Name: Supra07 Server: dw1.7 Item name + item ID: 4 sign-323 128 steak-364 1 Lexica Botania-4863 1 Greater Ring of Magnetization-6472 8 Land Mark-989 2 Experience Obelisk-1231 (1 of this have 40 level xp and the second have 150 level xp) 22 Item Conduit-5154 38 Rubber Wood- 621 1 Flux-Infused OmniWrench-5522 1 Ring of Protection- 4828 1 Giant's Sword-5369 1 Smart Wrench-6381 1 QuantumSuit Helmet-4337:37 1 QuantumSuit Bodyarmor-4338:27 1 QuantumSuit Leggings-4339:27 1 QuantumSuit Boots-4340:27 1 Giant's Pickaxe-5368 1 Resonant Energy cell-1694:4 1 Resonant Flux Capacitor-4611:5 24 Super-Laminar Fluiduct-2178:6 40k money and my resonant strongbox, I dont remember what's inside. You know a way to know what's inside? Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 08/08/17 at 00:30 After brunyman helped me fix a bug Description of Issue: I did not have more access at my Resonant Satchel, and resonant strongbox and lose all money, you can help me to recover my items by satchel, strongbox and money? All this happened after brunyman helped me fix a bug. This is topic of them bug Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): size at screenshot is much and i dont have allow to upload not anymore at 10.00kb. Use this link, Its secure ( http://prntscr.com/g64t7v ) ( http://prntscr.com/g64thd )
  9. Items in town land

    Account Name: xXProCastXx Item name: peridot pickaxe modular power armour (full armour) all power armour had HV capacitor power armour glider power armour fall resist 168 birch 230 oak 5x64 + 45 vote crate keys(bought them from market) 2x64 glowstone 5x64 glowstone 34 redstone energy conduits Description of Issue: When I came back from nether I had 2 hearts left and the portal teleported me to a town, when I moved of the portal frame some kind of a fall bug/glitch happend at least SOMETHING happened that I lost 2 hearts and died. Because of it the items dropped in a town land and had despawned when I got back there. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): Sorry couldn't take a pic of the dropped items
  10. brunyman after we fix the bug, yesterday. I did not have more access at my Resonant Satchel, and resonant strongbox and lose all money, you can help me to recover my items by satchel, strongbox and money?
  11. Missing ME drive

    So my friend and i have been playing on the Sky factory server for a while now, and we stopped for some months and came back later, then we came back we where missing our deep storages (It was kinda sad but we just started getting the materials again) And now we are missing our ME drives and all of our storage, we have nothing right now, it was all of our materials. Someone that knows what to do? The name of us players are UNO_AMIGO and Daxtar_2000, if there is a Helper that want us to give the name Now i'm editing there is also a whole problem with my ME system, Everytime i place a cable it breaks and it's maybe because it knows that it's missing the drives also my Crafting terminal is just like a normal terminal when it is a crafting one. I need a lot of help here on my island
  12. Me (forlindorn) and my Mates Sigigamer and BabeZzZz have lost out Equipment due to a Servercrash. We were terraforming but when the servercrashed we spawned into a resetted area where we all suffocated in a wall. We lost 3x : Nearly Full upgraded Power Suits and 3 Crawls. All that happend yesterday evening arround 21:30-22:00 i think. Can we get an Iventoryrollback?

    In-Game Nickname: (Earth_Keeper_T) Time and date: 9:37 MST 3/2/17 Description of what happened: (Earth gives ducky free cell.) Screenshots or Proof: (https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwNyFEOgyAMANC78G-hHYHiZRaCBE1UCO2-zO6-vc_3mM88zWp21SGrtdshpc8NRPvMrULrvZ01j0Og9Mtm1Vz2q94qltgjpphSYGIK5PFf0UVk5BBDCkjsLDmMi3stjt5E4BMgw7ib-f4Aj0Ujwg.rPQJnyCLh6MpGWk7dfrw54Ig9d8?width=1235&height=663 ) List of eyewitnesses: (Duckyisgay)
  14. [Crashed Server][Items Missing]

    So I can understand that server crashes do happen, and apparently they have been happening quite often recently. I can take couple of crashes that cause my items to dissapear but Im slowly getting mad at this. Today at around 14:20 my time (UK) server crashed and I've lost 8 laser drills and prechargers for them. I've also lost around 4 tesseracts but I am not 100% sure how many it was. Dont recall. I would be very grateful if the items were returned to me. ~RewVenN
  15. Lost items

