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Found 48 results

  1. In-game Name: brine7302 Rank: can't remeber?Server: tekkitProof of Ownership (Optional): Don't know how I would prove it? Haven't played on server in like a year.
  2. Each time I logon to the server it asks for /login (password). I don't remember the password so I talked to a mod already and they said I need to be unregistered apparently?
  3. Hi! I haven't been on the server in a while, and I forgot my password. My account name is Lemonycrafter.


    Hi! What can i do if I dont remember my password . i enterinto the sever and i dont remember the password thakyou for helping me POLOIVA
  5. My friend forgot his login password in game for Tekkit, because he hasn't seen that plugin before. And he made a forum post a few days ago asking for it to be reset, it is abit unstructured and bad but we need him. Can somebody please help, his in game name is Pyrowar, and hes the mayor of the town. Please help. I am in the discord server and can contact him directly that way if y'all need to speak to him. Thank you.
  6. I was wondering if someone could help me log into the tekkit server, it's been a long time since i last played and i've forgotten my password however i don't want to start fresh as I had lots of items. In game name: IdenticalSquid
  7. I am new on the sever and yes I have tried the /register Password confirmPassword but at the end of it says that I don't need to do that, but the sever wants me to login still!!! I'm so lost and confused... All I want to do is play on this sever and have fun with my friends... :/
  8. Pls I forgot my password and I dont know how to recuperate my account.
  9. I forgot my password, I played on this server a while ago and wanted to come back to it
  10. I get the registering for a password but it says registration not required and login required but i never played her before please help Server: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 IGN: August__
  11. I fogot my /login becuase i havnt been on in a while, who can help me with this?
  12. hi I forgot my login for the server and I need help reseting my password my account is fuzzynarwal server: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567
  13. Help my name is Tobesy on minecraft i need help reseting my password
  14. hi I forgot my login for the server and I need help reseting my password my account is fuzzynarwal server: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567
  15. Hi I'm a new player looking to join the server but I can't seem to "login" when I load into the server, the registration says I don't need to register and there's no explanation as to what the password I need to type in currently is, and no I do not have a pre-existing account on the server I am brand new as of the day and time this post is going up
  16. fixed it, but could've been more responsive
  17. Sorry if there was already a thread for this kind of problem, But I couldn't find it. I'm having issues logging into the Tekkit Server because i forgot my password. It's been ages since I've played. Is there a way i can get this reset? (Player name is LegoHero100. I also don't mind if i lose any loot, I was looking to start new anyway.)
  18. In-game Name: CrystalblueSoul Rank: Premium Server: Tekkit Main Proof of Ownership (Optional): Im lazy to make a scrren riht now (1:22AM CEST) so i do it later. Till so, i have a forum link where it could proof that its my account The Rollback Request
  19. How do I know what the password is to login to the tekkit server?
  20. I can not register or log in it says registration not required but when I try to do the password I think I set it dose not work
  21. I am brand new and I am trying to login to your server. I am unfortunately experiencing an issue with your login system. I do not know what the login is. When I try to register a password using /register (password) (password), it clearly states that "Registration is not needed". I try entering all the passwords I know including my forum password, minecraft password, etc.
  22. In game name:KingCreeperTG Rank:Member/Normal Server:Tekkit Proof of ownership:
  23. Forgot my server password IGN: meneliumfore
  24. In Game Name: CameronConPC Rank: No Rank Server: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567
  25. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so this is embarrassing i forgot my login password if a staff member can help that'd be great my username is 01lunes thanks!
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