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Found 36 results

  1. I was told by Fraizer that i could try requesting for the premium rank perks to be restored after the wipe last night, he also mentioned proof of purchase so i posted the screenshot below.
  2. Hi, before of anythink, I post this here because i don't know where. I bought the premium rank in assassins some years ago. Now, the prices of the ranks are more cheaper than years ago, and I want the global premium rank. I'm posting this to know if there are any posibility of do this free or if you can do an offer to me. Remember I paid 15€ some years ago for assassins' premium rank and now the global premium is only for 10€. Thanks for your attention. EDIT: I algo bought the VIP rank in skywars
  3. In-game Name: inToX_EvolutionRank: --Server: Tekkit I haven't played for quite a while, but I logged in and my in-game currency is gone, along with clan/land-claim etc ?. Is there anything that can be done here? I don't remember if there were non-donation ranks for this server either? Thanks.
  4. In recent times, I changed my Minecraft username. It used to be "EnchantMan" and now it is "kanekiuku." From this, I lost my Premium+ rank and my ToLate tag. There is proof linked below that shows that I own the rank. The first one is proof of Discord which is posted in #technical_support in the Discord. The second shows some tags that show premium and plus. The third image shows me posting on the forum in 2016 that I was having issues with the prefix which was resolved by bruny and at the bottom it shows the "Reply to this topic..." text that shows that the user that posted it above was indeed me. Thank you.
  5. My discord profile is Jackio007#8178. I have the Premium. Hers is the proof : http://prntscr.com/ljndsn
  6. I was sleeping and brunyman managed to wipe the whole sever over night, good job my guy. Anyway i need my ranks back on my accounts swimsam1:VIP jackseno41:S+
  7. Hello, today i entered on pure survival, and mi rank that was Premium+ disaperead. Please help me. Username: Reyla04 Rank:Premium+ on pure survival
  8. In game name:Trixx305 Proof of Purchase: Transaction ID: 38D07822EL4295240 Description of Issue: I bought a rank and a name tag at the same time and I suspect that my rank was overwritten by the name tag as I can only see [Expert] Trixx305 while other ppl have their rank before their name tag eg: [S+] [Expert] Trixx305 Date/Time of Purchase: Feb 26, 2018 07:24:37 PST Items/Rank Bought: RANK: Sponsor+ Item: Name tag: Expert Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: None at the moment
  9. Name:FreeFallFTW Rank:Premium I was browsing thru the store and I realized that,Sponsor+ is 50 euros and there is a winter sale.I wanted to buy it for the AssasinS server that I already have Premium on but there was no way I could upgrade it from Premium and Sponsor+.Is there a way I can get a discount by any chance? I realized to get a discount I would need a premium network rank.
  10. Hello I have the 4,99 VIP rank on my account : Dragonbeed33 hope to hear from you soon ? Mark Snier
  11. Hello, after discussion with a high staff member I came to realize that a reactivation of all my purchases is possible. the things I bought were vip rank, premium rank, some claims for my town. also I have posted a review on one of the forums and am wondering if I can get that money again. the server is infinity evolved, thanks! (would gladly receive all of my bought stuff back, and seeing as I first purchaser the vip rank, then all the bonuses of items and money from both ranks)
  12. Nom du compte: Almytie Rang: Sponsor+ Commandes demandées: I would like to have access to the /speed command on the server assassinS please. Permission: essentials.speed Motif de la demande: I would like to go faster and because of my mod toggle sprint when I fly I rollback Others: - I am not the rank sponsor + on the lobby - I bought the prefix $$$ and I'm don't have prefix sponsor + on the server assassinS - It will be necessary to add me the good prefix on the lobby once the rank put (Sponsor+ and $$$)
  13. maybe for donators if there is a way to take the cooldown off for tping instead of 2 seconds it is instant just a thought.
  14. Hello there forums! its me again! I'm a Prem+ use and I've come to find the game much more boring with creative i.e unlimited items. Also id like to commit to the server economy once again. The server rules state that i cannot have creative mode if I wish to trade. I'm perfectly fine with it being removed. I've already begun preparations for my creative powers being removed. I have already asked Henk [GM Tekkit Staff] to Regen my entire base. The base has been completely regenerated. Henk has also removed all of my items that I had from that base and my creative playing. Whilst I do still have /gm1 I have started a little place for myself, whilst i cannot fully prove that all my items are legit I beg to keep a handful of them at the least. those items include a stack of iron purchased off the in-game market, two floppy disks that contain a specially made programs made by a player for my use. He did not copy these down so they are the only copies I own. Honestly I would love to keep what I have built but if everything must be deleted I only ask that those items be saved. Currently as i'm writing this i'm on the server, being a world loader for a quarry inside of a mystcraft world I managed to stitch together. In case it wasn't clear what I'm asking for, [i know i can forget to say that lol] I wish for my creative mode (/gm 1) commands to be removed. And before someone comments; I DO understand that since I'm a staff member, once I reach Moderator [which i don't deserve and i'm glad i didn't get promoted yet] i will have my creative re-enabled because mods cannot interact with trade do to their access to /gmc. Please get back to me on this as soon as you can, because the more i play i fear the more people will not belive that im going legit. So i'm going offline for a while, ill return to fill in my time as staff and when my /gm 1 is gone. Also _Skilande does know of this or i know i sent him a message. i'm making this post in case he cannot get to it at the moment. i know he and the others are quite busy.
  15. Greetings, I have bought a VIP status to mainly help the server yesterday (10/12/2017) but, unfortunately I haven't received the "VIP" status yet nor have i received any of the perks mentioned. It's been well over 12 hours as opposed to the suggested 5 - 10 minutes wait and I am getting worried that I might not receive anything in return. My in-game name is "OniPanda" I hope this gave enough information for a mod to come back to me about this problem. Should you require more information or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly on the forum or email connected to this account. Yours Sincerely, OniPanda.
