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Found 118 results

  1. brunyman

    SkyFactory 3 Server is open!

    Our FTB SkyFactory 3 server is now open to public! Server address: sf3.craftersland.net As features the server has all features that our Direwolf20 1.10 server has, like clans, crates, vote party, spawn shops. The island claim system is based on GriefPevention, for info just do /island The server is not 100% done yet, few more features will be added in time. Thanks to all of you that helped us with votes, donations and time to make this happen! Banned items: Here Build your Sky Factory! sf3.craftersland.net
  2. TautMeu

    Joining the server

    Hello, im new to this community and everything, i found this server in the list and it said it is cracked, but for some reason i still can'not join it, could i have some assistance? The view i get whenever i try to join the Direwolf20 server - ftb.craftersland.net:25565 http://prntscr.com/jcv6yw
  3. Time for more updates to AssassinS Test server! Today update is adding the fame system to the server. The new plugin was coded from scratch and while with similar function as the old plugin the most improvements are at the core. The new plugin will save data on a database and will remove the old issues where data would sometimes be lost and also allow us better performance storing lots of players data and also better scaling if will be needed in the future. Fame features: Data stored to a database instead of file based. Better info about players fame and fame needed to rank up. /fame Commands for easy fame transfer. Sound effects for kill streaks. Better fame rank up and fame gain messages. More coming soon, stay tuned!
  4. xX_Samuel_GB_Xx

    End of Stream

    So im trying to join the server at 9:24 (GMT) and all I'm getting is 'Connection lost - End of Stream' I have restarted my laptop, reinstalled the modpack, updated the modpack (didn't work), downdated the modpack, furiously retried again and again to join, all to no avail. I dont get it because I got the error yesterday but i retried and it let me on the server, so why cant I join today? So confused
  5. Server update to mod pack version 1.9.0 latest recommended is complete! We had 45 mods updated and some nice fixes and patches, so it was a big update. More below. The official change log for this modpack update is this: At the moment we are still working to patch laggy mods to get the server performance better. Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server dw.craftersland.net
  6. After some big lag issues, we have voted for a possible WIPE, trying to avoid it we tried to patch some mods to try to reduce lag and keep the current map for longer. Fixing lag was really time consuming to see what mods caused it and possible ways to improve the code to reduce server load and improve performance. The fact that the server is running on MC 1.7 makes this difficult as some mods do not have source code public, but even so the results show that the lag was reduced allot and so we decided that WIPE is no longer needed at this point and we will try to push the existing map as much as possible. So short, we will not WIPE, we reduced server lag by editing mods code that were causing most of the lag, and we will continue to do so until there is nothing we can do to further improve performance. Here is a list of mods patched until now, including crashes and lag optimizations: AgriCraft appliedenergistics2 buildcraft Draconic-Evolution EnderIO forestry funky-locomotion gendustry HQM-The Journey ImmersiveEngineering logisticspipes Morpheus NotEnoughItems Pam's HarvestCraft Railcraft rftools StevesFactoryManager TConstruct ThaumicExploration ThermalExpansion Translocator twilightforest WR-CBE We are always looking to improve our servers, hopefully our efforts will not be in vain and they will get better and better. Thanks!
  7. We had a lot if issues since we opened the SkyFactory 3 server, from crashes to lag. Since then we did a lot of testing and patching to try to fix as much as we can and reduce lag. We patched 15 mods so far for crash issues and performance improvements to get the lag as low as possible. The Sponge platform being young is still not that great in tools to optimize server performance so we had to do it the hard way and more time consuming. Even so we may need to do further patches and adjustment but right now we need to test and stress the current setup to see if it was effective and what else needs to be done. I know traffic went low last weeks and it will be nice to get at least 30 players on to give it a test. Here is a list of mods patched for crashes and lag, I will not include a detailed change log for each mod: Botania ChickenChunks ColossalChests Draconic-Evolution EnderIO extrautils2 ImmersiveEngineering jei Morpheus refinedstorage rftools rftoolsdim SolarFluxReborn TConstruct Translocators I hope that all the time spent on these improvements did make a difference and seeing happy players will make all that worth it. Thanks!
  8. Tekkit Server full WIPE is Complete! Everything except ranks got a reset. This WIPE was requested as last reset took place in August. We fixed some dupe issues before WIPE so with each reset the server is getting better and better. Thanks to all staff and players that helped reporting issues. Also we generated new map seeds on all worlds, unbanned Iron Pipe and Syrenges. Changes: Full server WIPE. New maps seeds on all worlds. Fixed a some dupe bugs. Unbanned Iron Pipe and Syringe. Old world download link: HERE Banned Items List: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  9. Like I said everytime I try to join the tekkit server I crash. The problem might be caused when I was having trouble with creative energy cells everytime I spawned one it had no energy I tried spawning them with /item thru NEI or creative menu with all same results. the real problem to the crash is that I was trying to spawn in an actual working creative energy cell and I was messing with item codes so I tried spawning /item 917:8 and instantly as I tried that code I crashed and I tried deleting the .technic folder and all modpacks or files with no luck whenever I try to join the tekkit server I crash I tried playing on single player and it works just fine. I'm leaving the crash log here just in case you need it theres 2 crash logs. Also I know this is not related to the error but can anyone give me my VIP rank here as I donated for sponsor on the server? btw thnx to dragonjc for trying to help me with the energy cells xD crash-2018-02-14_15.58.49-client.txt crash-2018-02-14_16.46.57-client.txt
  10. Our first Modded server on Minecraft 1.12 on Sponge platform is open! This needed some extra work to port some plugins from Sponge API 5 to API 7 but it's all done, thanks to all staff that helped testing issues! Server address: dw.craftersland.net The server features as on all our modded servers are: daily and crate rewards, clans, pvp, grief prevention claim system, players market and server shops. You can join the server with the latest recommended Direwolf20 1.12.2 modpack version. Have fun! If you spot any issues please report them on forum, note that the server is just released and some stuff need to be further tested. Restricted items list. Modded Madness! dw.craftersland.net
  11. Matycus

