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Found 9 results

  1. In-Game Nickname: all of 'emYour username (Optional): TheFunMusicianTime and Date: all da time Description of what happened: (I'm assuming that this should be posted here, but I am willing to post this under the suggestions tab) so, today I had an issue with the admin(itshairyharry) in the discord about not punishing (warning) both parties in an argument and I feel this is unjust. There was even a time when I felt the need to tell a bad guy 2x to stop talking to me as they allowed him to keep speaking as I was getting in trouble and getting warned twice, yet he still didn't warn him. the only reason I bring this up is because the only craftersland server I've ever had an issue with anyone was within tekkit and I feel like this is not a rare incident as tekkit has over 2x more complaints than the dw 1.12 and has LESS active members and as you scroll through the list you can see mods, admins, and GMs listed there an eerily high amount. it's common knowledge for the general public and staff that tekkit is toxic. Like, seriously, if you ran a poll and asked every single player which CL server was the most toxic then you would see what I'm talking about. At that point it is no longer an issue with players, per se, but the people in charge of the players. part of what makes a good leader is accountability, but in every instance reported it has become more of a "We're right and you're wrong" situation. At a certain point we should step back and say 'is it everyone else that is wrong or am I the one at fault' Screenshots or Proof: EVERYWHERE List of eyewitnesses: EVERYONE
  2. I've been playing on this server for going on 4 weeks now (previously on SF4, SF3, DW20 1.7, Tekkit) and I've had only a few interactions with admins/mods, due to their busy schedules in their personal life. As far as I'm aware we currently have: 2(two) GMs 1(one) Admin As I've been on we generally have 8-20 players on at any given time (which is more players than are generally on other servers with more admin), but the only staff that is on enough to even make a difference is: 1(one) Admin (Ness27) I guess my first suggestion would be to possibly open up the 'HELPER' applications for the server; however, we currently don't have any 'active' (meaning able to respond to simple issues in a timely manner) GMs so I would possibly suggest transferring admins from other servers to the 1.12 server. If you do decide to open the HELPER applications once more, I would suggest having all admin join the server for the sake of advertisement as I see hardly anyone applies for any position of management. Another issue the server is experiencing is Mod issues that prevent any use of a specific mod (Astral Sorcery). Solution: Removing them from use or banning them; however, it might be more beneficial to actually fix said issues instead of removing them. My 3rd issue is: The time since the last world wipe. To my recollection, it's been over 8 months since our last wipe and it's starting to be noticed, but many dead builds cluttering the world and creating lag, along with a lack of certain natural resources. This causes an issue for newer players to this server, like myself, who have to find more 'creative' ways of finding resources that wouldn't be an issue in a different server. My last (and certainly not least) issue is the context of Rule #7 and it's application to identifiers such as sexual orientation, gender, or otherwise: Previously I was banned and forced to remove my name due to the inclusion of the word 'Gay' in my ign, despite it being true and not insulting in any way. I, along with probably the majority of the world, feel as though descriptors, such as "straight", "tall", "hispanic", 'White" when applied by oneself is not considered inappropriate, so why is "gay"? At this point in time it's starting to feel like (not to mention the other identifiers in other's names, i.e. Straight_as_a_line) that the only descriptor NOT allowed is gay and I find that personally insulting. Avoiding a certain word because of context you give it, despite what it actually means, is prejudice against that group of people. There isn't anything offensive with the word Gay and implying it does implies that the people themselves that are Gay are offensive to the network. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post and I assure you I mean no offense to any specific player/admin because I simply want to have the best time playing this game, while feeling welcomed and included.
  3. I am desperately looking for a server to join for minecraft that has IC2 capability or close I think the direwolf setup is this but what do I need to do to install correct mods to play on server? how do I get it to work I am running minecraft version 1.12.1 can someone help me please
  4. I am desperately looking for a server to join for minecraft that has IC2 capability or close I think the direwolf setup is this but what do I need to do to install correct mods to play on server? how do I get it to work I am running minecraft version 1.12.1 can someone help me please
  5. Hello there forum wanderer, As diverse as the tekkit modpack is, most people tend to stick to a select few mods they always use (either because it's all they know or because they really like those mods). So i've been curious about what mods the most and least favorite are within the Craftersland's tekkit community. Personally i am a huge fan of mods such as Atomic Science and Thermal Expansion as they both deliver a diverse and challenging set of machinery. Ofcourse i have mods i don't like as much... Computercraft for example is one of those mods i steered clear of as much as i could. So, what mods do you love and hate? Post them down here in the replies! ~ Nukes
  6. @brunyman If you havent already, in the server please change Line 151 to 155 of /config/Galacticcraft/core.conf from # List IDs of non-opaque blocks from other mods (for example, special types of glass) that the Oxygen Sealer should recognize as solid seals. Format is ID:METADATA S:"External Sealable IDs" < 20:0 102:0 > to
  7. English... :\/ I was thinking about implementing mods in survival mode (logical mods, not out of survival or pvp) since I've noticed lately that the "pure" server is lately empty. For most users who spend time on this, the game becomes somewhat repetitive and they have nothing to do ... Of course mods that do not modify the difficulty of the game itself, tried in advance to verify its possible faults and discard them, etc. But they make the server more attractive for the players. I would like to know what the community thinks and of course the owners of this server ... Espa├▒ol... :v Estaba pensando en la implementaci├│n de mods en el modo survival (mods logicos, no fuera de tema de supervivencia o pvp) ya que he notado que el servidor "pure" ├║ltimamente se esta quedando vacio. Para la mayor├şa de usuarios que le dedican tiempo a esto se les vuelve algo repetitivo y no tienen nada que hacer... Por supuesto mods que no modifiquen la dificultad del juego en si, probados con anterioridad para verificar su posibles fallos y descartarlos, etc. Pero que hagan que el servidor sea mas atractivo para los jugadores. Quisiera saber que piensa la comunidad y por supuesto los due├▒os de este servidor...
  8. danifor


    The server needs more staff and that will stay for a while I guess but before you do recruit more stuff, seeing as they need to be trusted and useful, you should fix the bugs, like the fact that you can't even right click the blocks in the spawn I remember two years ago you could even put yellorium inside that reactor... Also you should add free ranks ~ for in game money, like some servers do and maybe a PVP arena and an actual /warps list ?
  9. please vote wheter you want the reqular needle gun and needle gun ammo or no needle gun at all. THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF ADMINS AGREE ON IT ASWELL. http://www.strawpoll.me/12568596
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