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Found 39 results

  1. [1] In-Game Username: Jiimmy_04[2] Details of Situation: Got warned adn kicked for "harassing staff". (Lol) [3] Ban Category: Warn. [4] Ban Duration: Warn (7 days) [5] Staff Member: southrumble80 [6] ScreenShots: Well, I will put the ss's of the logs, of the exact moment when he warned me! (He warned another Jiimmy (JIMMY_04), but then he wrote it right and I received the warn + kick. Here we go: https://imgur.com/a/v9FZLLf [7] Your Reason: Ok, so I don't really know what harassing is, in the way that, if what I wrote was harassing... Well, I saw that South connected and I wanted to talk with him and tell him that I got a scythe's helmet, everything alright, now, in the same phrase, I wrote, "Consegui un pinche casco en el scythe/I got a freaking (the translation would be more or less like this) scythe's helmet". Then he said that there was no need to write the "pinche/freaking" word before the phrase. Then he told me that I should moderate my language (¿?). Ok so now is the problem, I told him AS A JOKE, "Eres así de sensible en la cama 7w7/Are you so sensitive in the bed 7w7". Also, tell me where's the name of South in that phrase! I could have tell that to CREEPER_202 as a joke, as he said something like "I like Tula" (Don't even know what that means). But he thought that that was for him (which he was right), but there could be a case that that wasn't for him, is that what a staff is made for? Making too fast conclusions? Really?. Ok, now he warned me because of that, tell me WHERE is the insult and WHERE is the harassing staff, if he didn't like it, he should have told me, because in Spain, we say things like that as a joke, it seems that in Latinoamérica they take things that seriously (sarcasm, obviously no, he is a special case .-.). Then I started talking with him and he didn't even gave me a good reason he just stayed there kidding me, then I talked with RuisuMC (I even gave RuisuMC, in discord, the logs of the hole conversation until he warned me) and geri33, both told me that they didn't see this as an insult or harassing. That's why I ended making this "Unwarn Request". Hope everything is clear.
  2. [1] In-Game Username: DmZMoDzYT [2] Details of Situation: Supposedly I have been banned for using the "Rope Dart" in the Spawn, and it is true that I did, but it was a partner with the nickname "SorteoFullAcceso" which did not bother or report. I ask you please to disband me since it was a harmless joke to a friend. [3] Ban Category: TempBan [4] Ban Duration: 3 days [5] Staff Member: southrumble80 [6] ScreenShots: Any [7] Your Reason: I used "Rope Dart" against a friend. HE HAS NOT BOTHERED OR REPORTED
  3. xXDmdProYTXx

    [Command Request] DmdPlayz

    Account Name: DmdPlayz Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: - /speed (essentials.speed+essentials.speed.fly) Reason for Request: Fly faster to get to dungeons faster.
  4. bonexposed


    Account Name: Bonexposed Town name: / Character name : Bonexposed Coordinates: X:-263/Y:72/Z:-4490 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7.30PM on 23rd April 2018 Description of Issue: I was mining and dropped into a pool of lava, whilst I was burning to death in game, I did /t spawn and saw my base but I still died in game. In game an option of /back is given and when I did that, I was tp'd to the lava pool but my gravestone was not there. So I thought the gravestone must be at the base since I manage to tp'd there before I died but it wasn't there as well, then I check the death way point for coords and it's right at my base but there's no gravestone.. I've put the time to about 5 mins before my death but the coords right at the way point. Please help me out <3 Sorry I don't have any ss.
  5. Trixx305

    [Refund Request] Trixx305

    Your Name: Trixx305Item Name + Amount: Money we get from donations and claim blocks Description of Issue: After wipe all data was deleted obviously so i lost the claim blocks I get from donating or buying a rank, and the money I get from the rank donation aswell in this case my current rank is Sponsor+ all the unspent money I had in me was probably around 44 to 48k
  6. Your Name: ZiiNitetem Name + ID + Amount: Chaotic Fusion Crafting Injector x 9, Chaos Shard x 5, Auto-Placer x 7, Draconic Reactor Core, 36x Energy Core Stabilizer, 786 x Draconium Block, 378 x Awakened Draconium Block, 140 x Crafting Frame, 726 x Heat Conductor, 121 x Crafting Storage, 1210 x Crafting CPU, that was for 13x13x13 RebonStorage system. 10 x Draconic Energy Relay Crystal Coordinates: XYZ: -1806 / 72 / 9431Description of Issue: Brunny rollbacked my island. I want to know from him or from stuff where was the problem. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Account Name: pedromac002 Rank: premium+ Requested Commands^: World Edit (worldedit.*) Reason for Request*: I am in a base with akaElite and as he is helper and has w/e i have to rely on him to do most of the building and large scale building at our town which is why it would be great if i had access to w/e to take some time off his back and worry about being online to help me build large stuff. I get that i am only premium + but i have been a loyal, clean and helpful member/donor to this server and i think i deserve a chance to be the 1st premium+ to have access to w/e. Sincerly, Pedro.
  8. akaElite

    Command Request

    Account Name: akaEliteRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: World Edit (worldedit.*)Reason for Request*: So I made this huge base and I want to go to a diffrent town, but its already taken me two hours to only destroy half of it by hand.. So I would like world edit to speed up the process
  9. SoundsOfMadness

    [WorldEdit Request] SoundsOfMadness

    Account Name: SoundsOfMadness Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: World Edit Reason for Request*: I am requesting World Edit because it will help me in building my bases and help clear up some of the annoyances of building underground. Such as oil destroying my torches and rails.
  10. SoundsOfMadness

    Inventory Reset Request, again...

