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Found 60 results

  1. Rank Transfer Request

    Hi, im sorry for not using a Template, i just couldnt find one. I became Premium on the Tekkit server before the Reset months ago and recently started playing again, so i'd like to ask if i can get my ingame perks, such as the money and perhaps the keys if possible. Ingame name: MrColt Thanks
  2. Please upgrade the server

    Please upgrade the server the server grass all the time it is irrie pls Fix it pls
  3. Town Removal

    Account Name(you): BlueHunter_1 Town name in question(case sensitive): russki Coordinates: x: 4967,40981 y: 87, 000 z: 5279,64694 Town members: ar4a9 (mayor and only member) Reason for request: so we can make our town bigger Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): There is picture of it right there Thank you in advance
  4. Tekkit Town Help Plz

    Okay, there is a town called russki near our town that makes it so we cant make our town bigger and the owner and only member ar4a9 hasnt been on since a month ago so could you guys remove this town so we could make ours bigger? Thank you in advance
  5. [Refund request]stefanvip1

    Account Name:stefanvip1 Item name + item ID 468xAtomic Electromagnet-1409:1 4 Tesseracts-930 Particle Accelerator-1404 2 Oxygen storage Module 3364:8 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 1:10 PM (UTC +3) 24th of september Description of Issue:Was building a particle accelerator on my space station when the server crashed and when i logged back in my space station was deleted. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): didn't took a screenshot because i didn't think i would need one.
  6. Stolen ME Drives

    Hey,I and a friend are playing on the tekkit server and about a week or two ago we added someone new to the town.Now in 22/09/2017 we have NO items,he stole all of our ME storage disks.I was wandering if we could catch him and take our items back.I even have the name of the theif, it's ibalisticdoggy12
  7. [Rollback Request] on Tekkit

    Account Name: BlueDragonSoul Town name: / Character name : Anime_Nation / CrystalBlueSoul Coordinates: x-1732 z3132 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 17.09.2017 15:00 CEST Description of Issue: Didn't know that the radiation shield from Modular Powersuit ist not working, i died 3-4 Times till my items got despawned *Screenshots: ---- It's a bit before i die, when i have at that time a golden bagpack in my inventory, please destroy him because i have him still
  8. Tekkit Server full WIPE is Complete! Everything except ranks got a reset. This WIPE was needed because the last reset took place in January and the main map was all full. On this WIPE we took the time and fixed a list of documented bugs and dupes, thanks to staff and players for reporting them. Also we generated new map seeds on all worlds and changed the biomes on main world to large. Changes: Full server WIPE. New maps seeds on all worlds. Main map biomes are set to large now. Fixed a lot of dupe bugs. Removed the Fuel Vote Reward and added Legendary Crate Key as Vote Crate reward. Removed Tier 2 Rocket and Cargo rocket legendary rewards and replaced them with Heavy duty plates and Advanced solar panels. Old world download link: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  9. This is the Teaser video for my new series on YouTube, it's called Tekkit Archives because, as we all know, this pack is well over 3 years old now. This pack will always have that place in my heart, because it just has that playability that you don't see alot these days. It's alot different in the newer modpacks, but tekkit is a pack where you can just jump in and get started. The series will start when the server wipes, so be sure to tune in! If you want to get notified when it comes out, subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon! Thanks, Fisher.
  10. RandomNukes' House

    So this is my base. Keep in mind this is still a WIP so there will be things added or changed. The outside: The basement (Workplace): The ground floor (the living room and kitchen): First floor (bed- & bathroom): Tell me what you think of it so far! ~ Nukes
  11. crashing

    Hello not so far im mining obsidian in my base i needed for make obsidian dust so i mined the obsidian and the server crashed after i rejoin the other obsidians turn intro back to lava and killed me and i lost 64 legendary keys because after i mined the obsidians i wantet to open legendary crates and 10 power armor wiring, solenoid 12, ion thrusters 6, 4 bucket and 1 stack lead ingot i want back my items because the server crash rejoin killed me
  12. Your favorite mods

