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Found 26 results

  1. Refund Request (ITEM)

    Account name: vNa_OmegaVictory item name + item id = Page (Resonant Ender Block) = 6061 time/date : 2017-11-09_07.17.51 [I was playing normally then i used my writing desk and when i putted the page is dissapear i tried to brake it and it didnt gave me it back :'v ] Description Issue: Picture :
  2. Account Name: Town name: / Character name : Mechanus Server: DW 1.7 Coordinates: 1437, 3130 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7am ish on 10/28 Description of Issue: I neglected to turn the town permission of access and modify off after moving some stuff around with Eyonic. Now my ME network as well as most of our tech is gone (even the elevators) I still have my quarrying network at least... *Screenshots: No screenshot.
  3. Account Name:XGreSlimeX Town name: / Character name : XGreSlimeX Server: Direwolf20 1.7 Coordinates: x: 25, z: -2776, y: 89 (coords of the chest) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 29th October 2017 Description of Issue: I was moving my stuff by breaking the chest ofcourse, I was in 6block range and within a minute everything despawned... I want my chest with belongings back please. Thank you dearly.
  4. Account Name: Town name: / Character name : Mechanus, Owned by Pharoahbrute and eyonic Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: 1340, 4140, 32 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Saturday, 10/28/2017 around 7am Description of Issue: We're mid-move between Mechanus and Katapesh (2267, 4576) and we neglected to turn back on the town permission of access and modify. Someone has taken our entire ME system as well as elevator blocks, fluid trans., magma crucible, and presses. Please rollback so we can keep building. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. ) We don't have a screenshot of what it looked like before, only after *Note: If you need Pharoahbrute can make the request since he has current ownership of the town. I own the town we are moving to.
  5. Command Request

    Account Name: SlendydiegoPro Rank: Sponsor+ Server: ACv1 Requested Commands: · ACv1 - essentials.speed.fly - essentials.tptoggle (only for users its not for staff) Reason for Request: · I try to fly fast and he returns me - to avoid the tpa spam Proof/Video:
  6. [Rollback Request]Iventory