    I was wondering around the over world when i found a base. Curious for ideas of my own base i walked inside. I found a strange looking "teleporter" and decided to stand on it. 2 seconds later I was dead. I realize this is my own fault but I would really like to have my items back that I lost inside the rf tools dimlet of another player. I know this is a long shot and it is my own fault for walking into a portal I had no Idea what I was doing. If there is anything I could do to help the situation or get my stuff back please let me know. It happened in Willyville and the ower is Willyfondeler. Thank you for reading.
  16. Server crash, lost items

    Okay, so on the 08/04/2017 there was some sort of server crash. Prior to this, I was charging my Power Suits in some energetic infusers I had just made. So, list of events: -I make 5 energetic infusers (because spawn had no power) -I start charging my Power suit up (Helm, chestplate, leggings, boots, fist) -The server crashes -Get back online to find no power suit. now this wouldent be so bad and I wouldent be so mad if I hadent had all upgrades (that I use/need) on all my suit pieces. Here is a list of what I had: Power Armour Helmet: Energy Shield, Elite Battery, HES generator, Water Electrolyzer, Auto-feeder, Night vision, clock and compass. Chest plate: Energy Shield, Elite battery, Glider, Jetpack, DTG, Active Camouflage, Magnet, Mob repulsor and cooling system. Leggings: Energy Shield, Elite battery, K generator, Sprint assist, jump assist, aqua assist and step assist Boots: Energy Shield, Elite Battery, jet boots and shock absorber. Fist: Axe, Pickaxe, shovel, sheers, leaf blower, flint & steel, wireless terminal, FT Module, Diamond Drill, Aqua Affinity, I-P assembler, Melee assist, elite battery and Blink drive. I put a lot of work and gathering into this and I know its probably not your fault that the server crashed or whatever but I still lost them because of the server and I know its not my fault. I know you could say that I shouldn't be charging things (which is silly) but how was I suppose to know a crash was happening? I would really appreciate it if I got my items back and my in-game name is xX_Samuel_GB_Xx (I am premium) and my base coords are: x -2600 and z 1560 (y 61) and is called CyberJamSam. Thank you!

    All my tesseracts and a ME controller turned into obsidian and all fuel evaporated in the last crash. @brunyman You can see what I mean in the included screenshots. Please can I get them back ? Server: Tekkit Player: TheLovedOne
  18. Hi there, I'm XxOblivion. Recently, whenever I relogged onto the server after I'd been gone for the night, I had lost almost all of my items. It started with only a few items, like my iron god-enchanted set (prot IV and such), but the next day I lost almost all of my stuff (full prot IV unbreaking III etc. diamond gear except helmet, which was iron. My sharp V fire aspect II etc. iron sword, power V inf I flame I etc. bow and more), and only kept my grappling hook and a crossbow, and the stuff which was in my enderchest (5 strength pots, chain helmet & chestplate, iron boots, flint & steel, pufferfish, assassin pages and a feather). I paid a lot of gold for my items, and I would greatly appreciate it if I got them back... The picture shown here is a slightly outdated screenshot I took when I had most of my stuff (besides my diamond enchanted boots) One of the helpers (bas_groen) is aware of the glitch too. I have changed my password on the cracked server too, in case a player logging in on my account would be the cause of the glitch. I would appreciate it if I were to get my items back. If you need my skype, it is "liamoskam". Kind regards, Oblivion. .
  19. Hello! I don't know if this is the good place to post it, but I got the command to post a request here due to I lost my Soulbound stuff when the server just lagged out. I died in the Twilight forest's labyrinth by some Minotaurs. I had Soulbound on my Crossbow and on my Arrows that were used by my Crossbow. I didn't manage to get them, even after I crafted some new Arrows to kill the minotaurs (and skeletons, bats) around my graves. I thought these stuff got in there due to a bug, but those were not. Strange, because my Crossbow is still on me. Lost stuff: - Constantan Bolts 3 Modifier slot upgrade full of Quartz made of: Thaunium tool rod, Constantan on it, and with fletching made of Slimy leaves
  20. The list of restricted items on our FTB Infinity Evolved Server. Last updated 15.June.2017 Disabled Mods: Inventory Tweaks - Duplication bugs. Restricted Items: Arcane Bore > Thaumcraft - Protection bypass. Hungry Chest > Thaumcraft - Protection bypass. Everfull Urn > ThaumicExploration - Dupe bugs. Black hole talisman > Botania - Dupe bugs. Block Breaker > OpenBlocks - Dupe bugs. Cursor > OpenBlocks - Dupe bugs. Block Placer > ProjectRed - Dupe bugs. Routed firewall pipe > ProjectRed - Dupe bugs. Project Bench > ProjectRed - Dupe bugs. Item Chips > ProjectRed - Dupe bugs. Block and Chain > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Brews > Witchery - Protection bypass. Cloud in Bottle > Chisel - Protection bypass. Crane > OpenBlocks - Protection bypass. Crumble Horn > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Cube of Annihilation > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Cut firestone > Railcraft - Grief. Drawbridge > TinkersMechworks - Dupe bugs. Ender Collector > ExtraUtilities - EnderIO > EnderIO - Protection bypass. Energy Bazooka > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Energy Blaster > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Fancy Workbench > Bibliocraft - Dupe bugs. Filing cabinet > ExtraUtilities - Dupe bugs. Florbs > ThermalExpansion - Protection bypass. Hand of Ender > Botania - Protection bypass. Ice Bomb > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Imperfect Ritual Stone > BloodMagic - Dupe bugs. Industrial TNT > IC2 - Leonards Urn > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Letter > Forestry - Dupe bugs. Mana blaster > Botania - Protection bypass. Manastorm charge > Botania - Protection bypass. Machinist Workbench > ThermalExpansion - Dupe bugs. Needlegun > MFR - Protection bypass. Plastic Bag > MFR - Protection bypass. Network tool > AE2 - Protection bypass. Orb of testing > BloodMagic - Unstable. Tectonic Petrotheum Bucket > ThermalFoundation - Protection bypass. Plasma Launcher > IC2 - Protection bypass. Rod of Terra Firma > Botania - Protection bypass. Rod of the Hells > Botania - Protection bypass. Rod of the Molten Core > Botania - Protection bypass. Shard of Laputa > Botania - Protection bypass. Slotted Book > BilblioCraft - Dupe bugs. Smashing Rock > Chisel2 - Protection bypass. Spell Table > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Turtles > ComputerCraft - Protection bypass. Twisted Dark Iron Block > Factorization - Unstable. Vajra > GraviSuite - Dupe bugs. Energistics Connector > StevesAddons - Dupe bugs. With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries. inf.craftersland.net
  21. I Require...assistance