    Hello there forum wanderer, As diverse as the tekkit modpack is, most people tend to stick to a select few mods they always use (either because it's all they know or because they really like those mods). So i've been curious about what mods the most and least favorite are within the Craftersland's tekkit community. Personally i am a huge fan of mods such as Atomic Science and Thermal Expansion as they both deliver a diverse and challenging set of machinery. Ofcourse i have mods i don't like as much... Computercraft for example is one of those mods i steered clear of as much as i could. So, what mods do you love and hate? Post them down here in the replies! ~ Nukes
  13. password reset

    i need my password reset my GT is ibalisticdoggy12 plz hurry
  14. [Town Removal] Inactive towns

    Account Name: RandomNukes Town name in question: C.R.A.Z.Y.I. & TheMasterRace Coordinates are in the screenshots, the last location is the town's location. Town members: TheMasterRace: 21ATR21 (1month inactivity), C.R.A.Z.Y.I.: CrazyZocker (2month inactivity) Reason for request: inability to expand due to the towns being in the way Screenshot of town members activity: Removed Removed
  15. MyTown Update?

    I'm not to sure if the newer version of MyTown would work or not but is there a chance of looking in to it as MyTown2 has more options for Towns for some key examples https://github.com/MyEssentials/MyTown2 `/town borders show` Shows the borders of the town by visually replacing some of the blocks with lapis blocks. and no you cant mine the lapis blocks `/town bank deposit <amount>` Transfers a certain `amount` from the player's balance to the town's bank.
  16. Roll Back Request

    jgardner9311 Island Rollback (my Friends town) SScheifs75 x:-3146.50 y:3836.50 (this is me and my friends town but I know some others were affected Time/Date: 6/20/17 at 10:30 PM Eastern Standard he left at like 2am me and my friend were playing last night and someone named Cat orgy came in and started reeking havoc on every one. one of the helpers begarufo was talking to the guy and a little after a VIP Nick: TheFosterkidd came and started talking to him (this was all over a two hour period) finally CatOrgy left and Begarufo said he was going to put in a rollback request but nothing happened. in front of my house there is millions of blocks (some I have never heard of and some are unbreakable (like bedrock)) there are liguids coming from the sky and even walruses. If you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated but and the moment I cant even step foot out of my house without getting 5FPS or even my game crashing
  17. Town rollback (2 days)

    I Ohanno_WhiteWolf [Tekkit:Helper]. Need my town rerolled due to a corrupted chunk or some sort of server crashing problem within my town. My town name is Ravenstone. i will post a SS below for cords i was able to capture before the game kicked me out.
  18. Item refund

    Account Name: xlx_nexus Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) Power armour with mods , flux pickaxe with fortune 3 and efficiency 4, flux sword and flux axe. (power armour mods are shown in video) Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 7:30pm (gmt) 08/06/2017, game froze and i lost my gear. Description of Issue: game froze and i lost my gear, when it unfroze all my items were gone, i don't have a video of the freeze but i have a video of my items. https://plays.tv/s/LIaXgU5J3ohD
  19. Town removal

    This is for deleting someone elses town, a helper helped find how long it was afk. Account Name: Beechslayy Town name in question: Kamikaze Coordinates: -761 +2707 92 (91) Town members: ??? Reason for request: AFK over 30 days and i want to claim more land to increase security of my town.
  20. Suggestion For next wipe

    Now, as a idea that popped into my head around 3 days ago is that after the next wipe on tekkit (Please soon brun brun ) we could nerf the crates a bit, i do think that they are becoming way too overpowered and that they speed up the game vastly more than needed. if you disagree just vote no in the poll lol, dont tear me to shreads for a idea....
  21. [TEMPLATE] Refund Request