    Your Name: SoundsOfMadnessCoordinates: Don't know, don't really mind where I end up.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): About 8:50 pm Pacific Standard Time. Description of Issue: My inventory has been corrupted, again. I was messing around with Steve's carts, and it was working well for a little. Until I tried to copy my cart using my middle mouse button. That was what probably corrupted my inventory last time and I am sure that is what caused it this time. So I was hoping to get another reset of my inventory. I am sorry for asking for this again.
  11. SoundsOfMadness

    Inventory Reset Request

    Your Name: SoundsOfMadnessCoordinates: Don't know, don't really mind where I end up.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Probably around 2:00 am Pacific Standard Time. December 17th, 2017.Description of Issue: My inventory has been corrupted. At the time I was messing around with Steve's Carts, and tried some of the railer addons. I was just about to place my newly made cart down, when I crashed. I have no problem losing my items as long as I get back into the server.
  12. ADeadVoxel

    Refund *Blaise (ADeadVoxel)*

    Your Name: Blaise (ADeadVoxel) Item Name + Amount: Full Power Armor set (including fist) - (Did not have the things that are crossed off) Armor Iron Plating • Diamond Plating • Energy Shield • Heat Sink Energy Basic Battery • Advanced Battery • Elite Battery Environment Airtight Seal • Cooling System • Radiation Shielding • Water Electrolyzer Movement Blink Drive • Glider • Jetpack • Jump Assist • Jet Boots • Parachute • Shock Absorber • Sprint Assist • Swim Boost • Uphill Step Assist Special Active Camouflage • Aqua Affinity • Diamond Drill Upgrade • Field Tinker Module • Flight Control • LP-HUD • LP-HUD-Config Tool Axe • Pickaxe • Shovel • Shears • Rototiller • Lux Capacitor • Prototype OmniWrench Vision Night Vision Night Vision Weapon Melee Assist • Plasma Cannon • Railgun • Blade Launcher Melee Assist Auto Feeder Water Electrolyzer Compass Clock Thermal Generator Dimensional Tear Generator Water Tank Mob Repulsor Radiation Shielding Kinectic Generator Power Fist Tools Crafting Table Power Fist Melee Assist 32 Unstable Ignots from Legendary Chest 1 Rocket set (including 9 Launch Pads) from Legendary Chest Backpack with many ignots in it -At least two stacks of Silver -A stack of Iron block -Like two or three stacks of Copper -Like two stacks of Lead -Maybe a stack of Gold -Bunch of others I can't remember like Some Glowstone dust Some Redstone dust Probably three Invar Gears Safari Ball with a Monolith in it Coordinates: The Limbo Description of Issue: I was minding my own business in my town looking for some new upgrades for my Power Armor when ADeadCobra kept annoying me to TPA to him. Knowing how he won't stop unless you do, I TPAed to him. I'm sent to the Limbo because of the dumb Monoliths or whatever. Like five blocks into walking in the Limbo and Chill and I'm sent into the Void. At first I didn't care because I thought it wasn't loading or whatever, but nope! I die and there goes all that stuff I spent so many hours making. I know there's more stuff I lost, but there's no way I can remember it all. Screenshots (Optional): Don't have any
  13. MatikBlascak

    Ive got banned for nothing

    Hello. Ive got banned today for any stealing in restricted area. But I didnt steal anything. Just my friends makes the robbery. I was offline. Then I join skype and they are doing plans to the robbery, then I joined the server. I was in mine or home (i cant remember) and then they are going to make robbery. After maybe 20 mins, admin comes and banned me. But I was not with they in the robbery. Please unban me, Im innocent. (sorry for my eng, Im from Slovakia) Thanks.
  14. MatikBlascak

    Ive got banned for nothing

    Hello. Ive got banned today for any stealing in restricted area. But I didnt steal anything. Just my friends makes the robbery. I was offline. Then I join skype and they are doing plans to the robbery, then I joined the server. I was in mine or home (i cant remember) and then they are going to make robbery. After maybe 20 mins, admin comes and banned me. But I was not with they in the robbery. Please unban me, Im innocent. (sorry for my eng, Im from Slovakia) Thanks.
  15. MatikBlascak

