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Found 6 results

  1. What if we put in a part in the market place where people can request items for an amount of money? So that other players who have that item can sell it and get the offered money
  2. Market Mail Sign: Player can put up a market sign inside their base to quickly access their mail and player market. Kit: Doing this as Kit you can buy in Craftersland shop. Just a thought i had teleporting back and fourth from spawn getting items, transaction logs and so on. Let me know your opinions! *Edit Maybe include it in the Market Merchant kit. Thanks MrColt
  3. Is it possible to lower the market fee or at least fix the market fee? It is ok with item with low price but as price go up, pretty lots of money get paid as market fee. This is why some players choose to do trade face to face. Can you consider whether it will be good or not?
  4. why not make a market area using the essentials sign plugin? this would be a great way to replace the current market idea and If needed ill do it all if I get perms I love the hole idea of a player market, a player gets a chunk to build a shop and sell, make it where they buy a chunk plugin link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/simulated-item-market-shops/files (supports tekkit just go to files section) //rg buy (for a plot) //rg sell (for a plot) //rg giveto {Player} //addmember {Player} (I recommend disabling this so its a single person per shop) //delmember {Player} this plugin comes with region info so it displays all info of the player who owns it and the shop example: region name:Plot 1 owner: L1K3xDKDEATH size: 8x5x6 (you can change this in config) buy:$1000(can change in config) {to buy the region or what it was bought for} sell:$200 (how much the player would get if they got rid of the plot) sell: tax:$120(can change in config) next withdrawal: 10d 0h 0m 0s (if player cant afford it then the region goes back onto sell) keep in mind you can set a max plot limit for players to essentials is already part of the server ---------------------------------------- | [buy] | | 1 | | diamond | | 200 | ----------------------------------------
  5. Hey, its just a small suggestion: When you get the Market Merchant Kit (or maybe a separate/new one), it could enable you to make one of these Market signs (Market and Mailbox). Or maybe just one of them, and it would have to be placed by an admin (e.g. with a monthly limit to not spam admins). It's no problem to go to spawn every time you want to check current(!) prices (yes I know /market pricecheck), or get your Transaction Logs, its just a suggestion I also plan to having a public area, where this market signs could be placed. - scitor
  6. What I propose: TryMe pluggin What it does: random minecraft trivia, algebra problems, scrambled words in global chat for players to solve by typing in the answer What it rewards: couple of diamonds, some ingame money, food, etc Why: it allows some interaction between players in the world, thus building the community What I propose: User interface driven market What it does: when typed /market, an interface will pop up, showing all the items that are being sold there. Why: More fluid transaction between players; players don't have to go to spawn to access the market. providing this convenient should not alter any gameplay aspect. Enhanced shopping experience will allows money to move around more, thus theoretically increase ingame money sale for the server
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