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Found 27 results

  1. Disconnect glitch so lately ive been flying around my island and ive come across an pretty large island that crashes my game if i get close to it and when i reconnect i still get kicked i can only join back if i get tpd away the island owner is called Edwardf and hasnt been online for like 12 days . when i get disconected i get this message and idk what it means
  2. Account Name: DmdPlayz Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: - /speed (essentials.speed+essentials.speed.fly) Reason for Request: Fly faster to get to dungeons faster.
  3. Is it possible to create/dedicate a channel for certain sensitive topics that are only shown to the creator of the topic and staff from a certain level and up? If someone has complains about players, problems they don't want everyone else to know about, ... it'd be nice to have a place to post them in, knowing only you and staff can see them. Complaining about hostile or abusice behavior or language can backfire when other players (including the accused) can see it and retalliate. Also, pointing out weaknesses in game that allow players to crash the server, or machines/blocks/weapons that bypass anti-pvp protection or griefprevention plugins isn't something players should do in a public channel (so i've been told) but honestly there's no other place you can do this at with a certain level of discretion, apart from bothering staff personally. If there already is a channel like that, can there be a more obvious link to it? Cause the channels i've looked through so far all seem public.
  4. Hey guys, Well a lot has changed here, and many of you probably don't know me. I used to be a staff member here about 3 years ago, and retired for academic related reasons. Before leaving however, i was trying to convince @brunyman to employ a replacement for MyTown2 (Enabling raiding/pvp etc) on modded servers. However we could not find a replacement, as Factions didn't want to support Modded MC. So i took an axe to MyTown2, and created my own protection mod. I call it the Empires Mod v1.7.10 (1.8 soon): I need a little bit of help, but it's 98% finished, and can be released like this. It just lacks relationships (truce/ally/enemy). Check it out and lemme know what you all think, PS: Brunyman could you reply to my PM's on Discord (username: A-2070) ~Andrew2070
  5. Hey, its me, Ohanno!. So I have a slot to save a mystcraft world, so I need a new one saved. The ID number is: 18841. Get ready for another because ill be changing it not to far from now. Thanks
  6. To whom it may concern... Hey was playing on the Skyfactoy 3 server on 2/25/2018 and went to the spawn area to unlock a loot crate when I notice a pornographic picture there... considering its spawn it would leave one to think you have an admin or other staff member abusing there powers... attached is the picture of where it is located. Hopefully this can be rectified asap. Thanks,
  7. Account Name: Ohanno_WhiteWolf Rank: P+ Requested Command^: /gm 1 (Creative mode/the normal commands of a P+) Reason for Request*: I understand that the creative-player rules have been changed to a more reasonable state, so I would like to request my creative mode -and anything else that was taken away from my rank- to be turned back on. My creative was removed by choice so that I could use the market, now that those rules have changed id like my creative back.
  8. Hey! So, I was browsing through some old screenshots the other day, in attempt to try and organize my library a bit. I came across some really old footage from Tekkit back in 2013 onwards that I've been sitting on for way too long now. I figured I'd put some of those shots together and form sort of a screenshots collage, for nostalgia's sake. Turned out a bit longer than I was going for, however it's a pretty accurate depiction of things back then, and sure brought back some amazing memories! Again, it's nothing more than a few screenshots in a short and badly edited clip I thought I'd share with the community. Nothing too exciting. Tekkit 2013 squad: @Andrew2070 (ex- @burnin_aura), @Marko, @CreepersCrown, @Eden20, @flamingironbird, @simsonas86, @Danielkinz and a few more (now inactive) community members, such as SirMajestick, Dexwarrior, Oakinshield, ModyMadness, and more. Watch in HD 720p or higher. Huge thanks to @brunyman for keeping it real all these years. Awesome work. ^_^
  9. Zepo123


    I am in the town Rfea tour ME was stolen and grieved and machinenes stolen can could di get a rollback
  10. Today October 13 I made a deal which gave me gold in exchange for a range, the deal was completed correctly but minutes after taking screans to everything I got I realized that there were not some valuable items. (5 stacks of gold block and 2 stacks of op apple) all the items were always in my enderchest. my nick: SlendydiegoPro Proof: https://imgur.com/a/G75rV (before and after) pls helpme on a refull please.