    [Complaint] Matycus

    In-Game Nickname: N/A Time and date: Tuesday, 12/5/2017 started at 10:00 pm EST. still happening at 10:22 pm EST. Description of what happened: Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the server has been resetting every few seconds for the last 25 minutes.. Update: Its still going after about 35 minutes. It's like when you eat Taco Hell and you have to keep rushing to the bathroom; every time you think your it's over, but its just keeps happening.
  12. I don't know what template to use so I'll just say the problem, My IGN is _MrChubbs_ and i dont remember when this happened like the exact time or anything, but the server crashed or something like that after i finished voting, i got a total of 32 keys and i was about to open the crates. The server crashed and when i joined back i no longer had them, it would be great if they could refunded. Please and thank you- can you also check out my inventory rollback request too? thank you.
  13. Hi guys, Server full WIPE is complete! This was requested by some players as there were lag issues allot of times. The map had a bit over 6 month and some massive bases were causing performance issues. Now as most voted for WIPE there were players against it, and I know they spent a lot of hours playing and now it's all gone, i'm really sorry for this, you can download the server main map and deploy it on a different server or play in single player mode. The download is available here: As for players that donated for kits, ranks, we reactivated all purchased stuff this week, for older purchases please post a reactivation request here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/212-general/ We generated a new map seeds for all worlds, and the server should run smoother for the next months now. It's a nice time to start fresh as everybody starts from the same point. Modded for the Experts! inf.craftersland.net
  14. BareGrizzly

    [Rollback Request]