    I died via zombie while afk, but I seen my items on the death screen. I returned to my Death Point (Inside my base) and my items were gone! I didn't waste any time in getting to the DP. I lost Power armor helmet (Auto feeder, Airtight seal, Water Electrolizer, ADV Battery) Power armor torso (Jetpack) Power armor leggings (Sprint assist) Power armor boots (Shock Absorber) Flux infused sword Flux infused pickaxe Flux infused shovel Flux infused axe
  22. I have logged after 2 days and all my items are gone ! pls help me
  23. Items Dissapearing

    whenever I go to lobby or use portal my items disappear until I open something. (chest, Furnace or crafting table)
  24. [Tekkit] Restricted Items List

    The list of restricted items list on Tekkit Server. Last Updated 28.08.2017 Disabled Mods: Balkon's WeaponsMod - PvP protection bypass including spawn protection. InventoryTweaks - Item duplication bugs. Redstone in Motion - Used a lot for grief, protection bypass. Vending - Dupe issues. Project Bench - Dupe issues. Trade Booth - Dupe issues. Restricted Items: Matter Cannon - Applied Energistics - Protection bypass. Alchemical Bag - Equivalent Exchange 3 - Dupe bugs. Needlegun - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. SPAMR Launcher - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. Fishing Rod - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. Sacred Rubber Sapling - MineFactory Reloaded - A huge tree, once placed it takes space to up to 4 regions bypassing protection in the process and causing very low fps to clients. Plastic Bag - MineFactory Reloaded - Item Dupe Bug; Plastic Cup - MineFactory Reloaded - Dupe Bugs; Lux Capacitor - MMM Powersuits - Only restricted for block place for protection bypass. Creative StrongBox - Thermal Expansion - Item duplicator. Florbs - Thermal Expansion - Protecion bypass. Confiscate Module - MFFS - Can steal players inventory's. Anti Personnel Module - MFFS - Killing players and stealing items. Desintegration Module - MFFS - Block Grief Sponge Module - MFFS - Fluid Grief Angel Block - Extra Utilities - Protection bypass. Filling Cabinet - Extra Utilities - Dupe bugs. Iron Transport Pipe - BC Transport - Dupe bugs. REP - WR-CBE Addons - Protection bypass. Machinist Workbench - ThermalExpansion - Dupe bugs. With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries. Notes: The Mystcraft and DimensionalDoors worlds are wiped once per week to maintain the server stable - so do not build bases there! You can build towns on the main world, moon and mars, we don't know how stable the last 2 are so the main world is the safest for base building. Explore the Space and Beyond tekkit.craftersland.net:25567