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Found 97 results

  1. mangogamr the vanilla bow had withering 1 unbreaking 3 mending insight 3 xp boost 3 punch 2 power 5 multishot 4 edit: jsut noticed i also lost my item dislocator from draconic evo. its the normal purple one. so i need that back as well. x:3789 y:61 z:3972 i died and lost my bow that had a lot of enchants, i was in an afk fish farm for about 4 nights and made the bow from everything i got. a grave didnt spawn so i cant get it back i was in the void world at someone else's base. i died on a platform so there isnt any searching for a grave. it's just gone
  2. Your Name: XashzItem Name + Amount: Eternium Plated Micro Sun Eater [Tier Nine] , 8 Neutron Reflector , 4 Awakened Draconium Blocks , 1 Stellar Creation dataCoordinates: X 1412 , Z -3755 , y 52Description of Issue: Lost my t9 micro processing in the large microverse projector due to restart , i had it around 30%~ and they was a restart i couldnt remove it nor do anything about it , once i came back on and checked the microverse said missing input items , i checked my ae thinking its done but it wasnt .kindly help me out here. thanksScreenshots (Optional): ,Maybe this can help
  3. In-Game Name: Oliversc Server (AC, PureSurvival, etc.): TekkitItem name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): See Below:  -Diamond Helment, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots. - Resonant Jetpack -Flag (Galacticraft - Plain) -Plain Backpack with around 12 stacks of white coloured bricks inside. -7 Stacks of white coloured bricks -Wrench (Buildcraft) -Creative Builders Wand -Sapphire Pickaxe, Diamond Shovel, Flux Infused Pickaxe, Diamond Sword  -Unlinked Link Book -9 Crystal (Mystcraft) -9 Launch Pads -Tier One Rocket with full Storage -1 Empty Liquid Canister  -2 Heavy Oxygen Tanks - Time & Date (Time and Date when you lost the item/s): 00:25am 8/2/2019 Description of Issue (how you lost the items): I launched My Rocket to get to my space station at which i was building, I was about halfway on the meter when i just died and lost all my items. Death message was: death.attack.spaceshipCrash. I had fuel and there were no obstructions. I just 'exploded' and died. Evidence (an old screenshot/video that shows you had the items;Optional): Doesn't show items but i have a friend to vouch for that. IGN: ManDiesAllesKan. Won't Allow me to put Screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I_CY7gSKpoLFU7o5u30fdqCv46O_JVIq/view Sorry For the Inconvenience
  4. Your Name: GreynixItem Name + Amount: Grave StoneCoordinates: x:76, y:13, z:4782Description of Issue: traveling in the nether to get 7km away in the overworld is an achievement, but here you can stuck in a wall, maybe outside the borders
  5. Your Name: mangogamrItem Name + Amount: i need 6 vote keys 8 diamonds 2 chance cubes Coordinates: 3839 100 13055Description of Issue: i died shortly after voting and doing my daily reward. i opened my second chance cube and a skeleton on fire with fire resistance spawned fire where it ran. i died, and no grave spawned. i got corrupted chorus fruit from another player and looked (it gives spectator mode for a short time) and my grave didnt even spawn in the wall somewhere. its jsut gone. i had my 6 vote keys (4 rom vote and 2 from daily reward) my 8 diamonds from daily reward. and my last 2 chance cubes from the vote rewards. i had other things, but thats all i care about edit: this is on your stoneblock 2 server btw Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Your Name: bdasilvaItem Name + Amount: Flux-Infused Sword w/ Sharpness IV, Looting II, and Fire Aspect I Builders Wand Healing Axe Power Fist w/ I believe all if not almost all upgrades Coordinates: (-3339, 1216, 84) Description of Issue: I placed my items in a vanilla Minecraft chest so that it wouldn't interfere with what I was crafting, the server restarted or crashed and when I checked the chest all the stuff listed was deletedScreenshots (Optional):
  7. Your Name: mikewerf_Item Name + Amount: Deep storage unit with 1.4billion cobbleCoordinates: X: 2970 Y: 7 Z: 2903Description of Issue: I mined my DSU with 1.4cobble and after that I placed it will crashed my game and after that it was just empty 😢Screenshots (Optional): I only got a screenshot from some days back I hope I can get a full refund tho
  8. Your Name: mikewerf_Item Name + Amount: A full crystal chest with red mushrooms so I think thats 6912 mushrooms?Coordinates: X: 3049 Y: 64 Z: 2924Description of Issue: I mined my chest full of mushrooms and I was runing to my ME with my magnet on and then the server crashed and lost everything. (I feel stupid for making a refund for this 😂)
  9. In-Game Name: DaSeNi (nicked as Aurora) Server: Ultimate Reloaded Item name + Item ID 16K ME Storage Cells (10 of them) Time & Date around 15:00 Today Description of Issue it was a griefer on the server several times. Evidence sadly, i dont have these.
