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Found 3 results

  1. Your Name: SlendydiegoProServer Name (ACv1, PureSurvival, etc.): NetworkRank: Can you merge the prefix [S+] with the tag [EliTe] and the Edition Pearks [$$] like this [S+][$$][EliTe] ?Description of Issue: I bought an article in the store to have money I saw the limited edition perk and I decided to buy it when I saw that my old tag had disappeared. Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/OQle3

    Hi guys! @Powerwarp @brunyman A few days ago I came back to play the PC for months.. I would like you to reactivate my Sponsor rank and my prefix on the network server.. First add me the Sponsor rank to not lose the prefix again. Once you set the rank and prefix. Do not close this post to warn of any errors.. New Nick: _SweetDreams_ Prefix Code color: &7[&dR&7]&7[&bSweet&eDark&7] &a_SweetDreams_ Prefix Image color: https://prnt.sc/feqt7n Thanks! = OLD TOPICS = Rank: Prefix:
  3. Reactive Rank In Lobby @brunyman

    Hi brunyman! Can u reactivate my rank sponsor in the lobby? Nick: Trollman2015 Rank: Sponsor (All server) Thanks for read my post

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