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Found 75 results

  1. Once i logged into the server i began falling into the ground, suffocating and then fell out of the world. I lost a servo motor, power armor and 13 cooked porkchops. The Power armor had: glider wings; schock absorver; control circuit and a hologram emitter.
  2. AlphaTrionPrime

    [Refund Request] AlphaTrionPrime

    Your Name: AlphaTrionPrime Item Name + Amount: 58 graphite block , 40 blocks of iron,power armor leggings with sprint assist and jump assist 1 full redstone power cell, particle accelerator this took for ever to make i hate these gltiches, 3 stacks of atmoic eletromagents, a stack of eletromagantic glasses and 5 fulmination genrator, planter, harvester, flux infused pickaxe, 32 item responder chip, 28 i think item extracter chip , 30 item broad caster chip -676,64,3022 Edit they same thing happened again and i just my freaking stuff agian this time my power armor helment with night vision, my chest plate with jetpack, flight control , boots with jet boots and shcok aborver, 10 reactor casing , wrench and a resonat energy cell Took fall damage even though i was using powersuit with jet boots and shock absorver when trying to finish my particle accelerator ,and fell in to gelid cryomethem from my big reactor
  3. AlphaTrionPrime

    [Refund Request] AlphaTrionPrime

    Your Name: AlphaTrionPrimeItem Name + Amount: Full almost maxed powersuit , diamonds tools, 30ish silver ore, 23 diamonds ,a stack of wiring, induction smelter and 20sih obsidian Coordinates: -2214, 65, -2147Description of Issue: I was afk for 2 mins then i died to mobs then server restarted so i when i went back it was gone
  4. Old_Dragonslayer

    [Refund Request] Old_DragonSlayer

    Your Name: Old_DragonSlayerItem Name + Amount: Unknown amounts of Iron, tin, copper, silver, electrum, ect(amounts vary but about 3-4 legendary chest amounts of each) along with 4 radiant machine frame I bought from the market and some diamonds (roughly about half a stack)Coordinates: Unknown, all lost in strongboxDescription of Issue: I'm fairly new to both modded and to the server and I decided to donate cause of extra money and such, well anyway with the legendary keys given I got 2 radiant strongboxs which I used one (The one everything disappeared from) to store all the ores given (mainly tin, iron, copper, silver, ect. Along with like 4 radiant machine frames I bought off the market (I need these to continue my buildings) and about I want to say 32 diamonds I bought with money I got from donating. Think there was some greatwood as well, I'm honestly not too sure (Probably should've screenshotted the inventory, but too late is too late). Believe thats about all it had anyway, was told by the people from the server to ask for a refund on here (for the items lost) so here I am. Thanks for giving this a look and helping if possible. (Also sorry didnt see the template at first, fixed now)
  5. X_TeeZil_X

    [Refund Request]X_TeeZil_X

    Your Name: Item Name + Amount: Full power armor and Power Fist (almost all of the modules) and a Creative Builders Wand is all I'm worried about.Coordinates: -3093 3 1773 Description of Issue: Killed by a mining laser...
  6. TheJokerCard

    Refund TheJokerCard

    Name in-game: TheJokerCard Item name: in description Coordinates: BigApple : x : 41.55471 y: 64 z: -583.84209 Hi today at afternoon i lost my ores from two chest of my town they are disapperead and i dont know why and how this happened i was builing my tinker things and then this happened can you help me refund my items? I don t excactly remember what i had but i will try: 8 stack of coal , 10 stack of iron, 44 yellorium, 32 diamond or more idk, 6 stack of copper, 6 stack of tin, 5 stack of redstone, 6 stack of seared ingot, 6 stack of lead , 6 stack of silver, 4 stack of gold, 14 cyanite, 4 stack of electrotine. I think i had more but it s okay for me. thanks you a lot if you refund me my items!
  7. Omega75

    [Rollback Request]

    Account Name: _Omega75_ Town name: Omega Coordinates: around 2754, 79, -2674 Time/date: 22h20 , 08/18/2018 Description of Issue: A big part of what my chests contained has disapeared. It seems to be due to a smelter present in the same chunk or something like that
  8. BradIGuess

