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Found 15 results

  1. MamaMedusa

    EXTREME Lag Issues

    Hi there, There are some extreme lag issues on the Infinity Evolved server. It takes about 2-3 minutes for any message in chat to be sent from when it is typed. To be frank, the staff and helpers are not being helpful. We have some still denying that there is lag when there has been multiple complaints from people in the server (as well as the discord) complaining about the lag. Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks!
  2. InfinityGamer22

    [Refund Request]InfinityGamer22

    Account Name: InfinityGamer22 Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful): Thermal Centrifuge 203:3 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 8:35 AM 18.02. 2018 (UTC + 01:00) Description of Issue: I've tried to break a cable behind my thermal centrifuge, then I swapped to other tool on my hotbar. Then the server lagged and i broke a 3x3 area, and the thermal centrifuge only gave back basic machine casing. I've put the basic machine casing in a chest on my base. Evidence (optional, but recommended): https://imgur.com/a/XMbBb
  3. Hello Craftersland Staff, Throughout a lag spike in the server, a friend and I had all of our solar panels despawn. They were floating around 4 blocks above the ground, and there were 16 of them. The solar panels included: 5 ultimate, 5 advanced, 2 resonant, 4 hardened. If we could have these replaced, as server lag despawned them, that would be great. Thank you in advance Warden_Designs
  4. Im aware that the new dw20 server is constantly being worked on, however some things do get unnoticed though, the same way as the builder quarry from RFTools. It causes huge block updates which cause major tps drops within a second if it receives a constant redstone signal (lever). Example: Builder being off and tps being 20. Builder being on, tps instantly going down to 6.
  5. vwbus1979

    Really bad Lag in Mystcraft

    Hello I am sort of stuck in a mystcraft world due to the world making me experience a really bad like minecraft stops working lag. If someone could like bring me to spawn or something that would great, thanks! Edit, Whatever it was is gone now, deleting this book so I dont experience it again.
  6. Account Name: InfinityGamer22 Town name: / Character name : InfinityGamer22 Coordinates: x 5539 y 65 z 121 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: UTC +01:00 25/08/2017 11:00 Description of Issue: I logged out in one of my clanmate's base, and when I logged in, I was suffocating. Then i re-logged, and I was in the void. I died and lost my stuff in the void. Can you rollback my inventory, please? *Screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/bxsMg
  7. We need an admin on the SkyFactory 2.5 Server STAT! The server keeps crashing and timing us out! There is probally a troll or something and we cant play!
  8. I have the feeling that the head staff is tired of listening to people trying to help with the server performance etc, but since I have decided to leave the server, I got nothing to lose. I suppose this post will get deleted quite immediately, but hope that the staff will have at least a few moments of objective thoughts on this topic. This is your chance to show cooperation. Let's begin: The server is running like 15 TPS average, which means everything in the server is running at 75 % speed. And that is the speed in FULLY loaded chunks. And then it has come to my attention that chunks further away than the one chunk the player is standing in are loaded in some sort of slowed/limited performance to reduce lag, so actually things are running EVEN SLOWER than what it seems. This explains why I couldn't get my rf/t production to make sense at all, and it helped A LOT when I placed a personal anchor in my house. And the server is using some sort of clear-lag alternative as well, but it doesn't warn people of when, how or how often items are deleted, making it very risky to have things dropped on the ground. I've heard of several people losing their AE pure seeds immediately when they reached 100% growth. EVEN THOUGH, mods claim that the server is mostly suffering from peoples automatic farms, with items dropped all over the ground. And there seem to be no interest in limiting peoples overkill-slaughering/harvesting farms to attempt to fix this, because IT LOOKS LIKE 15 TPS IS AN ACCEPTABLE TPS to the staff. Through the first two weeks of me playing on the server, I layed low as I was new, while EXPECTING that staff was obviously trying to work on making the TPS good as I've never before experienced this TPS being accepted. But now I found out, that is not the case at all. I had been waiting patiently for nothing. I certainly don't want to play on a server running with between 6-18 TPS that even restarts every half an hour or so. I just really don't understand how you want to lay name (its you I'm talking to, mods/admins/owner) to a server running with this performance, and just ignore it and accept its all-time suffering, even just at a few weeks in after a complete server wipe. To summarize and objectify the server performance suggestions: 6-18 TPS is garbage. We all know it. I've experienced 18+ TPS in the server just a few times, and oh my god the happiness from the players was flowing. Further reduced performance in chunks in your vicinity is sad and results in people having to use quite a few world anchors, which I'd guess makes things even worse. More than hourly restarts is garbage. Other servers running just as exhausting modpacks restarts 1-2 times per day, thoughtfully scheduled at low-populated times. Your entity-deletion plugin is annoying and inefficient, and doing its job when its NOT supposed to and vise versa. You have a lack of staff actually able to do stuff (trust issues?), for example, it's said only the owner has the ability to do roll-backs. And most staff lack ability to track griefers. There are many great plugins for this. Other suggestions: Get a real market. People love to design and put up actual stores. Get anti-snipe on auctions. As it is right now, the ones that are winning auctions are the ones that know how to set max bids (/bid [initial bid amount] [max bid amount]) and bid that way in the last second. Also, it seems that the people who knows how to do it don't want to tell it to the new players to avoid competition. Unfair auctioning. My first time I use MyTown2 plugin, and I must say I think it's really great. Points on that one. The only thing to point out is the fact that "/town spawn" is an instant teleport, which should be set to a few seconds of delay, like all the other ways of teleporting. If you're not allowed to reprogram the plugin, ask for permission, or suggest AfterWind and Legobear154 to implement a feature to change it. Suggesting can't hurt. /toggledownfall /weather /thunder should be limited in some way. Some people actually need shi**y weather for whatever weird, inefficient and fun ways they like to play. For example, if it could be done so only up to X rainy times can be skipped in a row or if the rain duration could be shortened. Reconsider having creative players and non-creative players in the same world. Tough one, I know, as this is an alluring way of getting people to donate. However, it also seems to be the thing taking the most time for mods to administrate. When creative players are trading with, or just living with, non-creative players. The End should restart more often. All hives, ender-lily seeds etc. are looted within the first two days. Near impossible to do most of the complicated Forestry bees without the Ender bees. Consider admin shop price and assortment adjustment. A few items are extremely rare to get, especially in high-populated servers, things like Oblivion bees from The End (you implemented that in the shop already, wohoo!), Division Sigil, other items that can only be achieved by finding naturally spawned. Oh wait! I am actually not 100 % evil and criticizing Here are some compliments that I seriously think you deserve: Very active and helpful Helpers/Mods in your staff. The daily vote keys/party is a great way to get people to vote. Active chat and friendly community. /rtp signs is a great way to limit people spamming /rtp command. Which commands are available for standard players and which are not. Dimension creation is available. Twilight Forest is available. Your website design. Active forum. If you have further questions, I will gladly discuss it and help as much as I can, as long as it's in this thread, open to everyone, and as long as we are all listening and being objective and constructive. Good luck in the future Regards, Baden
  9. SSCheifs75