    Ive got banned for nothing

    Hello. Im MatikBlascak and ive got banned for stealing from protected area. I didnt steal anything. Only my friends. I was offline, then i will joined the skype and they are talking about robbery (planning). But I didnt steal anything. Then i go to mine. They are try to go make the robbery. But i was in mine. Please unban me. Im innocent. (Sorry for my eng, Im from Slovakia)
  16. BionicalGaming

    [Rollback Request]

    Account Name: Aaronblamm Town name: / Character name : FSociety / Aaronblamm Coordinates:x:-2918-y:64 z:158 Time/date[01:50am/30/11/2017 (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London Description of Issue: was griefed sometime after 2am *Screenshots: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/385282517823127553/385659044569808896/unknown.png?width=1082&height=348 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/385282517823127553/385659665146707989/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/385282517823127553/385666380910952458/unknown.png screenshots are after my base was greifed.
  17. Slendy

    Command Request

    Account Name: SlendydiegoPro Rank: Sponsor+ Server: ACv1 Requested Commands: · ACv1 - essentials.speed.fly - essentials.tptoggle (only for users its not for staff) Reason for Request: · I try to fly fast and he returns me - to avoid the tpa spam Proof/Video:
  18. vNa_OmegaVictory

    Refund Request (ITEM)

    Account name: vNa_OmegaVictory item name + item id = Page (Resonant Ender Block) = 6061 time/date : 2017-11-09_07.17.51 [I was playing normally then i used my writing desk and when i putted the page is dissapear i tried to brake it and it didnt gave me it back :'v ] Description Issue: Picture :
  19. Account Name: Town name: / Character name : Mechanus Server: DW 1.7 Coordinates: 1437, 3130 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7am ish on 10/28 Description of Issue: I neglected to turn the town permission of access and modify off after moving some stuff around with Eyonic. Now my ME network as well as most of our tech is gone (even the elevators) I still have my quarrying network at least... *Screenshots: No screenshot.
  20. Account Name: Town name: / Character name : Mechanus, Owned by Pharoahbrute and eyonic Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: 1340, 4140, 32 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Saturday, 10/28/2017 around 7am Description of Issue: We're mid-move between Mechanus and Katapesh (2267, 4576) and we neglected to turn back on the town permission of access and modify. Someone has taken our entire ME system as well as elevator blocks, fluid trans., magma crucible, and presses. Please rollback so we can keep building. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. ) We don't have a screenshot of what it looked like before, only after *Note: If you need Pharoahbrute can make the request since he has current ownership of the town. I own the town we are moving to.
  21. Account Name:XGreSlimeX Town name: / Character name : XGreSlimeX Server: Direwolf20 1.7 Coordinates: x: 25, z: -2776, y: 89 (coords of the chest) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 29th October 2017 Description of Issue: I was moving my stuff by breaking the chest ofcourse, I was in 6block range and within a minute everything despawned... I want my chest with belongings back please. Thank you dearly.
  22. BlueDragonSoul

    [Rollback Request]Iventory

    Account Name: CrystalBlueSoul Town name: / Character name : Coordinates: Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 8:45pm CEST/03.10.2017 Description of Issue: My Internet Provider has always some "problems" when it hits 8pm. In this case it causes me to (somehow) take my chestplate out of the slot an throw it out (i think). Searched the near area but it was gone. Additional: I made another forum post where my other items was stolen, the link is This
  23. Account Name: Daxtar_2000Island RollbackIsland owner name: UNO_AMIGOCoordinates: Time/date[4 august 2017]: Description of Issue: The ME Security terminal have a bug that removed our ME Drives*Screenshots:
  24. Me (forlindorn) and my Mates Sigigamer and BabeZzZz have lost out Equipment due to a Servercrash. We were terraforming but when the servercrashed we spawned into a resetted area where we all suffocated in a wall. We lost 3x : Nearly Full upgraded Power Suits and 3 Crawls. All that happend yesterday evening arround 21:30-22:00 i think. Can we get an Iventoryrollback?
  25. Account Name: Edude42 Item name + Item ID: Watering can (Reinforced) - ExtraUtilities:watering_can:3 64 Awakened Draconium - DraconicEvolution:draconicIngot 32 Transfer Node - ExtraUtilities:extractor_base 32 Transfer Node (Liquids) - ExtraUtilities:extractor_base:6 7 Stacks of Redstone Energy Fluxducts - ThermalDynamics:ThermalDynamics_0:2 2 Stacks of Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts - ThermalDynamics:ThermalDynamics_0:6 Draconic Helm - DraconicEvolution:draconicHelm Draconic Chestplate - DraconicEvolution:draconicChest Draconic Leggings - DraconicEvolution:draconicLeggs Draconic Boots - DraconicEvolution:draconicBoots 3 Stacks of Extra Utilities' Speed upgrade - ExtraUtilities:nodeUpgrade 6 Capacitor Banks (Not the basic, the next level up.) - EnderIO:blockCapBank:2 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened] 10:53 PM EST (GMT-5) 27th of July. Description of Issue: My items were stolen or griefed from an enderchest. Evidence: I don't have any screenshots of me having them before, but my enderchest is now empty.

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