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Found 6 results

  1. Server address: rad.craftersland.net Server update to latest recommended modpack version 1.38 is complete! Changes: Added 6 mods. Removed 3 mods. Updated about 31 mods. Updated config and scripts. Official Changelog: Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK Banned Items: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! Adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting rad.craftersland.net
  2. Name: Kristof_HaksCoordinates: x = -1297, z = 3475, y = 64Time/Timezone/Date: 9:03 P.M. PT April 3, 2020Description of Issue: Tried hooking my colossal chest up to a pipe and all the items got deleted without me touching the core.
  3. Your Name: BDubs911Coordinates: x1771.966 y 77 z 1417.260Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 2:25PM CDT GMT UTC -5 04/04/2020Description of Issue: Opened chance cube and lost entire inventory to dead bushes. Had no clue this could happen. Would never have kept all of my best items if I did.
  4. Your Name: OverLimitItem Name + ID + Amount: Dragon horn (tier 5 gray fire dragon, female); prefab monster masher spawners; sharpness VII book.Base coordinates: 2952 108 913Description of Issue: 1. After a server crash my dragon horn glitched and i lost the dragon i had inside it 2. The spawners inside my prefab monster masher disappeared after a server crash or longer restart? idk (1x spider, 1x zombie, 1x skeleton, 1x creeper) 3. I had 2 sharpness VII books in my inventory; While i was trying to enchant a diamond sword with one of the books the diamond sword duped and deleted the other sharpness VII book, in the end i only had one sword with sharpness VII and a non enchanted diamond sword (the duped one), lost a sharpness VII book Damn i said sharpness VII a lot of times Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Server address: rad.craftersland.net Our new Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modded server is now open to public! It's running on latest recommended version 1.36, and can also be downloaded on our launcher with optifine and vanilafix mods as optional. Make sure you read all info at server spawn to help you get started. Thanks for your support that made this new server possible, to all staff that helped testing everything so now we all can have fun! "Do you like roguelike dungeon crawling games? Or exploring Minecraft world for dungeons and structures for loot? Tired of all that tech stuff and just want more fun? Then this pack is for you. It is completely focused on adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting. Fight you way through the dungeons, improve your skills and gear, complete quests and conquer new undiscovered dangerous dimensions. There is no time to relax because as you grow stronger, gathering better equipment mobs will also gain health and becomes stronger!" More details about this modpack you can find on the official page: LINK As our other modded servers this server also features: Economy (Server shops and Players Market) Clans (PvP) Grief Prevention cave protection. Crates and rewards Hosted on a dedicated server in Germany Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK Banned Items: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! Adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting rad.craftersland.net
  6. The list of restricted items on our Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Server, MC 1.12.2. Last updated 29.02.2020 Disabled Mods: FTBBackup - Using our own backup system. BetterFps - Client side mod. Restricted Items: Music Disk 13 > Minecraft - Easter egg Issue Bag of Holding > Extra Utilities - Bugs. Redstone Clock > Extra Utilities - Bugs. Dynamite > CyclicMagic - Protection bypass. Mining Dynamite > CyclicMagic - Protection bypass. FancyWorkbench > Bibliocraft - Dupes. FancyWorkbench > Bibliocraft - Dupes. Crumble horn > Twilightforest - Protection bypass. Cube of annihilation > Twilightforest - Protection bypass. Ice bomb > Twilightforest - Protection bypass. Bomb > ViexCraft - Protection bypass. Instant Bridge > Prefab - Protection bypass. All creative only items are restricted.(Except items craftable by in game recipe.) With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries.
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