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Found 7 results

  1. Simple Storage Network setup at minute 25, and Nether exploration at minute 19. Sources: ChosenArchitect CurseForge Link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/skyfactory-4 YouTube series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ipI8CnaNIYlEXRzxT6HTlyj4nXOaXjQ
  2. Back again for more modded skyblock fun! SkyFactory 4 offers a brand-new experience never before seen in the series. Full automation, tech, magic, and bacon resources! This iteration offers over 30+ world types so you can play the pack like never before! While some world types are based on the classic tree on dirt others are designed with unique recipes and advancements. Sources: ChosenArchitect CurseForge Link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/skyfactory-4 YouTube series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ipI8CnaNIYlEXRzxT6HTlyj4nXOaXjQ
  3. Hello guys! I've seen a lot of players asking this question, so I decided to make this small guide on how to do it!! (correct me if I did something/said something wrong ) what I'm going to use in this setup: * hopping bonsai, with sapling. * memory chest (I use small). * Itemduct (any type). * Retriver (the higher the better). * the destination inventory (crafter/chest... etc). I built the setup this way: (THE RETRIVER MUST BE PLACED ON THE DESTINATION INV SIDE) I'm using a gold sapling as an example, I filtered what I want to keep in the memory chest (hold the item and press on the middle mouse button on the slot you want to lock it): (you can filter it any way you want) now to the next part, the Retriver, that's the default GUI for it: now if you look at the top right area from it you'll notice the "Infinity" word, that's the main thing we want to mess with, it specify the amount of items you want to have in the destination inventory per each type, so if i changed it to number "1", it'll move and keep only one item from each type from the source inventory to the destination inventory (which are in this case the memory chest -> packager, and the items are gold acorns and gold resin), but we want more than one item to use/craft something with these items, so I'm going to put it on 64 items: as you can see above, the number changed to "64", you can change it by pressing on the "+" and "-" buttons in the GUI, now this will move and keep only one stack from each item, but before that happens we need to turn off Redstone control, press on the Redstone picture on the top right area: and press on the button inside the green circle, that will turn off Redstone control and make it always on. now that we turned that off, the items should start moving to the destination inv: we have 64 items from each type we're moving, as you can see above. now if we turn on/power that packager it'll start crafting the ambers and keeping 64 items only from each type! now you can automate bonsai's and amber crafting without worrying about the packager gets filled with only one item and stops crafting. reply if you need any help with it, or DM me on discord --ASOOD--#3076
  4. if you ever were wondering why the heck i'm sitting near my mob farm and no mobs will spawn... so this is cause the mob spawnrate is completely changed in SF4, here's how to spawn the mobs: 1. Method: craft some water candles and a flint and steel, place the water candles in a dark room or mob farm and lit them with the flint and steel, go away ~30 blocks and wait a bit, then the mobs will begin to spawn. (you can build also a mob farm with fans, but remember to collect the items the mobs drop to prevent lags!) and don't set up more than max. 20-40 water candles. 2. Method: very simple, just craft mob seeds and plant them, bonemeal them to grow mobs like a zombie, etc., does not work with all mobs like the androids, etc. 3. Method: get some spawn monoliths, place them in a dark room and go away ~30 blocks and wait for mob spawns, you can build a mob farm too with these. 4. Method: get a silk touch pick (silktouch is craftable with a book and silky cloth) and go to the nether, twilight, etc. to find some spawners, harvest them and build a mob farm, you can also change a spawner with a spawn egg, there's also a guide how to get spawn eggs in this guides area. 5. Method: is the most complicated one, you need to craft mob inprisonment tools and catch some mobs, then you need to set up a mob crusher to kill the mobs and get mob essence for the mob duplicator, add a mob inprisonment tool with a catched mob in it to the mob duplicator, power it and add mob essence too in it to spawn mobs, it can't spawn boss mobs or withers! you can add range and fortune addons in the mob crusher to get more loot and kill mobs in a bigger radius and you also can add range addons in the mob duplicator to spawn mobs in a bigger radius. VERY IMPORTANT: always collect the mob drops and make sure not to spawn tons of mobs, these can cause lags, please prevent lags!
  5. Well if you are here it's either because it's your first time using a Compact Machine (I'll be calling them CMs from now on so that the post will be easier to read) or because you've already used one of them and got deleted/ has random barrier blocks inside them. These problems happen quite often and so I'll explain why they happen and how to prevent them from happening on your next CM. So CM work by creating a room in another dimension and by connecting that room to your CM block. The first time you place the block it'll say it's Unused. And once you use the Personal Shrinking Device on it the CM will get linked to one of the rooms and here are two possibilities. It makes a new room or it goes to an existing room, for the second option you'll either find someone else's stuff and you'll be able to use it if you want or, if that person had made a room of a different size you'll find some invisible walls where the old walls where supposed to be. Here the solution is quite simple, if you fall into someone else's CM make another one. Now if I can manage to get into someone else's CM why wouldn't they be able to join mine? The answer is that they can by default. How ever there's a small option in your CM that prevents that from happening. When you right click your CM block with your empty hand a menu will pop up and at the left you'll find a tab called Whitelist, just go there and Lock everyone from joining your CM. It would be easier if that was set by default but at least your CM is safe now that you know how it works.