    Account Name: Baregrizzly Town name: / Character name : Baregrizzly Coordinates: x: 4546.84338 y: 49 z:116.28319 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 16/11/2017 20:00 Description of Issue: The server crashed (like always), I lost all my stuff by falling into the void. This isn't the only time this has happened, I've fallen through the void a numerous of times and I've had enough of it. Stop blaming it on how 'Tekkit is bound to be buggy', and fix your god damn server! It's not only irritating me but all the other members that complain about losing all their stuff through the void or losing hours worth of work. I'm not bashing your server completely, but you surely have to take action to this, even if it means you have to wipe it. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  15. The list of restricted items on our FTB Skyfactory 3 Server, MC 1.10.2. Last updated 30.10.2017 Disabled Mods: InventorySorter - Duplication bugs. MouseTweaks - Duplication bugs. Restricted Items: Player Probe > Actually Additions - Exploit. Rod of the Shaded Mesa > Botania - Protection bypass. Shard of Laputa > Botania - Lag. Teru Teru Bozu > Botania - Changing weather. Imperfect Ritual Stone > Blood Magic - Changing weather. Celestial Manipulator > Draconic Evolution - Changing weather. Creative Block Exchanger > Draconic Evolution - Creative. Weather obelisk > EnderIO - Changing weather. Magic Boomerang > Extra Utilities - Protection bypass. Creative Drum > Extra Utilities - Dupe. Debug card > OpenComputers - Exploit. Chunk Loader Upgrade > OpenComputers - Server lag. Creative Player Interface > Random Things - Protection bypass. Online Detector > Random Things - Exploit. Creative Fluid Storage Disk > Refined Storage - Dupe. Creative Fluid Storage Block > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Storage Disk > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Storage Block > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Wireless Grid > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Wireless Crafting Monitor > Refined Storage - Creative. Chunk Loader > Steve's Carts - Server lag. Creative Vending Upgrade > Storage Drawers - Dupe. With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries. -Hidden-
  16. Hello, WIPE was just completed as it was requested and voted. This is a full WIPE except ranks, all worlds have new map seeds and we also fixed few reported dupe issues. The current map was about 7 months old and was a bit full and laggy, download link of the old map is available HERE Changes: Fixed some dupes. Full server reset/WIPE. Generated new map seeds on all worlds. Old Map Download Enjoy a fresh world to explore and build! Join and get a nice spot for your base! Modded madness! ftb.craftersland.net
  17. Hi, a small server update was done. The modpack got updated to version 3.0.2, there is no official change log provided but there are no mods added, removed or updated server side, maybe it was something on the client side, but the server is fully 3.0.2 compatible. Also we did some more testing and seems that the data save time out lag was coming from HardcoreQuesting mod, we did a small patch on the mod to fix the save data lag and also fixed the mod as it stopped working on 3.0.1 update but had to reset all data the mod had. So the save data lag is fixed and Quests are working again now. inf.craftersland.net
  18. After a long time with no updates, we updated our server to latest minecraft version 1.12.2, this is a full update and not a compatibility update, it needed for plugins to be updated from 1.10.2 to latest. We will try to push out some more plugin coding to get the server ready to replace the original server. You can always support our work with a donation on our store: http://craftersland.buycraft.net/ Now a summary of the entire update progress: NEW Server full update to Minecraft 1.12.2 Added player health under players names. No fall damage when landing on Hay and Leaves Blocks. Players can roll to reduce 50% of fall damage if they crouch on landing. Re-coded the assassins climb feature. Disabled 1.9 attack cooldown. Added infinite Lapis Lazuli to Enchant Table. Added AssassinS music in key map areas. Re-made the enderchest plugin and the new code is much more optimized. Added particle effects when the enderchest is upgraded and enderchest name is now Vault. New spawn traders added using a different system with NPC's. The economy system will be formed by NPC and Villagers to trade items and the Players Market. The changes in prices are more similar to the first assassin version when the server was first open. AssassinS Masks will change players skin, there are multiple assassin masks types, each one with a different assassin skin. AssassinS Masks will also hide your real name and give you an Assassin code name. AssassinS masks will not allow you to equip armor but will give you effects to make you stronger. Added particle effects when activating masks. Added particle effects when repairing items on anvils. Anvils will self repair when get damaged by usage. Added action bar messages when player balance changes take place. Added option to control the anvil rename feature, we may restrict it for VIP's. Repairing items with right click on anvils will cost money and not coal. Added permission to drop the repair price by half, we may use it on server boosts. Map size reduced from ~600MB to ~80MB by removing chunks outside the map. Should improve map loading time. Removed the lava outside the map and replaced it with barrier blocks. Small cosmetic changes to some buildings. Shopkeepers are replaced with a Player's Market GUI. More coming soon, stay tuned!