  10. Your Name: IC_SubiX (same on Discord)Item Name + Amount: Plant Interactor (mod:Industrial Forgoing, #8198) x 84 , Range Addon Range+4 (mod:Industrial Forgoing, #8221/3) x 84, Energy Upgrade I (mod: Tesla Core Lib, #6536) x 84 Speed Uprade I (mod: Tesla Core Lib, #6539) x 84 Speed Uprade II (mod: Tesla Core Lib, #6540) x 84 Mob Spawner (Wither Skeleton) Upgraded for max and min SpawnDelay ,Dragon Egg, Netherstar and redstone controle x 1 Upradeable Soul Generator (mod: simple Generators #8301) with 4x64 Speed Modifier all x 16 Coordinates: Center of Base: 10493.5 100 4351.5 Description of Issue: got cleard due to tps lag on server (base is not chunkloaded if i'm not playing on the server) Ugrade: I will install redstone control for shutting down the farms i heard that we are only alowed to use one speed upgrde, so i want to ask if you could change the 84x Speed II for 84x Energy II there are Messages by "Harry" to contact him. Screenshots (Optional):
  11. Your Name: Sunsetdrive Item Name + ID + Ammount: Tinkker manyullyn sword: 1 Tinnkers manyullyn pickaxe: 1 Tinkers manyullyn hammer: 1 Goggles of Revealing 4223 1 Blank pattern 6 Coordinates: x-320 z-151 y 50Description of Issue: I chaged my in game name from Dylannext1 to SunSetDrive. Now i am stuk in a new profil and my inventory is almost emty. This is the best ss i have hoop it helps. My old account is still mayer of neverland waar mij reactor is build onder ground with my smelterij, ME system, netter portel Screenshots (Optional):
  12. Your Name: FlashdukeItem Name + Amount: 1x Power Armor Helmet with Diamond plating, heat sink, elite battery, auto-feeder and night visionCoordinates: x+57 y-74Description of Issue: I was curious about what is at the 0 0 coordinates and I took off my helmet on someone's plot then couldn't get the helmet up.Screenshots (Optional):
  13. Your Name: AquaristAItem Name + ID + Ammount: 1. Infernal Animus (5560:45) x1 2. Death protection poppet (5562:6) x1 3. Taglock Kit (5561) x1 Coordinates: 2421 1034 64 Description of Issue: I tried to Infuse myself with the rite of infusion (infernal Animus), had death protection poppet need for it to work out but still died and lost both brew and a poppet. As I know I am not the only one who had this issue, SnoopDawgrr had it, ZebraPhoenix9, this is not the first time. Screenshots (Optional):
  14. Hello, my problem is that i was doing the pseudo sigil ritual in the end and it failed when i got home, which i didn't knew it would happen. I was doing it for almoust an hour i think because the spawning rates are so greatly reduced. I managed to kill around 30 mobs or so in that period, which is quite unfair. i've lost all my ritual items and i struggled for 2 days to get them, especially the music disc and the potions. I would like a refund if it is possible. Here's a list of all the items required, taken from the post from which i've got myself informed. Thanks in advance! Only the first 15 Nether Star 15 Nether Warts for the potions Confusing Powder 5 Spices of Air - West (Music Discs) Music Disc (C418 - 13) Music Disc (C418 - cat) Music Disc (C418 - blocks) Music Disc (C418 - chirp) Music Disc (C418 - far) Music Disc (C418 - mall) Music Disc (C418 - mellohi) Music Disc (C418 - stal) Music Disc (C418 - strad) Music Disc (C418 - ward) Music Disc (C418 - 