    Account Name: CrystalBlueSoul Town name: / Character name : Coordinates: Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 8:45pm CEST/03.10.2017 Description of Issue: My Internet Provider has always some "problems" when it hits 8pm. In this case it causes me to (somehow) take my chestplate out of the slot an throw it out (i think). Searched the near area but it was gone. Additional: I made another forum post where my other items was stolen, the link is This
  7. Your Name: FaltureInventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: Claim RollbackCoordiantes: I went to 2 corners of a huge obsidian tile, to find 2 corners written below. x: 1027 z: 669 y: 88 (5) x: 2772 z: 2718 y: 7 (5) Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2 Hours ago? 21:00 UTC+01:00 Description of Issue: Hi! Today as i got on at 19:00 (UTC+01:00) i experienced some heavy laggs on the server. It resulted in the server going down and up for a hour, and there's was plenty of people that could not join the server, since we were relatively few people on in the period of the lagg. Anyways i see the Owner of Craftersland comes on to handle the issue. Later when i tried logging in to the server i get a message from "Onlykingbest" telling me there's obsidian around his base. I'll tp to him to check it out, he also showed me Brunyman flying in the air above it. Then my irl friend "Prebz24" tells me that there is obsidian around his base aswell, so i tp to take a look, seeing it also affects my base. So my question is, why exactly is obsidian placed around our base? We do not have any "heavy" (if you can call it that) machines running, except my reactor. I'm barely using my Rftools, which i thought most of the lagg on the server would occur from. So yeah, why is this placed here? I'd love to get a straight up answer, so that that myself and Prebz in the future can prevent this to happen. It's really lame to have half, or even full of your base "Freezed out" like this, when we want to play. So i really hope i can get some straight answers. Further below i will use the template to write down the different required info. Screenshots (Optional): 1st picture: Mainly my base on the right, and the beginning of Prebz24's base to the left. Here is where the obsidian starts. https://gyazo.com/55f072fadedf25dcc23410444a948848 Kind regards - Falture
  8. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: x: -693.534 y: 51 z: 885.698 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: idk Description of Issue: It was in my dimension, when I suddenly came back home and the dimension did not exist. I tried to remove the dimlets and they disappeared. I had the dimlet of gold, diamond and iron. I'll take care of it myself. I would also like to recover the quarry, the enderchest, the dimensional transceiver, chunk loader, and that's it. Luckily I had taken a picture with the mobil to show off with my friends, thank goodness. Screenshots:
  9. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: nothing Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 15/8/2017 At 23:38 (spain) (ONLY NEED THE STAFF OF POWER) Item name + item ID : Staff of Power ID 6347 Description of Issue: I was adding to my staff of power just made the soulbound charm, and suddenly when I caught it the anvil was broken and the weapon disappeared, the weapon had Looting 3 and Fortune 3 Screenshots: I dont have screenshots
  10. Account Name: Daxtar_2000Island RollbackIsland owner name: UNO_AMIGOCoordinates: Time/date[4 august 2017]: Description of Issue: The ME Security terminal have a bug that removed our ME Drives*Screenshots:
  11. Me (forlindorn) and my Mates Sigigamer and BabeZzZz have lost out Equipment due to a Servercrash. We were terraforming but when the servercrashed we spawned into a resetted area where we all suffocated in a wall. We lost 3x : Nearly Full upgraded Power Suits and 3 Crawls. All that happend yesterday evening arround 21:30-22:00 i think. Can we get an Iventoryrollback?
  12. Account Name: Edude42 Item name + Item ID: Watering can (Reinforced) - ExtraUtilities:watering_can:3 64 Awakened Draconium - DraconicEvolution:draconicIngot 32 Transfer Node - ExtraUtilities:extractor_base 32 Transfer Node (Liquids) - ExtraUtilities:extractor_base:6 7 Stacks of Redstone Energy Fluxducts - ThermalDynamics:ThermalDynamics_0:2 2 Stacks of Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts - ThermalDynamics:ThermalDynamics_0:6 Draconic Helm - DraconicEvolution:draconicHelm Draconic Chestplate - DraconicEvolution:draconicChest Draconic Leggings - DraconicEvolution:draconicLeggs Draconic Boots - DraconicEvolution:draconicBoots 3 Stacks of Extra Utilities' Speed upgrade - ExtraUtilities:nodeUpgrade 6 Capacitor Banks (Not the basic, the next level up.) - EnderIO:blockCapBank:2 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened] 10:53 PM EST (GMT-5) 27th of July. Description of Issue: My items were stolen or griefed from an enderchest. Evidence: I don't have any screenshots of me having them before, but my enderchest is now empty.
  13. Rank benefits reguest!

    Hello! I was told by one of the friendly staff about that we should request our Ranks' things to be set up such as the money and claimblocks which are given after the donation. If it is true and possible, I'd like to request these things' backup in the name of the Woof family! Members: Umbra Krauss SnowWoof MoonWoof WindWoof Thank you very much in advance!
  14. Requirements: · No record of any kind of command abuse ✔ · A donor rank of Sponsor or Sponsor+ ✔ · A relatively clean ban record ✔ (Banned 0 times) Title: [Command Request /we /enchant] (TotalImpact) Account Name: TotalImpact Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: World edit /we (should be worldedit.*) if * wont be allowed id like /thru added so i can jump through my walls) enchant /enchant (Essentials.enchant.*) Reason for Request: I would like world edit for my base since I love building! Its just that my base is very big and it takes tons of time to do it all by hand.. I'd like /thru to go through walls inside my base so i dont have to walk around my walls all the time. I'd like /enchant so i dont have to use books+anvils all the times
  15. Account Name: zportukalian1 Town name: Zendikar Coordinates: X=-2788 Y = 81 Z = -686 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 6.1.2017 1pm Description of Issue: my base got griefed and i wanted a rollback to fix it.
  16. Town Removal Request

