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Found 13 results

  1. The first Network 1.14.2 fully updated server! Pure Survival is now running on the latest Minecraft version and you can enjoy all new mobs, blocks and game features! WIPE was needed to do this update so everybody starts fresh on a new map seed! Check what was added and changed in Minecraft 1.14 here: Changes: Updated to full Minecraft 1.14.2 Full data WIPE except for ranks. Generated new maps on 1.14.2. Updated all plugins for 1.14.2 Updated configs where needed. Added a new anti-cheat system. Added a new auctions plugin. To download the old map on Minecraft 1.13.2: Village and Pillage Update is now available on our Network! Join Pure Survival and try to survive. mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
  2. Hi guys, here is a download link of the old Pure Survival Server on 1.13.2. Download The link will work for 30 days starting now.
  3. @KayWolves I have a complaint and am asking for help or if something can be done about this. I had a beacon and my iron blocks set up but when I logged in today the beacons were removed. There were 5 others added from a sponsor (which I totally get why they were removed), but in addition to this all my iron was taken from my chests. All that iron was collected from myself and two other people who have explored many caves. For the iron screenshot I had to crop it due to sizing limit. Can someone help with this?
  4. OxyBrythe

    Pure Survival

    restart the map :v
  5. Hey, this is just a heads up that mcMMO on the pure survival server has been down for some time now; it refuses to load player profiles. I asked some people, this is an issue for everyone at the time I'm posting this.
  6. [1] In-Game Username: Suchson [2] Ban Category: No response for annoying questions - gets ban, yeah. [3] Ban Category: hacks-PS (?) [4] Ban Duration: 5 days [5] Staff Member: Zyko [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: My reason? Why do I have to explain to every staff member, how I play? This is getting annoying, that staff comes to server once per month and everyone interrogates you over and over again. That's why I ingored those questions, and got banned with describe "hacks-PS" btw I don't know what's mean PS here.
  7. Pure survival server is now updated to Full Minecraft 1.12. WIPE was also completed for this update, enjoy all new game features! All server features are the same, just updated to work on 1.12.
  8. Hi guys, Well I think it's time to get an update on Network Pure Survival server! After closing Space Factions, I decided to make Pure Survival the main network survival server. To do so we need an update with some improvements. WIPE will be needed to do these changes. Planed improvements: Increase main map size. Add clans and clan wars that will integrate the existing protection system. Move the entire server to a ram drive for faster performance. Some tweaks and increase slots to 80. This update aims to add a more PvP experience to the server to try to get more players on and have fun. Check the countdown timer for exact server WIPE and update!
  9. Hi, after the results of previews votes for 1.9 update on Pure Survival, it's time to schedule the update. The update will take place sometime later today. This will be a full update to 1.9.2 game content, the server will have all previews features, plugins and spawn. As this is a big update a full WIPE is the only way as we need to generate new maps with all new 1.9 stuff. See you soon on 1.9.2 Pure Survival!
  10. Hello guys, Network Pure survival server full update to 1.9.2 is complete! As this was a large update we had to do a full server wipe, we got a new map and all 1.9 game features and content! All server plugins and features remained the same as on 1.8 and the same spawn area. As there are no changes in server features, enjoy the major change in Minecraft version! Raise the shields, explore The End, lingering potions, arrows, new sounds, new blocks, mobs and a lot more stuff! See you online on our first full 1.9 Survival Server. Thanks! Pure Survival Cracked: mc.craftersland.net EU: play.craftersland.eu US: play.craftersland.us This post has been promoted to an article
  11. Hello, As you might have noticed, we'v been working in the background for 1.9 update. All the network lobby's and mini-games are already 1.9 compatible. Now we are ready to begin the massive update to full 1.9 starting with the survival servers. The first survival server I would like to update is the Pure Survival Server. This major game update will require a full server WIPE to generate a new map based on 1.9 features. All the existing server features and spawn will be the same. To begin this update and schedule it, first I would like to open a vote pool for the update, please vote and let us know if you agree on this server update. If the votes will be for the update, we will schedule the update to let you know when will take place. Thanks.
  12. user ban enavade: x_tezeus_x razon: so the user Pa range emmanuelcraft the name x_tezeus_x to evade the ban of illegal potion + emmanuelcraft reason ban envade image user ban envade: http://imgur.com/JTPd71F image checkban: http://imgur.com/lIVIkMG
  13. A full Reset / WIPE took place on our Network Pure Survival server, this means a fresh start for all and a new map to play on. While most features are the same, there are some improvements planned with this reset. One of the major upgrade is to the economy system on how players buy or sell items. Shopkeepers is no longer the way players sell items to other players. The traders area is changed, there are the classic admin shops using the sign system and a new players market system where you can set items for sale in a nice GUI menu, similar to the WOW auction system. Economy system: Server shops using signs. Players market in a nice GUI menu. Players can send items using the market mail system to online or offline players. Live auctions to sell items. Direct trade system. The anti cheat protection system took an upgrade too, with a better and more powerful anti cheat system that will block almost any hack. Some other small changes and fixes are planned in the next week. Enjoy the fresh survival start on Pure Survival server. Pure Survival Cracked: mc.craftersland.net EU: play.craftersland.eu US: play.craftersland.us This post has been promoted to an article
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