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Found 28 results

  1. i think its about time that the tekkit server gets a reset. Fresh Start. For everyone. My Friends LordDufty1 and M3M3_G0D Agree its a good idea
  2. Tekkit server WIPE is complete! We got new map seeds and a fresh start for all. Everything except ranks got a reset. Changes: Full server WIPE. Generated new map seeds for all worlds. Added some security patches for some hacks and exploits. Old world download link: Banned Items List: Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  3. So we got some requests for a server WIPE, and also the server map is full and harder for new players to start. There are also issues with lag from some big bases. The last server WIPE was on 8 Octomber 2018, almost 6 months ago. The reset will get us new map seeds, fresh start for all, all data reset except ranks and less lag. We will provide a download link of the existing overworld map. Check server stats here: http://minecraft-mp.com/server/14938/stats/ And Live Map here: http://tekkit.craftersland.net:25800/# Vote in the pool above and let us know what to do next. Thanks!
  4. In-game Name: inToX_EvolutionRank: --Server: Tekkit I haven't played for quite a while, but I logged in and my in-game currency is gone, along with clan/land-claim etc ?. Is there anything that can be done here? I don't remember if there were non-donation ranks for this server either? Thanks.
  5. Tekkit server WIPE is complete! We got new map seeds and increased overworld map size. Everything except ranks got a reset. Changes: Full server WIPE. Generated new map seeds. Increased main world border radius from 5500 to 6000. Old world download link: HERE Banned Items List: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  6. In-game Name: brine7302 Rank: can't remeber?Server: tekkitProof of Ownership (Optional): Don't know how I would prove it? Haven't played on server in like a year.
  7. Many players die when teleporting to and from the nether. This is why: https://prnt.sc/ks8liu When they go through the portal, they don't always spawn on this dirt platform I made: https://prnt.sc/ks8lls There ARE signs there saying to go to /spawn or /is tp, but they don't see it if they fall immediately. Bruny, please fix this as soon as possible! Thanks
  8. My friend forgot his login password in game for Tekkit, because he hasn't seen that plugin before. And he made a forum post a few days ago asking for it to be reset, it is abit unstructured and bad but we need him. Can somebody please help, his in game name is Pyrowar, and hes the mayor of the town. Please help. I am in the discord server and can contact him directly that way if y'all need to speak to him. Thank you.
  9. I forgot my password, I played on this server a while ago and wanted to come back to it
  10. Your Name: SoundsOfMadnessCoordinates: Don't know, don't really mind where I end up.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): About 8:50 pm Pacific Standard Time. Description of Issue: My inventory has been corrupted, again. I was messing around with Steve's carts, and it was working well for a little. Until I tried to copy my cart using my middle mouse button. That was what probably corrupted my inventory last time and I am sure that is what caused it this time. So I was hoping to get another reset of my inventory. I am sorry for asking for this again.
  11. Your Name: SoundsOfMadnessCoordinates: Don't know, don't really mind where I end up.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Probably around 2:00 am Pacific Standard Time. December 17th, 2017.Description of Issue: My inventory has been corrupted. At the time I was messing around with Steve's Carts, and tried some of the railer addons. I was just about to place my newly made cart down, when I crashed. I have no problem losing my items as long as I get back into the server.
  12. In-Game Nickname: N/A Time and date: Tuesday, 12/5/2017 started at 10:00 pm EST. still happening at 10:22 pm EST. Description of what happened: Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the server has been resetting every few seconds for the last 25 minutes.. Update: Its still going after about 35 minutes. It's like when you eat Taco Hell and you have to keep rushing to the bathroom; every time you think your it's over, but its just keeps happening.
  13. Hi guys, Server full WIPE is complete! This was requested by some players as there were lag issues allot of times. The map had a bit over 6 month and some massive bases were causing performance issues. Now as most voted for WIPE there were players against it, and I know they spent a lot of hours playing and now it's all gone, i'm really sorry for this, you can download the server main map and deploy it on a different server or play in single player mode. The download is available here: As for players that donated for kits, ranks, we reactivated all purchased stuff this week, for older purchases please post a reactivation request here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/212-general/ We generated a new map seeds for all worlds, and the server should run smoother for the next months now. It's a nice time to start fresh as everybody starts from the same point. Modded for the Experts! inf.craftersland.net
  14. fixed it, but could've been more responsive
  15. In-game Name: CrystalblueSoul Rank: Premium Server: Tekkit Main Proof of Ownership (Optional): Im lazy to make a scrren riht now (1:22AM CEST) so i do it later. Till so, i have a forum link where it could proof that its my account The Rollback Request
  16. Hello, WIPE was just completed as it was requested and voted. This is a full WIPE except ranks, all worlds have new map seeds and we also fixed few reported dupe issues. The current map was about 7 months old and was a bit full and laggy, download link of the old map is available HERE Changes: Fixed some dupes. Full server reset/WIPE. Generated new map seeds on all worlds. Old Map Download Enjoy a fresh world to explore and build! Join and get a nice spot for your base! Modded madness! ftb.craftersland.net
  17. Account Name: WeWillBeHeroes Town Name: wewillbeheroes, Charakter Name: wewillbeheroes (I would like to have the rollback for both) Server: Direwolf 1.7.10 coordinates: x:1934, y: 47, z:-2803 (1st chunk), x:1936, y:47, z: -2803 (2nd chunk), x: 1940, y: 46, z: -2798 (3rd chunk) Data: 16.09.2017 Time: 10:30 AM Issue: All my storage cells were dropped and despawned due to a server sided lagg. The result is that I lost al my materials. Timezone: UTC +2 CEST Central European Summer Time Berlin So, 11:42:36
  18. Account Name: KnightSpirit Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) I don't know yet if my Inv if bugged but if it is then: Manyullyn bow with flamestring manyullyn arrows autorepair and some tools,but i dont need them Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 2-3 days ago Description of Issue: I can't join the server! Failed to login:Invalid session (Try restarting your game) But i've tried to rejoin multiple times and reinstalled my modpack,relogged into my launcher,still wont work. I think this is caused by a bugged inventory Evidence (optional, but recommended):screen of the "Failed to login:Invalid session"? Why would you need that.....
  19. A Few days ago i died while in a bat form(morph) and im stuck with 3 hearts, i die really quickly ad thats annoying. can you please reset my player so i can get my hears back?
  20. So my account has been bugged twice now in not even 1 week. Thats why I am asking for a command to reset your own characters player.dat ingame with a command like /char reset or something. This would not only help us but also the staffs who then have more time for themselves!
  21. Account Name: Hokery Character name : Hokery Coordinates: Time/date: about 1 month Description of Issue: I want to rollback to human from Vapire because i cant do Altar with 10k power. *Screenshots:
  22. Need a new password to join the tekkit server. Ingame name : Err0r_Head
  23. Hi, can I please have a password reset? in game name: Rye_Bread
  24. My username is ProTurkish and i play an Crafter's Land server in World Automation. After i leave my town, I can not claim any chunks when i open a new town. Can you reset my chunks? -ProTurkish
  25. Please dissregard this this is in the wrong spot it has been moved to http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/14531-forgot-password/
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