11) Music Disc (C418 - wait) Children of Fire - North (Smeltables) Stone -nope Glass -nope Hardened Clay -nope Charcoal -nope Iron Ingot -nope Gold Ingot -nope Cooked Porkchop -nope Cooked Fish -nope Cactus Green -nope Steak -nope Cooked Chicken -nope Baked Potato -nope South - Gifts of Earth (Ores) Grass Block -nope Dirt -nope Sand -nope Gravel -nope Gold Ore -nope Iron Ore -nope Coal Ore -nope Lapis Lazuli Ore Diamond Ore -nope Redstone Ore -nope Clay (Block) -nope Emerald Ore -nope East - Descendants of Water (Potions) (Any 12 different potions from this list of 14) Potion of Regeneration -nope Potion of Swiftness -nope Potion of Fire Resistance -nope Potion of Poison -nope Potion of Healing -nope Potion of Night Vision -nope Potion of Nausea -nope Potion of Weakness -nope Potion of Strength -nope Potion of Slowness -nope Potion of Decay -nope Potion of Harming -nope Potion of Water Breathing -nope Potion of Invisibility -nope You Will Also Need Beacon -nope Chest (4) -nope Redstone (40) -nope String (40) -nope Block of Iron (4)- nope Pumpkin -nope Division Sigil (Activated)
  15. Name: BlackDeath220 Items: 1 Diamond Pickaxe (278) 1 Manyullyn Shortbow Flame string 200 redstone modifier moss modifier Manyullyn Arrows Manyullyn Arrow Head Blaze Rod Arrow Shaft Slime Fletchings Moss modifier 98 or 144 quartz modifier (i don't remember exactly) Iron Sword (267) My House coords (has portal): 1530, 64, 1000 Description: Morphed into a tiny bird (has half a heart of health) Went into twilight forest portal Died of hunger, one shot since the Tiny Bird only has half a heart Couldn't find stuff in twilight forest or overworld after
  16. so, the server just crashed or something.. and when i log back on, all my me drives are gone. i lost everything (not what i had in inventory) all the hours spent on this server gone... and thats not really funny ? is it a way to fix this? im actually almost crying.... i cant really say what was on the drive, because it was soo much, but i know i had under 1000 of every normal or, like tin, lead, gold, iron etc. it was 2 64k drives, and 2 1k drives if you need proof, u can come to my base and just see everything i have automated etc the server is galacticcraft tekkit.craftersland.net:25567
  17. Hello. Today 16-12-2018 arround 22:07 GMT+1 after the server crashed i have lost a Complete set icluding assembler for the enviroment tech miner tier 6. bought this set via spawn sales after being ready to place it the server crashed and it was removed from my inventory. and some more things but those arent really what i miss. i'd like i refund of those regarding items, or atleast only the miner kit Kind Regards, Levi779
  18. So there was the inconvenience that hackers gave us stuff and the mod [Manyouforgot] removed it, but he also removed a staff of power that wasn't spawned in by exploiters. The hackers gave us stuff, and i died with the staff of power. Then another guy gave us legit staff and then my friend passed staff to me and it dissapeared, so after the refund request, all our exploited items were removed. Fair enough, wont complain, but then the legit also got removed. I would like a refund/rollback on this please. The vamp token was also removed, so can i get the vamp levels removed aswell please? For more info please contact Java#8856 on discord.