  6. Are you tired of getting your Packagers/Auto Crafters set to obsidian because they are laggy and want to replace them? Then AE2 is what you need not only you'll be happy with this fancy setup but the server TPS will thank you ^^. "But D34D how can I automate it with AE2?" Well that's why I'm making this guide. Let's begin getting a simple ME system, you'll only need : An Energy Acceptor Some ME cables An ME drive with some Storage Cells A Terminal / Crafting Terminal A pattern Terminal (Not necessary for a basic ME system but we'll need it to automate stuff ) And it should look something like this : To power it you just simply have to attach an energy source to the Energy Acceptor Let's start working with the bonsais, to import their contents to our ME system the easiest (and most lag-friendly) way is to put ME Interfaces below them like this: To start processing those resources you'll need some blank patterns, more ME interfaces and a Molecular Assembler, this machine allows the system to craft items but before that we need to configure those blank patterns with the craftings we want in the Pattern Terminal. For that just add the crafting recipe on the grid and click on that big arrow to configure one pattern with this crafting. Now let's place the Molecular Assemblers with some ME Interfaces next to them and connect them to our system and to add craftings just add those configured patterns inside the Interfaces. Adding more interfaces will give you more room for other recipes with 8 recipes mer Interface with a max of 48 per Molecular Assembler ! I wouldn't recommend adding too many since the Assembler can only do one crafting at once, also add some Acceleration Cards to the Assemblers to speed them up. Once added they should pop up in your terminal as craftable items, but to be able to craft them your system will need some processing power aka Crafting Storage, for this specific setup I'd recommend just a 1k Crafting Storage per Molecular Assembler, you shouldn't need more than that. Ok now your system can craft stuff on demand, it's really nice but it's not exactly what we want since having to ask a bunch of them every now and then would be annoying. That's where the Crafting Card comes to the rescue, usually an export bus sends out stuff from your storage to the adjacent block, but the crafting card makes a crafting request for the item you want to output instead. So what we are going to do is to connect an export bus with the crafting card to a temporary storage ( I use a cabinet but you can use anything that has a storage, a chest for example) and then get those items back to our system by piping them to a near ME Interface ( Using an Import Bus would work too but it would be slower) In addition to the Crafting Card I usually add 2 capacity cards to be able to output multiple items and an Acceleration Card to speed it up, also don't forget to specify what item do you want to output. DON'T FORGET TO SET THIS TO "DO NOT USE STOCKED ITEMS" SO THAT THE ITEMS WON'T GO BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN THE CHEST AND THE SYSTEM !!! Once set up it'll start crafting items as you can see on the last image. Ok that's the main point of this post, if you are confident enough you should be able to find out the rest of the setup by yourself, however I'll still show you how I used it in my Bonsai Farm. So the first thing I wanted to get from this setup was to get all that wood from my ME system to all around my base to power up combustion engines, an ultimate furnace I got from the Legendary Crate and other minor stuff, the best way to do it is to use an Item Transfer Node, this block will send wireless-ly items from it's internal storage to the blocks stored inside its GPS Markers, for example if I want to send that wood to a Combustion gen I'd Right Click the gen with a blank GPS Marker to store its coords and put that marker inside the Item Transfer Node. Only thing left to do would be adding an Export Bus with a Crafting Card with the item we want to output. Also all this Amber is great and all but it would be better to directly get the ingots or the jewels for the diamond and emerald ones, for that you can simply use Mekanism's and NuclearCraft's Machines, most of metal ambers can be doubled with an Enrichment Chamber and transformed to ingots with an Energized Smelter or a Furnace powered with our wood from earlier , so to automate this is quite simple just output the amber with an export bus with a crafting card to the Enrichment Chamber, configure its sides to output the results to the Furnace and use some pipes to get the freshly made ingots back to the system. For the ambers that can't be doubled in the Enrichment Chamber they all can be melted in Nuclearcraft's Melter and then you can simply convert them into items with the Ingot Former ( It can also form Diamonds and Emeralds not only ingots ) The setup is similar to the one above, you'll just need a fluiduct between the two machines. And that's it, thanks for making it this far ^^. If there's anything you don't understand or you think should be changed in this post just let me know in-game or on discord and I'll explain it and modify this post if needed. ~D34D
  7. I am sure many of you have experienced your Crafter or Packager turning into an obsidian. They are easy and convinient but sadly they are very laggy and server turns them into an obsidian to remove lag. There is an alternative way to autocraft, without causing a lag. Answer is AE2/Applied Energistics 2. First of all you will need ME system, thankfully SkyFactory 4 uses no channels so you don't have to worry about that. List of things you need: Pattern Terminal Blank Pattern Molecular Assembler Export Bus Import Bus Few ME cables Acceleration Card (depending on how fast you want to autocraft) Capacity Card(depending on the recipe) Once you have everything you need, it is time to make the setup. Make a pattern of item/block you need inside the Pattern Terminal Place down the Molecular Assembler, place Import and Export Buses on Molecular Assembler. Make sure ME Cable is connected to Molecular Assembler. Put the pattern inside Molecular Assembler. Configure Export Bus so it will insert the items into Molecular Assembler. If the recipe needs more than one type of item, use the Capacity Card. It will autocraft without any order . Acceleration Cards will increase item transfer speed of Export Bus, Import Bus and crafting speed of Molecular Assembler. I hope this will decrease the frustration of autocrafting and random obsidians.
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