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Found 16 results

  1. I just joined the Assassins server and my skin isn't showing up. I tried restarting my Minecraft several times without any success. I have a legit Minecraft account, fully paid, not cracked and this skin problem really bothers me because I got so used to my skin that I can't even play right with the normal Alex/Steve skin showing all the time. I would really appreciate any help/suggestions that may solve this problem. On other servers my skin is working fine, just tested it out because I thought the problem was from my side, but apparently not.
  2. Hi all, I'm experiencing a problem with opencomputers. I was trying to install a gui for my reactor but my computer doesnt show any text on screen, only some ( ) ! and # signs. I've tried the same thing in single player but that doesnt work either. All the necessary components are installed, cables are connected and the keyboard is on the back of my screen. Can anyone tell me if I have forgotten something or wether there is something wrong with my game? Thanks! Sorry for the bad quality of the screenshot btw, had to shrink it because the file was too big. EDIT Just noticed that it happens to the screen at spawn too!
  3. Hi, I bought sponsor+ with my MasterCard through Paymentwall and I putted all the information and then it didn't appear any thing and I refreshed the page and it told me that the buy didn't work and they gave me my money then in the mail of my card it told me that it worked but when I join to the server I don't have the rank, if you need proof I post it here or I send you private? PLEASE HELP (I bought it with 50%) I bought it in all network server (I need help, urgently please)(The receive comes in Spanish)
  4. Your Name: SlendydiegoProServer Name (ACv1, PureSurvival, etc.): NetworkRank: Can you merge the prefix [S+] with the tag [EliTe] and the Edition Pearks [$$] like this [S+][$$][EliTe] ?Description of Issue: I bought an article in the store to have money I saw the limited edition perk and I decided to buy it when I saw that my old tag had disappeared. Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/OQle3
  5. hello @brunyman and @Powerwarp Newly bought a rank and I have a doubt, the prefix is called PezSuke and soya range sponsor, I would have to say [PezSuke] sasuke0711 or [PezSuke] sasuke0711 powerwarp or brunyman if you want me to pass the proof of purchase, talk to me privately and I will send it in private the example is in the image below https://postimg.org/image/kirelik5n/
  6. I got kind of big problem with lycanthropy. Namely, im on level 10, and with all the heath buffs and in wolfman form i got around 120 HP (full purple set). I even got Resistance II permanent buff. But when im hit by something as weak as pigman i lose 7-10 hearts!! I get killed very easily! This doesnt happen on SP, where even without resistance buff pigmen take away 1.5 heart at most. This is very annoying because i cannot make use off my wolf forms. Anyone have a clue? Thanks.
  7. my IGN is Major_Mangolia, and i recently paid for in-game money. The amount i paid for was 6.99 euro and i was supposed to get 35,000 <(not %100 sure) in-game money in return, i am writing this because as of right now i have waited 1 hour and 30 mins since my donation and have not recieved the in-game money. I paid with paypal so if you require me to identify please msg me either in game or on this website asking for my email that i paid with, thanks.
  8. Builder Block doesnt banned and when i turn it on server crashed. Fix it.
  9. I can't remember my password on the tekkit server and I need help! Im´ma be honest, its a kind of inappropriate password but I love playing on the server! IGN: BuzzGamingYT Please Help!
  10. Good Afternoon. The thing is: I used to play in this server a lot. When I got my premium account (like two years ago) I signed up and everything. I played it a lot until I had problems with my pc. I recently bought another one and when I tried to enter I noticed that another person already logged with my account. I am the real owner so I need a reset because I want to play!!! I hope ur answer Thank you, Srdoge
  11. Hey everyone, I've been off for a while and I just recently came back. Lately I've been playing on ACV1 with a friend of mine, Xsalix56, whose hook has now stopped working. When he uses it, it shoots out an arrow, but once the arrow hits solid ground or any obstacle of some sort, it doesn't pull him towards it. It only seems to be shooting arrows for some reason. He also says his bow is glitched, I haven't seen how that works though. Anyway, if you could please look into this, it'd be very much appreciated. PS: I made the post for him because he only speaks Polish.
  12. Hi, I purchased a rank a ~hour ago, and i didn't get anything yet, only the confirmation e-mail about it.
  13. Hey, so I've been having an issue when I try to donate. When I go to the cart to check out and I click paypal, it loads paypal and says the email registered for the merchant (you guys) is not valid. I've been wishing to donate for awhile but every time I try to with paypal it gives me that issue. So I felt like I should let you know just in case other people are having this problem too. I emailed you guys about it too. I hope it can get fixed soon so I can donate on the tekkit server. Thank you for your attention and time. Sincerely, SoundsOfMadness
  14. Cavemanrockx


    Every time I try to log in to the server it keeps telling someone with the same nick is logged in. I am not sure if its a server glitch or if someone is logged in as me. please help. Edit: sorry but it let me log in now, but it kept saying cannot log in for more than 10mins
  15. Hi, I find CTW on the server really cool, but if then some stupid child (sorry) myself or others on fire or degrades blocks among us it sucks! There should be a plugin to be added, so that it is no longer possible other on fire or dismantle blocks among them. What do you think about it? I hope there will be something done about it! Thank you. GG Son-Goku
  16. Sorry for asking but I forgot the password to my account minecraft on your server if I could not help. English writing forgiveness for having written in spanish my nick is : ju4ng4meR
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