  19. Tekkit Server full WIPE is Complete! Everything except ranks got a reset. This WIPE was needed because the last reset took place in January and the main map was all full. On this WIPE we took the time and fixed a list of documented bugs and dupes, thanks to staff and players for reporting them. Also we generated new map seeds on all worlds and changed the biomes on main world to large. Changes: Full server WIPE. New maps seeds on all worlds. Main map biomes are set to large now. Fixed a lot of dupe bugs. Removed the Fuel Vote Reward and added Legendary Crate Key as Vote Crate reward. Removed Tier 2 Rocket and Cargo rocket legendary rewards and replaced them with Heavy duty plates and Advanced solar panels. Old world download link: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  20. Our first Modded server on Minecraft 1.10 on Sponge platform is almost done! The server is open for players to play on. This server took a lot of time to open because we had to code allot of plugins for sponge and test allot of stuff. Some staff members spent very much time to help me get it done, I want to thank them for helping out so much. Server address: dw20.craftersland.net The server features daily and crate rewards, clans, pvp, grief prevention claim system. Some plugins still need to be codded like players market and some utility plugins and until we get them done creative mode is not accessible on the server. You can join the server with the latest recommended Direwolf20 1.10.2 modpack version. Have fun! Restricted items list.
  21. Me (forlindorn) and my Mates Sigigamer and BabeZzZz have lost out Equipment due to a Servercrash. We were terraforming but when the servercrashed we spawned into a resetted area where we all suffocated in a wall. We lost 3x : Nearly Full upgraded Power Suits and 3 Crawls. All that happend yesterday evening arround 21:30-22:00 i think. Can we get an Iventoryrollback?
  22. Hello, as you may have noticed Minecraft 1.12.1 was released! Check out info about this update here: Our servers needed some updates so you can join with 1.12.1 clients, all our minigames servers are 1.8 to 1.12.1 compatible and our survival and creative servers are fully updated to 1.12.1! Enjoy the new version features and fixes.
  23. Our Infinity Evolved server was updated to latest recommended modpack version 3.0.1. The main change is the addition of quests. Modpack official changelog: Mod(s) Added Aroma1997Core by Aroma1997 "This is a mod required by most of my other mods, so you should install it, if you want to run any other of my mods." Required for Dimensional World. Aroma1997s Dimensional World by Aroma1997 One world for mining. Adds a mining dimension for people to gather resources, without breaking the overworld apart. CreeperHost by Creeperhost (1.1.0) Designed for modpacks - allows users to buy CreeperHost servers preloaded with the pack's server project! Hardcore Questing Mode by lorddusk (4.4.4) HQM introduces a possibility to play a life based hardcore mode, but with more than only 1 life before your world gets deleted or you get banned from a server. Furthermore, you can complete quests to gain rewards, the rewards might be cool items or even extra lives. Included a long questline meant to aid players playing the expert mode of the pack. Credits to aaronhowser1 for making the original quests add-on! Mod(s) Updated Buildcraft by CovertJaguar (7.1.22 -> 7.1.22) Same version, but with a couple localization fixes. Configuration Changes Made some changes in aroma's mining dimension: Enabled the day/light cycle. Enabled mob spawning. Changed the dimension's ID to a negative number, as for avoiding problems with older worlds. Changed the mining biome's ID since the original one was already taken Made iChunUtil check for updates less oftenly (every 22 days instead of 2). Expert Mode Recipe Changes Changed the recipe for the Mining Multitool from Aroma1997's Dimensional World. inf.craftersland.net
  24. I have the feeling that the head staff is tired of listening to people trying to help with the server performance etc, but since I have decided to leave the server, I got nothing to lose. I suppose this post will get deleted quite immediately, but hope that the staff will have at least a few moments of objective thoughts on this topic. This is your chance to show cooperation. Let's begin: The server is running like 15 TPS average, which means everything in the server is running at 75 % speed. And that is the speed in FULLY loaded chunks. And then it has come to my attention that chunks further away than the one chunk the player is standing in are loaded in some sort of slowed/limited performance to reduce lag, so actually things are running EVEN SLOWER than what it seems. This