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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Currently the price of a claimblock on 1.12.2 is $50 per block. It's not $50 for a chunk its $50 for a single block. Lets do some math. A minecraft chunk is 16x16 This is 256 claim blocks per chunk. (A claim block extends to bedrock so height doesn't matter) 256*50 = 12800 That is $12,800 to claim a single chunk ? Suggestion: Lower a claim block to 6.25, this will make a chunk cost $1600 which I think is a fair price and everyone will be happy Thanks!
  2. Hello, i have a suggestion for AC v1, for food shopkeeper. So: 1 Salmon Costs 48x Coal, while it gives: * 6 bars of Hunger(3 chicken legs), * 9,6 points of Saturation 1 Cooked Potato Costs 6x Iron, while it gives: * 5 bars of Hunger(2,5 chicken legs), * 6 points of Saturation So, from this we see that Salmon has about 1,5x more saturation than Baked Potato. For those who don't know what FoodSaturation in minecraft is: "There is another aspect of hunger that is not visible to the player. This is called the food saturation level. The player's hunger will not decrease until their food saturation level reaches zero. When the saturation level is at zero, the food bar will shake or jitter periodically. The maximum value of the food saturation level is equal to the current value of your food level. This means that if, for example, your food level is 20/20 (All your drumsticks are full) then your maximum food saturation level is also 20." Source: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Saturation#Mechanics This means thats eating Cooked Salmon is about 1,5 times more efficient than Baked Potatoes, My suggestion: to lower Baked Potatoes price from 6x iron to 1x iron, and higher Cooked Salmons price from 48x coal to atleast 3 or 4 iron. And to add foods from newest updates:Rabbit Stew,Cooked Mutton,Cooked Rabbit.Also Golden carrot - being best Saturation source till this update. Reasons: It is annoying To get full inventory of coal and then exchange stack by stack to salmons,Baked potatoes price is too high compared to salmon, Salmon is one of best Food, Saturation sources ingame,In AC v1, from aviable food, Golden apples are too expensive to buy as regular food, that excludesgolden apples as primary food, So is Cooked Porkchop - 16x Iron, Thats wheere Cooked Salmon comes in, while really annoying to buy. While potatoes are worst than salmons theyre easier to buy, just get stack of iron and get 10 at time, while salmon being much much better ,makes it annoying (very annoying to buy).
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