  11. Hello there forums! its me again! I'm a Prem+ use and I've come to find the game much more boring with creative i.e unlimited items. Also id like to commit to the server economy once again. The server rules state that i cannot have creative mode if I wish to trade. I'm perfectly fine with it being removed. I've already begun preparations for my creative powers being removed. I have already asked Henk [GM Tekkit Staff] to Regen my entire base. The base has been completely regenerated. Henk has also removed all of my items that I had from that base and my creative playing. Whilst I do still have /gm1 I have started a little place for myself, whilst i cannot fully prove that all my items are legit I beg to keep a handful of them at the least. those items include a stack of iron purchased off the in-game market, two floppy disks that contain a specially made programs made by a player for my use. He did not copy these down so they are the only copies I own. Honestly I would love to keep what I have built but if everything must be deleted I only ask that those items be saved. Currently as i'm writing this i'm on the server, being a world loader for a quarry inside of a mystcraft world I managed to stitch together. In case it wasn't clear what I'm asking for, [i know i can forget to say that lol] I wish for my creative mode (/gm 1) commands to be removed. And before someone comments; I DO understand that since I'm a staff member, once I reach Moderator [which i don't deserve and i'm glad i didn't get promoted yet] i will have my creative re-enabled because mods cannot interact with trade do to their access to /gmc. Please get back to me on this as soon as you can, because the more i play i fear the more people will not belive that im going legit. So i'm going offline for a while, ill return to fill in my time as staff and when my /gm 1 is gone. Also _Skilande does know of this or i know i sent him a message. i'm making this post in case he cannot get to it at the moment. i know he and the others are quite busy.
  12. Once the server was reset a few weeks ago. i knew that my mystcraft world was gone, and if i'm not mistaken since it was deleted and i bought a save, i should get another save right? anyway. I need a mystcraft world saved under my name on the tekkit server. the number: 5311 . plz hurry its Saturday for me so i might lose it soon
  13. Recently I've noticed that not a lot of staff members are active. So I'd say it's about time to recruit new helpers to help staff the tekkit server. I'm sure plenty of people would want to help out. The previous recruitment was nearly half a year ago... so if it's possible, it'd be awesome to open up a new recruitment as soon as the Skyfactory one is closed! Thanks in advance, ~ Nukes, Tekkit Judge
  14. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Acv1 In-Game Nickname : SuperSlimesKing Nickname of the one you are complaining about : 0Darren0 Description of the situation : Insulting staff Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : http://imgur.com/a/ds3F2 Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
  15. Direwolf20 venomfrosty deboobski There was a conversation (jokingly) about infidelity & he got triggered, then muted me for 5 minutes for joking about Sweden. After I called him out that i didn't "offend" or "discriminate" (as i was muted under the precedent that I discriminated) After that I got muted for an hour for calling him out on this. PS - he was irritated, because he did /clear and lost his items. I don't think he handled this situation correct. He acted childish out of his own anger towards a situation others found funny. I'd appreciate it if you can confront him to not abuse his power when being corrected. His second mute to me was childish "lAcKiNg CoMprHenSiOn". I can't access the logs of the chat as my game crashed, However you can see it's okay for him to call people out in chat without repercussions (as he clearly is so powerful) Those that were online saw what happened. Now i'm no genius, but i am pretty sure calling people "kids" and calling them out in a childish fashion is not* how you as staff are supposed to treat people. Also - see chat log from 20:50 GMT+2
  16. Hello! I was told by one of the friendly staff about that we should request our Ranks' things to be set up such as the money and claimblocks which are given after the donation. If it is true and possible, I'd like to request these things' backup in the name of the Woof family! Members: Umbra Krauss SnowWoof MoonWoof WindWoof Thank you very much in advance!
  17. Hello guys, If yall dont know me im deboobski and I was Judge on Direwolf20 server. I am making this post because others have pushed me to make a post about becoming Judge again. The reason i am ex-staff is due to inactivity reasons. My life is quite busy with college and at times I am not able to play for a while. However there are times when I can be very very active, like summer, or winter vacation. I am asking to get my staff position back again because now i can play all summer. I realize that it can be sketchy to let someone be staff on and off due to inactivity, however i have been playing on this server for years. I also am a sponsor which i am proud to be. I feel that i am part of the great community here and i even "moderate" the servers without having a position because for some reason there is a sense of respect for me. Please respond to me asap to let me know what you think of this request! Of course i am on discord and available most of the time. Thank you for your time:) -deboobski
  18. It has come to my attention that no staff have any tools for detecting unwanted players, such as the griefers (our situation yesterday). This really worries us. I would never have imagined a server without a staff being able to catch the bad boys without them actually seeing the rule-breaking with their own eyes at the moment it happens. So yesterday my team and I had our mob grinder griefed. Only a few blocks removed, but enough to make a massive mob leek. We quickly fixed it, so no real harm done. But what would you do if someone griefed massively? I know there are server administrative plugins for staff that can for example rollback specific areas in case of massive grief. Regards, Baden
  19. I Ohanno_WhiteWolf [Tekkit:Helper]. Need my town rerolled due to a corrupted chunk or some sort of server crashing problem within my town. My town name is Ravenstone. i will post a SS below for cords i was able to capture before the game kicked me out.
