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Found 1 result

  1. 1. I have noticed from recent restart about a week or so ago from @brunyman that the draconic evolution spawners have been nerfed or horrendously slow. I have tested and having these spawners are pretty much useless for anyone. With a chaos Core, they won't perform well what so ever with the spawn rates they have. Was possible that these spawners were nerfed too much? Maybe. For whatever reason they are nerfed now, these should be adjusted a bit more or just remove them all together. Sad to see everything has to be disabled or removed from the server for such reasons or to do with lag. 2. I have heard Builders in other dims have worked before for the use of a quarry to mine out blocks. Is this another machine that was disabled for quarrying due to lag also? or just something on my part checked with other players and they no longer work for them either, they try to quarry but obviously, nothing is picked up or transferred to given chest. Is this another item I assume removed due to server performance, in nice terms, utter crap? 3. Any new resolutions to some of the server lag also, relating to Direwolf and instability relating to all of the servers that crash or have bad TPS? 3.1. Ever looked into a possibility of a new hosting server, is the fact most of the servers lag and have TPS issues at some point, with these being hosted on a dedicated server? Side Note: @brunyman check SuperKillking12 base on 1.12 The server was alright most of the day till immediately when he logged on, the server TPS dropped. Something to look into. And everyone complains the server is "crap" when I fly near his base to see whats up for lag. Had lag and check tab list and superKillking12 was on for presumably the first time today and server instantly lagged.
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