explains why I couldn't get my rf/t production to make sense at all, and it helped A LOT when I placed a personal anchor in my house. And the server is using some sort of clear-lag alternative as well, but it doesn't warn people of when, how or how often items are deleted, making it very risky to have things dropped on the ground. I've heard of several people losing their AE pure seeds immediately when they reached 100% growth. EVEN THOUGH, mods claim that the server is mostly suffering from peoples automatic farms, with items dropped all over the ground. And there seem to be no interest in limiting peoples overkill-slaughering/harvesting farms to attempt to fix this, because IT LOOKS LIKE 15 TPS IS AN ACCEPTABLE TPS to the staff. Through the first two weeks of me playing on the server, I layed low as I was new, while EXPECTING that staff was obviously trying to work on making the TPS good as I've never before experienced this TPS being accepted. But now I found out, that is not the case at all. I had been waiting patiently for nothing. I certainly don't want to play on a server running with between 6-18 TPS that even restarts every half an hour or so. I just really don't understand how you want to lay name (its you I'm talking to, mods/admins/owner) to a server running with this performance, and just ignore it and accept its all-time suffering, even just at a few weeks in after a complete server wipe. To summarize and objectify the server performance suggestions: 6-18 TPS is garbage. We all know it. I've experienced 18+ TPS in the server just a few times, and oh my god the happiness from the players was flowing. Further reduced performance in chunks in your vicinity is sad and results in people having to use quite a few world anchors, which I'd guess makes things even worse. More than hourly restarts is garbage. Other servers running just as exhausting modpacks restarts 1-2 times per day, thoughtfully scheduled at low-populated times. Your entity-deletion plugin is annoying and inefficient, and doing its job when its NOT supposed to and vise versa. You have a lack of staff actually able to do stuff (trust issues?), for example, it's said only the owner has the ability to do roll-backs. And most staff lack ability to track griefers. There are many great plugins for this. Other suggestions: Get a real market. People love to design and put up actual stores. Get anti-snipe on auctions. As it is right now, the ones that are winning auctions are the ones that know how to set max bids (/bid [initial bid amount] [max bid amount]) and bid that way in the last second. Also, it seems that the people who knows how to do it don't want to tell it to the new players to avoid competition. Unfair auctioning. My first time I use MyTown2 plugin, and I must say I think it's really great. Points on that one. The only thing to point out is the fact that "/town spawn" is an instant teleport, which should be set to a few seconds of delay, like all the other ways of teleporting. If you're not allowed to reprogram the plugin, ask for permission, or suggest AfterWind and Legobear154 to implement a feature to change it. Suggesting can't hurt. /toggledownfall /weather /thunder should be limited in some way. Some people actually need shi**y weather for whatever weird, inefficient and fun ways they like to play. For example, if it could be done so only up to X rainy times can be skipped in a row or if the rain duration could be shortened. Reconsider having creative players and non-creative players in the same world. Tough one, I know, as this is an alluring way of getting people to donate. However, it also seems to be the thing taking the most time for mods to administrate. When creative players are trading with, or just living with, non-creative players. The End should restart more often. All hives, ender-lily seeds etc. are looted within the first two days. Near impossible to do most of the complicated Forestry bees without the Ender bees. Consider admin shop price and assortment adjustment. A few items are extremely rare to get, especially in high-populated servers, things like Oblivion bees from The End (you implemented that in the shop already, wohoo!), Division Sigil, other items that can only be achieved by finding naturally spawned. Oh wait! I am actually not 100 % evil and criticizing Here are some compliments that I seriously think you deserve: Very active and helpful Helpers/Mods in your staff. The daily vote keys/party is a great way to get people to vote. Active chat and friendly community. /rtp signs is a great way to limit people spamming /rtp command. Which commands are available for standard players and which are not. Dimension creation is available. Twilight Forest is available. Your website design. Active forum. If you have further questions, I will gladly discuss it and help as much as I can, as long as it's in this thread, open to everyone, and as long as we are all listening and being objective and constructive. Good luck in the future Regards, Baden
