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Found 9 results

  1. craftersland is a great server i already played more times on the server and it has always bin great
  2. This post is about my feeling about SF3.0 modpacks and gameplay, because I just only played on it for 2 days so if I've wrong in something, please notice me 2 days ago I've upgraded my computer so now I can play SF3.0. There is something importance about mods in this modpacks: - MFR and Thaumcraft are not appear because they have no stable version on 1.10.2 (MFR 1.10.2 is still in beta while Thaumcraft 6 maybe struck somewhere in the void) - The next thing is Thermal Foundation is remove, does the modpack developers are smoking weed or something so they remove a famous mods even now it have stable version on 1.11.2 - This modpack contains so OP fluid storage system. The Get' ya tank here mod add very OP tanks that can hold a tons of fluid just by some materials in early game (the diamond one only require 5 diamonds but can hold 1024000mb - double the amount that resonant portable tank from TF can hold), then we have seared tank form Tinkers' Construct that hold lesser (but "lesser" in here means hundreds of buckets). Moreover Tinkers tank can hold many of fluids inside but not mixing them together. And also the seared furnace can crush any kind of furnace when compare about the OP. - Ex Nihilo become more convenient when they merge all kind of metal ores into one (clusters and clumps), silkworm drop more frequently and can be cooked to eat. Sieve meshes are very interesting because each of them have different kind of material can be sieved - I'm not try colosal chest but I'm affraid that it can cause lag for server - Compacter is removed and be replaced by the Autopackager - the one used to cause a tons of lags for server - Draconic Evolution become more interesting with the fusion crafting - Mystical Agriculture (a.k.a Magical crops) become more OP with the upgradable watering can (but the autonomous activator is not here >!<) - Moreover, fluid cows is replaced by chickens that can produce ANYTHING. - Finally, AE2 is replaced by Refined storage but this mod do not contain autocrafting yet, so we have to live without autocrafting for a while.
  3. made 3 reviews at https://ftbservers.com/server/wJK87iyh/ftb-infinity-evolved-by-craftersland https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/servers/ftb-infinity-evolved-by-craftersland-3-0-1.3238/ https://ftbinfinityevolvedservers.com/server/VXzqTyHp/ftb-infinity-evolved-by-craftersland in game name : khalifa_craft been 1 day and over 12 hours thanks..
  4. Hi, I wrote 2 reviews on 2 different websites, but didnt get my reward of 1 website. Pls help me! TY
  5. Wrote a review, no idea where to appeal tho. Sad https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/servers/direwolf20-v1-10-0-by-craftersland.1387/reviews?page=3#review-1390-388702
  6. he I write the reviews for this server (direwolf20) on Wednesday but still no reward. is something broken or do it take so long? IGN: Ancient_Wyvern
  7. Hi, About a week ago I did two of the "Review for $10,000!" things but i still have not gotten any of the money, I should have $20k, but Im broke, please help.
  8. I wrote 3 review on every website and ive waited for 2x24 hours but i havent got my $$$ account used in writing itsproinc & itsproinc_(mcforum)
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