    Rollback Request

    The was this guy that griefed my base in creative mode, painted the sky with liquids and it is nearly impossible to play with the amount of lag going on.
  10. danifor

    Requesting item refund

    Around 19:40 EET I've been instakilled by a creeper during a lag spike, I could watch him walk around for like a minute and then he blew up off the cliff where I was two minutes ago, that instakilled me and I couldn't respawn, so I rejoined the server and tried to get back there as soon as possible but the items were gone. The items I had were: Flux-Infused Axe, Flux-Infused Pickaxe, Flux-Infused Sword, Portable Tank filled with Blazing Pyrotheum, Magmatic Dynamo, Crescent Hammer, Redstone Energy Cell, and a few other less worthy items. Also my IGN is Dr_Giga now.
  11. The current lag in tekkit might be something in my base. I see people joining the server and it running fine, when I join, the server goes down. So.. yeah. Here's my base: -1730 4768 I have no idea what is causing this. I have a feeling when the chunks are loaded the server crashes. Fix this please.
  12. Rotomegax The Cube Builder

    [Rollback requests] My town has been glitched

    Account name: Rotomegax Town name: RotoBase Coords: x = 3273, z = 3821, y = 76 Rollback time: 11:00 AM EST +7, December 28th 2017 Description: Today I come to my town to check my ender quarry, but the things I got is my base's walls, all Thermal Foundation Machines and almost of itemduct and my 3 culinary generators has gone, here is 3 pictures to proved that. Looks like my base have some thermal foundation machines cause lag and server has cleared all of them.
  13. Krafter166

    Incredible lag since yesterday

    The server started to lag yesterday (26th Dec 2016, aroung 18:00 UTC+1). This lag is so extreme that I once had to wait 2 minutes for the server to respond to what I've done. I've also diead 2 times and lost a resonant jetpack and a mining turtle (R.I.P. Miney :'c). It's nearly impossible to play! Please fix that!
  14. Hello! I don't know if this is the good place to post it, but I got the command to post a request here due to I lost my Soulbound stuff when the server just lagged out. I died in the Twilight forest's labyrinth by some Minotaurs. I had Soulbound on my Crossbow and on my Arrows that were used by my Crossbow. I didn't manage to get them, even after I crafted some new Arrows to kill the minotaurs (and skeletons, bats) around my graves. I thought these stuff got in there due to a bug, but those were not. Strange, because my Crossbow is still on me. Lost stuff: - Constantan Bolts 3 Modifier slot upgrade full of Quartz made of: Thaunium tool rod, Constantan on it, and with fletching made of Slimy leaves
  15. I have put a shell constructor on my island and now I am always crashing when I try to go on my island so can someone of the mods destroy it or something...please...

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