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Found 8 results

  1. So SkyFactory 3 server was first opened 1 year ago and last major update in March, so because of that we did a small update, that targeted the Players Market and add the same plugin we use on 1.12.2 servers ported for 1.10.2. If you had some items in the old market and lost them please post a refund request. Thanks. This new players market has a GUI to view market listings and works in a similar was as the plugin we use on SkyFactory2.5 server. Enjoy! Build your Sky Factory! sf3.craftersland.net
  2. My username: 10hultis Their Username: MrchocoTag Situation: when I logged on the server today I saw that 3 64k drives where gone from my disk drive. and so I instantly knew that someone stole from me. I also instantly knew who it was because thats the only person that is trusted on my island that would do something like this (only person I dont know very well who is trusted on my island) So I begin to ask him if he stole anything, and he denied it of course. Then I asked if I could check his island and if he could trust me on his island. He trusted me, What I found as proof is that the ender chests on his islands have my name on it, and I found some stuff that was actually missing from my island (dimlets)(ultimate furnace) and thing like that that he never had before. When I told him this he said something like this: FINE REPORT ME I DONT LIKE THIS SERVER ANYWAYS and then he left. The stuff is probably in his private enderchest(s) in bag of holdings Items that were stolen: It was like tons of items if I would guess like 15-25 diamond chests of items such as dimlets, dimension tablets, lots of ores. (on the screenshot you can see my name in top right of the ender chest)
  3. Your Name: TowilloughbyCoordinates: In a RF dimension Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 23:05 BST(British Summer time)Description of Issue: I went into a RF TOOLS Dimension and i died there and Vikram3345(Who was in creative) went in there and died, So he went back in creative and broke all of the graves(unintentional didn't mean to lost my items) and because he was in creative i lost all of my items Screenshots (Optional):
  4. xRegency

    SF3 Plugins

    Pretty simple, better plugins. Let's start with the auction plugin, there are many bugs that come with such a long command: /ia [acceptbid/(auction)/{bid}/cancelauction] {Auctioneers username} {Amount/(Amount)} The different parenthesis show in which order to type, now if that's not difficult for new players to figure out (if no one helps) the bidding system is also broken. No matter the price you auction the item you're selling, players can simply bid zero. And to add to that players can also spam chat by bidding the same amount as the previous player, but even though they bid last the player who bid that amount first gets the item. There's also been a new way of spamming chat with the system, a player can spam auctioning an item then canceling right after and then repeating. Honestly just getting rid of this system would be great, and adding a new one would be better. Plugin #2 Clear lag, yes many players get annoyed by clear lag, but players also get annoyed by lag. Just removing the thousands of items from backlogged mob farms (or anything that drops a bunch of items) would improve the server's lag significantly. Plugin #3 The Auction house, I know we have the /market but that also spams your chat and can get difficult to read since everything is jam-packed in a few lines. As show in the screenshot players can simply just look for the items they want, and there are more items in just one screen, also, and one of the better features, is that it has a time limit for items that are up in the auction house. This is so players wouldn't see dirt priced at a few grand in every page, and the final feature is that players can only sell a limited amount of items on there (I've mainly seen the limit being at one or two) Thanks for taking your time to read, -xRegency
  5. A playtime plugin would be fun to have so you can see how many hours you have been active recently. Plus it would give chat more stuff to talk about
  6. We had a lot if issues since we opened the SkyFactory 3 server, from crashes to lag. Since then we did a lot of testing and patching to try to fix as much as we can and reduce lag. We patched 15 mods so far for crash issues and performance improvements to get the lag as low as possible. The Sponge platform being young is still not that great in tools to optimize server performance so we had to do it the hard way and more time consuming. Even so we may need to do further patches and adjustment but right now we need to test and stress the current setup to see if it was effective and what else needs to be done. I know traffic went low last weeks and it will be nice to get at least 30 players on to give it a test. Here is a list of mods patched for crashes and lag, I will not include a detailed change log for each mod: Botania ChickenChunks ColossalChests Draconic-Evolution EnderIO extrautils2 ImmersiveEngineering jei Morpheus refinedstorage rftools rftoolsdim SolarFluxReborn TConstruct Translocators I hope that all the time spent on these improvements did make a difference and seeing happy players will make all that worth it. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I really want to join the server, but I need some mods to join, I can't find a modpack on the internet. Can someone help me?
  8. The list of restricted items on our FTB Skyfactory 3 Server, MC 1.10.2. Last updated 14.02.2019 Disabled Mods: InventorySorter - Duplication bugs. MouseTweaks - Duplication bugs. Restricted Items: Swapping Wand > Not enough Wands - Protection bypass. Displacement Wand > Not enough Wands - Protection bypass. Moving Wand > Not enough Wands - Protection bypass. Player Probe > Actually Additions - Exploit. Rod of the Shaded Mesa > Botania - Protection bypass. Shard of Laputa > Botania - Lag. Teru Teru Bozu > Botania - Changing weather. Imperfect Ritual Stone > Blood Magic - Changing weather. Celestial Manipulator > Draconic Evolution - Changing weather. Creative Block Exchanger > Draconic Evolution - Creative. Weather obelisk > EnderIO - Changing weather. Magic Boomerang > Extra Utilities - Protection bypass. Creative Drum > Extra Utilities - Dupe. Debug card > OpenComputers - Exploit. Chunk Loader Upgrade > OpenComputers - Server lag. Creative Player Interface > Random Things - Protection bypass. Online Detector > Random Things - Exploit. Creative Fluid Storage Disk > Refined Storage - Dupe. Creative Fluid Storage Block > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Storage Disk > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Storage Block > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Wireless Grid > Refined Storage - Creative. Creative Wireless Crafting Monitor > Refined Storage - Creative. Chunk Loader > Steve's Carts - Server lag. Creative Vending Upgrade > Storage Drawers - Dupe. With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries. sf3.craftersland.net
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