    In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your refund request topic.For your topic name, use [Refund Request]*YourName* Your Name: Item Name + Amount: Coordinates: Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional): Notice!If you are caught lying in your refund request, any further refund requests made by you will be denied unless you provide screenshotted proof of you having the items.
  22. Requesting item refund

    Around 19:40 EET I've been instakilled by a creeper during a lag spike, I could watch him walk around for like a minute and then he blew up off the cliff where I was two minutes ago, that instakilled me and I couldn't respawn, so I rejoined the server and tried to get back there as soon as possible but the items were gone. The items I had were: Flux-Infused Axe, Flux-Infused Pickaxe, Flux-Infused Sword, Portable Tank filled with Blazing Pyrotheum, Magmatic Dynamo, Crescent Hammer, Redstone Energy Cell, and a few other less worthy items. Also my IGN is Dr_Giga now.
  23. Network server: US Host - Tekkit Galacticraft My in game name: Eclipse_Coldfire (Not a nickname) Name of the one I am complaining about: Chromuss (Not a nickname) The Situation: On the morning night of April First, around Two AM, Chromuss and myself had gotten into a verbal confrontation and Chromuss had claimed to want to talk it out so he had asked me for my discord name. I don't use discord much but I know other people use it a lot so I gave it to him(I said it publicly as I didn't really care much). He had thanked me, as he said he was going to use a 'Discord resolver' (I had not know of this prior of the incident) and he said, and I hope this is a direct quote, 'I will get your IP and fry your internet'. Since I had given out me discord, three people had sent a friend request to me. Two turned out to be the two players listed below that can confirm my situation. I didn't know what player in game the third person was so I asked in game. A player in game, named '_solarr' had said it was himself that was the third person that sent me a request. I had accepted it and I had said hello. The person then called me on discord and asked me to describe the situation. I had done so and he had claimed that he thinks he has the discord of Chromuss and sent me a link on Discord. I clicked on it, realized that nothing was there and immediately clicked out of it. Was he realized I had clicked on is he then revealed that he is in fact Chromuss and he had access to my computer, since I had clicked on the link. I had stayed in the call and continued to talked to him until I had enough. I closed the call and then closed my laptop's lid, which for me shuts down my computer. Looking back on this situation, there were very clear signs that he was suspicious and wasn't actually doing what he was claiming. Notes: 1) I am trying to add the screenshots but it is not allowing me to do so, so I had uploaded them to Imgur. Here is the link and I am sorry for not being able to just upload them here: /a/qEeUP (Add this to the end of the link to imgur). 2) I am not certain if the screenshots are in order. 3) Once I had thought about it that night, I believe he had PM'd Solar to get him to say that he was the one who had sent the request, but I cannot confirm this. 4) VeeDerp(Cannot remember rest of username) had informed me to add the tags of Brunyman and Skilande. 5) Chromuss had claimed to live in Australia and he had claimed, in the screenshots, that doing what he planned was Legal where he lived. Players that can confirm the situation: jacobisawesome, VanVado (Both not a nickname)
  24. We just completed moving our Tekkit server to the new Dedicated server we rented. This was requested by some players as they said the server connection was laggy sometimes. As we changed the data center and the dedicated server, we tried to get an upgrade, the new datacenter is located in Canada as we may have better infrastructure there, and we also upgraded the dedicated server with latest hardware with a powerful i7-6700K with 64GB DDR4 RAM memory. The DDOS protection was also improved! While the renting cost is bigger we also went to 64GB RAM so we can host more minecraft servers in the future. Connection to the server: Network connection: 1 Gbps Bandwidth OVH to OVH: 1 Gbps Outgoing bandwidth: 250 Mbps Incoming bandwidth: 1 Gbps Tomorrow we will have the second stage of moving data to the new dedicated server and we will finish moving all data that includes the Network US proxy and few minigames.

    All my tesseracts and a ME controller turned into obsidian and all fuel evaporated in the last crash. @brunyman You can see what I mean in the included screenshots. Please can I get them back ? Server: Tekkit Player: TheLovedOne