  19. Your Name: FLAMESCYTHEItem Name + Amount: I Honestly have no clue because it was my whole inventory, but these are the last things I remember having 1 Resonant Jetpack 1 Destruction Pickaxe 1 Healing Axe 1 Super Builders Wand 7 Mobius Stable/Unstable Ingots About a stack and a half of resonant flux ductsCoordinates: My Base: -1365 113 686 | Where I Died : -459 68 -286Description of Issue: I got some plutonium that this guy gave me in my mail forgot you had to have a Hazmat Set Then I couldn't tp because I was getting hurt tried to fly away to a spot where your grave can spawn, thought I flew far enough then landed on a tree, died went back to find out that place I got to was still not far enough then my grave did not spawn Pls Help
  20. Lost 5 resonant strongboxes, 12 hardened fluix pipes, a 64k Essentia Storage component unit, a 64k Me Fluid Storage Component, and a 64k ME storage Component, Blast furnace, electric heat Generator both from (IndustrialCraft 2), alloy smelter, Metal Former, 2 leadStone solar panels, one hardened solar panel, draconic generator, resonant induction smelter, 4000 dollars in balance (you don't have to if I need proof but it would be nice to get that back) and that's it Coordinates x: -2191, z: -1987, y: 50 Description of issue: servers backup or rolled back to a previous save and lots of hard work vanished
  21. Your Name: Mihi2000beItem Name + Amount: - Golden bag of Holding x3 - QED x1 - Ender-Fluix Crystal x4 - MFSU x1 - Octadic Capacitor x16 - Double-layer Capacitor x16 - Tesseract Frame (Empty) x3 - Portable Tank (Resonant): Pink Slime 16000 mb - Ender-Infused Obsidian x16 - Ender Quarry Upgrade Base x8 - Fluxed Electrum x32 - Cryotheum dust x32 - Pyrotheum dust x32 - Awakened Draconium ingot x18 - Awakened Core x4 - Pure Mana x4 - Wyvern Core x8 - Wyvern Flux Capacitor x1 - Draconium Ingot x16 - Thaumium Block x3 - Sword of the Wyvern x1 - Shovel of the Wyvern x1 - Pickaxe of the Wyvern x1 - Silky Gem x1 - Full Quantum Suit Armor x1 Coordinates: x: -2070, y: 80, z: 235Description of Issue: As I said I lost most of my stuff because my grave was gone. This is the most important part. EDIT: Forget this, I can't prove I had this anyway so I could just be pretending to get it free.
  22. Once i logged into the server i began falling into the ground, suffocating and then fell out of the world. I lost a servo motor, power armor and 13 cooked porkchops. The Power armor had: glider wings; schock absorver; control circuit and a hologram emitter.
  23. Your Name: AlphaTrionPrime Item Name + Amount: 58 graphite block , 40 blocks of iron,power armor leggings with sprint assist and jump assist 1 full redstone power cell, particle accelerator this took for ever to make i hate these gltiches, 3 stacks of atmoic eletromagents, a stack of eletromagantic glasses and 5 fulmination genrator, planter, harvester, flux infused pickaxe, 32 item responder chip, 28 i think item extracter chip , 30 item broad caster chip -676,64,3022 Edit they same thing happened again and i just my freaking stuff agian this time my power armor helment with night vision, my chest plate with jetpack, flight control , boots with jet boots and shcok aborver, 10 reactor casing , wrench and a resonat energy cell Took fall damage even though i was using powersuit with jet boots and shock absorver when trying to finish my particle accelerator ,and fell in to gelid cryomethem from my big reactor
  24. Your Name: AlphaTrionPrimeItem Name + Amount: Full almost maxed powersuit , diamonds tools, 30ish silver ore, 23 diamonds ,a stack of wiring, induction smelter and 20sih obsidian Coordinates: -2214, 65, -2147Description of Issue: I was afk for 2 mins then i died to mobs then server restarted so i when i went back it was gone
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