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Found 7 results

  1. Good evening, so, my problem is that i can't connect to servers. When i try to, laucher just shows me console with text( screenshot below ) I have Java Version 8 Update 261 and 64-bit windows ( Windows 10 ). Really want to try ur servers, so i hope u had similar issues before and succesfuly solved them.
  2. Good evening, so, my problem is that i can't connect to servers. I tied to play DireWolf20 ( because it was WIPED no so long ago), but then THIS arrived (look at screenshot below). I tried to enter other ur servers ( like RLCraft), but the same problem occured on them as well. I have tried reinstalling java and launcher several times, but it haven't changed anything. I have Java Version 8 Update 261 and 64-bit windows ( Windows 10 ). Really want to try ur servers, so i hope u had similar issues before and succesfuly solved them.
  3. so i noticed that the server has outdated mods (rl craft ones) and i dont have the time to downgrade or whatever to older mods so plz update them
  4. Hi everyone! I thought that with a new server and a new home for it, it would be helpful to have a thread dedicated understanding some of the inevitable quirks that are present on every server. I have been playing the FTB Mods for a long time, so long that we didn't even have Feed The Beast, it was just the individual mods! I have been on modded servers since Tekkit released for the first time, so I have seen my fair share of servers over the years. I can honestly say that CraftersLand is one of the best servers out there for FTB. That of course, does not mean that its perfect, far from it, but I have never seen a server with any where near this much staff involvement and engagement. With that said, every server (yes EVERY server) has its own little quirks that can steepen the learning curve and possibly frustrate some players if they are not made aware of them and are told how to prevent them from ruining their day. I would like to compile a list of these quirks and solutions here in this thread for any new to mid player to read. Many of you veteran members will no doubt already know about many of these and how to get around them and thats awesome! If you know of any quirks and solutions that are not in this list here, post them below and I will add them to the list up here at the top for all to see (with credit to the author). This is NOT a place to complain about the server!!! We have a whole subsection of the forums dedicated to that. Any posts simply complaining about a problem will be removed! If you would like to post something, please make sure that it meets the following rules: -State the problem/effect and is specific and known. -State the cause of the problem or what triggers it (if you can, if not, take a guess). -State a specific solution or workaround to the problem that you know fixes and/or prevents it from happening. Hopefully this will help some people out and cut down on some of the frustration we see with early players! Thanks everyone!
  5. Is it possible to create/dedicate a channel for certain sensitive topics that are only shown to the creator of the topic and staff from a certain level and up? If someone has complains about players, problems they don't want everyone else to know about, ... it'd be nice to have a place to post them in, knowing only you and staff can see them. Complaining about hostile or abusice behavior or language can backfire when other players (including the accused) can see it and retalliate. Also, pointing out weaknesses in game that allow players to crash the server, or machines/blocks/weapons that bypass anti-pvp protection or griefprevention plugins isn't something players should do in a public channel (so i've been told) but honestly there's no other place you can do this at with a certain level of discretion, apart from bothering staff personally. If there already is a channel like that, can there be a more obvious link to it? Cause the channels i've looked through so far all seem public.
  6. I can't spawn other people heads (When i do /skull it gives me my head, i tried to do /skull JustPro and it gaves me my head Thanks for the help
  7. WalterGaymer


    could reopen interviews for helpers I ask this for 2 reasons 1 would like to help in the server because I have experience in another server as staff and also because I think they are in need helpers for the truth there are many problems between ugadores and more assistants could lower the percentage of problems
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