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Found 72 results

  1. Account Name: FLDataTeK World Name: Flatlands Server: DW 1.7.10 Coordinates: Mystcraft world Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Sunday 10/8/17 Description of Issue: I purchased a permanent mystcraft world from the buy craft store and this is the world that I selected to be permanent on checking today to ensure that I was saved I found that it had been deleted this wouldn't be a big issue for me had I not done the blood magic demon portal ritual in this world to avoid possible damage to the overworld and other players bases the demon portal ritual is a ritual that can only be done once per .world file so as far as I am aware I would be unable to do it again even though I do have all the required items for it
  2. Big Mistake

    Account Name:Wubb4Lubb4DubDub Town name: / Character name :Town name is Nigeria. Character names are Wubb4Lubb4DubDub and AgentWaffle84 Coordinates: X= 126 Y= 83 z=36 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:20:42 GMT+0 11/10/2017 Description of Issue:ok so what happend is agent died and then we did not realise he had antimatter in his inventory and blew up everything we had including our inventories so would be helpful if we can get both these rollbacks *Screenshots: attached
  3. Your Name: MrSoloHDIsland Owner Name: MrSoloHD Coordiantes: -15216 -2988 143Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): October 10, 6:30 PM ESTDescription of Issue: Someone that is trusted have created a teleportation to my base and took 9 max out lava gens, 7 64k me drives and other items that I might not know they have taken from my me systemScreenshots (Optional): None
  4. Island rollbacked

    When I logged in today I discovered that half of my island is gone. I'm not sure but it looks like about 3 days old. Nightkriss ingame login Your Name: NightkrissIsland Owner Name: Nightkriss Coordinates: X=-15176 Z=-14402 y=144(9)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 13.10.2017 around 23h-00h CEST ( can't remember exactly when I logged back, but definitely earlier than 01:00 14.10.2017)Description of Issue: Looks like my island reverted to the state it was few days ago. I lost my spawn/grinder farm, 32x32x48 Bigreactor and few other things. In My alloy smelter were darkened glass(blocks light) so it's definitely just a sec before I started messing up with Cursed Earth Screenshots (Optional): I don't want my island to be rerolled. I'll try to redo everything from scratch. Now that I've the precious experience to make it better and faster.
  5. [Rollback Request]

    Account name: TriVector Town name: Cyka Coordinates: +1641, +5498 I was griefed with antimatter. First antimatter was being dropped in spawn and around 30 minutes after that event, antimatter started dropping at our base. I would like this chunk to be rolled back to 8:30 PST. Thank you.
  6. rollback request

    Your Name: edlixeoIsland Owner Name: segrulezCoordiantes: x11604 y 151 z-14822Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 01/10/2017 15:20 uk timeDescription of Issue: i was moving bases then i got kicked and i had help of yusixs your mod and she hate to clear my intory because it was corrupt and i had my hole base im my ivntory and i have left the is and and helping this of is untill i get my stuff back Screenshots (Optional):
  7. [Rollback Request]Iventory

    Account Name: CrystalBlueSoul Town name: / Character name : Coordinates: Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 8:45pm CEST/03.10.2017 Description of Issue: My Internet Provider has always some "problems" when it hits 8pm. In this case it causes me to (somehow) take my chestplate out of the slot an throw it out (i think). Searched the near area but it was gone. Additional: I made another forum post where my other items was stolen, the link is This
  8. Rollback Request