  16. Firstly I am Maximus_SD and today I bought the premium network all normal but I already had the Premium + in the Pure Survival and I have been reduced to Premium
  17. Hello! I was told by one of the friendly staff about that we should request our Ranks' things to be set up such as the money and claimblocks which are given after the donation. If it is true and possible, I'd like to request these things' backup in the name of the Woof family! Members: Umbra Krauss SnowWoof MoonWoof WindWoof Thank you very much in advance!
  18. As many of people that care about the forum that sv is going to wipe, so I introduce a new ranking system that suitable for the First, ranks on FTB Inf cannot be purchased by money. The shop cell upgrade your account to Golden account for 7 days, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. Advance accounts cannot get access to creative mode but it gives the player: - 1 Builder wand + 1 diamond suit on the first time purchase (only count from the first time purchase after the nearest server wipe) - Ability to fly through /fly - 10 times using /feed command per week and other command from sponsor rank that not OP and allow them to live with normal players - Golden vote crate with 2 Golden keys that the Golden player can get every 24h through /Golden key get. Golden vote crate contain more useful things than the Vote crate key. - x2 exp obtained when kill mobs, mine ores or cook foods - Have 3 XP rescuers; not lose XP when you are death. Each xp rescuers have 8h cooldown - Have 1 inventory rescuer, keep your inventory when you are death, 24h cooldown - /kit Golden contains 1 hardened portable tank with full of lava, 10 beef wellington, 10 emeralds, 1 stack of torches, 32 stones and 2 stacks of exp bottle. The kit has 1 month cooldown - Each vote give you 75$ and 3 vote keys, on the first week of each month the prize will be x6 instead of x4 with players don’t have Advance - Can access to the charging center under the spawn (with the limited time and amount of RF/EU) - The starter kit give you extra 25 apples on first time login. - Can join full server, no afk kick - +15 maximum chunks can be claimed per each town About ranks, they are rewards when players complete achievements, here are some ranks I construct as examples: - Tough adventurers: Play on inf cratersland servers for 4h. Contain /kit toughadv that contain 1 leather suit, 1 stone mattock, 1 stone broadsword, 1 stone pickaxe and 1 moss ball. - Potential customer I/II/III/IV: Spend 10000/50000/100000/1500000 in-game money for spawn shops. 25%/40%/55%/70% sales off when buy items from the spawn shop, 3%/5%/7%/9% sales off when purchase items from spawn market - Powerful leader: have 10 players joined your town, if the number less than 10, you will lost this rank. The rank give you name tag [leader – [townname]] and remove the costs for claiming areas. - Fearless adventures: Continue to play after server wipe, only count if your playtime on the old world is more than 50% of total time of the server before the next wipe. The rank gives player who has it: o Nametag [account name] – [Fearless] o Allow to change the name color to Cyan o /kit second contain 1 hardened leather suit, 1 steam dynamo, 30 coals, 1 portable tank full of lava, 1 portable tank full of water and 1 bucket. Can get it after 6h playtime and the kit can only receive once. o The cooldown for Food kit reduced to 15% - Expert adventurers: Continue to play on the server after get Fearless adventures rank and archive at least 55% of total time of the server before the next wipe. The rank gives player who has it: o Nametag [Expert][Account name] o Allow to change the name color to Yellow o /kit third contain 1 iron suit, 1 steam boiler, 1 light pressure chamber, 1 stack of coal, 1 portable tank full of lava, 1 portable tank full of water. Can get it after 3h playtime and the kit can only receive once. - Professional adventurers: Continue to play on the server after get Expert rank and archive at least 60% of total time of the server before the next wipe o Nametag [Professional][Account name] o Allow to change the name color to Orange and Green o /kit prof contain 1 lava generator (can only receive once until next wipe), 1 hardened portable tank and 10 lava tin can. o 3% sales off at spawn market and 10% sales off at spawn shop (can stack with other ranks) - Master of FTB Infinity Evolved: Continue to play on the server after get Professional rank and archive at least 60% of total time of the server before the next wipe o Nametag [Master][Account name] o Allow to change the name color to Pink and other color of previous ranks o Special effects when tp to spawn or other place through random spawn, tpa or /spawn o /kit Master1 contains 7 days of Golden account and 1 Magmatic dynamo (can only receive once until the server wipe), /kit Master2 contains 32 apples, 16 beef wellington. o Can join server when full, no afk kick. o Have 2 exp protection that have cooldown 24h, 1 item protection that cooldown 7 days o Allow create 4 towns, each town has maximum number of chunks is 40
  19. Hi, My name is MelonMan25, Well, Used to be. I had around 14k money and My own Town and the Premium+ Rank, And i've changed my name, i knew i would lose my items so i've put them away, I don't have my rank, Access to my town, Or my money anymore, If anyone could help, It'd be greatly appreciated.
  20. The Donation i wish to do is a rank called Premium+ on the tekkit server but no matter what i do it always says it cannot be comepleted at this time. Can someone help me?!
  21. Hey soo I just came back from my inactivity and since the server reset[DW20] I cant access my Premium+ commands but my Judge commands still work fine hope someone finds the time to fix this. Thanks o/
  22. @brunyman Hello, i am askin u if u could transfer my Sponsor+ rank from SF2 to Infinity Evolved since i am playin more on IE than SF also the requested commands pls Kind Regards Imperatus
  23. Hi, I purchased a rank a ~hour ago, and i didn't get anything yet, only the confirmation e-mail about it.
  24. Brunyman , I need my Rank to be Reactive pls
  25. I can't spawn other people heads (When i do /skull it gives me my head, i tried to do /skull JustPro and it gaves me my head Thanks for the help
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