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Found 2 results

  1. Your name: Jaruso Item name + amount: ME Controller 742:2 (1) Atomic Electromagnet 1409:1 (~64) Electromagnet Glass 1410 (~128) + 250 Coordinates (PA) : 3982, 144, -450 Description of Issue(s): My ME controller was turned into obsidian, it is not connected to a lot of machines so I believe that it was a faulty reaction from a plugin. The biggest problem I've had recently is my PA's suddenly missing blocks ALL of the time, I've fixed it with my own resources countless times now, but I started noticing that it didn't only happen while the server was crashing, but also when I was logged on and everything was rechunked. I always turn them off when I leave the server (unless it crashes ofcourse.) I always check that the chunks is loaded before I use it, but nothing seems help. I would like a refund for my lost materials caused partly by all the server crashes and a faulty plugin perhaps. Screenshots: https://gyazo.com/8250b284d62002c5f9f4a657c320cc04 (gyazo due to max upload size. Its an image of how I load the chunks)
  2. After having many issue's with my me system some helpers said possible things that could create the buggs. I tried replacing chunkloaders, making other chunkloaders but nothing worked! Next to having the problem of my me system the server system is telling me that I'm using 4/4 chunkloaders while not having a single one in place! I decided to not use chunkloaders (hopefully will in the future) cus they are coussing many buggs. When teleporting to another spot in the server (friends,spawn or just not loading my base) each time I come back from one of this actions the me system is bugged/chrashed. P2P tunnels aren't bounded so the memory is lost, me glass cables are broken and machines won't accept power. This all can be fixed by replacing it but it will take ages to do! Today I started to have a new issue, my me controller keeps turning off and on each 10 to 15 sec. A guy in the discord chat told me it was cus of a overload of me channels what feels like it could be true. But having this issue is telling me I can't create a base that is able to automate everything (what is my only goal of minecraft). Asking moderators and making tickets didn't helped me the past 2 weeks! Can you help me?! Missing information wanna see pictures of the missing cables? Message me ingame or on discord (mousekill#1759)
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