    [Refund Request]BradIGuess

    Your Name: BradIGuessItem Name + Amount: Power Armor Chestplate w/ Elite Battery, jetpack, and Forcefield Gen x1 Power Armor Leggings w/ Advanced Battery, and Run assist. x1 Power Armor Boots w/ Shock Absorbtion, and Advanced Battery. x1 Power Fist w/ Advanced Battery, Pickaxe, Axe, and diamond drill. x1 Blaze rod x63 Flux-Infused Pickaxe x1 ME 64K Storage Disk x2 Fluxed Electrum Ingot x29 Emeralds x8 Sign x1 Obsidian x63 Golden Apple x2 Storage Block x1 Destruction Pickaxe x1 Erosion Shovel x1 Yellorium Fuel Rod x1 Coordinates: -716.99, -2791.98, 56.62 (55)Description of Issue: I died due to Radiation inside of another's plot.Screenshots (Optional):
  9. DudBucket37

    [Refund Request] EpicMuffin76

    Your Name: EpicMuffin76Item Name + Amount: 1 resonant jet pack, about 32 reactor casing, 10 reactor glass, 14 fuel rods, 2 reactor controllers, and a diamond pickCoordinates: 5821, -615 Description of Issue: I finished up another reactor and had to log out, but when I came back I fell out of the world. The jetpack is the most important thing here, other things would be nice but not as importantScreenshots (Optional):
  10. zork281

    Refund Request

    Name: Zork281Item Name + Amount: Flux-Infused Pickaxe 20761 (x1), Resonant Jetpack 18004:1 (x2)Coordinates: -144.10, -241.89, 55.62 (54)Description of Issue: Was in the nether and began to dig up, assuring i had multiple blocks ahead of me incase lava began to fall. When i accidentally struck lava, server lag (which was happening at the time to all players) occurred, and before i could react i had the death screen. This issue occurred at 7:45 where severe server lag was present
  11. GamingForEver

    refund powerhelmed

    Your Name: GamingForEverItem Name + Amount: powersuit helmed with the upgrades: elite battery, fly control, iron platingCoordinates: x 481 y 72 z 896Description of Issue: helmed dissapeard because of server crash / restart
  12. milangopali

    [Refund Request] milangopali

    In-Game Name: milangopali Server (AC, PureSurvival, etc.): Pure Survival. Item name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): 1 enchanted sword with sweepingedge2,unbreaking,fireaspect.1 pickaxe with eff5,unb3.1pickaxe with eff4,silktouch.1 fishingrod with luckofsea,lure,unbreaking3. and my $1006 money Time & Date (Time and Date when you lost the item/s): 24/03/2018, I don't know time. Description of Issue (how you lost the items): someone hacked my account and took thish things Evidence (an old screenshot/video that shows you had the items;Optional): -
  13. divine_stone

    Refund Request

    Your Name: divine_sItem Name + Amount: 1 Ichorium AxeCoordinates (format xyz 151 60 761): 193 -242 75Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: Description of Issue: I lost my Ichorium axe in an enchantment table during a server restart ( around the time I first posted this). Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to the chat and didn't take it out on time.
  14. Trixx305

    [Refund Request] Trixx305

    Your Name: Trixx305Item Name + Amount: Money we get from donations and claim blocks Description of Issue: After wipe all data was deleted obviously so i lost the claim blocks I get from donating or buying a rank, and the money I get from the rank donation aswell in this case my current rank is Sponsor+ all the unspent money I had in me was probably around 44 to 48k
  15. bartvl