    Account Name: Jackson7898 Town name: Onionsville Coordinates: 2898, -3081 Time/date: 9/30/17 10 AM Description of Issue: Everything is covered in lava and griefed I have nothing. AGAIN.
  9. Account Name: Jacobb303 Town name: / Character name : ( depending what you want the rollback for ) Town- WolfWaterRidge Coordinates: x:1937 y:95 z:2440 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 9/26/17 3:00pm, PST Description of Issue: While moving into my new house, I had every single one of my possessions in my inventory which caused my game to crash and now I can not get back online. I would have made this post earlier, but I thought the issue would resolve itself, and I didn't realize it was because of the shear number of items in my inventory. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. ) Not necessary in this situation
  10. Account Name: EnergyTR Town name: / Character name : EnergyTR Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: UTC+03:00 22:40 or 23:00 31.08.2017 Description of Issue: enhanced charm of dislocation my despawn for the coordinates i need it just and my golden bag despawn i need inv. roolback i m not playing a long time.
  11. Inventory Rollback

    account name: roux2 Character name: roux2 Coordinates: Y:46 X:4408 Z: -3248 Time: 5:48 PM GMT Date: 2017/09/28 I entered a mystcraft book and then suddenly my inventory was cleared of everything.
  12. [Rollback Request] on Tekkit

    Account Name: BlueDragonSoul Town name: / Character name : Anime_Nation / CrystalBlueSoul Coordinates: x-1732 z3132 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 17.09.2017 15:00 CEST Description of Issue: Didn't know that the radiation shield from Modular Powersuit ist not working, i died 3-4 Times till my items got despawned *Screenshots: ---- It's a bit before i die, when i have at that time a golden bagpack in my inventory, please destroy him because i have him still
  13. Your Name: VirtmoInventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: Claim RollbackCoordiantes: from x:304 z:179 to x:503 z: 80Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 02:00(am),06.09.2017 UTC+01:00 GermanyDescription of Issue: Got griefed and lost all my ME DrivesScreenshots (Optional): http://imgur.com/a/KizR0
  14. Island rollback

    Your Name: BosuhexxitInventory Rollback or Island Rollback: Just a chunkIsland Owner Name: Bosuhexxit Coordiantes: X:-12600 Z:8800 y:144 of island not the chunkTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): idon't know exactllyDescription of Issue: I played a whole day, I took a break and then when I logged back in a chunk was goneScreenshots (Optional): can't post any images cuz it says max limit :/
  15. Account Name:Tommiejay Town name: / Character name : Tommiejay Coordinates: Dont have any Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:26th of August 2017 Description of Issue:I dont even know how i died i logged in and i was dead (amazing right) *Screenshots: Dont have any
  16. Account Name: InfinityGamer22 Town name: / Character name : InfinityGamer22 Coordinates: x 5539 y 65 z 121 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: UTC +01:00 25/08/2017 11:00 Description of Issue: I logged out in one of my clanmate's base, and when I logged in, I was suffocating. Then i re-logged, and I was in the void. I died and lost my stuff in the void. Can you rollback my inventory, please? *Screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/bxsMg
  17. Your Name: FaltureInventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: Claim RollbackCoordiantes: I went to 2 corners of a huge obsidian tile, to find 2 corners written below. x: 1027 z: 669 y: 88 (5) x: 2772 z: 2718 y: 7 (5) Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2 Hours ago? 21:00 UTC+01:00 Description of Issue: Hi! Today as i got on at 19:00 (UTC+01:00) i experienced some heavy laggs on the server. It resulted in the server going down and up for a hour, and there's was plenty of people that could not join the server, since we were relatively few people on in the period of the lagg. Anyways i see the Owner of Craftersland comes on to handle the issue. Later when i tried logging in to the server i get a message from "Onlykingbest" telling me there's obsidian around his base. I'll tp to him to check it out, he also showed me Brunyman flying in the air above it. Then my irl friend "Prebz24" tells me that there is obsidian around his base aswell, so i tp to take a look, seeing it also affects my base. So my question is, why exactly is obsidian placed around our base? We do not have any "heavy" (if you can call it that) machines running, except my reactor. I'm barely using my Rftools, which i thought most of the lagg on the server would occur from. So yeah, why is this placed here? I'd love to get a straight up answer, so that that myself and Prebz in the future can prevent this to happen. It's really lame to have half, or even full of your base "Freezed out" like this, when we want to play. So i really hope i can get some straight answers. Further below i will use the template to write down the different required info. Screenshots (Optional): 1st picture: Mainly my base on the right, and the beginning of Prebz24's base to the left. Here is where the obsidian starts. https://gyazo.com/55f072fadedf25dcc23410444a948848 Kind regards - Falture
  18. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: nothing Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 15/8/2017 At 23:38 (spain) (ONLY NEED THE STAFF OF POWER) Item name + item ID : Staff of Power ID 6347 Description of Issue: I was adding to my staff of power just made the soulbound charm, and suddenly when I caught it the anvil was broken and the weapon disappeared, the weapon had Looting 3 and Fortune 3 Screenshots: I dont have screenshots
  19. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: x: -693.534 y: 51 z: 885.698 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: idk Description of Issue: It was in my dimension, when I suddenly came back home and the dimension did not exist. I tried to remove the dimlets and they disappeared. I had the dimlet of gold, diamond and iron. I'll take care of it myself. I would also like to recover the quarry, the enderchest, the dimensional transceiver, chunk loader, and that's it. Luckily I had taken a picture with the mobil to show off with my friends, thank goodness. Screenshots:
  20. Account Name: Parrilla38 Town name: / Character name : KA0S / Parrilla38 Server: DW1.10 Coordinates: x: -691.792 Y:66 Z:867.300 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: It would be 13:00 or so Description of Issue: I was removing My ME from disks, to take it to my new machine room, when the server suddenly has crass and I lost all the disks with all my things except 3 disks, that just did not have the important things, I had all my things in the others. Screenshots:
  21. Account Name: Blairwitch09 Town name: / Character name : Blairwitch09 Server: ( dw1.7 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: August, 5 , 2017 At 11:50 AM-12:00pm EDT Description of Issue: I was moving my base and put all of my items in a golden bag of holding not knowing that it would crash my game when i try to log on *Screenshots: N/A
  22. IS Rollback request