  20. I am Ohanno_WhiteWolf [Tekkit:Helper] and I believe that a chunk within my claimed town is broken and is causing the ID ERROR 166 that plagues everyone. Honestly i have no idea what could be causing it, I have nothing tech wise in a while. Ive mainly just been building my market which doesn't have many things in it other than a few buildings that are empty at the moment. So I beg to the owner in this post that he or someone can rollback my town 3days at least, the first time it happened was just barely under a day ago, so please back my town by a least 3 days. or deleted it and re roll the chucks. I don't care at this point, i do not want to be responsible for anymore of these errors. Please re roll my town ASAP. the town name is: Ravenstone Mayor: Ohanno_WhiteWolf | I will remain offline until I am notified that this has been fixed. I hope I have not caused too many problems among the other players.
  21. I'm creating this topic to request some help by server owner or trustworthy staff "a_400"? I logged in 10 minutes ago to find that my base has been griefed for the second time. The first time this happened, I stated this in the ingame chat and a staff member (Can't remember username) teleported to me and explained that the permissions were incorrect and that anyone could do anything in my claim, that same staff member stated that they had corrected the permissions for me. Contrary to that, I logged in and all my items from chests most of my "Warded Jar" with aspects and my second "Alchemical Furnace" is gone. With the permissions had been corrected, I was wondering if a staff member could have a look at the logs and see who is stealing from my claim, evading protection and/or changing my permissions. I can't set them back personally because the friend I base with hasn't been on for the past 2 days. It's not a joke, Thaumcraft is a pain to work with if I have to keep going out mining and recrafting every single thing I need when I had it all in the first place. At this rate, I'm lead to believe it's a staff member doing this. EDIT: I've just searched the rest of my chests in my base and they are all empty, I've lost everything in my base. Please, help. Thanks in Advance ~Natemax431
  22. Hello! I've recently joined and 3/4 of my experience on this server was a helper named "RamseyRoich" trying to get someone banned for "Staff disrespect" and being really rude about it while threatening to ban the player when they get promoted. I tried to step in and tell him to stop and that they are being rude but then they gave me a warning and threatened me if I reported them and then started being rude to me too. This person isn't a good staff and I would like another person to get the opportunity for helper instead of someone who complains for more than 4 hours and make craftersland great again! Evidence
  23. Account Name: Nukelar Rank: Admin+Sponsor+ Requested Commands: For //pos1 and //pos2 worldedit.selection.pos For //wand worldedit.wand For //regen worldedit.regen Reason for Request: Just So I dont have to nag another staff each time i need to del a town
  24. This has been going on for three days. Hello! There's something severely messed up with the day/night cycle on the skyfactory server, it moves forward every 1 second by about ~45 ingame minutes. Proof posted below. It has been said that this also occurs when there are no Sponsors online, - Even though we can only set the time to a specific time, and not gradually add time like it is happening here. Currently: ~16:30 CET 2016-11-11 it has been going on for about 20 minutes straight now. it usually comes and goes, my assumption is that either someone managed to bypass your banned item system and got themself a sun dial. similar things happened with weather the other day but has since then stopped. Or, a staff member has been pranking us from the console for three days. I consider that highly unlikely. But something HAS to be done about this, because it's starting to piss the playerbase off.
  25. [1] In-Game Username: ECIR [2] Details of Situation: This is because using the 'F3 + B' 'to see the hitboxs now that's why ban ? [3] Ban Category: ''using client with advantages'' [4] Ban Duration: 2 Days [5] Staff Member: Fantomele [6] ScreenShots: http://prntscr.com/cfsor2 [7] Your Reason: I should unban why not use any '' Client '' only use the F3 + B I use to see hitboxs this confuses a lot with hacks ... here is the video with which it was reporting a hacker and '' use '' the '' Client '' (F3 + B)
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