    In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your refund request topic.For your topic name, use [Refund Request]*YourName* Your Name: unstabel ingots + #5230 + 21Coordinates: Description of Issue: i had some luck getting a legendary key and i got unstable ingots for it i tried to make a tinkers construct pickaxe from it but it wouldnt let me make it i spend some more so i could get them back but that didnt work i hope that i can get them back thanks for reading bartvl
  16. So im newby here. I played 3-4 hours on my island. I decided to loot the chance cubes, that i got from voting. I tryed to do this far from my base, but the double rainbow destroyed my main storage. I dont have screeshots what it contained, but there was like 64+32 Iron, 32 Gold, ~10 diamonds (13-14), 60 Black Quartz, and some other ingots and a lot of trash. I would like to ask for refund. Thank you very much!
  17. Vakor

    Vakor Refund Request

    In game name: Vakor Proof of Purchase: I Currently hold the rank Description of Issue: Reset Took The 30k and Legend Keys Date/Time of Purchase: Honselty Can Not Rember Items/Rank Bought: Sponsor Screenshots (Optional): This Is Proof Of My Rank
  18. Your Name: ZiiNitetem Name + ID + Amount: Chaotic Fusion Crafting Injector x 9, Chaos Shard x 5, Auto-Placer x 7, Draconic Reactor Core, 36x Energy Core Stabilizer, 786 x Draconium Block, 378 x Awakened Draconium Block, 140 x Crafting Frame, 726 x Heat Conductor, 121 x Crafting Storage, 1210 x Crafting CPU, that was for 13x13x13 RebonStorage system. 10 x Draconic Energy Relay Crystal Coordinates: XYZ: -1806 / 72 / 9431Description of Issue: Brunny rollbacked my island. I want to know from him or from stuff where was the problem. Screenshots (Optional):
  19. Truesephah

    [Refund Request]

    Account Name: _TrueMA_ Items: Advanced Nano Chestplate - 6842 20 (ish) ME glass cables - 4363:16 Dolly - 6871 Time/date: 2:50 pm EST 1/27/18 Description of Issue: Walked out of spawn near the deep dark portal, flew up a bit, (not enough to die on landing). I teleported back to the ground, sunk into it and started suffocating. Grave, obviously, isn't there. Evidence: Can't provide much, but I have a friend who saw/can attest to it
  20. logrider

    refund request.

    island owner:logrider stuff i lost:12 me drives
  21. Lews_: Ender Quarry + 1294 + 1 Tesseract + 1698 + 1 Ender Quarry Speed III Upgrade + 1295:8 + 1 Ender Quarry Fortune III Upgrade + 1295:5 + 2 Coordinates: Description of Issue: I were in an rftool world. the server crashed for 5 times or 4 in a row. and when i came back i saw that all my things that i've placed were disappeard Screenshot (optional): None
  22. Dear, my name in game is Lews_ in the darewolf 1.7.10 server. This night at the 00:40 (UK) the server crashed and i was in a Rf Tools dimension. We've placed there: an Ender Quarry, a tesseract , 2 Ender Quarry Fortune III Upgrade, 1 Ender Quarry Speed III Upgrade. Hope that u can refund me. Have a good day!
  23. I do Very Big mistake i do 7x7 on draconic and i break cable then my storage and drivers,controller and i lost these items : controller driver 12x ME 16384k storages ME Glass Cable - Fluix Thanks Again Nickname : Yigitos Rank: Premium Server: Sky Factory 2.5
  24. Nickname:Yigitos Title:Premium Server: SkyFactory 2.5 Reason:Hi Support center good works my items wast fall into the void but my items in a chest but i dont broke my chest I say special items: Draconic Staff 3 ME 16384k storages and Draconic Helmet , Chestplate , Leggings finally Boats Thanks Again
  25. SwolBody SF3 Void crystal axe, void crystal shovel, void crystal pickaxe, void crystal helmet, slime boots, palis crystal pants, and supremium chestplate with a core (idk if they can be without a core) December 23, I dont remember the exact time but I'd say maybe 9-11 am EST. So I spawned into the beneath with no idea of what it was. I spawn in and am greeted with a "you died screen". I go back to look for my tombstone and its not there. A staff member, (I wanna say itsz?) and they gave me some of my gear back because I had died several times in there with varying gear. He mined out the area that I died in and the beacons were there, but my tombstone wasn't. No proof ;-;

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