    Account Name(you): Supaspork Town name in question(case sensitive): SandFleas Coordinates: -4600, +93 Town members: Smartt Reason for request: Want to claim the area. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): No Visible town in the entire claim, only a single nether portal. I know it is a few days short of the 1 month marker, but maybe?
  17. Account Name: Hokery Character name : Hokery Coordinates: Time/date: about 1 month Description of Issue: I want to rollback to human from Vapire because i cant do Altar with 10k power. *Screenshots:
  18. [Refund Request]

    Account: Dr_Giga Time/date: 4/21/2017 14:00 PM - 19:00 PM CEST Today, on 4/21/2017 I enchanted a power suit helmet with protection IV but half an hour later the enchant was gone, after that I put the power suit in the ME system and went off, which was during 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM, to take a nap and five hours later I come back and the whole power suit is gone. The power suit had HV capacitors in each piece. Also lost five vote keys from voting today at around 13:00 PM and a block that I had moved from downstairs of my base to upstairs had been returned back to the place it was when I got on, as if the place got a rollback. Also I replaced some old leadstone circuits with redstone circuits and they were not changed. I don't have any evidence of these whatsoever considering how I never expected to loose them. The main reason for posting this was because I thought I had lost four tesseracts, but I found them instead of my ME system where I thought I put it in the fluid transposer where I made them, so you don't have to bother refunding these items if you feel lazy.
  19. Requesting item refund

    Around 19:40 EET I've been instakilled by a creeper during a lag spike, I could watch him walk around for like a minute and then he blew up off the cliff where I was two minutes ago, that instakilled me and I couldn't respawn, so I rejoined the server and tried to get back there as soon as possible but the items were gone. The items I had were: Flux-Infused Axe, Flux-Infused Pickaxe, Flux-Infused Sword, Portable Tank filled with Blazing Pyrotheum, Magmatic Dynamo, Crescent Hammer, Redstone Energy Cell, and a few other less worthy items. Also my IGN is Dr_Giga now.
  20. sry for disturbing again but I need Worldedit on this server so i can build faster. hope that is possible. Ign: Ancient_Wyvern
  21. I bought the rank of sponsor not too long ago and I wish to remove creative, along with the removal of everything I have including my buildings and what not, essentially allowing me to start from scratch and interact more with the others on the server, if possible as well perhaps some starter items relating to thaumcraft, I got far into the mod before buying the sponsorship but if this is not possible that's fine, I just want creative removed along with any items.
  22. Command Request

    USERNAME: icedfrappuccino RANKS: Tekkit- S+ INF- P+ REQUESTING: //wand //set //copy //cut //drain And no wait time on teleport.
  23. Permission request

    Hi i donated to day because I love the server and really want that is running a long long time XD so i spend some money to get the sponsor+ rang and i see that i can ask for special permissions so id love to get the permissions for world edit like //copy,//paste,//rotate,//flip,//cyl,//hcyl and //set would be great to use that commands to make my base, even more epic^^ Greetings your friendly dragon Ancient_Wyvern
  24. Hello brunyman Well i wanted to replace some lagging blocks ( lagging for me ) with other blocks and messed up the //replace command and all got replaced with that block my Me system cables molecula assembler everythin i tried to fix it with /undo but well as u will see in the following screenshoot i lost all .... http://imgur.com/a/7jDe0 Account Name: Imperatus Town name: Borderlands Coordinates: x: 4135 z: -2934 y: 57 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 8 pm UTC+1(CET) , 12 .01.2017 [dd.mm.yyyy] It would be great if u could Rollback it as fast as u can >.< Kind Regards Imperatus I Like this
  25. Requesting command

    Hello! I wish to request a command, My IGN is Henkekalmar and I play on the Skyfactory server, And I'd like to request the command " whois " , basically just a command for me to see the full IGN of someone who is using a nick, sometimes nicks aren't even close to their IGN which makes it hard to tpa and such. Probably a great command for most to have!There is two tiers of permissions for Whois, one which allow the user to see the GeoIP of the player,... which I don't need.