  25. [1] No Hacked Clients: 1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. This includes flight mods, xray mods, speed modifications of any type, nofall, chest finders, vanish, fullbright and etc et all that offer gameplay advantages over the normal mod pack. [2] No Bug Abuse/Exploiting Bugs: 1st offense = 2 day ban. 2nd offense = 7 day ban. 3rd offense = 14 day ban. 4th offense = 28 day ban. Includes but is not limited to bypassing any punishment, duping, or glitching. WARNING: If you are caught duping your base will be regenerated. [3] No Advertising: 1st offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd offense = 24 hour mute. 3rd offense = 7 days mute. [4] No sale/gifting creatively influenced items to members outside of your town: 1st offense = Kick + Warn. 2nd offense = 7 days ecoban + Warn. 3rd offense = Perm ecoban + Warn. 4th offense = 2 days ban. 5th offense = 7 days ban. Economy ban will result in you being blocked from using Auction and Market. You are not allowed to trade at all even outside of these means, and if you do you will be punished according to Rule 2. Creative Players who leave a town must take with them or destroy all creatively spawned items. Non-Creative Players who leave any town are to leave empty handed. If you are caught abusing your creative permissions to excess, you will skip ahead to the fourth offense. Definition of "abuse" will be determined on a case by case basis by server staff and managers. [5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items: 1st offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd offense = Jailed 60 minutes. 3rd offense = 1 days ban. 4th offense = 2 days ban. No PvP Scamming / use of creative healing or OP creative enchants. Arguments over breaking PvP conditions may result in one or all parties being punished. [6] No Using ComputerCraft for the following below: Tracking staff members (vanish enabled or not). Tracking staff members (via Sensors/other stuff). Theft of Inventories/scamming of others via PIM/etc. Theft of intellectual properties, (stealing code/items). Destructive purposes, (Exploiting, engineer viruses, etc.) Profile or database players of any rank for any reason. 1st Offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd Offense = 2 days ban. 3rd Offense = 4 days ban. (Staff are allowed to copy/seize code for investigations). (You are not allowed to create any demeaning structures with turtles) [7] No Excessive Use of Profanity/Swearing/CAPs: 1st offense = Warning. 2nd offense = 15 minutes mute 3rd offense = 30 minutes mute 4th offense = 1 hour mute. Includes speaking foreign languages and spamming the same content in the global/trade channel. [8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory: 1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land. Includes any block, item, action, liquid, that can bypass protection. Includes Griefing of own Town if other members did not agree and worked hard. Griefing spawn is a permanent ban. [9] No Insulting Staff. 1st offense = Kick and warn. 2nd offense = 1 hour mute and warn. 3rd offense = 1 day mute. 4th offense = 3 days mute. Includes private messaging using Computers, chat, books, signs. [10] No selling server items for in real life money. 1st offense = 30 days ban. [11] No Abuse of Magic: 1st offense = Warning. 2nd offense = 30 minutes Jail. 3rd offense = 2 days ban. 4th offense = 4 days ban. Includes throwing block changing potions on claimed territory. Includes spells that can be casted from any of the magic mods. Includes items that can cause unfair havoc, or destruction. Includes using items/spells/potions for malicious intent. [12] No Threats of or Intentional Harm to Server Integrity: 1st offense = warning. 2nd offense = 1 day ban. 3rd offense = 3 days ban. 4th offense = 7 days ban. Includes threatening to DDOS, Grief, etc. Don't make lag on purpose. [13] No Racist Slurs/Text/content: 1st offense = 1 hour mute. 2nd offense = 24 hour jail. 3rd offense = 2 days ban. 4th offence = 4 days ban. [14] No Scamming: 1st offense = Jail 30 minutes. 2nd offense = 2 days ban. 3rd offense = 7 days ban. 4th offense = 14 days ban. [15] No harassing staff or other players: 1st offense = warning. 2nd offense = 5 minute mute/jail. 3rd offense = 30 min mute/jail. 4th offense = 1 hour mute/jail. Mute or jail depends on the situation. [16] No Impersonating Staff: 1st offense = 3 days ban. 2nd offense = 7 days ban. This includes using morph or witchery. [17] No Console Clients: 1st offense = 2 days ban. 2nd offense = 4 days ban. 3rd offense = 7 days ban. Not the same as a “hacked client” by any standard, and offer both online and offline gameplay, however also can be used with scripts to relog, anti-afk, chunk load, move, etc. [18] Ban evading (using different accounts to enter the server): 1st offense = 2 day ban + time left on main account. 2nd offense = 7 day ban + time left on main account. 3rd offense = 14 day ban + time left on main account. [19] No explaining/exposing of dupe/bug/glitch methods: 1st offense = 1 day ban 2nd offense = 4 day ban 3rd offense = 7 day ban 4th offense = 14 day ban [20] Use common sense: If you have abused a 'loop-hole' in our rules, then the punishment will be decided by me with the help of the GM+'s. If you cause us too much trouble it may result in a permanent ban. Credit: FTB Staff, Tekkit Staff

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