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Found 9 results

  1. i think its about time that the tekkit server gets a reset. Fresh Start. For everyone. My Friends LordDufty1 and M3M3_G0D Agree its a good idea
  2. New Lobby By SS (SlendydiegoPro and southrumble80). Hi Craftersland Community, we made another spawn to the community, 1 of this we have already published it previously. Enjoy! All the pictures are in this link!: https://imgur.com/a/Aze2TkJ The Old Lobby: :D! https://imgur.com/a/P1Q7G If you are intersted in download this map and the old follow the next link!: version of minecraft (1.8.X) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ae1yn8vx87ed5ec/SPAWN OLD AND THE NEW.rar Soon more spawns... !
  3. My name is XDbrowXD and my friends name is McTroller1234, our town is called trollers and the clan is called [Troll] Trollers. Please give this plot of land to us, we found it.
  4. As some users asked for new dungeons, I created this one for you guys. I hope you'll like it. Algunos usuarios pidieron nuevas dungeons, he creado esta para ustedes chicos. Espero que les guste. New Village's Fountain: New Dungeon on Main City's Corner: New Dungeon: "The Tavern" Scythe's Tomb on Lychfield Graveyard. New Village called "Cursed Village" find it on ACV1. New Location "Assasin's Hall" http://imgur.com/a/Mni5r New Dungeon and Location: "Memorial Garden" PS: Stay tunned, more dungeons coming... Do you want something hard to get? Look at the quest on the spawn, read more...
  5. now I'm sure when I first looked at this server there was a list of banned mods/items and cant seem to find it again if there was one. but if we can some how get the Equivalent Exchange mod on the server that would be nice, if not how about we get a tekkit legends server It is based around alchemy/magic and the mod adds in a number of extremely powerful end-game items. That require large quantities of diamond to make and large quantities of fuel items to power such as Glowstone or Redstone, to name but a few. It also grants the ability to easily condense materials into more valuable forms. http://tekkitclassic.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Equivalent_Exchange
  6. i think it would be great if the server community gets one of dose 1.10 mod packs like FTB Beyond to play one let my know what you think LG Ancient_Wyvern
  7. Hi there! I'm dumblore and although I haven't really been able to introduce myself, I'm a returning player in this server and came back from a 2-3 year vacation from playing Craftersland and Tekkit as a whole (finally got my new laptop that can run modpacks smoothly). When I first came online on the server a few days ago, the first thing I noticed is the spawn. It never changed, and it was the same spawn I've made myself comfortable with a few years back when I first joined the server. I'd like to suggest making a new spawn, and maybe let players show off their creativity in a building competition for the new spawn, and a builder rank that will be awarded to the winner. Although I've known many people who've suggested this and got turned down, I hope the admins reconsider my suggestion. Thanks
  8. Hi!, I've just downloaded minecraft and enter to the server but it asks for password. i remember like 2 years ago registering on some other server but can't remember the pw. Help! i want to play again this game hope u help me soon thanks
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