    Account Name: Daxtar_2000Island RollbackIsland owner name: UNO_AMIGOCoordinates: Time/date[4 august 2017]: Description of Issue: The ME Security terminal have a bug that removed our ME Drives*Screenshots:
  23. Character Name: Virtmo Server: dw1.10 Claimed Land: (304,65,179) (Area:1404 Blocks) Time/Date: 22:00/29.07.2017 (UTC+01:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien) Description of Issue: There was hard lag, about 2-3 tps and Yusixs said Refined Storage use lot of ram, so I guessed maybe my Refined Storage system was causing lag. So I broke Disk Drive but my Storage Disks didnt drop(maybe because of lag). And after 1 minute server restarted when I logged back in Disks were gone, no where to be seen. More than half of items disappeared.
  24. Account Name:Blairwitch09 Town name: / Character name : Blairwitch09 Coordinates: X:1013 Z:-10189 Y:103 In the Twilight Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:Please roll back to 11:50pm EDT on tuesday july 25th Description of Issue: i Was fighting a lich then i died and i do /back and all my gear is gone. Burynman already rolled my inventory back once but it was the wrong time si there anyway i could get that corrected.
  25. Victoriam ROLLBACK request

    Account Name: Victoriam Town name: Canada Coordinates: x: 2308.06911 Y:64.000 Z: -3527.68149 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7/20/2017 10AM Description of Issue: I recently allowed access to a clan member thinking i was supposed to, shortly after being added the player (TNTtyler42) started to steal several blocks including all of the Electric furnaces, broke the reactor ( now fixed) , 3 Pulverisors, 1 sawmill, Destroyed my automatic tree farm gutting its internals, and a ME terminal full of supplies ranging from little value to a lot, after confronting the player about the issue at first he claimed he never did anything and soon we realized how far back this greifing had set us back in terms of progress all of our basic supplies are gone, everything from dirt to rockets all stolen, and the player only took the materials to cause grief with no real intent to use them or distribute in sale. The ME terminal contained several large stacks of various materials so many it would be hard to recollect i'm sorry if i'm wasting time here, or im not eligible for a rollback i'm very new to tekkit and thought i would be able to trust clan members thanks your your time *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )