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Found 128 results

  1. brunyman

    Old Map Download

    As WIPE was complete, here is a download link of the main world of the old map right before WIPE. DOWNLOAD Link will work for 14 days starting now.
  2. Tekkit server WIPE is complete! We got new map seeds and increased overworld map size. Everything except ranks got a reset. Changes: Full server WIPE. Generated new map seeds. Increased main world border radius from 5500 to 6000. Old world download link: HERE Banned Items List: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  3. Time for another big mod pack update, version 2.5.0, 1 new mod added and 63 mods updated! So this is more of a fixes update, the added mod is Integration Forging which adds mod support to Industrial Foregoing. Update changes: Updated 63 mods, including configs and patches. Added 1 mod. Updated scripts. Updated sponge, Giref Prevention and Perms plugins. Official Change log: Modded Adventures! rev.craftersland.net
  4. Time for a big modpack update! A lot of bug fixes, about 62 mods got updated. You can also get the new Continuum version on our launcher here: Official Changelog: Modded Experts! cont.craftersland.net
  5. WIPE is Complete on our FTB Direwolf20 Modded Server! This server was first opened on 29 January, that's about 8 months ago. This WIPE brings new map seeds, more server resources and increased overworld border, new players market plugin and few other improvements. Time for a fresh start! Changes: Full data WIPE, except ranks. Generated new map seeds for all dimensions. Allocated more RAM resources. Increased main world border from 6000 wide to 10000. Installed a new players market plugin with GUI. Few patches to fix some bugs. You can download the old map here: Modded Madness! dw.craftersland.net
  6. Time for a big Server Update to mod pack version 2.3.0! This updated 56 mods and added 2 new mods to the pack also updated few server components. Notable Mod Pack Changes Mentions: Added FastFurnace - This mod improves game performance specifically to the Minecraft Furnace. This is acheived by caching furnace recipes to avoid the furnace from re-checking the entire game registry. Check out the mod page on Minecraft CurseForge to see more information. Blood Magic is now beta Building Gadgets introduced tool energy cost (Forge Energy) or durability (Repaired with a Diamond and can be enchanted with relevant enchantments), radial menu for mode select Chisel brings back its Iron Bars FoamFix for Minecraft is now distributed as a single mod - No longer do you have to download a seperate jar file to obtain the core-mod version of FoamFix. It's simply just a configuration change. Refined Storage Addons removes the Infinite Wireless Transmitter - Don't be reporting bugs because you cannot access your RS System if you were using one of these. Thaumcraft brings lots of bug fixes (as do other mod updates) Server changes: Updated 56 mods and configs. Updated scripts and libraries. Added 2 new mods, FastFurnace (A performance upgrade for the furnace) and The Monk Mod (Channel your inner peace into power). Updated Forge and Sponge. Updated server live maps mod. What about a WIPE? Second of this update, as some players requested, we opened a VOTE pool to let us know if it is time for a WIPE or not. Please vote in the vote pool above and decide. The server was opened on 29 January, that's about 8 months ago, the main map is a bit full, however you may still find a place to start a base. Check the server live map to see how much was build: LIVE MAP . If we wipe we will generate new map seeds and also do some server improvements like updating the player's market plugin with GUI feature. Official Change Log: Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server dw.craftersland.net
  7. Server address: cont.craftersland.net We just opened a new Modded server! It's on FTB Continuum modpack, latest recommended mod pack version 1.4.1. Thanks to all staff members that helped out testing and finding issues. We added a new and better Players Market plugin, if all is good this will also get installed on all out modded 1.12.2 servers! The server has all the features that our modded servers have like: Economy (Server shops and Players Market) Live Maps Clans (PvP) Grief prevention for land claim Crates and rewards Hosted on a dedicated server in Germany Server is running on latest recommended version, 1.4.1 at this time. Note that the server just opened and means it was not tested with lots of players on it so crashes can happen, we will get them fixed but as result the server stability may not be perfect until then. We rented a new dedicated server to host this server so hardware is as best as we can get. Banned Items: HERE! Live Map: HERE! Daily Reward: HERE! Donate to support us: HERE! Modded Experts! cont.craftersland.net
  8. The list of restricted items on our FTB Continuum, MC 1.12.2. Last updated 19.09.2018. Disabled Mods: Controlling - Client side mod. CustomMainMenu - Client side mod. FTB Utilities - Not needed as we use GriefPrevention. InitialInventory - Not needed as we use other plugins. InventoryTweaks - Possible dupes. MouseTweaks - Possible dupes. TipTheScales - Client side mod. Restricted Items: EFLN > Tinker's Construct - Protection bypass. Lens of the Killer > Actually Additions - Protection bypass. Lens of Certain Death > Actually Additions - Protection bypass. Block Breaker > Actually Additions - Protection bypass. Player Probe > Actually Additions - Exploit. Travelers Bag > Actually Additions - Dupes. Music Disk 13 > Minecraft - Easter egg Issue. Rainmaker > Forestry - Changing server weather. Bag of Holding > Extra Utilities - Bugs. Redstone Clock > Extra Utilities - Bugs. Chemical Thrower > ImmersiveEngineering - Buggy. Toolbox > ImmersiveEngineering - Dupes. BlockDestroyer > Industrialforegoing - Protection bypass. Drill Modules > StevesCarts - Dupes. Dynamite Carrier > StevesCarts - Protection bypass. Beegun > CareerBees - Protection bypass. FancyWorkbench > Bibliocraft - Dupes. All creative only items are restricted. Items disabled by JEI are also restricted. With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries. cont.craftersland.net
  9. The latest recommended FTB Revelation modpack update 2.4.1 is now installed on our server! This was a big update, 53 mods added and 1 removed, the FTB team forgot to post the entire change log and only posted changes from 2.4.1 where they only updated forge and skipped 2.4.0, so we had to discover the changes. Even if I did all mod checks patches and config update before shutting down the server to have as low as possible downtime on first server start we got 2 crashes that were easy to fix then after updating the world material registry and loading it got crashes each time a thermal dynamics duct would be loaded. That was bad because the mod that was causing the crash didn't had source code public and was discontinued. In order to fix the issue we had to deobstrufcate and decompile the mod, then create a gradle project to edit the code, had to fix about 300 decompile errors and finally after all this managed to patch the crash and get it updated and ended up with hours downtime. Now we will see how stable this update will be. Update changes: Updated 53 mods, including configs and patches. Removed 1 mod. Updated scripts. Updated forge, sponge and few plugins. Modded Adventures! rev.craftersland.net
  10. Network Hiipo Survival Server full update to 1.13 is complete, you can also join with 1.13.1! This was a big update so a full server wipe was needed. We also changed the permission system so existing ranks are lost, you can request for rank re-activation to get it back here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/153-technical-support/ Changes: Updated to full Minecraft 1.13 Full data WIPE. Generated new maps on 1.13. Updated all plugins for 1.13 (80% needed to be updated by us) Updated configs where needed for API changes (Materials and Sounds) Changed the permission plugin for a better one. If you rank is missing post a rank re-activation request. Updated all network store packages. Updated live maps and mob area, all features are available. Here you can download the old map: Aquatic Update is now available on our Network! Join Hiipo Survival and try to survive. mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
  11. Another update to FTB Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server! This one updated 27 mods with fixes and adds a new mod called Building Gadgets (A collection of Gadgets to make building large structures a little bit easier!). Server Changes: Updated 27 mods and configs. Added a new mod called Building Gadgets. Applied patches to some updated mods. Updated forge and sponge versions. Updated server libraries and scripts. Updated permissions plugin. Official change log: Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server dw.craftersland.net
  12. This was not a very big update, it's mainly mod updates with fixes. We also managed to reduce server lag and fix AE2 auto crafting. Update changes: Updated 26 mods, fixes yey! Applied patches to some updated mods. Added a new mod called Soot-0.18hotfix (Fixes most outstanding issues with Embers) Updated mod configs. Updated server forge and sponge versions and libraries. Updated permission plugin. Removed some laggy conduits from some bases that were crushing the server TPS. Fixed AE2 auto crafting. Official change log: Modded Adventures! rev.craftersland.net
  13. Our Network SkyBlock server is now updated to full 1.13 Minecraft Aquatic Update! The server needed a full WIPE for this, the permssion system was also changed so if your rank is missing please make sure to make a rank activation request here: Rank activation request! Changes: Updated to full Minecraft 1.13 Full data WIPE. Generated new maps on 1.13. Updated all plugins for 1.13 (80% needed to be updated by us) Updated configs where needed for API changes (Materials and Sounds) Changed the permission plugin for a better one. If you rank is missing post a rank re-activation request. Updated network store packages. To download the old island map click below: Hard survival with limited resources! Complete challenges, PvP arena, Dungeons and fun! Aquatic Update is now available on our Network! Join SkyBlock and survive in the sky. mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
  14. WIPE is complete! The map had over 8 months and some big basses were causing constant lag, and free space for new build was very limited on the overworld. Now we have new map seeds for all dimensions and few other small changes. 4x vote rewards is now active for 1 week and also we have a sale for infinity server with 30% off discount: DonationShop Changes: Data full WIPE. Generated new map seeds. Increased overworld map border from 5000 radius to 5500. Enabled BiomesOPlenty terrain generation. Monthly maintenance completed. You can download the old overworld map here: As for players that donated for kits, ranks, we reactivated all purchased stuff this week, for older purchases please post a reactivation request here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/212-general/ We generated a new map seeds for all worlds, and the server should run smoother for the next months now. It's a nice time to start fresh as everybody starts from the same point. Modded for the Experts! inf.craftersland.net
  15. Hi so it's time for another check if Infinity Evolved server needs a WIPE. For a new player it seems a bit hard to find a new good spot to start, doing random location will land you near someone base almost all the time. Last WIPE was on 24 November 2017, that's about 8 months ago. Server is also laggy at times when big bases are loaded and there are less and less players on the server. These are the reasons for why I open this vote pool. Note that even if we get less votes against wipe if there is a good number of votes against we will not have a WIPE now. Vote in the pool above and let us know what to do next. Server live map: HERE If we wipe we will generate new map seeds and provide a world download link for the existing main world.
  16. brunyman

    SkyFactory 3 Server is open!

    Our FTB SkyFactory 3 server is now open to public! Server address: sf3.craftersland.net As features the server has all features that our Direwolf20 1.10 server has, like clans, crates, vote party, spawn shops. The island claim system is based on GriefPevention, for info just do /island The server is not 100% done yet, few more features will be added in time. Thanks to all of you that helped us with votes, donations and time to make this happen! Banned items: Here Build your Sky Factory! sf3.craftersland.net
  17. TautMeu

    Joining the server

    Hello, im new to this community and everything, i found this server in the list and it said it is cracked, but for some reason i still can'not join it, could i have some assistance? The view i get whenever i try to join the Direwolf20 server - ftb.craftersland.net:25565 http://prntscr.com/jcv6yw
  18. Time for more updates to AssassinS Test server! Today update is adding the fame system to the server. The new plugin was coded from scratch and while with similar function as the old plugin the most improvements are at the core. The new plugin will save data on a database and will remove the old issues where data would sometimes be lost and also allow us better performance storing lots of players data and also better scaling if will be needed in the future. Fame features: Data stored to a database instead of file based. Better info about players fame and fame needed to rank up. /fame Commands for easy fame transfer. Sound effects for kill streaks. Better fame rank up and fame gain messages. More coming soon, stay tuned!
  19. xX_Samuel_GB_Xx

    End of Stream

    So im trying to join the server at 9:24 (GMT) and all I'm getting is 'Connection lost - End of Stream' I have restarted my laptop, reinstalled the modpack, updated the modpack (didn't work), downdated the modpack, furiously retried again and again to join, all to no avail. I dont get it because I got the error yesterday but i retried and it let me on the server, so why cant I join today? So confused
  20. Server update to mod pack version 1.9.0 latest recommended is complete! We had 45 mods updated and some nice fixes and patches, so it was a big update. More below. The official change log for this modpack update is this: At the moment we are still working to patch laggy mods to get the server performance better. Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server dw.craftersland.net
  21. After some big lag issues, we have voted for a possible WIPE, trying to avoid it we tried to patch some mods to try to reduce lag and keep the current map for longer. Fixing lag was really time consuming to see what mods caused it and possible ways to improve the code to reduce server load and improve performance. The fact that the server is running on MC 1.7 makes this difficult as some mods do not have source code public, but even so the results show that the lag was reduced allot and so we decided that WIPE is no longer needed at this point and we will try to push the existing map as much as possible. So short, we will not WIPE, we reduced server lag by editing mods code that were causing most of the lag, and we will continue to do so until there is nothing we can do to further improve performance. Here is a list of mods patched until now, including crashes and lag optimizations: AgriCraft appliedenergistics2 buildcraft Draconic-Evolution EnderIO forestry funky-locomotion gendustry HQM-The Journey ImmersiveEngineering logisticspipes Morpheus NotEnoughItems Pam's HarvestCraft Railcraft rftools StevesFactoryManager TConstruct ThaumicExploration ThermalExpansion Translocator twilightforest WR-CBE We are always looking to improve our servers, hopefully our efforts will not be in vain and they will get better and better. Thanks!
  22. We had a lot if issues since we opened the SkyFactory 3 server, from crashes to lag. Since then we did a lot of testing and patching to try to fix as much as we can and reduce lag. We patched 15 mods so far for crash issues and performance improvements to get the lag as low as possible. The Sponge platform being young is still not that great in tools to optimize server performance so we had to do it the hard way and more time consuming. Even so we may need to do further patches and adjustment but right now we need to test and stress the current setup to see if it was effective and what else needs to be done. I know traffic went low last weeks and it will be nice to get at least 30 players on to give it a test. Here is a list of mods patched for crashes and lag, I will not include a detailed change log for each mod: Botania ChickenChunks ColossalChests Draconic-Evolution EnderIO extrautils2 ImmersiveEngineering jei Morpheus refinedstorage rftools rftoolsdim SolarFluxReborn TConstruct Translocators I hope that all the time spent on these improvements did make a difference and seeing happy players will make all that worth it. Thanks!
  23. Tekkit Server full WIPE is Complete! Everything except ranks got a reset. This WIPE was requested as last reset took place in August. We fixed some dupe issues before WIPE so with each reset the server is getting better and better. Thanks to all staff and players that helped reporting issues. Also we generated new map seeds on all worlds, unbanned Iron Pipe and Syrenges. Changes: Full server WIPE. New maps seeds on all worlds. Fixed a some dupe bugs. Unbanned Iron Pipe and Syringe. Old world download link: HERE Banned Items List: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  24. Like I said everytime I try to join the tekkit server I crash. The problem might be caused when I was having trouble with creative energy cells everytime I spawned one it had no energy I tried spawning them with /item thru NEI or creative menu with all same results. the real problem to the crash is that I was trying to spawn in an actual working creative energy cell and I was messing with item codes so I tried spawning /item 917:8 and instantly as I tried that code I crashed and I tried deleting the .technic folder and all modpacks or files with no luck whenever I try to join the tekkit server I crash I tried playing on single player and it works just fine. I'm leaving the crash log here just in case you need it theres 2 crash logs. Also I know this is not related to the error but can anyone give me my VIP rank here as I donated for sponsor on the server? btw thnx to dragonjc for trying to help me with the energy cells xD crash-2018-02-14_15.58.49-client.txt crash-2018-02-14_16.46.57-client.txt
  25. Our first Modded server on Minecraft 1.12 on Sponge platform is open! This needed some extra work to port some plugins from Sponge API 5 to API 7 but it's all done, thanks to all staff that helped testing issues! Server address: dw.craftersland.net The server features as on all our modded servers are: daily and crate rewards, clans, pvp, grief prevention claim system, players market and server shops. You can join the server with the latest recommended Direwolf20 1.12.2 modpack version. Have fun! If you spot any issues please report them on forum, note that the server is just released and some stuff need to be further tested. Restricted items list. Modded Madness! dw.craftersland.net

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